Season 2 Episode 13

Oona Wentworth

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 2004 on FX

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  • Loser

    Diría Beck: "I´m a loser, baby, so why don´t you kill me?" y ya!!! Quizás no lo vean como muy representativo de lo que vieron en este episodio (yo mismo dudé de llamar este review envy pero...) quizás sea lo que yo me sentí al verlo, me identifiqué con los personajes a través de lo perdedores que se vieron, que los ví junto a mí en el espejo más tarde.
    Inventarán algún día alguna pastillita para no sentirse tan boludo? Para ir por el mundo con esa sonrisita eterna de soy un genio/me la re banco? Ojalá que no, jaja, qué sería de nosotros sin losers?
  • Bobolit is back, and more of hack surgeon than he ever was. Matt and Adrian are in the principal's office.

    The episode itself was alright, but it just reminds me of the episode where the older doctor, Sean's former mentor, was treating transexuals and doing a hack job of it as well. One was using alcohol, the other anesthesia. Same difference, they're both getting high and then trying to perform surgery in sub par conditions. I felt it was more a filler episode. Not too much character development, other than Matt trying to be closer to Sean. Oh yeah, and the Ava/Adrian thing is a tad bit too creepy for me. This series has had better episodes where I was more intrigued, so to speak.
  • Face (Literally) Off

    After killing that show dog and having his business crumble around him, you just knew Bobolit would come back a complete wreck. So, what do you know, one year later and he's become a crazy drug addicted psycho!

    Plastic surgery has become such a desired thing nowadays, that it's depressing to see the women in this episode signing up to get work done by creepy, cut-price plastic surgeons like Bobolit. The opening scene, with all the maids coming together to get botox, was distressing to watch, but the fact that the maid at the center of the botox party showed up for more surgery at Madam Rose's right at the end of the episode was so tragic to see. Are people so desperate for perfection that they risk their lives again and again, despite being horribly disfigured by this guy the first time round?

    The entire Madam Rose operation creeped me out. Once I got over the shock of seeing Karen Maruyama (aka Ms. "You owe me three dollah!!" on Curb Your Enthusiasm) in a serious role, I was completely disturbed by her calm and collected evilness. When the J-Lo wannabe died on the operating table, she effortlessly pulled out the buzzsaw and got slicing, like she does it every day! You almost felt bad for Bobolit and his circumstances, but that still doesn't overshadow the fact that he's a complete psychopath. It's impossible to cut somebody else's face off and stick it onto your own, yet this trained professional thought everything would work out fine. Joey Slotnick has put in consistently great performances as Bobolit, and made his slide into "crazy hack surgeon" extremely believable and brutal.

    I loved the Ava storyline, as always. The wacky family dynamics on this show came to a head in both principal's office scenes. Featuring two different fathers for Matt, a major incestuous vibe between Ava and Adrian (at that point it wasn't... ick... confirmed), and Ava's baiting of Christian and Matt's feelings for her, both scenes were just plain awesome.

    Another excellent episode which uses Bobolit perfectly. It's pretty gory, even by Nip/Tuck's standards, but if you look away during the Bobolit face-slicing/woman-cutting scenes, everything will be dandy.

    Director: Scott Brazil
    Writer: Sean Jablonski, Jennifer Salt
    Rating: A
  • Oona Wentworth: "Excuse me, Ms. Moore. If I had a dime for every time a parent threatened legal action I'd be living in Key West sipping Piña Coladas and writing short stories."

    I loved the two meetings between Principal Wentworth and Matt, Adrian and their parents. It was fun during the first one as Ava proved her master manipulation skills and convinced Ms. Wentworth from suspending the boys in favor of a free eye lift. The second meeting was even more satisfying though as Sean proved what a real father for Matt he is, and vilified Ava during the meeting. Ms. Wentworth probably had no idea what had hit her, and it was fun watching her appalled expressions at what a dysfunctional family she was dealing with. Bobolit returned into the picture today and he's more pathetic then ever. The J. Lo wannabe patient who came to McNamara/ Troy today related directly to Bobolit's envious feelings for Christian and his desire to become him. I always knew Merril was a wacko, but I never thought he was crazy enough to try and perform a facial transplant surgery. Luckily Christian was able to convince him to cut open his face first (that scene had me cringing). Both Julian McMahon and Joey Slotnick delivered solid performances and did excellent jobs with the scene. Ava and Adrian's relationship took a twisted turn, as it was revealed that they’ve been having a sexual relationship. No wonder Adrian is so screwed up. It was truly one of the most shocking scenes on television, and I can't wait till next week to see the consequences that will most certainly unfold. Final Notes and Quotes - Matt: "My mom slept with Christian before she married my dad."

