Season 5 Episode 19

Manny Skerritt

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on FX

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  • An original episode.

    Original episode with plenty of humor and character development.

    A man comes into the practice named Manny Skerritt who wants his penis reduced in size so will stop pleasing himself orally. Before the surgery starts the new anesthesiologist Dr. Theodora "Teddy" Rowe and Sean start taking pictures with the mans penis and Aidan Stone comes into the operating room to get information and finds out about Manny who can pleasure himself orally.

    Aidan Stone is pitching a playwright to Sean about his life. The problem is that is sucks. They want to pay him 350K but Sean does not want his name tarnished and is refusing him. Teddy is talking to Sean encouraging him to go for it.

    The sad part of this episode is Kimber is pushing Christian to inject botox and other chemicals into her daughters, his granddaughters lips so that she can get modeling spots and bring in a lot of money. Christian refuses and Kimber starts injecting them into her daughters lips herself until she goofs it up making her lips lopsided and Christian has to fix it. In the end, Christian looks in the mirror like he had sold his soul.

    Aidan Stone in no in to see Sean & Christian to get a halo taken off of his head from a broken neck and want inches added to his penis so he can pleasure himself. It appears that he broke his neck trying to do just that. While under Sean takes a picture of his before enlargement penis which is described as very small by Teddy for leverage if he doesn't get what he wants in the Sean McNamara screenplay that Aidan is writing.

    The major character development coming out of this episode is Christian becoming more responsible. He is being responsible about the pictures Sean and Teddy were taking and very responsible about the injections into his granddaughters lips. He didn't have sex with a single woman in this episode. Are we in for a new Christian in the upcoming season.
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