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Season 1 Episode 6

Megan O'Hara

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 02, 2003 on FX
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Episode Summary

Someone is vandalizing Christian's possessions, and he attempts to find the culprit. A chemotherapy patient who is considering breast implants brings excitement to Sean's life, and Matt finds himself in a threesome with Vanessa and Ridley.

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  • Megan: \"Don\'t make the mistake of healing the internal problem with an external fix.\"


    The opening quote for this review comes from McNamara/Troy\'s main patient of the week Megan O\'Hara, a women recovering from breast cancer. She visits McNamara/Troy to get breast implants, mainly as a gift for her husband who is upset because the cancer took away Megan\'s ability to conceive children.

    A big part of this episode was about personnel loss, and how to deal with it. Megan and Sean both have lost something. Sean has lost his child, Megan her breasts and both in a way have lost their marriages (Sean\'s is crumbling and Megan\'s husband no longer loves her like he used to). Even though it\'s infidelity, I like Sean and Megan as a couple; they both bring out the best from each other. Megan said Sean made her feel whole, and I just think that in this moment in their lives they both need each other.

    The first time I saw this episode I was convinced that Gina was the culprit spray painting Christian\'s car. Her fondness for the word **** and the fact that she didn\'t deny it when Christian confronted her didn\'t help her case. The pink never seemed her style though. Now Christian and Kimber, the real culprit, are dating. I bet it won\'t be pretty when Christian discovers the truth.

    I liked watching the beginning of the Ménage a trios with Matt, Riley, and Vanessa sitting in awkward silence. While their little threesome is only supposed to be for fun, all three of them are playing with each other\'s feelings and I suspect someone\'s going to be hurt. It looks like that person might be Vanessa, as she sat out halfway through when Matt and Riley got a little too much into one another.

    This was an excellent episode. It introduced many little story arcs that will continue on later in the season, and had many character defining moments.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - A little timeline info: apparently it\'s been three weeks since episode 103 \"Nannette Babcock.\"

    -- Their other patient this week was Bliss Berger, whose situation was mostly played for laughs when she looses 143 pounds for a man she met online who is supposedly very much into physical fitness, only to discover that he is not. Let\'s just say he needs to loose 143 pounds also.

    - It was very much in character for Sean to blame himself for what happened to Nanette. I found it a little surprising that Julia knew all about Nanette\'s case, as I never see Sean and Julia talking about work.

    - Kimber\'s manager told the photographer not to shoot her bad side. What bad side?

    - I just noticed in the closing credits that Nurse Linda is actually played by someone named Linda. Because I knew many people were wondering about that. :)

    - Christian: \"No more illicit conversations, and no more advice on things you\'re not expierenced enough to handle.\"

    Matt: \"What are we going to talk about then?\"

    Christian: \"Your right. God it\'s going to be boring.\"

    Final Rating: 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • On the Wings of Mary Cherry

    Kimber has always been my favorite Nip/Tuck character, and this episode is the first to give her a lot of material. It also gives her a lot more depth than she had previously been given, as well as a chance for Kelly Carlson to show what a talented actress she is.

    While later episodes prove otherwise, Kimber and Christian do make a really sweet couple. In one respect, Christian becomes "humanized" when he's around her, and becomes what some may say is a decent human being. While Kimber is clearly in love with him, maybe even attacking all his possessions to help him out by making him realize what he has become.

    I really loved Megan O'Hara, who has genuine chemistry with Sean. Before watching this episode, I never knew that they just tattoo nipples onto the reformed breast, which sounds really bad. Megan's reaction was really truthful, since I doubt a huge amount of people even knew that. You really felt for her and her situation, especially where her husband was concerned. She didn't owe him anything, and the fact that she felt she needed to give him a gift to make up for the months of treatment was really heartbreaking. Thankfully Sean set her right in the end.

    This episode also saw the first of many appearances of alumni of Ryan Murphy's first series Popular. Guest starring as this week's patient was Leslie Grossman, aka crazed Texan Mary Cherry. She was hilarious as the internet dating girl who, after losing a ton of weight and getting her "wings" and excess back fat removed, discovered the dream guy she's met online is not so much the hunky Jewish man she thought he was. Her look of complete disgust just before the credits rolled was a major comedy highlight of the episode.

