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  • Two plastic surgeons deal with their loved ones, dysfunctional patients, and overly dramatic lives in Miami and later in .

    Family man Sean is the talent in the agency, but life and work stress him out until he explodes. Sexist Christian loves his hedonistic lifestyle and perks that come with being a doctor. Sean's wife Julia is unhappy after years of putting her amibtions off for raising her kids Matt and Annie. Every situation Matt gets himself into he makes worse. Liz, the anesthesiologist, loves working with the guys but she and Christian are always verbally sparring. And Kimber's love life leads her back and forth between any man who she thinks can take care of her. Other cast members include Grace (season 1), a psychiatrist hired to screen patients; Quentin (season 3), another plastic surgeon hired to bring in more clients; and Gina, whose affectionate nickname of "@$$#ole" for Christian doesn't keep him from loving and seeking custody of her son Wilbur.

    The surgeries depicted are gross, but realistic. The plots of the show are usually very over the top and a lot of them are very entertaining. Recurring villain and criminal kingpin Escobar is psychotic but charismatic. Ava relishes in causing controversy and rationalizing it. Mrs. Grubman and Dawn become more than just recurring patients but friends. Julia's mom Erica, a world renowned child psychiatrist, uses her own medical training to belittle all of Julia and Sean's life choices. Eden is a complete sociopath. And a serial killer nicknamed 'the Carver' targets McNamara/Troy when they are the only plastic surgeons brave enough to cross him.

    But the great things about the show eventually become the worst parts. The potential love triangle of Sean-Julia-Christian is initially intriguing, especially when revelations from the past come up. But as the show continues the pairings become more and more toxic to where they can interact but they always dredge up past mistakes. Julia just becomes more of a plot device than a character, and when she disappears from the later half of the show she isn't missed. Christian's narcissism and arrogance cause constant problems but he is oblivious to consequences since he always, eventually, gets away with everything. Kimber's entire arc over the show is about bouncing from man to man to see who will take care of her the best.

    The most frustrating character out of all of them is Matt. He is a completely worthless and useless person whose sole purpose is to cause problems. He thinks only of himself and how to keep himself out of trouble. If his parents aren't enabling him in his (bad) decisions, then he lashes out at them and acts as if they are intentionally trying to hold him back and belittle him. While this could be considered typical teenage behavior he continues it well into adulthood. Any life choice he is given, he ALWAYS chooses the wrong one. Literally, every time except one. He finally takes advantage of that one adult responsibility in season 6, but when an easier opportunity comes along he immediately takes it. And then he always expects his parents to bail him out, one will refuse, he lashes out and the dysfunctional circle continues. He ranks right up there with King Joffrey (Game of Thrones) and Delores Umbridge (Harry Potter) as characters who are very easy to hate.

    The show is a fun and sexy soap and an easy guilty pleasure. But after the Carver arc the show starts to decline and by the time they move to LA they are just rediculous caricatures who do outrageous things just because. At least by the end, everyone receives a satisfactory bit of closure and end up content with their place in the world.

  • Amazing!

    I loved this serie. It makes me realize much things in life. Its such a nice serie, so real.
  • Kimber

    I got do tired Of the whole Kimber drama, and the on and Off relationship with Christian , sean and matt. It really Ruined the show. I wished she had been killed in the carverseason.
  • Bizarre, Wonderful, Ridiculous

    It must be a good show to have all 3 adjectives describing it. Bizarre: watching plastic surgeon operations as part of the dramatic arc. Wonderful: Exploring body issues, perfection, family, sexuality, identity. Ridiculous: crime procedural that it wasn't, you'd think there would be at least some effort to create a semi-plausible investigation into the Carver incidents. There were other plot lines that were so thin they didn't stitch together: what family would hire a nanny without doing a background check from her previous employers . why didn't Sean and Julia know about Monica's previous affair with her boss?). I actually laughed watching the brother and sister Carver act as they explained what they did and why all the while soaking in the sun in Spain. If you watch the show and are from another planet, you'd think we humans are really into incest or as they say, 'Incest is So it is kind of a kinky show all things considered.
  • Started Out Promising

    I agree with most people in saying that I was sceptical about the show given that I only knew 1 or 2 of the actors that would be starring in the drama series and at least one of them wasn't a big time actress (Referring to the actress who played Julia- Ne'e Naughton). I don't know why in Hell they had her play the character of Julia who is meant to be the ultimate dream girl to both Christian and Sean. Quite ridiculous to think of her as even remotely attractive. In fact I wouldn't deem her rootable in Christians eyes at all. In saying that, they could have picked a better character who didn't resemble Michael Jackson (turned white) as Matt- the son of Sean. I guess they were doing someone a favour?

