Season 3 Episode 1

Momma Boone

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on FX
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After Christian's Carver attack, Sean must look for a new partner to keep the practice going. Sean has to surgically separate an obese woman from a couch she has spent the past three years on. Julia realizes that she has to make a decision about the future of her marriage.moreless

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  • Get up

    Al fin un buen comienzo de temporada! Al principio pensé que Christian estaba muerto y por consiguiente que todo se iba a desmadrar pero no! Sigue vivo y sexualísimo como siempre por suerte. Ese trío antológico con Kimber y la policía ¡Gracias!

    Sean se separa formalmente de Julia y como puede comienza a rehacer su vida. Christian decide contar que fue violado por The Carver y decide volver a su trabajo justo cuando...

    Sean recibe un llamado y acude a salvar a Momma de su sillón parásito. Muy bien logrado el personaje de la señora obesa.

    Me pareció acertado sacar a los cirujanos de su sucucho y hacer la serie un poco más dinámica.moreless
  • Life as Big as a House

    The Kit McGraw character fascinated me throughout season three. While I love everything that is Rhona Mitra (the looks, the body, the accent - woo!), it doesn't cover up the fact that she's playing completely ridiculous. Her scenes in this episode feature laughably terrible dialogue ("I'm from Jack the Ripper's London" - gah!), and her seduction of Christian was so unprofessional it borders on sub-porno movie. I know this show is trashy, but Kit really was the worst example of the show's love for bad girls. She has no morals, and there's no way somebody so insane and nympho-like would have such a respected job title in the law enforcement biz.

    Of course, being a red-blooded male, it'd be stupid to say that the threesome at the end wasn't hot. I especially loved Kimber, who was clearly going through with it to please Christian and help him get back to his old self. Regular readers of my reviews may be getting a little tired of my love for Kimber and explaining excuses for her behavior, but she really showed how much she cared for him throughout this episode. Plus, she's a regular cast member now, so yay!

    Momma Boone was a tragic character. The build-up to her appearance was done perfectly. You could almost smell the stench of her home through the TV set, and the make-up team did an amazing job, making her body look completely grotesque. Kathy Lamkin was great in the part, and I loved that the writers made her somebody you completely sympathize with, instead of just writing her off as a freak to be made fun of. Her husband was also sympathetic, despite knowing that he let her get like that.

    Elsewhere, Christian is still experiencing side effects of The Carver's attack. I found Sean completely unforgivable in his behavior toward him, especially when comparing Christian's attack to his own in season two. While Sean's attack was terrifying, it does not compare to Christian, who probably had mental scars of his childhood sexual abuse re-surface after being raped yet again. Sean's behavior was probably just a deus ex machina to get Quentin Costa into the show, but it was still out of character.

    A pretty depressing season opener, which sets the stage for an all-together depressing season. Kit certainly makes an impression though...

    Director: Elodie Keene

    Writer: Ryan Murphy

    Rating: A-moreless
  • This is an awsome serie, and it was a revealing episode, y loved it.

    Well you know that Christian was attacked by the Carver, when we all thought that he was going to attack Sean. Well after the attack, Sean has to look for a new partner, because he can't do all the work by himself and Christian hasn´t recovered from the attack.

    Sean has to separate an obese woman, Momma, from a couch were she has spent her last three years, so she has some infections.

    In aniother place, Julia realizes that she has to make a decision about the future of her marriage and maybe the divorce is the best option, well I won't tell you how the episode finishes for you to watch it.moreless
  • Christian: "Do you seduce all your victims?"<br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /> Kit: "Only the ones as dark as I am."

    A dark and emotional premiere, although I was mildly let down after coming off of such a fantastic season finale.

    Christian is understandably depressed since being attacked by the Carver. Not only did it get him feeling powerless, but the attack most likely brought back all of his horrible memories of his abusive childhood. Christian was stuck in a sort of limbo in this episode; he wasn't ready to take action and move on with his life, and yet he wasn't willing to give up on it either (e.g. not ready to get back to work, and yet not willing to hire Dr. Costa to help pick up slack).

    Boston Legal alumni Rhona Mitra joins the cast (not to be confused with Roma Maffia who plays Liz) as provocative Detective Kit McGraw; hired to come down to Miami all the way from London to solve the tricky Carver case. I found it interesting how Kit made Christian re-enact the attack, and while it may have looked as if she was acting on her attraction to him, having sex with Christian actually helped him recover back his powerful/dominant side. It looks like Kit is our replacement tough-ass female for Ava this season (I like her, but I still miss Famke). There definitely is a lot more going on with Kit then meets the eye, and I am very interested in how her character will play out for the rest of the season.

