Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2003 on FX

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  • No son of mine

    Well the key to my survival
    Was never in much doubt
    The question was how I could keep sane
    Trying to find a way out

    Things were never easy for me
    Peace of mind was hard to fin
    And I needed a place where I could hide
    Somewhere I could call mine

    I didnt think much about it
    Til it started happening all the time
    Soon I was living with the fear everyday
    Of what might happen that night

    I couldnt stand to hear the
    Crying of my mother
    And I remember when
    I swore that, that would be the
    Last theyd see of me
    And I never went home again

    They say that time is a healer
    And now my wounds are not the same
    I rang the bell with my heart in my mouth
    I had to hear what hed say

    He sat me down to talk to me
    He looked me straight in the eyes

    He said:

    Youre no son, youre no son of mine
    Youre no son, youre no son of mine
    You walked out, you left us behind
    And youre no son, no son of mine

    Oh, his words how they hurt me, Ill never forget it
    And as the time, it went by, I lived to regret it

    Youre no son, youre no son of mine
    But where should I go,
    And what should I do
    Youre no son, youre no son of mine
    But I came here for help, oh I came here for you

    Well the years they passed so slowly
    I thought about him everyday
    What would I do, if we passed on the street
    Would I keep running away

    In and out of hiding places
    Soon Id have to face the facts
    Wed have to sit down and talk it over
    And that would mean going back

    They say that time is a healer
    And now my wounds are not the same
    I rang that bell with my heart in my mouth
    I had to hear what hed say

    He sat me down to talk to me
    He looked me straight in the eyes

    He said:

    Youre no son, youre no son of mine
    Youre no son, youre no son of mine
    When you walked out, you left us behind
    And youre no son, youre no son of mine

    Oh, his words how they hurt me, Ill never forget it
    And as the time, it went by, I lived to regret it

    Youre no son, youre no son of mine
    But where should I go and what should I do
    Youre no son, youre no son of mine
    But I came here for help, oh I was looking for you
    Youre no son, youre no son of mine - oh
    Youre no son - ha yeah, ha yeah, ha yeah, ha yeah
    Youre no son, youre no son of mine - oh, oh...

    Genesis, No son of mine
  • Too Scary, I hated it

    Dr.Troy was so silly on this ep, and when he was with this stripper, that was so discussssing, the ep was meanless, it has no point, and the cases (two of them) was so rediculas, and The First case was some kind of Scary especialy when she Screamed threatting Dr.Sean life.
    When Dr.sean was talking to his wife about forgivnees, he was looking soooo stupid!!!! , He cheeted on her, what was he expecting?
    I liked when Troy descided to have a baby, Becuz it made me feel real happy that I'm not that poor baby that will have such a Dr.Troy as a father....
  • A Pregnant Pause

    So Gina's pregnant, and Christian has to face up to taking responsibility of somebody other than himself. It was great to have Jessalyn Gilsig back, who can get laughs from just one reading of the word "a**hole". I found it a little ridiculous though that Gina was accusing Christian of being a bad parent. Considering she's a raging former sexaholic, she's hardly one to talk!

    I was a little disappointed with the season one resolution to the Cara Fitzgerald arc. As much as I like Keri Lynn Pratt, I think she was a little miscast in the part. Her voice is naturally perky, and I never imagined Cara like that, instead somebody seemingly very depressed and lonely. However, I did like Henry's reaction to everything that has happened, which included abandoning his faith, and eventually falling for Cara. While Matt has been mostly calm over it all, Henry is going through a realistic meltdown, which isn't surprising seeing as he is much more religious than Matt, and terrified of being punished by God.

    The patient of the week was interesting. A split personality sufferer could have been played in a comical way, but the writers carefully handled the story well, making you feel bad for Montana, who is clearly a disturbed woman. Guest star Cheryl White was excellent in the roles, especially when playing Sassy. Her final scene with Sean was extremely well-written, with the child within Montana being asked where she goes when Montana takes over the body.

