Season 4 Episode 10

Merrill Bobolit

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on FX

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  • This was a poor episode. There were so many dream sequences, I could not tell who is still alive, dead, was killed then or now. This episode was not very good, except for it\\\'s clever link to Season 1.

    I am most shocked with the reviews sent in about this show. This was probably one of the worst episodes I\\\'ve ever seen, and the one with the \\\"grown up Conor\\\" was on of the best episodes ever for creativity and brilliance in all four years! Then I read these reviews and they are the complete opposite of what I think!! I am going to have to stop watching this show, because apparently I\\\'m the one outside of the minority and is not comprehending the same things. What is bad, folks like, and what is brilliant folks do not like. I am at a loss.
  • Let's Go to Prison

    I don't really know what to say about the return of Escobar Gallardo. While he's undeniably a terrifying presence on the show, I really think that what this season doesn't need is yet enough antagonist for the lead doctors, especially with the kidney ring already taking up a considerable about of screentime.

    I did love Bobolit's involvement in the story though, and a really sick part of me did kinda laugh at the revelation that he's become a "prison b*tch". While the whole idea is really terrible, Bobolit's downfall was already so welcome in season two that it's kinda giggle-worthy that it's just gotten worse and worse as the years went on.

    Sean and Julia continue to prove that they're no good together, with both revealing their affairs to one another. They really just need to divorce and stay divorced already; since every season they're together they end up doing the dirty with somebody else.

    In other news, Matt and Kimber are married and expecting a child. Their whole relationship doesn't really convince at this stage, especially with Kimber treating Matt like her lapdog. I did like April Tuna explaining some of the Scientology birthing rituals though, and it really looks like the writers did their research with this particular storyline.

    A mostly entertaining episode, but one which takes a lot of suspension of belief. Robert LaSardo yet again put in an excellent performance, even if I wasn't exactly crying out for an Escobar return.

    Director: Charles Haid
    Writers: Sean Jablonski, Brad Falchuk
    Rating: B
  • I watched this over 3 months ago but i'm almost certain that this is the episode where Matt tells both his dads that they were jealous of him because their lives r so screwed up and i believe he said "it's a wonder i turned out so well"

    I think that line is so hilariously silly & yeah i'm commenting on the character himself not the acting. He has a lotta guts saying that considering he's not at all perfect himself. I'm glad both dads rebutted it sometime later with something like "how can you say you turned out well?" and mentioned his past relationships where he couldnt tell the woman was a man and a "tranny" and finally a screwed up kimber who used him for revenge against christian.
    I dont like Matt's character. It's too weird and he's unappreciative and.... just too difficult to describe. (sorry to all you matt fans out there)
  • Escobar: "Your life could be so much worse right now if I wanted it to be."

    It is blast from the past week on Nip/Tuck, as Escobar and Bobolit return to brew up trouble.

    I never liked Bobolit. He was always way too pathetic to ever be sympathized with, and this episode didn't raise my opinion of him. Bobolit is still just as wretched as ever, to the point now of having Escobar’s name branded on his ass and becoming Escobar’s personal slave. I did enjoy Bobolit and Christian’s conversation about girls, though, specifically Kimber - their common enemy. I couldn’t help but laugh when Bobolit said Kimber’s “pimp hand is strong”.

    Bobolit said that despite how weak Kimber may appear, she is always in control. These words certainly ring true for her relationship with Matt. Kimber has Matt wrapped around her finger; ordering him around, yelling at him for not knowing what type of water she likes. Kimber treats Matt like her inferior and Julia’s right: for a marriage to work it has to be a partnership with mutual respect, something Kimber and Matt don’t have. Kimber is definitely the pants in their relationship; she’s the one in power. What bothers Kimber most about Christian is that she always ends up surrendering herself to him, and then loosing the power when he ultimately ends up hurting her. Despite how hard of an exterior Kimber puts on, it’s obvious she still loves Christian. Her relationship with Matt is just twisted payback against Christian for hurting her.

    Escobar is back, in all his evil glory. I’ve always wondered why Escobar didn’t seek revenge against McNamara/Troy for locking him up in prison. I never thought he would have the patience to plan a three year escape scheme, where he ultimately uses his information on McNamara/Troy’s actions (in the pilot episode) to blackmail them into turning his face back to its original form. Man, did he look creepy afterwards with all those stitches on his face or what?

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Clever use of mirrors during Escobar’s consult.