    Christian who played his character fantastically would have to be THE worst friend anyone could have. Just when you start to see a kind heart in him from season 3 onwards, he will do something completely unforgiveable in any sane persons mind, that ultimately reminds you of all the reasons why he should be hated. I was rooting for Kimber to be with Sean although it got stupid with the idea of them passing her back and forth. I at one point wanted Christian to be with Kimber after she was attacked by the Carver. In fact I was saying in my mind to Kimber to stay with Christian, that he was a changed man. How stupid was I after the way he then treated her in the next season?!

    After the death of Kimber which could have been truly a sad scene (had they made a few adjustments) I don't get how a main character that started out in season 1 commits suicide in season 6 and is abruptly forgotten about! What happened to any of the characters truly mourning?! Seeing Christian in tears after finding out had me choked up- but then he was back to his old sleazy self the next day.

    I could really go on and on about the stupid parts of the show and how ridiculous the storylines were but ill end it with this: watch it all. Maybe even just to have a laugh because once it ends, you cant help but miss the team that were Sean, Liz and Christian.
  • nice season

    nice season
  • It started as an awsome show but to be honest after the carver season Nip/Tuck has its moments its not so addicting anymore. They need to fix it.

    Ok, needs to be awsome again, more addicting like it used to be. They need a new plot something interesting that draws attention like the carver ( it gave me goose bums). Nip tuck its a good show but it has bacome one of those shows that I do not need to watch every day. It has become one of the shows that I watch because there is nothing else on. Bottom line is that is needs some fine tunning, so every week I can say that I cannot wait 'till next week to watch it. It needs to be more addicting.
  • i miss the show already

    I never seen this show until it hit Netflix I watched all 100 episodes from beginning to end in less then one week...I miss the team really I loved every minute of the show especially sean ....but kimber and Liz was my girls I want more lol

    I got super excited when I saw Nip Tuck available on NetFlix so I started with season 1 and I have been working my way down. I'm on the last episode of season 6 and let me just say the most aggravating part of this show is JOELY RICHARDSONS acting. I know she is covering her accent but come on. The nasal noises before she speaks get old. They come before every line. It's like a stuffed up nose attempt at a sigh and it sounds horrible. She does it so much it's like come on you have to know how aggravating you sound. Also have you watched her in her sex scenes where she is supposed to be turned on. Her heat of passion look like she is going in to a seizure with the convulsing and overly fake heavy breathing. It was horrible to watch. If I was making out with a woman and she acted like that I would call 911. It is over acting at it's best. She was annoying to watch on the show. If it was a make out scene between Joely and someone else I would fast forward. If you want a good example look at the scene in the episode where she had the facial surgery and she had a dream she was married to Christian. When she corners Shawn in the office and seduces him. It literally looks like she is convulsing. I loved this show but watching her made me sick!
  • Season 1-3 are worthwhile, but what happened with Season 4? Was their a writer strike???

    My review of this show would have been a lot higher if I stopped watching after Season 3's finale. But unfortunately...I'm one of those 'loyal' TV viewers who feels like once he starts something, he's going to see it through to the end. In this case...the cold, dark, absurd bitter end! But after the show pulled a Fonzi and 'jumped the shark' several times in Season 4 (and I'm not even done watching it!)...I'm ready to bail out. Thanks to this website, and what appears to be similar reviews (though one person said Season 4 was good???), unless the last few episodes of Season 4 are simply amazing...I think I'll save myself the embarrassment of sitting through another 41 hours of mindless dribble.

