Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2003 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Cara tells Matt that she doesn't remember him because her short-term memory was impaired. This is an incorrect statement because short-term memory is used for events that are happening in the present moment and is only used for a short period of time. Information that is stored in the short-term memory is then transported to the long-term memory (where faces, events, e.t., are being stored) and it is stored there permanently. Also, if she doesn't remember him or they haven't met before (as Matt has stated a few episodes back), how does she know who Matt is and what he looks like?

    • Goof: In the scene with Grace, Sean, and Sassy's Psychologist, Sean has a bead of sweat on the end of his nose in some shots but not in others.

    • Featured Music:

      "Hot Legs" by Rod Stewart (Montana/Sassy 'cankle' surgery)

  • Quotes

    • Christian: Shouldn´t you be drinking decaf?
      Gina: Phone out of order?
      Christian: I just thought I should be here to catch you when you fainted from shock. I think we should have this baby. I mean, you should have it, and I´ll pay for it.
      Gina: Cue the violins. Why the change of heart?
      Christian: I´ve realized I want more. I wanna give more.

    • Gina: Yeah, that's right, asshole. I'm pregnant.
      Christian: First time at the plate and I get credited with the RBI
      Gina: You were the only batter.
      Christian: I was wearing a rubber.
      Gina: Well, slugger, either it broke – or I'm carrying the next savior.

    • Sean: But she's a multiple personality.
      Liz: Oh please! Who isn't? To my mother, I'm a child. To Jan, I'm a heartless, rejecting bitch. And to my dog, I'm God.
      Sean: Maybe I should get a dog.

    • Gina: Phone out of order?
      Christian: I thought I'd show up instead to catch you when you fainted from shock. I wish you'd have this baby. I mean, I want you to have it and I'll pay for it.
      Gina: Wow. Cue the violins!

    • Christian: I laughed, I cried, I came.

    • Gina: Just because I'm carrying Satan's baby doesn't mean I need to marry the father.

    • Gina: Hey asshole

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