    - Sean finally confessed to his affair with Monica, shortly after he found out about Julia’s affair with Marlo. I got to start keeping a cheating scorecard for these two: Sean-2, Julia-1.

    - Sean thought Escobar was another hallucination of his in that final scene.

    - Christian: “I’ve had enough torture for one day.”
    (Bobolit walks in)
    Nurse Linda: “Oh, I wouldn’t count on that.”

    - Escobar: “So should I tell you what I don’t like about myself, or is that too obvious right now?”
    Christian: “We’ll fix your face for you. Who do you want to look like, Charles Manson or Hitler?”

    - Matt: “It’s a wonder I turned out this well.”
    Sean: “Turned out well? Going from dating a transsexual to marrying a fated porn star is not doing well in my mind!”

    - Julia: (to Sean) “If we still love each other then why is it that all we do is hurt each other?”

    Final Rating: 4 for Escobar, 2 for Kimber and Matt. Overall, 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
  • WOW

    First of all Matt and Kimber got married and Kimber is pregnant. Christian thinks it’s his child so while performing surgery to remove Kimber’s implants he takes DNA from the fetus. The results come back that Christian is not the father but Matt is after all. Mean while Merrill returns after being released from jail wanting free surgery for himself and his “jail husband” Escobar who’s face was seriously burned. Merrill insist on sitting in on Escobar’s surgery and in the middle of surgery tries to kill Escobar. While in the recovery ward Escobar escapes by kill the guard watching after him. This may be one of the best episodes so far, there was so much going on it was really exciting and I am glad to Escobar out of jail he is a great character.
  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    I was actually pretty worried about whether or not I was going to be disappointed in this episode and how they were going to pull off having the same actor play Escobar after having his face changed in season one, but I must say... I was very pleasantly surprised. This was the best episode of the season so far for me, right up there with "Shari Noble". It was great seeing Escobar and Bobolit return. I've been waiting for that forever. The way it was written in was great and Escobar's escape plan was friggin' brilliant. Sean Jablonski writes the best episodes these days hands down (including one of my personal favorites "Christian Troy"). Jennifer Salt isn't too far behind though. This show could definitely cope without Ryan Murphy, especially seeing as how not only are his episodes few and far between, but they just don't seem to have the same feeling that they used to. Maybe it's just because he's spreading himself too thin with other projects but oh well... That's the way it goes.
  • Sean: "I had an affair with Monica."

    This ep did another one of those things where characters' motives were hidden for a time before their actions were explained.

    Murph set the bar very high (so to speak) with Sean's hash brownie. I thought that sequence explaining why he was phoning sex lines and sleeping with Monica just plain tore the roof off the place.

    Julia's big reveal -- tracing from a similar motivation -- was ... less interesting. Necessarily. After all, Escobar and Megan weren't dancing around in [i]her[/i] head, and if Marlowe had been, G-d love him, he'd have called to mind an agitated Munchkin. Instead, she had to rely on that glorious palatte of emotional expression with which she's been so elegantly gifted.

    I'm not saying it fell to skite. Instead, it's a reality Joely Richardson has fought since this series premiered four years ago: Her makeup team seems to be occasionally drunk. If they were drunk all the time, she'd look consistently bad. But sometimes she's gorgeous and sometimes she's this limp dishcloth.

    And I've tried to track these choices dramatically, but it's also a reality that regardless of whether she was a crumpled divorcee recovering from plastic surgery or she was the hot skite Del La Mer CEO, she continued to waver between glow and pallor.

    And this week we were back to the dishcloth. Surprisingly, too, because she should have looked terrible in the final scenes when she'd been up all night the night before, but she didn't look any worse than she did in any other scene.

    So it's probably just Joely. Sometimes she looks fantastic and sometimes she really just doesn't. And with all the stuff going on with her real-life daughter, that does make a certain amount of sense (although it doesn't explain why this happened throughout the rest of the series, so ...)

    So anyway, in relying on her emotional delivery, she revealed something we'd all pretty much guessed at -- that Marlowe had accepted Conor for who he was before he was even born.

    OK, let's grant that the surgery to Conor's flippers was seriously upsetting to her. That the child's cries of pain in fact are heartbreaking.

    Do you ...
    o Arrange a meeting between Sean and that wonderfully chipper woman you met in the season premiere who has managed a rich, full life despite her deformities -- divorced, yes, but with two kids and a professional career -- so as to put his mind at ease?
    o Or do you sleep with Marlowe?

