Season 2 Episode 11

Natasha Charles

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 31, 2004 on FX

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  • In love

    El cazador cazado. Christian descubre en quizás la persona menos esperada, esa hermosa chica ciega, el amor (o al menos eso parece) mientras Sean y Julia se deshacen mutuamente las almas. Episodio de los buenos, debo confesar que se me calleron unas lágrimas (o trataron de escaparse al menos) con el "You´re beautiful" de ella a Christian. El desalmado que en realidad no lo es tanto, que se cobija en ese "apodo" para esconder lo que verdaderamente es y se venía viendo últimamente: un amoroso. Jaja, quizás esté exagerando un poco pero sí demostró ser un tierno (comentario un tanto gay de mi parte).
  • The Blindness of Strangers

    The audience has always been made aware of the good soul lurking beneath Christian's man-whore façade. Just look at his relationship with Wilber. But before Natasha Charles came along, nobody had really made Christian aware that he is a good person, no matter what kind of personality he tries to put across.

    Natasha was an amazing character, and I loved that it took a blind woman who has only just met him to realize how beautiful Christian is on the inside. While she can't see people's outer selves, she can see people for who they really are, and Christian was shown that that's what matters the most. Their love scene at the end of the episode was like a piece of art, with Christian shedding a tear as Natasha felt his body, trying to get a sense of what he looks like and who he is. It was a beautiful scene, and one that showed Nip/Tuck doesn't always resort to graphic nudity and a bunch of thrusting to put across great sex.

    Julia's quiet meltdown was sad to watch. Sean continues to treat her like dirt, and I was so happy that Erica called him on his needless cruelty toward her. The final scene between Sean and Julia was probably the most heartbreaking of the episode. Dr Copley told Julia that she wasn't getting a boob job in order to win back her husband, but it was obvious that Julia did it for that reason. When Sean completely rejected her after showing him her new boobs, it was plain devastating.

    Featuring two great performances from guest stars Vanessa Redgrave and Rebecca Gayheart, Natasha Charles featured two moving, emotional storylines that helped further evolve most of the main cast.

    Director: Greer Shepherd
    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine
    Rating: A
  • Natasha: "Beauty is in the soul. You can't see it, but you know it when you feel it."

    Rebecca Gayheart is an excellent choice for the role of Natasha Charles. She does a good job displaying Natasha’s strength and vulnerabilities that she’s acquired from her disability, and manages to create a complex character with many layers.

    As a result of being blind Natasha tends to judge people by what's on the inside and not by their exterior. She saw something good in Christian today, and as a result he was drawn to her. Christian does indeed seem to care about her, but I just don’t know how much patience he will have for a relationship.

    It looks like Sean has no intention of having an amiable divorce. Sean is pretty content on chastising Julia and hurting her whenever he gets the chance. From throwing in her face Matt's runaway to Ava, to flaunting around Kimber (his "porn star barbie") Sean is determined to appear happy and make Julia miserable; when Sean probably is just as miserable as she is.

    Speaking of the McNamara's marital woes, Julia did have a valid point last week that was consistent with this episode: why is Sean able to act civilized around Christian but not her? It's as if after Christian made amends with Sean, Sean can't bring himself to let that happen with Julia because he still needs someone to channel out all his anger on. Julia really needs to distant herself from Sean and just give him time to heal. Her continuous phone calls and pathetic attempts to get him to notice her (come on Julia a boob job?) aren’t helping.

    Erica returned today, and while she was pretty unlikable at the beginning of the season my opinion of her raised a bit today. Erica may have been lacking tenderness, but she really was just trying to help her daughter out. Her tough love approach ("You really do look a bit like a crack whore, sweetheart.") was too much for Julia to handle though, even if it is the truth.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Erica: "If Sean doesn't want anything more to do with you, yippee. You're free. Get off your ass and stop depending on other people for your sense of self-worth."

    - I found it amusing watching Erica's paranoia that she could feel lice crawling through her hair.

    - Julia made the mistake that many of McNamara/Troy’s patients make: trying to fix her internal crisis with an external fix.

    - I know it's trivial, but I couldn't help but notice Julia was drinking Fiji water in her apartment. That brand cost about $2 a bottle, certainly not the stuff for someone low on money.

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: Joely and Dillan both did another excellent job, but just to mix it up our guest star Rebecca Gayheart wins it today.

    - I almost didn’t recognize Principal Snyder (Armin Shimmerman) as Natasha's ocular specialist.

    - Where the hell have Matt and Ava been these past episodes? They’re discussed quite frequently, and their presence is missed.

    - Cliffhanger! Julia has smashed through a glass door. Want to bet on who will be giving her an operation next episode?

    - Natasha: "You now what they upside to being blind is? There is no fear of the unknown because it's all unknown."