    A truly excellent episode where it's clear that everything is coming together as a show. We know these characters really well now, so it's intriguing to see what their motivations are when they make big decisions in their lives. Another masterpiece.

    Director: Craig Zisk

    Writer: Jennifer Salt

    Rating: A+moreless
  • This episode is one of the best of the season!

    The doctors do a consult with Bliss Berger who lost a lot of weight and wants to get rid of the excess skin under her arms so she can go out with a doctor who is into physical fitness. At the end of day the doctors enter the garage to find Christian's car vandalized again.

    The next morning Matt wakes Sean up on the couch and they converse about the baby and each others lives. At the office Christian talks with a policeman about his car and the policeman rules out Nanette Babcock because of her suicide. Christian then deduces that it was Grace and confronts her about it. She tells him off and that he didn't get her off at all. But Christian says otherwise and the two have sex.

    Vanessa rubs Ridley at school and Ridley brushes her off. Matt walks by and Vanessa invites him to participate in a 3-way with her and Ridley so she can be with her.

    At home Sean and Julia lie in bed and after coming close to having sex, Sean decides to get a vasectomy so they don't have to go through the baby thing again.

    Matt joins Christian for boating and he tells Christian about the invite. When they reach the boat, it is also vandalized.

    The doctors perform the surgery on Bliss and afterwards, Christian calls the women he has scorned in the past and after talking with Gina on the phone, he gets the impression that she was the one who vandalized his vehicles. Soon after he gets a call from Kimber who wants to meet with him. Later, in the garage, Gina meets with Christian. Christian accuses her of vandalizing his stuff and threatens her after she does nothing to deny it.

    He meets her at a photo shoot and she informs him that she has landed a cover and that she is engaged to Nico. Christian informs her that she can do better and they return to his place to have sex.

    Sean does a consult with Megan and Jim O'Hara. Megan, because of chemo and radiation cannot have children and would like to get breast implants for him. Later Megan and Sean go over the implants and looks at her chest. Megan decides to go with the B cup.

    Nico arrives with a bat and trashes Christian's office. Sean finds him and Nico is arrested and carried away as Christian arrives. Sean warns him that he has to stop before someone gets hurt.

    Matt, Vanessa, and Ridley start the 3-way with Vanessa and Ridley frenching. Ridley soon invites Matt to join in.

    Christian and Kimber are eating a meal when Christian announces to her that he needs to stop seeing her because she is a patient. She storms out.

    Back at the 3-way, all of them are in the bed and Vanessa and Ridley are kissing. Matt starts kissing Ridley and she really gets into it. She even turns down Vanessa, who wants to continue kissing.

    Sean meets with Megan again at the office and she announces that she is leaving Jim and is not getting the implants. She then invites him to drinks but he offers to walk her to her car instead. There the two kiss and Christian witnesses it causing him to return to Kimber.

    Bliss arrives at a restaurant to meet her doctor and after looking around, she hears her name, turns around to see the doctor who is into physical fitness is over weight.

    This episode is really, really cool and I like it very much and I think that it is one of the best episodes of Season 1!moreless
  • Wounds - Old And New Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Craig Zisk

    This was an episode concerning all kinds of personal pain and loss as well some characters setting themselves up for some self-hurt. There was actually quite a lot to take in because of it.

    Our main patient of the week, Megan O’Hara is a survivor of breast cancer and visit McNamara and Troy to get breast implants, mainly for herself and for her husband. As Sean put it himself, that’s an awfully generous gift to a man within the first five minutes of meeting him had evidently appeared to have fallen out of love with his wife. Another masterstroke in this show is that the husband isn’t vilified, even if his anguish for his wife’s deteriorated condition isn’t entirely selfless. As a guest actress, Julie Warner is absolutely superb and her many scenes with Sean are the episode’s most unforgettable moments.