    I can see them being drawn together -- caring for Conor, tending his surgery, wondering why Sean is being the big bad daddy while Marlowe is being all loving and accepting. It's all terribly emotional and Julia is in a vulnerable place.

    But neither of them have addressed the big question -- [i]why'd they go through with it in the first place?[/i]

    What drew them together last Christmas? Was there anything besides fear in Julia's move to reconcile with Sean, and if there was, will it ever be articulated?

    This next eppy has a lot to discuss -- why Sean didn't complete the surgery, why he and Julia split up (which may put a button on the question of why they got back together in the first place). Sure, I'm interested in what's happened with Matt and Annie and Conor, but I'm always, always, [i]always[/i] more interested in what's going on with Sean, Julia and Christian.

    So, if Julia's big reveal was a little lackluster compared to Sean's, I have a feeling that Christian's is going to blow us all out of the water.

    Of all the characters who've been acting out of character in this show lately, Christian's glomming on to Michelle has been the hardest to track. If he's reacting to the farcical mother-daughter tagteam in "Cindy Plumb," Michelle doesn't explain it -- in some ways, he's been even [i]more[/i] depraved with her. And if he's just trying to prove he's not gay he had Faith bent over her desk at the end of that [i]episode[/i]. And it's not a random sex thing because he wasn't interested in that perfectly lovely woman in the bar at the end of that episode as well.

    What's [i]driving[/i] Christian? He's an absolute jerk to Matt (who btw deserves everything he gets and more), he's got such ownership of Kimber despite her protestations, and he's been behaving so oddly all the way through I'm wondering if that cock statue in the corner of his apartment hasn't been lacquered with something that gives off psychotropic fumes.

    But the main point of this week's episode was to put to rest a longterm plot point that people have wondered about: Could the body they disposed of in the pilot possibly come back to haunt them, and how?

    Somehow, I'd never considered Alejandro's place in the equation. Human remains might or might never surface in the Everglades and there wouldn't necessarily have been much left to tie them to McNamara/Troy, but an eyewitness could. Alejandro and Silvio would share enough DNA to bear out the story he told and Sean and Christian could indeed have been screwed.

    Merrill and Escobar, however they got together, were a nice package deal for this episode. Two birds, one stone, couple of dead birds. Merrill's storyline was nice and karmic -- after screwing with the practice and being so unethical as to practice fur transplants on a dog, and then to turn all the maids on South Beach into Klingons and butcher people in the back room of a nail salon (including, potentially, Christian), 18 months taking it from behind seems only right.

    Escobar supplied enough drugs for countless after-school specials. He lied to pretty Colombian girls about modeling opportunities in the U.S. in order to trick them into being his mules. He tortured Christian and extorted services from McNamara/Troy, putting some damaging pressure on Sean and Julia's marriage and jeopardizing the practice itself. He [i]shot[/i] Liz. The justice of the Season One finale was delicious.

    It was unclear as to why he tattooed "Escobar" on Merrill's bum if he was being held as Barco. The writing got very shaky here. I'd have assumed under the provision of [i]habeas corpus[/i] that they'd have figured out who they had in custody and that he'd have had a similar sentence if he copped to being himself (and fingerprints would prove it). But however they decided to do it, I agree with Beef that they were absolute geniuses about it -- burning the face so as to require reconstruction. Also, who can out-Escobar Escobar? ;)

    The passage at the end was very cool. No, not the mayhem at the office -- that was more than a little bit silly. But the justice of murdering Alejandro, who had murdered his pedophile brother Silvio and fumed with rage against the doctors for their improper disposal of the body (he could've been much more involved with that part of the process if he'd wanted to be, honest).

    Now, rather than jail time, Sean's got a nice therapy session with Escobar, a couple of awkward questions with the local constabulary and ... a confession.

    Truly an interesting direction to go. "I had an affair with Monica" would be a difficult statement for Julia to process.

    And Merrill trying to get revenge and only succeeding in causing Escobar a few moments of pain before being dragged back in a paddy wagon (honestly, boys -- this time, the psych ward) was ... verr' nice.

    All in all, I'd have to say this was a cool episode. Escobar had some great wisdom for Sean and was wonderfully badass as always.

    And now ... sure, 20 years in the future. I'll pop some popcorn for that. But even while that seems likely to make for some cool storytelling ...