    Adrian: : "And technically, I don't have any father figures, but Matt's living at my house and screwing my mom so I pretend he's my dad.

    Ava: "It's true Ms. Wentworth. Matt and I are lovers. I was his life coach."

    Adrian: "You see Matt has a problem, he's a premature ejaculator..."

    Ms. Wentworth: "Okay enough!"

    And you thought your family had problems. - Sean proved today at the meeting that he won't fall to Ava's manipulation like many other people. It would have been fun for Julia to attend one of Matt's disciplinary meetings, as all of last week's scenes between Julia and Ava were highly amusing. - Outstanding Performance of the Week: I don't know about you, but Seth Gabel (Adrian) creeps me out in every scene he's in. Final Rating: Another great episode. 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Troy/Mcnamara saves the day

    This show just gets better and better, but at the same time more wonderfully disturbing.
    To see the old favourite Merril was great. This Bizarro-world like Dr Troy is one of the best reoccurring supporting actors. To take every detail about Dr Troy and than turn around 180 degrees and make a nemesis is so comic-like. It almost like Troy is the superhero and instead of being a true villain Bobolit rather is an anti-hero.
    Another great character that appeared in this episode is Ava, who is portrayed by the beautiful Famke Jensen. Although she did not appear in her white costume from the previous episode she is the prettiest woman on the show. But a major downer is the too close mother-son relationship between Ava and Adrian.
    To summarize it: Keep up the crazy stuff, it can only be better
  • Killer Looks Written by Sean Jablonski And Jennifer Salt Directed by Scott Brazil

    So far this season we’ve had returns from Mrs Grubman, Kimber, Gina, the arrival of a serial slasher, a paternity result, one dissolute marriage, a deviant life coach and her messed up kid and now for distraction purposes, the return of Merrill.

    A character I couldn’t give a toss for and quite frankly haven’t missed, Joey Slotnick’s tiresome alter ego is back and even more annoying than before. Since operating on a dog and losing his license, Merrill has hit hard times and has hooked up with evil looking parlour owner Madame Rose flogging off cheap and lethal versions of botox which makes your forehead look like it’s done the rounds with a baseball bat as opening patient Miss Garcia learns.

    For some strange reason though, Christian actually feels guilt for Merrill and although he offers some good reasoning, I don’t buy his interest in wanting to help his former business rival out. It’s not that I think Christian is an indecent bastard (all the time), it’s just that as Sean puts it, Merrill has always been on a self destructive path and no professional would be as reckless as he is. Christian did show a lot of compassion for the guy by sponsoring him in rehab to cure his tank gas addiction and after missing one meeting for good reason, what does Merrill do?

    What Merrill does best, defaces another self-deluded media obsessed patient but when this one dies, him and Madame Rose chop her to little pieces and put her in a suitcase. Could Merrill be The Carver? No because The Carver may be a sick twisted freak but he/she is a smart one, something which can’t be said about Merrill. Christian, not perfect with his timing and obviously not a fisticuffs type of bloke (has he ever punched another guy?) sees too much and winds up being tied to Merrill’s table (tie him up or get his butt-cheeks out – must be hard work for the writers and Julian McMahon, heehee!) and almost defaced at the hands of his loser rival.

    I’m actually trying my best to suspend my disbelief at the idea of Merrill wanting to take Christian as much as I’m trying to buy into his full-faced stupidity of cutting his own face. The upshot of Merrill passing out still fails to garner any sympathy for the character, so the sadist hopes this guy is either dead or in a prison cell because this was the most wasted return on the series so far.

