Season 4 Episode 10

Merrill Bobolit

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Bobolit mentions his previous abuse of/addiction to inhaled anesthetics, specifying nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is actually a dissociative analgesic, which is not potent enough to provide general anesthesia for surgery patients. The effects wear off almost immediately upon cessation of inhalation. Bobolit was certainly under something stronger when he attempted to swap faces with Christian in Season 2.

      Additionally, addiction to nitrous isn't technically possible.

    • When Sean and Christian go to see Escobar in the prison hospital, Escobar mentions that his face was "burned off" by a MS 13 gang member, this stands for Mara Salvatrucha, "Salvadoran Gang".

    • When Escobar mentioned Silvio Perez and dumping his body in a swamp, there is a flashback to the Pilot episode, where these events occurred.

    • When Sean and Christian go to see Escobar in the prison hospital, Escobar mentions them turning him into 'the FBI's most wanted'. This happened in the Season 1 finale entitled Escobar Gallardo.

    • Christian admits to sleeping with Kimber recently. This happens in the episode entitled Burt Landau.

    • When Merrill is first talking to Christian, reference is made to Madame Rose, killing a girl and Merrill trying to cut Christian's face off. This all happens in the Season 2 episode Oona Wentworth.

    • Julia and Sean like to have make-up sex in their children's rooms: Conor was conceived in Matt's bed at the beginning of Season Three, and in this episode they had sex against the newly-painted wall in Conor's room after Julia admitted to her affair with Marlowe.

  • Quotes

    • Christian: (to Merrill) Must Have Been One Hell Of A Guy, It Usually Takes At Least Six Karats For A Bitch To Give It Up Like That.

    • Escobar: You know what the hardest part was? It wasn't bribing the guards, blackmailing the warden or waiting two years in that hole to put this whole thing together. It was lighting my own face on fire. Man, that hurt like a sonofabitch.
      Sean: What are you doing in my house?
      Escobar: Oh, I just came by to get rid of some evidence. Relax, Sean, I meant the evidence of the crime you committed. Against Silvio Perez? I told you, that if you fix my face, I'd set you free as well and I meant it. (Sean fumbles for a knife but Escobar stops him) Sean, a man is nothing in this world if he doesn't keep his word, you know? It's when you don't live your life honestly that you get into trouble. Believe me, if there's anything I learned after being locked up, it's that the truth will set you free.

    • (when Escobar is having surgery, Merrill threatens to cut his throat with a scalpel)
      Christian: What the hell are you doing, Merrill?
      Merrill: What I've wanted to do ever since he branded his name on my ass in prison. Kill the monster! (to Escobar) How does it feel to be a helpless bitch at the mercy of someone else?
      Sean: If you kill him, Merrill, you'll go right back to prison for life. Is that what you want?
      Merrill: Are you kidding? When everyone inside finds out I killed Escobar Gallardo, I'll be a goddamn king! A goddamn god! I'll finally get the respect I deserve!

    • Matt: I know you don't approve of any of this, but I want you to know I'm committed to being a good husband and a good father and I'm just counting on you for your support.
      Christian: You know what a good husband and father does? He pays the bills. He sets an example. You're a loser, Matty. This is the latest and greatest in a long line of loser choices.

    • Julia: Marlowe and I had an affair. He told me you went and confronted him about it, and I feel you've known for a long time and… I didn't want to cover it up anymore.
      Sean: You're admitting you had an affair?
      Julia: I'm sorry. It's just that, you know, with everything that's happened, with Conor and Matt getting married… I just can't keep these lies down anymore.
      Sean: Why would you with him?
      Julia: Because he accepted Conor before he was even born and all you wanted to do was change him!

    • Kimber: Julia, Matt and I are in love. And I understand that becoming a grandmother brings up complicated feelings. But please don't make that our problem.
      Julia: My eighteen-year-old son is having a child with a woman who happens to have slept with both of his fathers. There is nothing complicated about my feelings!
      Matt: Mom…
      Kimber: I'm going to handle this, Matt.
      Julia: This is what I'm talking about! A silent childbirth is just the beginning. You want a silent marriage too?