    ... I'm much more looking forward to understanding what's going on with Christian, meself. :)
  • The Truth Will Set You Free Written by Sean Jablonski And Brad Falchuk Directed by Charles Haid

    Escobar (to Sean and Christian): “I’ll take spending an entire lifetime in here as the man I am before I spend another day as the bottom feeder I’m seen as now”.

    In other words, there are people out there who don’t like being pushed around and if you even attempt to get them to submit to your will, then be prepared for a fight on your hands, in which you’re the one likely to come out the loser.

    In Season One we met a cruel and unapologetic drug dealer named Escobar Gallardo, who used Sean and Christian’s cover up of a murder, Escobar is in some ways responsible for to force the plastic surgeons to perform pretty barbaric operations on models he had no problem using as drug mules. Unfortunately for Escobar, Sean and Christian had a massive problem with helping him out and retaliated by making him look like one of the FBI’s most wanted men.

    That was impressive for both Sean and Christian as it successfully ensured that Escobar was incarcerated for life but seeing as he isn’t a dead man, you just always knew that he was going to reappear one day and get even. Also given that we’ve seen Escobar twice in Sean’s subconscious, I was kind of hoping that we’d see the vicious drug lord in person and his return here was far from a low key event.

    On the not so great side of things, Escobar’s return also heralded the return of the eternally pathetic Merrill Bobolit, who has spent the last couple of years in prison being repeatedly raped and psychologically scarred, which gets even more interesting when he tells Christian that he was made into a wife by one of the tougher inmates, which Christian is quick ridicule until he realises that Merrill’s prison husband is no more than Escobar himself. Merrill is desperate to get his prison ordeal out of the way so his visit to McNamara/Troy is for his own benefit and to play messenger for Escobar when he insists that Sean and Christian visit their old friend or Escobar will make sure that the lads are joining him in prison by letting the cops know where to find Silvio’s body.

    Escobar is sly one and had Alejandro follow Sean and Christian back in the “Pilot” when they taped ham on Silvio so the alligators could feast on the sadistic pervert. Escobar’s demands to Sean and Christian are simple – he wants his face restored to the way because a couple of inmates got happy with lighter fluid and torched his face. Escobar tells the men that they gave him the face of a paedophile and being one of those in a prison with dangerous men is nothing short of a death wish. For that and big burn job he was given, I can’t honestly blame Escobar for wanting his own looks back.

    You also have to hand it Escobar, if the man wants something done he’ll use any card up his sleeve to get his objective. He literally has Sean and Christian by the balls with his surgery demand but his claims of being unable to inflict fear on fellow cell mates besides Merrill strikes me as odd, especially when a slip of a girl like Natalie Buxton (who mercilessly trafficked young girls) could keep aggressive types like Darlene and Al in line during her time in the recently cancelled Bad Girls. I’m surprised he didn’t bully more people into assisting him when needed. In other words, I’m finding a lot of what Escobar is claiming a tad suspect and his psychological head trip with Sean only furthers that suspicion.

    Sean and Escobar’s scenes are as always, a total delight because although Sean greatly detests Escobar and the latter thinks Sean is a wimp, there’s a wonderful dynamic with the two of them. Escobar spends a great deal of this episode telling Sean that the truth will set him as Sean tells him about his marital and family woes as him and Christian unwillingly repair. To prove Escobar’s safety is further compromised, Merrill is sent to supervise on the operation, only for the failed surgeon to try and kill Escobar in the process as a part of revenge and gain respect. Like everything else, Merrill sets his mind, the assassination attempt fails and Merrill once again looks stupid.

    Meanwhile other bottom feeder to Escobar, Alejandro looks at his boss’ post surgery face and thinks the boys have done a good job. In fact they really did as Escobar now physically looks like his old self again. On the annoying side, Alejandro wants Escobar to avenge his brother’s death on Sean and Christian. This is stupid on two obvious accounts – First, Alejandro was the one who killed Silvio and secondly Silvio raped Escobar’s daughter. You can also add a third in the sense, that Silvio’s death was deserved. Thankfully Escobar puts the idiot in his place because, hey, even Escobar has some morals and avenging a paedophile’s death isn’t one of them.