    It’s a good job with a lame plot like Merrill’s, there’s a snappier B-plot as the rivalry between Matt and Adrian get the pair of them threatened with suspension twice in this episode. The first over vicodin that Adrian is supplying to his classmates is a little too easily resolved by Christian and Ava (she was so hilarious with the principal though) but the second incident, again started by Adrian (sick little freak peed in the soap dispenser) only proved that Sean is the only who can’t be manipulated by Ava.

    The outcome of this one delivers a surprisingly civil interaction with Sean and Matt and some delightful father/son moments with them too before the nasty sting in the tail came. I suspected it all along and a part of me was glad to be right that Ava and Adrian were having a sexual relationship, even though it rightly proves everything Sean and Julia have said and vilifies Ava in the process. Ava is a paedophile and a menace and because of her Adrian is messed up. It’s great that this show isn’t afraid of challenging material but I felt sick watching the two of them together. Ava giving into Adrian like that is about to have serious consequences though.

    Also in “Oona Wentworth”

    Other patients of the week: School principal Oona Wentworth had her eyes done as part of an agreement to not expel either Adrian or Matt, while Sean and Christian rejected Miss Novez who wanted to look like J.Lo. Then Merrill killed her.

    Matt: “I never said you could borrow my jacket”
    Adrian: “I never said you could move in with my Mom, so get used to it”.

    Matt (re Sean/Christian): “They’re not gay, Miss Wentworth. My Mom slept with Christian before she married my Dad”
    Adrian: “Technically, I don’t have any father figures but Matt’s living in my house and screwing my Mom, so I pretend he’s my Dad”.

    Despite some heavy mentioning, Julia didn’t appear in this episode. I also found it weird that Matt called Christian instead of Sean.

    Oona (re life coaching): “If there is a school for that, sign me up”
    Ava: “You’re under a lot of stress, I can see it in your face. You’re exhausted”.

    I found it rather funny how Christian was expressionless over being mistaken for Sean’s lover. Bobolit also said some rather homoerotic things to Christian in this episode too.

    Sean: “You’re not leaving until I get an answer”
    Ava: “Don’t you dare threaten my son!”
    Adrian: “yeah, I urinated in the soap dispenser. Do you want to spank me?”

    Are Sean and Kimber still dating? She’s been gone for a bit now and Sean hasn’t alluded to whether or not they are still together.

    Sean: “We’re not in the business of celebrity look a likes. We leave that to MTV”
    Miss Novez: “But you help people right?”

    Why was Miss Garcia at Madame Rose’s after Merrill damaged her face?

    Merrill (to Christian): “I figured if I can’t have your life, I’ll have your face”.

    Standout music: “More, More, More” by Andrea True, “Everybody Got Their Something” by Nikki Costa and “Goodbye Stranger” by Supertramp.

    Nowhere near as cool as last week as it’s only in the second half of the episode does “Oona Wentworth” shows signs of sparkling but I’ve seen far worse and the shock of the final scene is worth a second viewing.

  • this was a good episode but also quite strange!

    omg this episode was so shocking at the end when they started making out! It was definetely a good twist to the storyline though. I enjoyed the episode but it freaked me out quite a bit with the mother and son making out, as well as christians face being slashed by that crazy doctor before he killed himself. It was a tense episode but this made it worth watching. It does seem to me that this second series is much more dramatic than the first, but i still love nip/tuck and find i have to watch it every week religously.
  • Think of the children

    Ava has absolutely no limits. Just when you think she's truly outshone herself, she gives you even more reason to watch Famke Janssen in awe. She's so fantastic, she made me forget that the Emmy-deprived Joely Richardson (I'm never going to let this go) didn't appear in this episode.

    Ava has superb chemistry with Christian, but I would hate for them to hook up. Christian has been damaged enough already. The scenes between Ava and the boys in the headmistress's office were great, particularly her argument with Sean. Nip/Tuck certainly has some of the most fantastic female characters you'll find on TV, and they don't come much better than Ava.

    Adrian. The kid gives me the chills what with him peeing in a soap dispenser and just the looks that he gives his co-stars. The scenes between he and John Hensley are fantastic. But that last scene just really made me jump ... has any show ever had a mother/son tongue-wrestle before? I doubt it, and Famke in that scene was just great (even if I did have to turn away).

