Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2003 on FX

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  • Coming Clean Or Not Written by Lyn Greene And Richard Levine Directed by Michael M. Robin


    After the previous shock-tastic episode, my expectations for the following one was to be something of a quiet hour but seeing as we’ve in the final three of Season 1 that wasn’t going to happen, so where do I start?

    Well to be honest, I’m gonna go with the Matt plot of the week which begins to see the cracks around him and Henry now that Cara is awake and beginning to re-adjust to her life post hit and run. She actually seems to be doing a lot better than expected despite the convenient short-term memory loss angle and the fact that the two unlikeliest candidates to enter a church of their own accord are the only members in her seemingly unpopular prayer club.

    Out of the two of them, it’s Henry’s awkward and often hilarious attempts of seeking absolution that carry this storyline. From trying to convert to Christianity, reconverting to Judaism and his alarming crush on Cara, Henry is like a virtual ticking time bomb in this episode, so it’s no surprise that when all else fails, he’s more than willing to turn himself into the police. Matt, on the other hand is the opposite, refusing to lose it and firmly refuses to turn himself in. We’ve seen Matt struggle with his guilt in the hospital with Cara but now it’s like he’s done and no longer feels responsible for what he’s done. The shit will hit the fan on this one, I’m just wondering when exactly that will be though.

    Now I would never describe Gina as shit but boy, does she know how to hit a lot of fans, namely Christian’s. We haven’t seen this woman in a matter of weeks and then she brazenly storms into the office and announces to Christian she’s pregnant and it’s his. I’m sorry but someone as equally promiscuous as Mr Troy, are we really supposed to believe she hasn’t slept with someone else since him? I certainly don’t but I love the cat and mouse dynamic with these two. Gina may be nuts but unlike Kimber at least she’s got a backbone and is well equipped to dish insult after insult before deciding she wants to keeps her baby. I almost now hope it is Christian’s because I fully believe Gina will make him pay. And did you see how happy Christian was when he found out he was going to be a Daddy? And speaking of convenience, it looks like the possibility of Matt being Christian’s could actually be true. Oh dear!

    If this nasty fear is true, then I don’t know how Sean and Julia are going to cope because right now, Julia is doing everything in her power to avoid being intimate with Sean and to a degree, I don’t blame her (though I was screaming “shut the hell up” when she unfairly laid into Christian). Joely Richardson pulled in an impressively understated performance as Julia went through the motions of anger and pity over Sean’s infidelity while attempting to discover a truth that would make her actions far more worse than her husband’s are. This episode sets the stage for a whole new can of worms to be opened and I’m excited to see what imminent damage can and will come out of it. Sean, meanwhile dealt with his guilt over betraying Julia and his grief for Megan in a series of superb scenes. It’s a good job Liz was here to provide comic relief with the patient of the week’s prognosis, although Grace is back and as annoying as ever.

    Also in “Montana/Sassy/Justice”

    Patient of the week: Montana Kane wanted her “Tankles” fixed while her alter egos Sassy and Justice wanted a breast reduction. It was a complex and exciting plot with great acting from guest star Cheryl White.

    Liz (to Sean and Christian): “Excuse me but there’s a woman camped out who refuses to leave until she gets to talk to that arrogant, over-sexed, anti-Christ”.

    Christian: “So you’re here to propose?”
    Gina: “Just because I’m carrying Satan’s baby, doesn’t mean I need to marry the father”.

    Some character bits: Gina suffers from bulimia and has had two abortions, Annie turned eight and Christian to make up no going to her party bought her a budgie, which she called Pecker. It wasn’t strange to learn Christian was her godfather, now I wonder who Matt’s is.

    Julia: “We are being real, Sean. You’re just not liking the results you’re getting”.

    This episode was better for continuity than previous ones have been. Thank you.

    It was nice to see Sean admit to Grace he came on to her due to marital problems. I’m glad however he didn’t admit to her about his affair with Megan as that probably would’ve given her unfair ammunition.

    Sean (re Montana): “But she’s a multiple-personality”
    Liz: “Oh please! Who isn’t? To my mother, I’m a child. To Jan, I’m a heartless rejecting bitch and to my dog, I’m God”.

    Gina: “Nothing you can’t handle asshole”
    Christian: “Hey, watch your mouth in front of the kid”.

    I’d say only a few days on the chronology front since last week’s episode.

    Christian: “What do you think? Am I gonna be a good father?”
    Julia: “I hope so”.

    No standout music in this episode as the only that featured was from Rod Stewart and I’m not a fan.

    Obviously a set-piece for the final two instalments but a bloody good one though. “Montana/Sassy/Justice” had great pacing and bouncing back and forth between plots without disruption. Things are heating up rather nicely.