    I finally got burned with investing my time on a 'new' show (though it is so easy with Netflix streaming) before doing my due diligence and at least reading reviews to see how it played out through all seasons. To sum up...if you're curious and have nothing else to watch in the old Netflix instant queue, then have fun with Season 1-3...but beyond that, you have been warned!
  • The 4 first seasons where very good and quite intersting but the last seasons have been extremely disapointing. It's like what happend in prison break, the writers went out of ideas and streched the sow because it sold, but the result is horrible!!!

    The 4 first seasons where very good and quite intersting but the last seasons have been extremely disapointing. It's like what happend in prison break, the writers went out of ideas and streched the sow because it sold, but the result is horrible!!! i was a nip tuck fan but i can't watch it anymore. With all these things that happend i find it pretty apawling and i will not watch it again. Every kinky-twited-pervert-weerdo character you might think this sow has them!!! Also everyone have slept with everyone. It's such a shame what started to be a great show that is now painfully to watch
  • A show that used to be great is not just grim.

    When Nip/Tuck first premiered, I was impressed and happy for Julian McMahon, because he's such a great actor, and the show was so unique. But 6 years later, this show is just "pathetic", as Christian would say. This thing with Kimber is old, old, old, old, Just like Lana Lang being on Smallville, you want to say "Move on, already!!!!" These characters haven't advanced or matured at all in the past few years. I'm sad this is how Nip/Tuck will end, without any fireworks. The writers are desperately searching for plots and it's not working. This is a good example of how sometimes it's best to quit while you're ahead. Season four should have been the last season. R.I.P. Nip/Tuck.
  • A Bizarre Mosaic with an abundance of sex, modern issues, brotherhood, scandal, and violence

    Nip/Tuck isn't for everyone let me start by saying that I watched them all before Season 5 aired and I grew to think of it as my show but even though it certainly had its ups and downs in the end especially and may have devolved from the guilty pleasure/disturbing drama that seeped through the seemingly perfect practice of McNamara/Troy and the brotherhood of Sean and Christian and yet my reason for a high rating is a throwback to its glory days when Nip/Tuck was serious hot s*&t and everyone was talking about it. Perhaps it ran for too long but it certainly had it's moments and served an example of how far a cable network that isn't called HBO and Showtime can go. It certainly had an interesting dynamic and quite a few intriguing surgeries and sexy encounters Nip/Tuck will hopefully be a trademark of shallow troubled surgeons the likes of which Television will never see again.
  • It's a well made show, but I can't stand the intro.

    I started watching this show only because it was available on Netflix and I gotta say, it's so not what I expected it to be, I thought it was a reality show or something like that. Once I started watching I quickly realized that I can't relate to any of the characters in the show at all, but little by little I was hooked. It's been interesting so far and it's so easy to get hooked on show now that your able to just hit next on netflix. Anyway great show, would recommend it, but it's not for everyone. The only thing that bugs me is the intro, not a big fan of it, and specially because your able to go from episode to episode so quickly, it gets old really fast. Maybe netflix will add chapters eventually.
  • The time had come to sew the final stitches...

    When I first started watching Nip/Tuck, it was like no other show on television. It was definitely one of the first shows to get as risque on television. Not very many shows are able to show strong language, violent situations, and nudity, but those words at the beginning of every episode didn't attract me. It was the characters.

    Watching Sean McNamara and Christian Troy go through several different transitions over the last few years definitely was enjoyable. It always amazed me how the two stuck together for so many years. Sean with his ethical principals that sometimes had to be broken, and the sex-addict Christian that constantly put Sean down and prevented him from doing what he wanted. I mean, how did these two keep from killing each other? Christian slept with Julia, was Matt's father, Sean slept with Kimber, Christian spread the business around in the wrong ways, da da, da da, da da. I mean, so many things have happened between those two, and yet they were able to stick it out for all these years.

    I felt the show was a great success overall. While it did lag in the last chapter, I still felt it had some closure. I know many were disappointed with the results of the episode, and no major twists or turns. But that's how I wanted it. Many shows that end with a surprise just end really dumb. But the fact that this one ended just simply was alright with me. I think they'll be better off in the future, and we can only imagine what Sean, Christian, Liz, Julia, and Matt will be doing without each other around. It was a great show while it lasted, and I will own all of the seasons on DVD. Nip/Tuck sewed all of its seeds, and it was time to be set free.
  • Graphic. Dark. But a pretty good show

    Deserves a high score because it's better than MANY of today's popular shows, just because character and plot development have been relatively engaging and consistent. I remember watching the first ever episode maybe 3/4 times before actually finishing it, and when I did, I watched another. And another.

