Season 5 Episode 19

Manny Skerritt

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on FX

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  • Suck It and See

    Just when you thought Nip/Tuck's characters couldn't become more reprehensible and gross, along comes baby collagen injections and playing around with an unconscious patient's penis.

    Bradley Cooper was awesome, as always. His Deadly Tightrope scenes alongside Morgan Fairchild (uncanny impersonation of Sharon Gless, by the way) were hilarious, while all the Hollywood in-jokes scattered throughout the dialogue were great (loved the "Paddy D... Dempsey" line). I couldn't help but think Ryan Murphy was being ironic when Aidan mentioned cutting boring characters like Julia from the script, and killing off Christian as he doesn't know what to do with him anymore. Julia's done nothing this season besides getting ashes thrown in her face, while Christian is becoming more of an assh*le by the episode. Could Murphy actually be getting tired of this show?

    I'm a little ambivalent when it comes to Dr Teddy Rowe. Katee Sackhoff was great (unsurprisingly, since the BSG fans treat her like the second coming), but the character is too much of a pain in the ass for me. While I like that she's bringing Sean out of himself, her scenes with Manny Skerritt's ginormo-penis came off a little embarrassing and (I know I'm coming off Church Lady here, but whatever) obviously unprofessional.

    The continued annihilation of Kimber reached new levels of evilness, although I guess she has a point about Jenna. I liked her conversation with Christian about how screwed up they are due to their lack of love as children, but that motivation was ruined by how completely insane Kimber's scheme is anyway. Injecting your 18 month-old child with poison to get her a modeling gig is just nasty, and the latest in a long run of actions that have made Kimber and Christian plain gross people. They really are made for each other. Still, I loved how the ending was written, with a twist I genuinely wasn't expecting.

    One short moment I really liked was when Kimber and Christian visited the modeling audition, and Kimber remarked that it was "so Hollywood". When in fact, it was merely a bleak, badly lit room filled with a panel of aggressive casting agents and a cheap backdrop showing a sunny beach. Awesomely depressing.

    Yet another sexual fetish was unveiled on the show, and at least this one had a lot more ('scuse me) bite than that baby fetish earlier this season. Aidan's reaction to Manny's penis was hysterical, as was his attempts at covering up his own "self-sucking gone wrong".

    An enjoyable episode, but one that again pushed the characters into new lows. It's all well and good to keep your characters flawed, but the show needs to learn that one day Christian and Kimber's actions will go too far (if they haven't already) and drive away their fans. If the show wants to end with its characters finding some kind of peace and experiencing personal growth, this isn't the way to go about it. Unless Nip/Tuck will actually end with everyone wading through deep seas of garbage, depression, loneliness and misery...

    Director: Dirk Wallace Craft
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: B