Season 2 Episode 7

Naomi Gaines

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2004 on FX



  • Quotes

    • Julia: From now on, you´ll have to earn your own privacy in this house, Matt. There are gonna be no more secrets between us.
      Matt: Then why don´t we start by the one you´re keeping from me?
      Julia: What are you talking about?
      Matt: Ava told me. You´ve been lying to me, my whole life, about who I am.
      Julia: Ava is a manipulator, Matt. You cannot believe anything she tells you.
      Matt: Christian´s my real dad, isn´t he?
      Julia: What? That´s crazy.
      Matt: I´ve seen the way you two look at each other, how close you are. He even said he thinks of me as a son. If you want me to be honest with you about my life, then tell me the truth. Is Christian my real father? Tell me!
      Julia: Yes.