    The introduction of Ava is definitely what gets you hooked initially. Famke Janssen played an amazing villain. Acting is good. Both doctors are believable and Matt is played very well. Vanessa Redgrave as Erica also deserves an award. The biggest problem I had when I started watching this show was Julia. In the first season her scenes were painful to watch, especially when she had them emotional outbursts. She Has improved, but she's still arguably the worst actor of the lot. It's hard to care for her character at all. Even when she got shot, I was more interested in Eden.

    The period where they developed The Carver arc were especially entertaining. The organ harvesting storyline was pretty good, but fell in the shadow of The Carver. And after that, the show didn't do much for me. Moving to California took a part of the show away to be honest. Without a gripping plot, it's become yet another TV show about doctors and their messed up lives. It's good that they've decided to quit while ahead, unlike many other shows.

    Still, job well done overall
  • Interesting yet quite a "sick" show

    Now, if you want to be sickened every time you watch this series, be my guest.You never know what the two main characters will be up to, let alone how the story will go but one thing is for sure.It will probably be as low grade as their characters are. By that I mean that the depiction of these two self-effacing "doctors' or "butchers" who have no proclivity nor morals to sustain them are in a constant and complex involvement with their seemingly demented profession.
    The women on this show are no better than the main characters since they seem to lack anything that makes them above what the men seem to be.They are weak and self-deprecating, confused and artificial.
  • "Exotic Fun"

    First off I'm going to say that Sean and Christian are both hot and when they show their asses it's nice to see. Anyway the show is pure fun not meant to be taken serious at all the first episode I watched was on September 5, 2006 the episode called Cindy Plumb. After that I was hooked and can't wait until season 6 starts. The funniest episodes were the one called Allegra Calderello where this dude has sex with furniture and also the episode called Lulu Grandiron where the woman wants to look like a cat both were really funny and there are moments in the show where it's funny and I like that so Peace Out
  • Deep Analisis By Dra. K

    Om Nip/Tuck its an awsome Tv show now lets analize season per season ok?
    Season 01: The first, the beginning i have to say that, beyond every patient story, this season was "standart" like good stories but nothing personal so its a 9.5
    Season 02: Here we have two amazing NEW things that gave the show more power
    -Ava (One of the best antagonist ever!)
    -The Carver (The story begins...)
    This season gets a 10 because, beyong simple patients stories, here we explore the lives of McNamara and Troy in a new way with lies, secrets and betrayals a perfect 10!
    Season 03: Ok this season its good but, for me, we have a pro and a con
    Pro: The Carver story is develop better
    Cons: The nazi-girlfriend thing i dont like it much but ok
    The Carver reaches to make Sean and Christian suffer, we see divorce and a lot of new stuffs that start forming every character future good season... but not good as the first two 8.5
    Season 04: Without Ava and The Carver now the plot is change by an organ harvaster ring that, personally, i like but not too much so, without a strong antagonist the show is still good but its loosing its sense of darkness... good but again not a the level of the first two seasons 8.5
    Season 05-Part 1: Here i think the creators like ruin the show, still good, but they change the dark theme for lights, camera, action... not bad but like the show looses its dark thing (The Carver iven the harvester ring thing... or Ava's incenst get the point?) still good... 8
    Season 05-Part II: This i think is the worst, still good, season why? SImple Chirstian fighting cancer? Liz getting straight? I knew all the way that Christian cancer will not kill him so i knew what is going to happend you know why? Season 04 mistake Know why? In the episode "Connor McNamara, 2026" creators can say what they want that it was just a dream Sean imagine but they cant fool me think in that "dream" Matt change and reachs to be a plastic surgery and, if you check well, on Season 05 Matt start med school and... as Christian is alive in that "dream" (old Christian) it was obvious that he will surpases the cancer so that episode really ruin the MAGIC of the Tv show (in my opinion)

    So, bottom line, the show is still good im gonna see the Sixth, and final, Season but really its not the show it was before Season 01 and 02 the bests all the way

    By the way the song of the intro "A Perfect Lie" (i say it right?) is the best its addictive i cant stop hearing it jaja
  • Great watchable show

    This show is definitely watchable. It is funny, amusing, dramatic, and sometimes scary. People love this show and become addicted just like me or hate it from the first minute.