    • Escobar: A real man takes responsibility for his actions. He stands up to his mistakes. Hell, I'd be proud if my son married the girl he knocked up.
      Sean: I'm not like you. My wife finds out what I did, she'll leave.
      Escobar: If she screwed around, you're both on even ground. You got a good chance to save your marriage. You keep trying to live a lie, bad shit happens. I'm living proof.

    • Merrill: Speaking of blondes who blow, how's Kimber? I wrote her a bunch of letters in prison but she must've changed her address because she never wrote me back.
      Christian: Consider yourself lucky. Her venom has become more potent with age.
      Merrill: She's still got her claws in you?
      Christian: I wish it was just me. Since you've been gone, she has screwed- and screwed over- me, Sean and now my son.
      Merrill: Well, her pimp hand is strong.
      Christian: Bullshit. The only thing strong about her are her vagina muscles. When you tire those, she ain't got nothing.
      Merrill: I don't know, Christian. She may never have had her dick up your ass but she's always had you by the balls. Kimber plays like she's a bottom, but no matter how beat-up she seems, she's always in control. She's like those three hundred pound juggernauts in prison. You wanna take her down, you gotta sneak up behind her and club her over the head before she knows what happened.

    • Merrill: You and I come from a world of achievement. We're doctors, plastic surgeons, it's all about being the best. The most beautiful. The winner. It's goddamn exhausting is what it is. You trying to tell me you don't get worn down by expectations?
      Christian: I'm trying to tell you I like being in control.

    • Escobar: You can kill a hundred cops, come in here and run the joint. General population finds out you banged a six-year-old, it doesn't go over too well. You become a target. One thing prison has taught me, you live and die not just based on who you are, but on who people perceive you to be. Not much different from your line of work. So if I'm gonna spend the next fifteen years in here, I want to go back to being the man that I was, the Escobar people feared.
      Christian: Doesn't make sense. They'll find out they got the wrong guy, you'll go back on trial and get life
      Escobar: I'll take spending an entire lifetime in here as the man I am before I live another day as the bottom-feeder that I'm seen as now.

    • Sean: Why'd you split up? Did she snore? Didn't like your taste in movies? Or was she married?
      Sawyer: As a child, I learned early on that- if I was going to compete in a world that was taller than I was- I needed to go straight at things, no pussyfooting.
      Sean: Are you having an affair with my wife?
      Sawyer: Julia and I have an intimacy that goes beyond just employer and employee, probably more than just even friends, but it was never physical. (pause) Are you going to hit me? (He gets up on a stepladder so that he is facing Sean) How about now? Do you think that'll make you more of a man? Do you think that'll impress Julia?
      Sean: I painted over your mural.

    • Merrill: I need an anal retread.
      Christian: That's a pretty expensive procedure, Merrill. I assume you don't have insurance.
      Merrill: Of course not. But you'll be doing the surgery for free. Unless you want to end up in prison, taking it like a woman too.
      Christian: Excuse me?
      Merrill: The only way for a guy like me to protect himself on the inside is to get married. (off Christian's look) It's not like I wore a white dress and danced to 'Unforgettable', Christian. I became someone's prison wife, someone more powerful than me.
      Christian: A bitch.
      Merrill: I prefer the term 'prag'. I cleaned, I did the laundry, I serviced him when he needed it. You'd have done the same thing in my situation, trust me.
      Christian: I'm no-one's bitch, Merrill.
      Merrill: Everyone is someone's bitch. Wasn't too bad actually. I found it somewhat liberating to have all of my choices taken away from me.
      Christian: Must be one hell of a guy. It usually takes six carats for a bitch to give it up like that.
      Merrill: They don't have wedding rings in prison. Marriage is symbolized by the branding of the husband's name on the wife's ass. Wanna see who my husband is?
      Christian: Not really.
      (Merrill drops his trousers and the name 'Escobar' is branded on his ass)

    • (during a procedure, the music playing is 'Don't Worry, Be Happy')
      Christian: (to Nurse Linda) Will you turn that shit off? I've had enough torture for one day.
      (Nurse Linda sees Merrill Bobolit waiting outside the room)
      Nurse Linda: Oh, I wouldn't count on that.