    While it was still an entertaining hour, there were some issues in this episode that made it fall short of the greatness Nip/Tuck usually gives us. But considering that the whole season so far has essentially been one masterpiece after another, the writers can easily be excused.

    Director: Michael M Robin
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: B
  • Coming Clean Or Not Written by Lyn Greene And Richard Levine Directed by Michael M. Robin


    After the previous shock-tastic episode, my expectations for the following one was to be something of a quiet hour but seeing as we’ve in the final three of Season 1 that wasn’t going to happen, so where do I start?

    Well to be honest, I’m gonna go with the Matt plot of the week which begins to see the cracks around him and Henry now that Cara is awake and beginning to re-adjust to her life post hit and run. She actually seems to be doing a lot better than expected despite the convenient short-term memory loss angle and the fact that the two unlikeliest candidates to enter a church of their own accord are the only members in her seemingly unpopular prayer club.

    Out of the two of them, it’s Henry’s awkward and often hilarious attempts of seeking absolution that carry this storyline. From trying to convert to Christianity, reconverting to Judaism and his alarming crush on Cara, Henry is like a virtual ticking time bomb in this episode, so it’s no surprise that when all else fails, he’s more than willing to turn himself into the police. Matt, on the other hand is the opposite, refusing to lose it and firmly refuses to turn himself in. We’ve seen Matt struggle with his guilt in the hospital with Cara but now it’s like he’s done and no longer feels responsible for what he’s done. The shit will hit the fan on this one, I’m just wondering when exactly that will be though.

    Now I would never describe Gina as shit but boy, does she know how to hit a lot of fans, namely Christian’s. We haven’t seen this woman in a matter of weeks and then she brazenly storms into the office and announces to Christian she’s pregnant and it’s his. I’m sorry but someone as equally promiscuous as Mr Troy, are we really supposed to believe she hasn’t slept with someone else since him? I certainly don’t but I love the cat and mouse dynamic with these two. Gina may be nuts but unlike Kimber at least she’s got a backbone and is well equipped to dish insult after insult before deciding she wants to keeps her baby. I almost now hope it is Christian’s because I fully believe Gina will make him pay. And did you see how happy Christian was when he found out he was going to be a Daddy? And speaking of convenience, it looks like the possibility of Matt being Christian’s could actually be true. Oh dear!

    If this nasty fear is true, then I don’t know how Sean and Julia are going to cope because right now, Julia is doing everything in her power to avoid being intimate with Sean and to a degree, I don’t blame her (though I was screaming “shut the hell up” when she unfairly laid into Christian). Joely Richardson pulled in an impressively understated performance as Julia went through the motions of anger and pity over Sean’s infidelity while attempting to discover a truth that would make her actions far more worse than her husband’s are. This episode sets the stage for a whole new can of worms to be opened and I’m excited to see what imminent damage can and will come out of it. Sean, meanwhile dealt with his guilt over betraying Julia and his grief for Megan in a series of superb scenes. It’s a good job Liz was here to provide comic relief with the patient of the week’s prognosis, although Grace is back and as annoying as ever.

    Also in “Montana/Sassy/Justice”

    Patient of the week: Montana Kane wanted her “Tankles” fixed while her alter egos Sassy and Justice wanted a breast reduction. It was a complex and exciting plot with great acting from guest star Cheryl White.

    Liz (to Sean and Christian): “Excuse me but there’s a woman camped out who refuses to leave until she gets to talk to that arrogant, over-sexed, anti-Christ”.

    Christian: “So you’re here to propose?”
    Gina: “Just because I’m carrying Satan’s baby, doesn’t mean I need to marry the father”.

    Some character bits: Gina suffers from bulimia and has had two abortions, Annie turned eight and Christian to make up no going to her party bought her a budgie, which she called Pecker. It wasn’t strange to learn Christian was her godfather, now I wonder who Matt’s is.

    Julia: “We are being real, Sean. You’re just not liking the results you’re getting”.

    This episode was better for continuity than previous ones have been. Thank you.