    However if there is something that Escobar can be relied on though it’s keeping his word and not only he shoot the police to get way from McNamara/Troy and ultimately escape custody but he pays Sean a visit to thank him for restoring his face and also tells the frantic surgeon that he won’t be going to the cops about Silvio’s body. Then neither will Alejandro as Sean finds his corpse on his couch at home. Some people send thank you cards, Escobar leaves a corpse behind. Well the guy does have a dark sense of humour.

    Finding a dead man on his couch though gives Sean enough balls to actually confess to Julia about his affair with Monica as the episode freaking ends and to be honest, this confession is about time. Not only did Sean have a go at Marlowe, tell Christian that he was convinced she was sleeping with the nanny but when Julia did confess of her own accord, Sean gave her grilling that was similar in tone to Closer. If Sean can only punish Marlowe by saying that he painted over his gothic mural and forgive Julia for her indiscretion, will Julia be able to do the same? She did overemphasise that if he stepped out on her, she would leave him but like Escobar said, her affair puts both Sean and Julia on even ground. Next week should be very telling indeed.

    Elsewhere Matt and the infuriating Kimber drop two bombshells on Sean and Christian when we open the episode up with the four of them in the office. Not only has Matt married Kimber a couple of days ago in a private ceremony but he’s also managed to get her pregnant, pretty much to the disgust of everyone really. We’ve already had Julia giving birth to Connor this season; another pregnancy story wasn’t a big demand for us viewers, especially one involving these two people.

    Still though, you gotta sympathise with Matt. Although he should learn his lesson with his tragic taste in women, I pity any poor sod that is deeply tied to Kimber and having a baby with the brainless bimbo is certainly a big tie.

    Kimber doesn’t even seem to like Matt or even care for his opinion. She more or less tells him to shut up during the consult with Sean and Christian and at home, during a stupid breathing exercise with her Scientology pal Parker, she berates Matt because he gave her still water and not sparkling. The hell? Matt shouldn’t have to tolerate that crap and when Julia sensibly sticks up for her kid, Kimber has the audacity to accuse Julia of trying to use her drama against her. Kimber, you simpleton – Julia like any other sane person wants you to respect her son, your husband, that is all she was getting at.

    Anyways Kimber is given a further reason to feel smug about when Christian shows up and agrees to remove her implants but given that Christian has taken in Merrill’s sage advice in regards to how manipulative Kimber can be, it’s the fading porn star that should be more careful. After all, why would Christian do something so nice for a woman he doesn’t like?

    Those suspicions are justified when during the operation, Kimber is wary of Christian using a sonogram and while under, he swipes a DNA sample to Nurse Linda’s disgust. I understand, selfish as he is, Christian doesn’t want Matt to be a fool for Kimber, no-one should but the fact he willingly endangered Kimber just to prove a point is lousy, even for him. Did he really think he had a shot of getting Matt to walk away from Kimber?

    If Christian did, then he’s dumber than I thought. Matt thinks he loves Kimber and when Matt thinks he loves a woman, whether she’s a transsexual like Ava or a pure racist like Ariel, hell will have to freeze before he listens to reason. Christian’s case was even more screwed when he branded Kimber a whore and openly told Matt that marrying Kimber was in a long line of mistakes the messed up teen has made. It also came as a major blow to the gut that Matt actually is the father of Kimber’s baby, which means her iron clad hold on Matt is now stronger than ever. Once again, Christian you failed!

    Also in “Merrill Bobolit”

    Patients of the week: Kimber had her implants removed so she could breastfeed, Merrill had his anus checked out and Escobar got his face back.

    Christian (re marrying Kimber): “That’s ridiculous Matt. That’s like saying we should be happy if you’re dating a drug addict and scored a bag of heroin”.

    Christian (re Marlowe/Julia): “You banged the nanny so your guilty conscience is making you think that she’s banging the Manny”
    Sean: “So, I’m being paranoid?”

    I’ve noticed that in a couple of episodes this season, when Linda’s been given dialogue, it’s usually to disagree with either Sean or Christian. I’m not complaining as her reasons are justified ones.

    Marlowe: “Do you always make house calls to patients with cold feet?”
    Sean: “No”.

    When exactly was Marlowe fired or did he quit? Sean can’t just fire someone if he thinks that they are sleeping with his wife, he does need proof.

    Escobar (re Julia): “If she’s screwed around, you’re both on even ground and have a good chance to save your marriage”.

    I found that exchange between Sean and Escobar pretty interesting. Is Escobar speaking from experience? He also mentioned that if he had a son in Matt’s situation, he would be proud of him. I take it Escobar has never met Kimber then.