    Our main patient this week was Momma Boone: an obese woman who sat on her sofa for so long her skin began to fuse with it. Her predicament related to the limbo Christian felt he was in, and also served as a catalyst to spur Sean and Christian into making decisive actions. Christian finally hired Dr. Costa, realizing that the practice needed him, and Sean, deciding that he’s already stalled enough, finally signed Julia's divorce papers.

    As showed by this episode and previous ones, Sean and Julia still care deeply about one another. The question, though, is if their caring feelings are enough to rekindle their relationship. I'm not sure, and apparently Julia isn't either, as by the time Sean signed the divorce papers Julia began doubting if that was what she really wanted. At least Julia will now be able to pursue her own independent career, which is what bothered her most about her relationship with Sean; she was dependent on him and his job. Final Notes and Quotes-

    Kimber has shown a lot of growth over these past couple of years, and it looks like she's finally developed a backbone. A year ago she would have jumped at any chance to marry Christian, but by now she's grown the intelligence (and self respect) to realize that Christian was asking her to marry him for the wrong reasons.

    - Bruno Campos (Quentin Costa) and Kelly Carlson (Kimber) have both been added as series regulars.

    - Christian: "What do my surroundings tell you about me?"

    Kit: "That you like to be in control. Everything's in its place, compulsively so."

    - Annie: "Are you ready to go?"

    Julia: "No, honey. I don't think so."

    (Obviously referring to her relationship with Sean)

    - I was surprised when Christian revealed he was raped. I guess since the Carver didn’t rape Sean, I had assumed Christian would get the same treatment from him. Looks like I was wrong.

    - There was some tension between Christian and Sean today, as Christian half blamed Sean (who took on all the Carver pro bono cases) for his Carver attack.

    - Okay what's with Matt's hair? He looks like Michael Jackson.

    - It was nice to have Erica back, although I didn't like that she was trying to persuade Julia into taking half of Sean's earnings. Luckily Julia didn't take her advice.

    - Kimber: "First you propose to me, then I find you screwing another girl! Who are you?"

    Christian: "Look at me baby, I'm back."

    Final Rating: A solid premiere. 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx Find this and many other reviews at www.motionpicturereviews.commoreless
  • Lost In Limbo

    After the amazing cliffhanger at the end of Season 2- the Carver attacking Christian- I was anxious to see where and how the season opener would go. As it was, 'Momma Boone' was a good way to begin. I was even momentarily fooled by the funeral. As it started, I thought 'no way, they can't kill Christian off!' (That would be silly as Julian McMahon is one of the most popular cast members and an integral part to why Nip/Tuck works). But of course they didn't: it's his dream. He can't move on. He's stuck in a kind of limbo, a condition shown not only by Sean (in his relationship with Julia) but also by patient-of-the-week, Momma Boone, an obese woman literally stuck to her sofa.

    Played sympathetically by Kathy Lamkin, Momma's predicament spurs the McNamara/Troy boys on to action: Sean into signing the divorce papers and Christian to agreeing to take on Quentin Costa (new series regular Bruno Campos) whilst he deals with the aftermath of the attack. We get to see what happened when the Carver attacked Christian. It was one of the most difficult sequences to watch in the whole of the season, for me. Written and shot simply, with no bells and whistles, we get the raw and unpalatable truth of Christian's paralysis and rape at the hands of the Carver (that shot of the Carver showing Christian the rolled condom is too much for me). Other good things in this episode: the brief but enjoyable scene between Erica and Julia (not many people seem to like Erica as a character, but I think she's great). The writers have actually started to develop Kimber as a character, which is also good. Her scenes with Christian were emotionally affecting, and well played by both Kelly Carlson and Julian McMahon.

    Plus we have one of the new characters for this season, Detective Kit McGraw, a sex crimes cop who interviews then seduces Christian. Again, not many people liked Rhona Mitra or the character of Kit initially, but I think she gives a rawly sexual performance and her scenes with Julian McMahon crackle with some great one-liners and some quite palpable chemistry. So what's not so good? The unusual reintroduction of Jude for no apparent reason. He's seen in one scene at the start, sleeping with then arguing with Julia. Why? Pointless. Julia's volte-face at the end also seems a bit odd. For the whole episode, she's wanted to break things off but when Sean goes through with it, she baulks. But these are small grievances in an opening episode which, given what went before, had a lot to live up to and just about managed it.