    The storyline and plot is well written also the characters are well developed. With the talented actors and actresses also the acting is great in the show.

    For me all the seasons are good but my favorite seasons are 1,2 and 3. And my favorite actor is Julian of course. He is great in the show both acting and outer look. I can't wait for new season and more action and more patients.
  • Dramatic and shocking is an understatement

    If you've seen Nip/Tuck you don't need me to tell you it's worth watching just for what happens. It also offers great acting and people you love to hate or just love period. No matter how shocking it gets, it is believable thanks to the great characters. Two plastic surgeons struggle with their lives and others while they operate on the usually demented or physically troubled, but always very interesting people. Very entertaining show, but nearing it's end. Watch it while you can because if you wait any longer it's going to be an expensive DVD box set to pay for.
  • An awesome show that keeps you wanting more!

    I mainly got into this show because Julian McMahon was the lead. But as I watched it, it became much more than that. Now I watch it for everyone, not just Julian. (Although he is a big reason) This show is smart, dramatic, funny, and even dark and serious at times. It's a perfect blend of genres that make it such a beautiful show to watch. The characters are great and easy to watch, and not 2-D. They have wonderful depth and personalities, and can make you sypathize with. But all the actors are amazing and have such talent. This show is made of win.
  • What is wrong with this show? It is absurd, ridiculous, boring, unoriginal, lame...just disappointing. They should just stop producing it. Really. It has nothing of what it used to be in Seasons 1 to 3. A complete embarrassment.

    I am a big Nip/Tuck fan but unfortunately this show is going downhill fast. It is boring, unimaginative, supremely absurd, ridiculously lame. The characters have been reduced to nothing but two dimensional caricatures and their struggles are as meaningful as the story lines. The show has gone from smart and original to plain stupid and tedious. The story has practically zero coherency and there is next to no continuity or self awareness in the characters, except for some vague, skeletal connection they all have to their past (i.e. same name etc). If the characters hadnt kept their names and werent being played by the same actors, I wouldnt know that this is the same show I watched years ago. It's just pathetic. Christian's character has not grown as the writers would like us believe, he has merely turned into a pathetic, whiny little sap without any plausible explanation in the plot as to why. It seems like the writers just ran out of things to do with Christian, and so decided to have him be a complete embarrassment. He doesn't have an ounce of the zest and eagerness he had before and we don't even know why. Sean is not even remotely the same person he used to be. And it's not that he grew or changed, it is as if they had just made up a new character. Julia has completely disappeared after having turned lesbian (out of the blue). The writers are so pathetic and have ran out of stories so they have Christian have sex with Liz (a stern lesbian who would NEVER have sold out to Christian's advances). And what's up with the biker chick who is supposed to be daring? She is not only miscasted but her character, just like any character, is just not very believable. This show used to be daring, spellbinding, intriguing, intelligent and edgy. Now it is just an embarrassment and I really hope they stop producing it.
  • The video from the show "Yo Stank" sums up this episode quite appropriately...basically, it stunk.

    I haven't missed an episode of Nip Tuck in years, but this week's offering was enough to make me question that dedication. Right off the bat, the opening scenes with "Coco" was so bad that I almost turned it off. Jennifer is a great comedic actress and she did a good job, but whoever wrote that dialogue should be canned. Funny is one thing, but ridiculous? I can do without that.

    The relationship between Christian and Liz is intriguing, but again, his script left me wondering if the real writers had taken a week off. I know that he has an enormous ego and he loves to show it off, but it seems that this week was nothing more than one jab after another about his sexual prowess. Enough already. And his attitude during the cancer survivor's meeting was nothing but deplorable. Yeah...we get it...he's a jerk, but I doubt that even Dr. Troy would have been so cold hearted and unsympathetic in such a situation.