    Kimber (re silent birth): “Can I say Ouch?”
    Parker: “We’d prefer it if you just moaned”.

    Sean (re Marlowe): “Why would you with him?”
    Julia: “Because he accepted Connor before he was even born and all you wanted to do was change him”.

    No Liz or Michelle this week. However Christian did mention that the latter was scattering Burt’s ashes and consulting his lawyers in Houston.

    Julia (re Marlowe): “No and I made him wear a condom and it was tender. Does that make you hate me more?”
    Sean: “No, no. I forgive you”.

    Christian (to Matt): “Your wife’s a whore who married you to piss me off”.

    Chronology wise, according to Merrill it’s been 32 months since “Oona Wentworth”.

    Escobar (to Sean): “Believe me, if there’s anything I learned after being locked up, it’s that the truth will set you free”.

    Standout music: “How Deep Is Your Love” by The Bee Gees and “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t play “Cars” for Escobar.

    An episode that features the return of two popular characters and reminisces heavily on the past will sit well for many viewers and “Merrill Bobolit” is another easy to like episode for those reasons alone. Escobar made a delight return and with any luck, it won’t be long until we see him again.
  • In All the episodes of Nip/Tuck, this one should get A+ with its stars shining around it! May this one be a series finale!

    In All the episodes of Nip/Tuck, this one should get A+ with its stars shining around it! May this one be a series finale!

    Escobar Gallardo and Merill Bobolit; how can these major characters be put together in a storyline so successfully and those prison rules and matters, While watching i clenched lol
    Escobar Gallardo is such a bad ass villain, not more charismatic than Our beloved Carver but he got balls to do what he planned to do! He owed so much to Sean and he showed him the right way to save his life of dilemma!

    Escobar can't let go of Sean and i hope he will come back to get on our nerves of our surgeons and this time they would turn him into Osama Bin Laden hehe:)
  • The truth shall set you free *spoilers*

    There appears to be two themes strongly running through ‘Merrill Bobolit’. One is that the truth will set you free and the other- slightly less complimentary- is that everyone is somebody’s b***h. In the case of Matt and Merrill, that is certainly true. As for the truth setting you free, Julia and Sean must face the truth of their infidelities and the slow erosion of their marriage. Plus Sean and Christian are finally free of a little indiscretion they committed back at the very beginning- dumping Silvio Perez’s body in the Everglades. All in all, a busy forty-five minutes and a welcome return to two old faces. Let’s start at the beginning. Matt and Kimber married. Well, that’s a turn-up for the books, certainly. But the marriage certainly doesn’t seem to be on an even keel with Kimber bossing Matt about and generally belittling him (over something as petty as a glass of water). At this point, Julia is right with what she says- a little bit of spirit from Julia is always welcome (cos Joely Richardson does it so well). But when Matt and Kimber are at McNamara/Troy, they’re not just there to drop the nuptial bombshell, but Kimber wants to have her breast implants removed as she’s pregnant and wants to breastfeed. Given the fact that Christian and Kimber got pelvic in ‘Burt Landau’, Christian assumes the kid is his. So when Kimber’s under, Christian takes DNA from the child- a risky procedure which could have had untold consequences (and still might)- and has it tested. But in a lovely little twist, it is revealed that Matt is actually the father of Kimber’s child.

    It’s been a while since we last saw Merrill Bobolit. The last time he was shown, he was attempting to cut Christian’s face off. Well, we all have off days. Released from prison, where he was someone’s ‘prison wife’ (lovely euphemism), he needs a retread of a certain part of his anatomy. Christian points out how expensive it would be but Merrill says they’ll do the surgery for free or end up going to prison themselves. It is revealed that none other than Escobar Gallardo is Merrill’s ‘husband’ and he too needs the services of McNamara/Troy too. Christian gives Merrill the retread and they discuss Kimber. As Escobar undergoes his surgery, Merrill is in there as a little insurance policy. And I always thought insurance was there to save you not try and cut your throat. Which is what Merrill attempts to do to the relatively helpless Escobar- who’s the b***h now? But the cops manhandle Merrill out, presumably to go back to prison. Joey Slotnick’s performance was great and his first scene with Julian McMahon was excellent.