    So in comparison, the return of Merril Bobolit seemed minor, although I'm sure it was supposed to be of major importance. Not being a Merril fan, I did find myself distracted at some parts in the plotline. I found that Merril's plot in this episode was the downfall but Julian McMahon really shone through in that last scene.
  • The return of Meril Bobolit, and a somewhat shocking scene between Ava and son Adrian...

    Easily one of my favourite guest characters from season 1, I was eagerly waiting for the return of Bobolit in this episode.

    A lot has happened since season 1. Now a shadow of his former self Meril is a cheap sleazy plastic surgeon, with a horrendous drug addiction.To an extent he's always been a "baddie", but in this episode the writers try to amplify that role. It's also because of him, that McNamara/Troy get their patient this week...

    Housemaids and servants recently had a party while their boss was out of town. Manicures, massages, and Meril. Seeing how cheap they can all experience Botox, they hire Bobolit. A few days later, and they've got the nastiest gash reaction all over their forehead. When one of the ladies comes to the surgery, the two doctors learn of who did it, and Christian looks for Meril to try and talk some sense into him.

    Together they attend a rehabilitation group, and slowly, Meril shows some signs of recovery. Things are going great however, until one of the females in the group asks Christian for his number. A girl, incidentally, Meril had set his sights on. Upset at this and the no-show from Christian at a later meeting his addiction soon gets worse than ever. Even killing someone by mistake via lyposuction isnt enough to stop him, and when Christian arrives, he wakes up to find himself died onto the bed, and Meril with a knife

    Aside from the obvious inclusion of the Carver and Escobar, I suppose Ava to an extent, baddies are something of an infrequent occurence in Nip/Tuck. Meril did however make for a good villan, moreso after knowing his past and how good he used to be in S1, seeing his life go down the drain made him easier to relate to than other baddies. Having Christian tied up however, wasnt a smart move by the writers. The scene was an exact copy of S1 when Kimber was "operating", and the whole "Christian in peril" concept just felt a little out of character, especially for a usually unstoppable, bold, confident surgeon.

    Elsewhere, this episode thankfully marks the return of both Ava and Adrian Moore. Matt and Adrian's relationship and dislike of each other is great fun to watch, and their conflict is satisfying knowing that it gets in the way of the other storyline, Matt and Ava's romance. This episode is no exception and continues on that theme for the first half of the episode. After being called to the principal's office earlier on in the week however, they agree to a truce, and shake hands. It's an unlikely uniting, but is thankfully semi-destroyed in the last scene of the episode.

    Sorry for everything he's put his mum through, Adrian gets emotional and repeatedly says sorry. They share a mother/son moment before things get far more intense, and it's not long before they're making out in true Nip/Tuck-Surreal fashion.

    We can only wait for the next episode to see the results and consequences...
  • Christan tries to help Meril with dire consequences

    Now this episoide was back to old nip/tuck style with everyone trying back-stab each other, i thought it was nice of Christian to help Meril but i never expected he would try to disfigure Christian at the end of the episoide. i almost feel so sorry for him, he had the high-life then he messed up. who predicted that he would get knock -out, despite how much i hate Christian he a smart-man, he knew that if he could convince Meril cut around his face he would collaspe. i didn't like that madam women who just decided to cut the body pieces and put it in a suitcase, that was slighly strange. when she said he need another bag, i thought yeah right as if they would do same to Christian, the writer ain't that awful.

    Mat, Eva and her son situation, that too messed up for words what wrong with that women, sleeping with ur own son, that just wrong and now he finally get why he jealous of mat, the fact that before mat they had unique-sick relationship. i should guessed she was sleeping with her son before.

    Sean, wow i like how tough he is now, i liked the way he control Mat, the fact he knew how to set boundies and make him spend time with him was a plus, i mean Mat despite how much he feel will always think of Sean as his father no matter what. for a moment i could see that working out. i'm glad to see this tougher side to him. i thought that was brillant chacter development.

    i have to admit these episoide now getting a lot better then other episoide i seen this season, i am glad cut down on the banging more story-based episoide.
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