Antonio D. Charity

Antonio D. Charity


Guest Star

J.E. Freeman

J.E. Freeman

Denny Boone

Guest Star

Kathy Lamkin

Kathy Lamkin

Momma Boone

Guest Star

Rhona Mitra

Rhona Mitra

Kit McGraw

Recurring Role

Kelsey Lynn Batelaan

Kelsey Lynn Batelaan

Annie McNamara

Recurring Role

Phillip Rhys

Phillip Rhys

Jude Sawyer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: Even after Momma Boone flatlined and died, you could still see the actress breathing.

    • Goof: Even though this episode picks up immediately after the Season 2 finale, Sean's carver scar is completly gone.

    • Kit made a joke about lawyers being useless. The actress that plays her (Rhona Mitra) became famous for the lawyers show "The Practice", and then for the spin-off "Boston Legal".

    • Real Life Comparison: Momma Boone is based on a real 480-pound Florida resident. She died after emergency workers attempted to separate her from her couch. She had lived on the couch for 6 years.

    • Music:
      "Stuck in the Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel (Sean performs silicone replacement surgery) "Dance Me to the End of Love" by Madeleine Peyroux (Momma Boone's wall at her house torn down/ removed from house) "Any Day Now" by Elbow (Momma Boone's initial surgical procedure with Christian/Sean/Liz)
      "I'll Look Around" by Madeleine Peyroux (Sean/Christian/Liz 'meet' to discuss next steps for Momma Boone's surgery segue to Momma Boone flat lining/dies) "Love's Almighty" by Telepopmusik (Kit questions Christian further at his apartment about his 'Carver' attack) "Last Train To Wherever" by Telepopmusik (Kit's 'reenactment' of Christian' s 'Carver' attack/have sex) "Inside And Out" by Feist (Christian/Kit/Kimber's 3-way)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Momma Boone: I know there are things I could'a done okay? You ain't the first to tell me. Denny, that's my husband, he... he tried to get me goin' to another doctor a few years back but-- I'd gotten pretty big, and you know how people get out there when you're big.

    • Sean: I'm not ready to give up on us Julia.
      Julia: But i have Sean.

    • Liz: (in Christian's dream funeral) He's the only straight man I ever met who was arrogant enough to think that he could convert me. Sometimes, I hated the guy. But most of the time, I loved him.

    • Christian: In my experience, when a person gives up one vice, they usually overcompensate… with others.
      Kit: And in my experience, Dr. Troy, when a man keeps evading me with bullshit come-ons, he's either tragically insecure or hung like a toddler.
      Christian: I assure you, Miss McGraw, it's neither.

    • Kimber: I'm tired of masturbating myself to sleep at night.

    • Erica: (to Julia about a divorce lawyer) She makes Jaws look like a goldfish.

    • Kimber: (after Christian has asked her to marry him) You know how many times I have fantasised about hearing you ask me that?... And what kills me the most is that I didn't even hear the words 'I love you'.

    • Denny Boone: (to Sean) Don't you dare challenge my love for that woman. She may not look like much to you and your South Beach kind, Doctor, but to me, she is Uma in Kill Bill.

    • Momma Boone: (to Sean) But be quick, I don't like needles!
      (scene cuts to over 50 injectors on the counter)

    • Christian: (Referring to prolonging Momma Boone's surgery) She's not Julia, Sean. The separation can't go on forever.

    • Fireman (Talking out the window from inside Momma Boone's house): Pump some fresh air in here. And no one inside without a mask and menthol.

    • Kimber: (after walking in on Christian having sex with Kit) First you propose to me. Now you're screwing another girl. Who are you?
      Christian: I'm me again, baby. I'm back.

    • Quentin: (to Christian, referring to his scar) Come on, I just bought you a drink, baby. The least you could do is let me see it.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Reservoir Dogs: Much like in the 1992 movie "Reservoir Dogs" the song "Stuck in the middle with you" is played during a human is cut off (in "Reservoir Dogs" ears were cut off, here breasts were cut off). Shortly after that, the new doctor comes in, his name is Quentin. The director of "Reservoir Dogs" is Quentin Tarantino.