    Both Sean and Megan are overcome with their own personal loss and their bond quickly became an attraction. I guess it was inevitable one of the McNamara’s would always cheat but I had always assumed it would be Julia but I guess not. The odd thing is though; I was actually egging Sean on to kiss Megan when he actually did in the parking lot. This has to be the first time in TV history in which I totally support this adultery, especially given the tenderness and warmth between Sean and Megan. That doesn’t mean I think Julia deserves to be betrayed like that though. Funnily enough though, Sean’s now compromised the firm’s already shaky ethics by getting close to Megan.

    Speaking of ethics, Christian’s getting a belly full of bad karma as his past actions begin to bite him in the ass in this episode. His car got vandalised not once but twice in here (that effectively makes it three times already) as well as his boat and they all had the word “asshole” sprayed painted on them and given Gina’s obvious love for that particular word, you could hardly think Christian for automatically assuming it was her, even though that scene did smack of red herring. Gina’s an interesting question mark though. Like Grace, she bonked Christian aware of what he was like, yet still managed to feel burned by him but despite her bitterness, even I didn’t think she was the guilty party. After all, Gina doesn’t strike as a pink kind of girl.

    Which is why I was delighted to learn the real culprit was in fact Kimber. Sick of being jerked around by Christian (though we haven’t seen since the freaking first episode), she’s out for some vengeance and fits Grace’s “manic-induced rage” profile which is the only thing I didn’t find annoying about the psychologist who still doesn’t have an office of her own yet. Christian, all I say is watch your back.

    And it when comes to falls, if ever an episode of Nip/Tuck was to prove that sex doesn’t solve problems but actually helps create some, then the ménage a trios with Matt, Vanessa and Ridley is a gleaming example of that. In case you haven’t been following up, Matt’s hung on Vanessa while she lusts for Ridley. One could argue that Ridley is just super closeted but watching this episode, that theory is well and truly obliterated and anyone expecting cheap titillation with the helium sounding teenage boy and his two cheerleaders are in for a disappointment as there’s a surprising subtlety in this whole plot. None of the sex scenes are salacious and there’s a lightweight, breezy soundtrack attached. Unfortunately it appeared from the three- way that Vanessa’s fears of losing Ridley are heightened when the latter and Matt tend to enjoy themselves a little too much.

    Also in “Megan O’Hara”

    Other patient of the week: Bliss Berger wanted her body fat removed to impress a guy she had been dating on the phone for six months. However he wasn’t as body conscious as she was lead to believe with a priceless reaction from Bliss.

    Vanessa: “I’m fine, Matt. My girlfriend misses the trouser snake and I’m fine”

    Matt: “Well, get a dildo, Vanessa”.

    If Ridley’s allergic to latex, wouldn’t condoms have been a problem for her too?

    Christian’s “Be Yourself: You Know You Can Look Better” idea for a slogan was a little OTT but it did confirm or at least indicate that Bobolit is a potential threat to McNamara and Troy.

    Christian: “You’re a liar. I rode you like a triple-crown jockey and you came”

    Grace: “Get out of my face right now”.

    Megan: “It’s my present to him for going through this hell with me. I was originally an A-Cup”

    Sean: “That’s an awfully generous”.

    I should’ve mentioned this at the start but I really loved that scene between Sean and Matt in the beginning of the episode about Julia’s miscarriage. It was very sweet and affecting.

    Christian: “Listen you crazy bitch”

    Kimber: “You sweet talker”.

    The chronology in this episode was a little skittish, it’s three weeks since the events of “Nanette Babcock” (the lads finally know she killed herself) but apparently three months from the “Pilot”. I could’ve sworn there was a shorter time period between them.

    Gina: “Don’t you wish you ad gotten to know me a little better?”

    Christian: “Trash my goddamn car again and I will trash you. I’m a plastic surgeon; I know which bones to break to make you into an ugly, sorry girl”.

    Sean (to Megan): “Don’t for one second feel ashamed about these scars on your chest. You’re only wearing on the outside what the rest wear on the inside”.

    Is it me or was it a bit odd Sean told Julia about Nanette Babcock?

    Matt (re threesome): “So how do we launch this?”

    Vanessa: “I guess one of us has to start the underwear pile”.

