Season 2 Episode 4

Mrs. Grubman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2004 on FX

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  • Christian's getting closer to Wilbur as Kimber comes back into his life. Meanwhile Matt's behavior is having a negative reaction with Annie.

    The whole Gina/Christian/Wilbur storyline was not one of my favorites and it was utterly so predictable. On the flipside though the storyline does develop Christian into a more compassionate person if only for a brief time.

    His contact with Kimber in this episode makes him realize the error of some of his ways. We see Matt slowly start to get transformed into the dsyfunctional brat he really is.
    The comment about the kid having a period sends Annie the wrong message.

    The other sidestory with Mrs. Grubman was hohum too. I didn't care about the patient at all as another review pointed out. Her story was average and yeah it seem like she was blackmail Sean and Christian. Eventually this was a case as her own daughter said of Vanity mixed in with depression. An ok episode but not my favorite. Still a lot great acting involved.
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