Season 2 Episode 4

Mrs. Grubman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2004 on FX

Episode Recap

Mrs. Grubman returns wanting to get her knees done. The doctors refuse and Christian resorts to his own threats against her causing her to break down emotionally and confess that she needs it to be strong for her daughter who has breast cancer. The doctors agree to do it.

Julia discovers that Annie is maturing. She talks about it with Suzanne and learns that Suzanne is now eating healthier and is more healthy.

James visits Christian and offers to help him get custody of Wilbur because he read Gina's diary and because he doesn't want to tell his wife and kids that they have to raise another one. He also tells him that Gina is calling character witnesses i.e. Kimber.

Christian has dinner with her and after refusing her advances, learns that she is snorting drugs and has ruined her nose. He offers to fix it for free if she will not testify against him.

The doctors operate on Grubman and she arrests soon after being anesthetize because she had been taking anti-depressants. They learn that she suffered great neurological damage.

Annie, after hearing what Matt had to say about maturing, uses her mom's tampon and becomes seriously ill. Sean figures out what it may be and Annie says she doesn't want to get older. Julia decides not to change their diet.

Christian and James are at a church getting Wilbur baptized. There Christian learns that James has decided to keep the baby, devastating Christian. In the end, we learn that Kimber has become a porn star.
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