    Standout song in this episode had to have been “Hiding Between The Moon” by Jeff Hanson. It was so evoking and chilling.

    This was definitely my favourite episode of the series so far. It was just one of those instalments (like the previous one but better) where every plot just seriously sparkled. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that the episode was damn near perfection, although I didn’t anticipate the ending which did change the overall tone of the hour.

  • The season starts to take its shape in this episode. Summary in review.

    Can a physical change improve a person’s emotional life? That’s the central question to the episode. Bliss seeks help to change her physical shape so she can fit the lie she told someone on the net. Sean wants a vasectomy to avoid future pregnancies. Megan wants to get breast implants to reward her husband for staying through her cancer nightmare. Vanessa wants a threesome so Ridley will love her. As they learn, it isn’t as easy to find a solution to their problems.

    Bliss’ procedure, getting excess skin removed following a dramatic weight loss to impress a man she’s been dating online, is the comic relief of this episode. Internet relationships can be difficult as many people can take advantage of the anonymity of the web. It doesn’t matter if you’re obese, scarred or unusually tall or short. On the internet, you can be attractive and charismatic. She lied to Isaac and tried to conceal it with the weight loss and having her skin tightened. Ironically, Isaac deceived her too, but he didn’t do anything about it.

    The consequences of Christian’s actions continue as his new car and his beloved Boatox are vandalized. Christian’s mix of business with pleasure is strong, as he and Grace have sex in the break room, but the results spill over like when Nico comes to the office with a baseball bat. Again, Sean tries to convince Christian to keep his indiscretions private, but by the end he contradicts himself by kissing Megan, which is enough reason for Christian to give Kimber another chance, just as she is about to perform more vandalism.

    Kimber has problems. Her engagement to the photographer months after her one night stand with Christian is a good indicator of instability. We saw bits of it when Christian tried to dump her following Nico’s rampage in Troy/McNamara’s office the night after Christian sleeps with Kimber. Christian has been cruel to her. Using her for sex and surgery in the pilot and discarding her afterward was a horrible thing to do. She is still vengeful. Like Gina, Christian pushed her beyond her limit.

    Gina has changed already from what we saw last week. Even things like her smoking and greeting him with her trademark “Hey Asshole” showed how bitter she is. Outside of the program, she is cynical, which is one reason why she has turned to sex to make her feel better. When she had her life in order, Christian came and she lost her grip on sobriety. She blames him entirely for it. When confronted about the spray paint, she doesn’t deny it, even though we learn Kimber was behind it.

    Christian can be a heartless human being for those who give him pleasure. We see this in a humorous light as he calls his various partners to figure out who was behind who wrecked his cars and boat. Often he doesn’t find out the woman’s right name, and he instantly regrets insincere comments like wanting to be friends with them.

    The lack of continuity involving Nanette Babcock’s suicide three episodes earlier aggravated some fans, but it was better to hold it off until this episode because it had heavier implications. With the return of the vandalizing, she would’ve been a prime suspect. Her suicide only added to Sean’s depression. Not being able to help her made him feel like things were further out his control.

    His gloomy mood started with Julia’s miscarriage. Since she put the kid at risk without his knowledge, his trust in her has been compromised. His plans for a new start with a new kid have been dashed so that Julia could go forward with her dreams. Getting a vasectomy seems to be the only solution to his problem so that he won’t go through another miscarriage. Megan’s arrival triggers a major change in his life. She has experienced loss through medical treatments for her breast cancer. Her husband doesn’t want to feel for the sake of being strong for her. However, she needs to cry about her ordeal so she can move past it. Sean hasn’t given himself the time to feel for the loss of his miscarried child.

    Megan persuades Sean not to get the vasectomy because it is an external solution to a personal problem, which is why she cancels her implant procedure. Helping Megan helped Sean because he felt like he could serve someone after failing with Nanette and his wife. His solution to his problem is the beginning of an affair with Megan. Unlike Julia, Megan is much more positive and unrestrained.