    Final Rating: 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Walking In Half Blind Written by Lyn Greene And Richard Levine Directed by Greer Shephard

    Not to overindulge in punning but the idea behind this episode is how people are seen and how they want to be seen by other people. Our main patient of the week, Natasha Charles has been blind all her life and while she has lived an independent life like everyone else she wants to have her damaged eyes removed in favour of artificial ones. There are so many reasons why this plot is compulsive but the main reasons stems from guest star Rebecca Gayheart. Mostly known for Urban legend and briefly Dead Like Me, Gayheart shows she’s quite an articulate actress with the levels of complexity she adds to Natasha as Christian is more than taken with her.

    Almost adopting a more chivalry side, Christian’s interest in Natasha isn’t just primarily sexual, he actually cared about her well being, hence him sabotaging Natasha’s date with a blind guy, who although rather amusing was a little too superficial in his own right. I really enjoyed Natasha and Christian’s scenes together as she turned the tables on him and told Christian it was him who needed to be rescued, not her. I don’t disagree with that comment as several episodes in the past have backed up Christian’s “little boy lost” persona and in recent episodes, he’s softened as a character. I don’t think he’s quite the despicable bastard he thinks he is though. The sex scene with him and Natasha was in another line of subtle, sensitive ones and rather complicated. Christian even cried too.

    If Christian is getting in touch with a softer side, then Sean is definitely in touch with his crueller side. If the hostility with him and Julia wasn’t bad enough in last week’s episode, then it’s getting much worse now. Sean virtually ignored her at Annie’s school fundraiser and his comparison about her and Kimber is a little too below the belt, even if he still is pissed off. I didn’t think Erica would appeal to his better nature seeing as they don’t like each other but is Sean really cold enough to cast Julia out?

    I don’t really like Erica but in this hour, I felt she was needed. As much as it was rightly pointed out that she’s a terrible mother to Julia, for once in her self-centred little world she did try to help her daughter even if the terms were conditional, it’s more than either Sean or Christian are prepared to do. Julia was a complete and total mess in this episode. What on earth made her think a boob job would get Sean back? Why didn’t her surgeon see that that was her aim? Maybe she did and just didn’t care all that much.

    What’s more is that Julia does need that intervention but she’s refusing any kind of aid because she thinks she deserves to be punished. I’m all for asserting her own independence but at the cost of living in a crappy apartment and Annie getting lice? She should’ve swallowed her pride and take the damn cheque (though Erica left it on the nightstand for her anyway). It’s Sean’s rejection after she attempts to seduce with her new breasts that sends her over the edge and ends the episode on a suitably shocking note when she goes flying through her glass patio door, easily representing the best moment tonight.

    Also in “Natasha Charles”

    No other patients besides Natasha and Julia (Dr Copley).
    Natasha: “Do you know what’s worse than having a negative self-image?”
    Christian: “Having no self-image?”
    Natasha: “I’m impressed. I wouldn’t think a lothario like you would get that”.

    There was another cool guest star this week with Armin Shimmerman as Natasha’s ocular specialist. First Schillinger, now Principal Snyder.

    Julia: “I thought you didn’t like big tits”
    Sean: “I guess I lied. My bad”.

    Christian: “No man who answers an internet ad is after a deep, personal connection that doesn’t involve his penis”
    Natasha: “You know, I think I read that in a fortune cookie once”.

    Matt wasn’t in this episode despite mentioned frequently and neither was Liz.

    Erica (to Julia): “Matt wasn’t exaggerating was he? You do look a bit like a crack whore, sweetheart”.

    I’ve just realised the last six episodes all the main patients have been female. Are we going to get a main male patient any time soon?

    Natasha noted about people having three parts to their own individual scents. Top (image), middle (externals highs kept from forbidden lows) and well bass wasn’t explained.

    Julia: “You don’t have to be a member of the third world to have lice. They are not a sign of being unclean”
    Erica: “They aren’t a sign of status either”.

    No exact chronology in this episode.

    Natasha: “Why are you here?”
    Christian: “To protect you from bastards like me”.

    Standout music: “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Rickie Lee Jones, “In My Head” by Psapp and “Natasha” by Rufus Wainwright of course.

    “Natasha Charles” is another in a long line of good to near brilliant episodes of Nip/Tuck. Like last week, there is a bit of a fillerish feel to it but thankfully the quarter of the hour is essential viewing.

  • Julia's turn to see how bad she can be

    In the pervious episoide we saw Sean dealing with the seperation his way, in this episoide we see how Julie is dealing with it which just as bad espically when their daugher got lice. If that wasn't bad enough she has plastic surgury, i always thought she was smarter then that, i mean it all her fault she managed to keep the secret for 15 years surely she could kept it until she died, it was her mistake to do the DNA test, trust writer to reveal it as main story-line in this season.

    The blind women, Christian, bad guy telling blind man she's 10 years older then him, naughty naughy, christian even admitted he was bast*rd so why would take advantage of a blind women?, that low even for him and i can't believe she feel for it with the crap that maybe he the one that needs to be rescued. are we really mean to believe that he's in love with her?.

    The one thing i found intresting was eye-sculptor guy, i for once was quite intrested is how they make eye-ball for people who don't have any, for once i actualy was intrested in how it was done, it was brillant, that one thing i like about this series is very descriptive of procedure.

    So Julia fall through the glass, can't wait to see what happends