    • Christian: My gut is telling me it's not Matt's kid. I didn't want to say it in front of the poor guy, but… I screwed Kimber recently.
      Sean: Wait a minute, are you saying it's your baby now?
      Christian: Well, my sperm certainly knows its way around her uterus better than his. And I know she only married him to get to me.
      Sean: Have you ever had a baby that someone else didn't think was theirs?

    • (Sean is painting over the mural that Marlowe painted in Conor's nursery)
      Julia: I wish you'd asked me first.
      Sean: Well, I just assumed now that Marlowe is gone, we'd want to move on. Besides, I didn't think I needed to ask permission to paint a wall in my own house.
      Julia: No, you don't. But it doesn't mean I'm going to help you.

    • Matt: Why can't you both just admit what you're really pissed about? OK, your own lives have failed and I'm doing great! Really, it's a wonder I turned out this well.
      Sean: Turned out well? Going from dating a transsexual to marrying a faded porn star is not doing well, in my mind!

    • Matt: You can't be happy for me no matter what I do, right?
      Christian: That's ridiculous, Matt. That's like saying we should be happy if you're a drug addict and just scored a bag of heroin. (to Kimber) And don't think I don't know what you're doing. You married Matt to get back at me!
      Kimber: Christian, I was done with you a long time ago. Really, I think you're the one who needs to let go.

    • Escobar: (to Sean in his house) The evidence is in the den.

    • Christian: (to Matt) Your wife is a whore who married you to piss me off.

    • Christian: (to Escobar during his consultation) Who do you want to look like? Charles Manson or Hitler?

    • Christian: (to Bobolit) From the condition your anus is in, it looks like you surrendered yourself to the entire Florida Penal system.

    • Kimber: (to Christian and Sean) Just think of the operation as a wedding gift to us.

    • Bobolit: (after showing Christian his tattoo) Who's the bitch now, Christian?

  • Notes

    • First appearance by Joey Slotnick (Merril) since the season 2 episode "Oona Wenworth".

    • First appearance by Raymond Cruz (Alejandro) since the pilot.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: February 4, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Peter Dinklage is credited as a Special Guest Star.

    • Joey Slotnick receives the 'and' credit.

    • Music featured in the episode:
      "Don't worry be happy" by Bobby Mc Ferrin (Christian and Sean discuss before performing surgery, Bobolit arrives)
      "Khmer" by Nils Petter Molvaer (Sean talks with Marlo about him having a relationhip with Julia; later, Julia confesses her affair with Marlo to Sean)
      "How deep is your love" by The Bee Gees (Christian helps Merrill repairing damage suffered in jail)
      "Access song of sand" by Nils Petter Molvaer (Kimber has her implants removed)
      "Relax" by Frankie goes to Hollywood (Sean works on Escobar's face)
      "Tion" by Nils Petter Molvaer (Christian arrives at the office and sees the dead police)
      "Phum" by Nils Petter Molvaer (Escobar talks with Sean about a crime committed years ago; Sean finds a corpse)

    • Although listed in the opening credits, Roma Maffia does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • When Kimber is with her Scientologist friends, they mention the process of a silent birth, and Kelly Preston having a silent birth with both of her children.

      Scientologists believe that any noise of distress from the mother during childbirth imprints itself onto the child and can cause emotional problems later in life, which is why they recommend a totally silent birth. Kelly Preston is the wife of John Travolta and a follower of Scientology.

    • The mural painted by Marlo for Conor is a rip-off of Henri Rousseau's jungle paintings, specifically 'Le Fevre' (The Dream).