    On to Escobar himself. He asks Christian and Sean to go and see him as he has had his face set on fire by a rival gang in prison who thought he was in for child molestation. The deal is quite simple; they need to fix Escobar’s face and make him what he was or he’ll spill his guts about the body they hid in the Everglades (referring right back to the Pilot episode where they were left with the dead body of Silvio Perez to get rid of). It turns out that Silvio’s brother Alejandro followed them that night and knows exactly where they hid the body. So Escobar has them right over a barrel. In a nicely written scene, Sean is in a consult with him and in the mirror, he sees the unburnt Escobar (Robert LaSardo, always a pleasure) who gives him some advice regarding Julia’s infidelity and his own. The operation they have to do on Escobar to make him what he was looks very painful and grim- once again, the make-up and prosthetics team do a fantastic job. After his operation (despite Merrill’s attempts to sabotage him), he looks much as he used to- despite rows and rows of metal staples holding the skin grafts in place (giving him a kind of Pinhead look). Alejandro Perez comes to see him and they make plans to go to Sean’s and deal with him. When Christian gets back to the surgery, they see a scene right out of The Silence Of The Lambs- all the prison guards dead and a bloodied facial bandage left on the bed. Beautifully directed and full of menace. Back at the McNamara house, Sean is confronted by Escobar but dismisses him as a figment of his imagination (he has acted as the metaphorical devil on Sean’s soldier before now). But it is the real flesh and blood Escobar and he’s there to keep his word. The truth has set him free and Sean will be free too. He walks into the den and finds the dead body of Alejandro Perez- the only person who can tie Sean and Christian to the body in the Everglades. As gratitude goes, it’s more usual to send a fruit basket or flowers than deliver a dead body but at least they’re out of the woods on that. It was always going to be interesting to see if that incident would come back to bite them- and it has, in quite a decent way. Robert LaSardo’s performance was absolutely great.

    Finally, Sean and Julia face up to their faltering relationship. With Marlowe gone (was he sacked? did he leave? that isn’t explained), Sean decides to paint over the mural in Conor’s room. Julia seems annoyed at this and refuses to help him. Sean goes to see Marlowe and confronts him- Sean tries to play games but Marlowe sets him straight; no messing around. Of course, Marlowe doesn’t tell him he and Julia slept together. There is a wonderful moment when Marlowe asks Sean if he’s going to hit him and then gets on a stepladder and asks ‘how about now?’ (it’s only a brief scene but Peter Dinklage is, as always, amazing). Sean goes back to the house and finds Julia there. She admits to the affair and Sean begins asking her lots of explicit questions- it made me a little uncomfortable (and reminded me a bit of the scene in Closer where Clive Owen does the same with Julia Roberts). Of course, this leads to some angry make-up sex against the painted wall in Conor’s nursery. I can’t help but find Sean’s attitude in these scenes completely hypocritical- what right has he to be angry that his wife is having an affair when he has done it not once, but twice? Yet, absolutely searing performances by both Joely Richardson and Dylan Walsh. At the end of the episode, after being set free from the past, Sean comes clean about his affair with Monica Wilder. It will be interesting to see what happens from this little revelation.

    A powerful, strong episode, full of great performances from regulars and guest cast alike. A finely-nuanced, well-written script (by credited writers Sean Jablonski and Brad Falchuk) and tightly directed by Charles Haid. Some great incidental music too by Nils Petter Molvaer. Only a few little niggles stop this being a perfect episode for me, but still one of the best this season.
  • Escobar and Merrille are back!

    I know he's a drug dealing a-hole but I was so excited to see Escobar back! I love the way he gets in Seans head. Everything he says to Sean and Christian is so right on the mark all the time. I know he probably won't be back for a while but I can't wait to see him again.

    Merrille is so deranged. Seriously I thought he was all proud and liked the fact that he was Escobar's prision wife or whatever he called it. I have to say that I was taken back a little when he tried to slit Escobar's throat. But poor Merrille can't do anything right can he?

    Julia and Sean have to have just about the stragest marrige ever. I mean who gets all turned on after finding out your wife banged the nanny. And then everything was all nice and dandy. Well that is until Sean discovers the dead guy with a hole in his head proped up on the living room couch. It's about time Sean called the cops. It would have been totally unbelievable if he tried to get rid of the body.