    Threesomes are taboo, as is teenage sex. When Nip/Tuck combined them, they solidified a special spot among South Park and HBO as TV’s leading provocateurs. While a preliminary glance indicates that this is just smut for the sake of ratings, it clearly isn’t. This encounter, Vanessa last attempt to keep Ridley, is supposed to be awkward. They don’t know how to begin and sit around confused. This threeway only further divides Vanessa and Ridley. Many couples who engage in experimental sex as a last resort generally fail miserably in getting their relationship back on track.

    It was clear in the beginning of the episode that Ridley was only into experimenting and unfortunately led Vanessa along, who mistook it for something more serious. Vanessa is a typical hopeless romantic teenage, but Ridley is also the typical “wants to have fun” teenager. She had a lesbian fling, but now is attracted to men. What was intended to keep them closer together only broke Vanessa’s heart.

    This episode continues to expand upon complications that would make up the rest of the season. Elements such as a vengeful Gina, Megan and Sean’s relationship, Kimber’s return and Matt’s sexuality will continue to be important pieces of the show. All the people trying to make physical changes to solve their emotional problems was strong through most of the episode. The threesome is shocking, but tastefully done. Knowing that the best is still later in the season is encouraging with good episodes like this one.moreless
Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush


Guest Star

Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman

Bliss Berger

Guest Star

Harry Karp

Harry Karp


Guest Star

Kelly Carlson

Kelly Carlson

Kimber Henry

Recurring Role

Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig

Gina Russo

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Julie Warner

Julie Warner

Megan O'Hara

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Featured Music:

      "Tighten Up" by Archie Bell & the Drells (Bliss Berger's arm surgery)
      "Spirits" by Junkie XL (Kimber at photo shoot with Christian)
      "Live Street" by Livstrumpet (Christian/Kimber in his shower)
      "Where Do I Begin" by Shirley Bassey (Sean checks on Bliss Berger post-op/Kimber's fiancée Nico destroys Christian's office)
      "Baby" by Koop (Kimber having dinner she prepared at Christian's/Christian breaks up with her)
      "Hiding Behind the Moon" by Jeff Hanson (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley threesome)
      "Nothing Natural" by Jill Sobule (Matt/Vanessa/Ridley threesome continued)
      "Where Do I Begin" by Shirley Bassey (Bliss Berger meets on-line/phone boyfriend)

    • The doctors finally find out about Nanette's suicide.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Sean: We don´t have to do this today. I´m on your timetable here.
      Megan: I´m fine. It´s nothing you haven´t seen before, right? What do they say, one out of every five women goes through this?
      Sean: That´s right. (He checks her scars) You had an excellent surgeon. This is very clean work. I won´t need to do any skin grafts. You are a great candidate for this surgery.
      Megan: What about nipples?
      Sean: We work with a great tattoo artist.
      Megan: Tattoos? They are just drawn on?
      Sean: With the correct shadings and colorations... they look like the real thing. Don´t for one second feel ashamed about this scars on your chest. You are just wearing on the outside what the rest of us wear on the inside.

    • Sean: I'm gonna get a vasectomy.
      Christian: What? Why?
      Sean: Julia doesn't want to have any more kids and I can't handle another mistake.
      Christian: That's the most bullshit cure for depression I ever heard. If you want to shoot blanks, Sean, don't get snipped. Do what I do. Take a bath.
      Sean: What?
      Christian: For every date, I sit in a 116 degree bath. Excessive testicular heat shuts down spermatogenosis. Teabag your testicles in a hot tub and I swear you'll be sterile and squeaky clean.

    • Christian: I'm telling you, Sean, I felt violated. The only other time I felt remotely this powerless was in the early 90's when some chick slipped her finger up my butt with no warning!

    • Matt: Uncle Chris, do you think I'm mature for my age?
      Christian: God help me, yes!
      Matt: Then stop freaking out that you're corrupting me. Is having a three way taking it to the edge, yeah it is. It may sound weird, but maybe it's some modern way for Vanessa and I to be together. So I'm gonna do it. With or without you.

    • Vanessa: I'm fine, Matt. My girlfriend misses the trouser snake and I'm fine.
      Matt: Well, get a dildo, Vanessa.

  • NOTES (1)