    Then there's Roxy...Come on! Going into the lobby of the office and cutting your own breast off with an electronic carving knife? How disgusting was that scene? Again...I know and understand that she was desperate and wanted to get Christian's attention, but was the gore of it all necessary? Couldn't the result have been manifest without showing the actual act? It was shocking just for the sake of being shocking...IMHO, just an attempt to have people say that the show is staying on the "cutting edge" (no pun intended) by doing things that haven't been done before. It's one thing to be an adult show because of the language and at times a gratuitous butt or boob shot, but to result to blood and gore is taking it to another low level. And lastly, the return of Eden. Again, the writing for this part was horrible! Her lines were pathetic! It's no wonder the actress' delivery was so bad...her lines were crap! I've seen better acting on daytime latino soaps!

    Next week, the show has 5-10 minutes max to prove to me that this week was a fluke. Otherwsie, the channel will be changed promptly. Sad...this show was fun to watch not too long ago. It had just a little dose of reality but didn't go over the top like this episode did.
  • Is it just me or is this just droning on?

    Nip Tuck is really one of my favorite shows, and maybe I was let down because of the high hopes I had waiting for S5:P2 to broadcast.. We are now a few episodes in and, well.. its gotten boring. Much like what was it, season 3.. where everything calms down and theres that strange ending which was apparently mcnameras dream. I dunno. Im extremely disapointed with part 2 of this though. Where is Annie? Where is Sean and Julias son? And what on earth happened to Eden?! And please did I really miss something cause where I left off, Kimber wasnot going to let ANYONE see the baby... now shes just randomly showing up at Christians house?? Wheres the porn guy? Im so lost :(
  • Pointless.

    Disgusting and pointless, Nip/Tuck, must be made for moronic urbanites with the classic 'cattle' mentality. It completely lacks an interesting plot, compelling characters, and promotes total immorality. As a witch from the 'bible belt' this is really saying something as my views on 'morality' are both quite modern and pre-christian at the same time. Overall, this show glamorizes some of the worst parts of our current society's views on life, our bodies, and our inherent obsessive behaviors. Give me a break and put something I can watch with my family on. If it has to be alternative stuff to bring in viewers, so much the better, because we like that. This show is even worse than reality tv.
  • An exciting drama that could come close to the genre of thriller.

    This was possibly the first show I fell in love with. It has everything, sex, violence, jealousy, romance, drugs, etc. All of those qualities combined with two highly skilled plastic surgeons and their exploits coming into one program was bound to make a splash. This show is absolutely fantastic. Its definitely not meant for those below the age of 18 but mature audiences will find it to quickly become one of their favorites after just a taste. With many famous stars such as Joan Rivers, and Rosie O'Donnell (not two of my favorites) making cameo's it attracts other members of the audience who are fans of the stars.
  • This is one of my favorite shows on, but it really makes me mad that they always seem to be on break and the breaks last so long.

    When this show came out there wasn't anything like it on tv. I was the most graphic by far on network television. Now many shows are following in its footsteps. I love the acting they play the perfect roles. I love the storylines they are complex and make my keep watching. It like many shows goes up and down in hoe interesting it is, but it never loses me as a view. I get together will all my girlfriends and a bottle of wine every week to watch this show, and they love it as much as I do. It is one of the only shows that both my guy friends and my girl friends can watch together.
  • this show is much more brilliant that what every body thinks

    i know that season 1 and 2 are the best season on this show, but seasons 3, 4, and 5 are as good as them. the best thing about Nip/Tuck is the character development, that avery episode progress a little more, if you come to think on what they started being and to what they ended up doing, it´s not ridicules and unbelieveble as it seems to be, all the personalities are driven through a same constant line that although they change they remain the same escence.
    all characters thet play the guest stars are brilliantly chosen, and their acting is excelent.
    dont stop whatching this show i highly recomend it.
  • I cant Wait for the next season on January!

    I cant really say that i am a big fan of nip/tuck but i really like this show it is one of my top five shows of all i like that the show is very dramatic and that it is somthing new on there every episode like the last episode of the season, that ended a few months ago how you did not see what is coming and the characters are all good and evry thing, I think that there needs to be more like mystery to it and have some on should die but not a main person but like kinda a big person to give it some drama.
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