    It was nice to see Sean admit to Grace he came on to her due to marital problems. I’m glad however he didn’t admit to her about his affair with Megan as that probably would’ve given her unfair ammunition.

    Sean (re Montana): “But she’s a multiple-personality”
    Liz: “Oh please! Who isn’t? To my mother, I’m a child. To Jan, I’m a heartless rejecting bitch and to my dog, I’m God”.

    Gina: “Nothing you can’t handle asshole”
    Christian: “Hey, watch your mouth in front of the kid”.

    I’d say only a few days on the chronology front since last week’s episode.

    Christian: “What do you think? Am I gonna be a good father?”
    Julia: “I hope so”.

    No standout music in this episode as the only that featured was from Rod Stewart and I’m not a fan.

    Obviously a set-piece for the final two instalments but a bloody good one though. “Montana/Sassy/Justice” had great pacing and bouncing back and forth between plots without disruption. Things are heating up rather nicely.

  • A little silly, but a little underrated too. Episode summary in review.

    Father, surgeon, husband, the only difference is all of mine are named Sean, and no operation can help them get along. –Sean

    We play multiple roles in our lives. Our interactions, relationships, jobs and beliefs all add to the complexity of every human. Unfortunately, the best interests and desires of these roles are constantly in conflict. How can we find harmony with all of these roles in our lives as situations cause conflict between what various aspects of ourselves want? We see how these characters deal with conflict of roles: pious/compliant, husband/adulterer and playboy/father.

    The doctors consult Ms. Caine, a woman looking to get her cankles, calves and ankles in one continuous form, changed to normal shaped legs. It isn’t anything special at first glance (although those cankles and the subsequent surgery are gross), but later it’s clear that she has to work hard to maintain stability.

    Liz informs the doctors that someone wants to speak with the “antichrist”. Christian excuses himself from that suddenly awkward situation. In his office, he meets Gina, who informs him that she’s pregnant with his baby and gives him a week to decide if he wants to have it. She’s had two abortions, one of which had complications that she thought would leave her barren. This pregnancy could be her last chance at motherhood.

    Christian is shocked. He has always taken so many precautions with birth control, even calling himself an expert on applying a condom. He doesn’t immediately suggest abortion though, which shows he is more humane than Gina would like to admit. Luckily, I've never been in this position (because there’s no way I'm ready to be a father at 21), but I know being told you’re going to be a father is a life changing event. It certainly changes Christian, even restricted to this episode alone.

    Christian brings the problem to Sean while they’re prepping to operate on Montana. Obviously, the impact of such a revelation is still very clear. Sean is still distracted following Megan’s death and telling his wife about the affair. Before they head in, he slips that he was still grieving at Annie’s birthday party. Christian, her godfather, wasn’t invited.

    At the McNamara’s Christian arrives with a gift for Annie and asks for an explanation for why he was excluded. Julia says she isn’t comfortable having him in their lives now. She asks him why he didn’t tell her about the affair. He says that if he did it would’ve betrayed the friendship they have. Then Julia mentions that they had a fling. Julia is mad at Sean for cheating. However, she did the same thing. Julia’s juggling the role of Sean’s wife and the object of Christian’s affection by casting him out for fear that she’d be too tempted.

    Cara has recovered from the accident that nearly left her blind. She finds Matt and asks her to her prayer club. When he goes, he’s surprised to see Henry there and actively participating. To cope with his guilt, Henry has decided to change his faith to Christianity. Unfortunately, for him, this is merely a half measure. He doesn’t realize to be redeemed; he needs to confess his involvement. Christianity is clear that sins must be confessed, not glossed over, to be forgiven.

    He has also developed a crush on Cara. This is clearly a bad sign. He’s not attracted to her in a normal way. Somehow, he thinks that this will make up for what he did. His crush on Cara is an offshoot of this guilt. He believes that somehow he can have a loving relationship with her. This will be what will redeem him. Guilt has warped him so that he thinks that he really loves her. In reality, he only loves his chance of salvation.

