Season 1 Episode 3

Nanette Babcock

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2003 on FX

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  • No, No, Nanette

    This episode was all about how plastic surgery can't cover up your inner feelings, with both Mrs Grubman and Nanette being damaged inside, and liposuction and tummy tucks being unable to heal all their internal issues. It was also the first masterpiece Nip/Tuck ever produced.

    Nanette was a tragic character. A product of this celebrity-driven world we live in, she was deluded enough to think that everything in her life would be perfect if she lost weight, and that if she looked thinner at her reunion, everybody there would like her. Lindsay Hollister was truly amazing in the part, keeping the audience's sympathy throughout the episode. Her suicide was literally disturbing, and I was completely shaken up by it when this episode first aired.

    My favorite storyline this episode was Mrs Grubman's. Christian was hilarious when he was protesting that he doesn't want to "stick his d*ck in the Crypt Keeper", and I loved that in the end he realized what a sad, lonely woman Mrs Grubman really is. Both Julian McMahon and Ruth Williamson were excellent in their big scene together, making Christian and Mrs Grubman one of the most interesting double acts in the series.

    You have to feel bad for Matt. After going through all the pain and frustration of an adult circumcision, it turns out the girl he really loved was screwing around with another girl all along. The scene where he broke down in tears really showed how much she meant to him. Unfortunately, she was more interested in that damn girl from One Tree Hill. Booo!

    An emotional, powerful episode featuring stunning performances from all involved, and several well-written storylines. The best episode so far, and one of the best of season one.

    Director: Lawrence Trilling
    Writer: Ryan Murphy
    Rating: A+