Season 2 Episode 7

Naomi Gaines

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2004 on FX

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  • Mother Knows Best Written by Sean Jablonski Directed by Craig Zisk

    If you enjoyed the antics of Bobbi Broderick in the previous episode, then you’ll be delighted to know the disgruntled lady is back and upping the ante on McNamara and Troy. Although we already know it’s her own fault, Sean still points out that the media are more interested in salacious scandal than the actual truth itself. Not only has Bobbi’s flashing techniques affected trade but she’s making sure obligatory fliers, rotting piles of meat and intrepid Channel 9 news reporter Andrea Hall are all there to get McNamara and Troy to own up to an act they aren’t responsible for.

    While Sean whines about Bobbi’s vindictive campaign, Christian isn’t one to sit and pout and takes affirmative action by seeking out and seducing Andrea Hall, while offering her a real victim’s story, hence our main patient of the week.

    Naomi Gaines, an aspiring model who was horrifically attacked and raped in her own home by a serial slasher known as The Carver. Unlike Kimber, Naomi actually looks like she enjoys a healthy meal and guest star Leslie Bibb is wonderfully cast in such a fascinating and sympathetic role, it doesn’t take a genius to see why Sean wanted her on the books. Not only does he seem to like doing the pro-bono work, but to him (and everyone else), Naomi is a genuine victim.

    While Christian thinks o the publicity angle a lot more, Naomi’s plight s the only thing that snap Bobbi out of her personal mission to ruin the firm, especially after Naomi berates her on victim hood. It’s from this instant that some light is shed and you finally begin to feel sympathy for Bobbi. I’m glad she admitted to Sean that it was her own doing that her recovery was botched and it was incredibly decent he decided to use her as a reference on the cons of plastic surgery. I’m not sure Christian would agree with that recommendation but it does open up the possibility of future appearances for the character which isn’t the worst thing to happen on the show (she could be the new Mrs Grubman, minus surgery addiction).

    As for the Naomi plot, this Carver is instantly made into a scary threat. More strikingly is the message that he leaves behind after his rapes and mutilates his victims – beauty is a curse on the world. If Sean and Christian are all about removing the self-hatred people feel about themselves, then this sick freak is on the opposite side of the scales. It doesn’t need to be said but this is a thread I can’t wait to get into.

    Fascinating continues to be an overall feel in this episode as the Matt and Ava relationship continues to crank up that much more. It took very little time for Adrian to stir up shit and almost every scene prior to his outburst backs up my statement. How to cause trouble between your predatory mother and her jailbait lover? Well if you’re Adrian that means trying to get in bed with them, trying to make out with said toy boy (after asking if he wants to jack-off a couple of hours early) and revealing all in front of toy-boy’s mom. That ought to do it.

    Well it did and when looked like Matt was about to escape from Ava’s clutches, she sinks her claws in just further by revealing Matt’s true parentage. Bitch! As a result, we get a kick ass confrontation between Matt and Julia, who’s forced to tell him the truth and even though she should’ve been honest with Matt in the beginning, he had no right to call her a whore The moment where Sean walked was nail-biting and it was clever how he told him about Ava as a subterfuge. I like Sean a lot but this proves he really has no idea about what goes on in his family, though at the same I am dreading what happens when he uncovers this particular secret.

    Also in “Naomi Gaines”

    Not a Patient: Mrs Deckland wanted a facelift but Bobbi’s campaign and meeting with Sean and Christian made her change her mind.

    Adrian (to Matt): “What would be great is if you could come quicker so I can get some rest”.

    Sean (re patient): “She’s in my office. You saw her?”
    Nurse Linda: “You don’t forget that face”.

    The Carver has so far gone for women and it was interesting how Bobbi picked famous victims as false patients for the surgeons. Marion Crane, Sharon Tate and Kitty Geneves, for example.

    Naomi (re smiling): “I don’t know if I can’t or because I don’t want to”.

    Some character bits: Ava had Adrian when she was 16, Christian was born in June 1964, Naomi had booked her first cover prior to her attack and there’s an incest vibe between Ava and Adrian. I just know it.

    Matt: “Chill with the attitude. I’m not here to take your shit”
    Adrian: “You’re boring me”.

    Leslie Bibb who played Naomi was a regular on Ryan Murphy’s previous show, Popular. I’ll admit I never liked it at first but it’s far better than The O.C. or One Tree Hill. I approve of Murphy pulling in previous actors, especially when great in roles like this.

    Ava: “You’re confusing personal attention with ground rules. The truth of the matter is you are denied nothing”
    Adrian: “Really Mom. When I asked you and Matt to keep it down while you were humping the other night, you didn’t do that for me. That’s denial”.

    We saw Andrea Hall exposing an asbestos outbreak on Channel 9 news. She’s got possible recurring character status written on her.

    Julia (to Ava): “Don’t you ever touch my son again or I swear to God, I will kill you. Now get out of my house”.

    Bobbi: “What happened to you?”
    Naomi: “I was attacked in my home by a man who raped me and carved up my face”.

    Julia: “Don’t talk to me like that. I am still your mother”
    Matt: “You’re not my mother, you’re a whore. Even if you did hit me, it would still be true”.

    Standout music: “Hayling” by FC Kahuna.

    Could this possibility be the best episode in Season 2 so far? It’s definitely up there. “Naomi Gaines” was an intense, revealing hors, laced with so much suspense; the next instalment can’t come quick enough.
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