    Yeah Kimber. She's sucha Bi*ch but its graet to see her back. Poor Matt will never find the right woman. He's so damaged. Kimber has him by the b*lls. But she is having his baby and not Christians. Intresting twist I thought for sure they would have made the baby Christians. Loved when Sean said the thing about " do you have have a child that someone else doesn't think is his?" Great line, great episode.
  • Two familiar characters

    I'm going to try and sum this up quickly, cause I'm still thinking about this episode. It totally rocked! Escobar, Merrill, Alejandro all in one episode! Escobar wants his face fixed cause of a burn, and only to find out later on he set himself on fire. And Merrill was his bride(snort)The Kimber/Matt story was interesting, tho I can't stand her. I was shocked when the baby wasn't Christian's, and so was Christian But I for one am GLAD! I also liked when Sean was confronting Marlowe, I laughed when Sean said, "I painted over your Muriel" in other words, screw you.HEHE. It's really hard for me summarize, my brain is all over the place. Anyhoo, the ending was just scary. The way Escobar hugged Sean, was yeah spooky. He left the evidence behind all right: Alejandro. And I wonder what will happen after he revealed to Julia he slept with Monica. Hmmm, only time will tell. Hehe get it?? Ack whatever.
  • Who is the actor Escobar kills

    great episode and who is the actor that escobar kills in the den \\\"Alejandro\\\" what is his real name? I seen him in LV the other day and I wanted to approch him but did not know his name so i searched and searched and found nothing.If Anyone can help please let me know and please post here with that info.
  • Wow.....this is why I love this Show SOOOOO MUCH!

    OK, I can't believe Matt married Kimber. That was the worse mistake he has made. Oh and I guess wedding bells are ringing for another Great Nip/Tuck couple Merrill and Escobar. I do love Escobar, he is such an evil character but for some reason you just like him, unlike James (But thats another story) Is it me or did he look like Freddy Kruger. I'm still hoping Julia and Sean make it, do they really have to break up every season? And I've never thought I would say this but Christain is going to be a hott Grandpa....OMG. Connor and Matt's baby will be very close in age, I bet that is going to be fun!
  • Welcome back Bobolit and thanks for bringing Escobar with ya.

    Tonights episode opens with Kimber and Matt breaking the "happy news" to Sean and Christian that they are not only married, but pregnant too. Yeah...this goes over well. Next we see Sean painting as fast as he can over the Marlowes mural in the nursery. (way to handle those issues Sean!) Julia isnt happy about this. We get very little mention of Michelle tonight except for Christian saying she is in Houston with an attorney dealing with Burts will. This is discussed during a surgery and Sean also tells Christian that Marlowe and Julia are sleeping together. Christian doesnt believe it, nor does he believe that Kimbers baby is Matts. He is sure it is his. Just when Christian is sure things cant get any more confusing, in walks Merrill Bobolit. Seems he has been "married" while in prison, and guess who his hubby is??
    Yep, you guessed it; Escobar. Seems poor Bobolit was passed around in prison alot, so he asks Christian for a pro-bono anal retread. (I found it funny that during this surgery they were playing "How Deep is Your Love"... Also, Escobar needs facial reconstruction because his face was set on fire. Of course he plays the blackmail card so the good Doctors will help him.
    If my review seems all over the place, that is largely due to the episode kind of being all over the place.
    Let me sum up what else happened tonight: Sean confronts Marlowe, but without violence. Julia confesses to Sean about the affair, he forgives her. Bobolit tries (and fails) to kill Escobar in the operating room, After his surgery, Escobar enlists the help of Sylvios brother to help free him., Julia gets to see first hand how Kimber treats Matt, While performing the implant removal on Kimber, Christian withdraws amniotic fluid to find out if he is the father (he isnt!), Escobar shows up at Seans house at the end and tells him he left him evidence in his livingroom of the crime Sean and Christian committed (Sylvios brothers body), Sean confesses to Julia about Monica. ALOT happened tonight!
  • What!?!?!?!

    Okay, they haven't aired this episode yet but already I'm like what. Merill comes back, Matt and Kimber are married and witch child, and Escobar returns to?

    They just can't let go of him. They keep bringing him back. He was around most of season 1, cameo is season 2, and I don't remember if he had a cameo in three but I know he's a view this season already. They just can't let him go.

    And Kimber. It seems like they are just pushing story lines on her now. I like this new one with her and Matt because it's so dramatic, in true Nip/Tuck style, but I mean it seems like they grasping at straws here till they can boot her off the show in some way or another.

    I am glad though that we seem to be getting so resolution to the pilot, I always wanted to know what happenened there.