Season 2 Episode 7

Naomi Gaines

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2004 on FX

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  • Truths are revealed that aren't wanting to be known, and revelations discovered that will shake up Nip/Tuck well into this season...

    The seventh episode in the second season of Nip/Tuck, and this week's installment continues on largely from the huge bombshell of the previous episode, that Ava has a teenage son. That's right, Ava, a mother. Yet another fantastic idea on the writer's part, and to make things worse, Adrian Moore isn't like the other kids...

    When ill and told to lie down he offers to join Matt and his mother in bed, before later on being unashamedly rude, and trying to kiss Matt. His expressions tell the stories of a thousand words, and despite seeming "troubled" his smugness and actions make him a hard character to like. He does stir things up however, and he did without a doubt add to the episode's appeal.

    The patient of the episode this week is the young Naomi Gaines. After Julia reading about her survival from being attacked and raped by a villan called "The Carver", Sean decides to give her a consultation, and when the time comes, announces him and Christian will do it for free. Essentially repairing victims is what the duo do every episode to an extent, and a look over the patients will only confirm that, but it was more than refreshing this week to have a real victim. Add in some emotional scenes and some brilliant acting by Leslie Bibb, and it was hard not to feel sympathetic and amazed at the same time towards her survival.

    The truth also emerged this week about Bobbi Broderick. After the supposed mishap in the previous episode it was revealed that it was self induced, and Broderick was really to blame for all the bruising. Her story of self pity marked a complete contradiction from her character in the previous episode, and in a way, a bit of a letdown. More so as she was such a good baddie in the last episode. Regardless, the acting by Jill Clayburgh was once again on top form, and I for one, will miss her as a patient.

    In true Nip/Tuck style, it would not be a complete episode without some disruption at the McNamara household, and thankfully, we were not forgotten on that front.

    You knew immediately when Julia invited Adrian to dinner things would soon go pear-shaped, and they did, when it was him who revealed to her the relationship between Matt and his mother. In what only contributed to Adrian's demonic and somewhat eerie mind, his expressions and just general bad-ass attitude was priceless, causing yet even more friction between Julia and Matt. Joely Richardson did a superb job of acting out the response any mother would (or should) have, as did
    the rest of the dinner guests.

    Sean's response should be interesting...