Season 5 Episode 19

Manny Skerritt

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on FX

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  • Kimber sinks to a new low

    "Tell me what you don't like about yourself" I can imagine that Sean and Christian never thought they would see the day that a man wanted a penis REDUCTION. And the reason behind it was Seems Manny Skerritt had a problem. He compulsively satisfied himself orally. We also get to meet the new anasthesiologist this week. Teddy. I don't know what I think of her just yet. She seems like the naughty girl in school that every guy wanted to get with. She had Sean breaking the rules in no time. Christian wasn't happy with that, which I found pretty ironic considering how many patients he has bedded. Oh yes, let me not forget about Kimber. Seems she wants baby Ava to be a baby supermodel and the only way that can happen is to plump up her lips. The reasons she gave Christian played at his heartstrings (not for Kimber, but for Ava) I really dislike Kimber this season. She has turned into a cold and manipulative witch. She had no guilt about what she did to her child, whereas Christian showed genuine remorse for his part in it. I dont know if Kimber will ever grow a conscience, maybe Christian killed that part of her with the way he treated her for most of the series. This whole ep was set against the backdrop story of Aidan trying to buy the rights to Seans story with Colleen. I really wasnt jazzed to see Aidan again, although he did provide some comic relief when we found out how he broke his neck. :)
    Looks like next week is going to bring even more drama and I can't wait. I was glad to NOT see Julia this episode, but I wonder if we will ever see the kids again?