    Following her cankle surgery, Montana wakes up and has a fit when she can’t have Juicy Juice. Sean realizes that there is an underlying problem so he and Grace meet with Montana’s doctor. She informs them that she has Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). When Montana acted out, it was actually Sassy. Sassy is an 8-year-old and the only remaining personality aside from Montana. The other personalities are controlled through her. If Sassy is happy, then the other personalities stay dormant. Her doctor recommends performing a breast reduction surgery on Montana so it will please Sassy.

    I don’t know if her statements have any scientific weight or if it’s meant to continue the story. From what little I know about MPD, it isn’t as if one living with it could have a conversation between the personalities, but that they’re so fragmented that a person can’t function. This version of MPD is more common in soaps, which fits for Nip/Tuck, even though it is very un-PC.

    That night, Sean and Julia talk about what they want to do with their marriage. They play these scenes so well it feels as if I'm watching a real life couple. Noises like the turning pages in Sean’s book become much louder in the awkward silence. Julia doesn’t know if she wants to stay married to him and asks why they even married in the first place. Here’s another important piece of back story. Julia’s pregnancy with Matt was what provoked them to get married. This is a big reason why they’re not happy now. Marriage felt more like an obligation than something they did for love.

    She is reluctant to resume intimacy with him. To earn her trust, she makes him get a full STD test because Megan had many blood transfusions. When his results show that he’s clean, Julia rejects him again. He wonders if the whole ordeal was to humiliate Sean the way Sean’s affair humiliated Julia. They both agree that the only way this relationship will work is if both of them are honest. Despite that, Julia is still hiding something about Matt.

    With Julia’s proclamation, Christian sees Gina’s pregnancy as the opportunity to start the family he has never started. Gina tells him that since he’s a day late he missed the window to stop her from having the abortion. Later we learn this is a lie, but it says a lot about what Gina has become. She wants him to feel the pain that he caused her to have.

    Sean and Grace decide not to give Montana the breast reduction surgery, which provokes another personality, Justice, to emerge. Justice is vengeful, like a cowboy demanding her namesake. She threatens that this would be the beginning of a re-release of all the personalities and more. This part feels a little hokey, like science fiction, which probably didn’t please those in the MPD community.

    Julia makes an excuse to go to Christian’s apartment so she can swipe a comb to use for a DNA test. Initially, I was apprehensive by this storyline. “Who’s the father?” is a cliché storyline in soap operas. However, watching this from the perspective of knowing what happens in season two, this gains credibility on a repeat viewing as a step in the storyline.

    After Justice’s emergence, they decide to do the surgery, which suppresses Justice and satisfies Sassy. Sean asks where Sassy goes when Montana has control. She says “underneath”. Sean asks how he can do that. Everyone in this episode is hoping for something that will make all their roles in life get along. They still need to find it.

    We knew Henry’s case for redemption was weak, and it’s proven when they’re eating lunch in the cafeteria. Henry wants to go to the prom with Cara, but she asks Matt instead. This sends Henry off again. This is what happens when redemption is bargained instead of accepted. Henry never thought about what he would do if Cara rejected him. Although by the end, he seems determined to come forward.

    Gina comes forward to tell Christian that she didn’t have an abortion. Although she despises Christian, she sees this baby as a second chance. Her life has been a struggle to fill a hole of loneliness. No matter how much sex she has, it doesn’t work. This child changes that. She already loves the baby unconditionally and wants to have a realistic arrangement with Christian.

    Julia’s ready to tell Christian that he may Matt’s father. However, when she arrives, she finds out that Gina’s pregnant. She hastily leaves his apartment, leaving him confused as to what her real intentions were.

    It wasn’t easy to follow up “Adelle Coffin”, but they do a fine job nonetheless. While MPD may not have been the most sensitive way to handle such a situation, it works. All the characters deal with a situation where their multiple roles and their demands contradict each other. Julia’s pursuit of who Matt’s real father is is enhanced knowing what happens in season two. All the characters are dealing with conflicting roles, which works as the season ends.