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  • Absolutetly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First time I saw this show it apear very interesting now keeps on getting better. I hope they keep it up. I think all the main characters work very well together they complement each others role in the show. I love how handsome those two are. Nip Tuck is and will be my favorite show ever!!!! will buy all seasons when they come out all together.
  • Plastic suregons in absurd situations... The coolest thing since a car...

    I love this show. It keeps on surprising me and blowing my mind away. The characters and the plot are just amazing, and how about that great acting?! The characters really drive this show. I mean it puts them in sbsurd situations and still strives to do more. I love the way this show illustrates the emotion...plain and simple...a must watch show.
  • All I have to say is this attitude thing with Matt is getting really annoying. He needs to go to boot camp and grow up or something. His attitude is getting old and don't care to watch the show because it is the same crap with him.

    I think it is a good show just things are being stretched out to much. Like Matts attitude, fire the other doctor working with Christian. Kimber wanting to get married to Christian and then leaving him at the church. Another thing where is Matt's sister. Show needs a little bit of an upgrade.
  • love it can't get thru week with out seeing the sexy Dr Troy!!

    very disturbing and usually gruessome but fantastically written and something different to the usual mind numbing drudge thats on tv! what really makes it is the sexy charachters love em or hate them it is an exteemely sexy show and with so many twists and turns there is no point in even trying to second guess the plot which is just the way i like it. Bring it on Dr Troy!!!
  • Generally critical of cosmetically motivated surgery, Nip/Tuck is pretty good entertainment but never groundbreaking.

    Nip/Tuck may seem to be a superficial show about a topic that is the essence of shallowness - plastic surgery - this is really not a show that glorifies or glamourizes its topic.

    It understands how to portray a superficial world through a very human lead character - Dr. McNamara - whose humanity, family life and ethical questions serve as a counterweight to the superficial world of plastic surgery.

    While the show certainly has its shares of bimbos carrying sets of beautifully placed plastic bags, this is only natural for a show about this topic and it is used well to portray the world.

    As the show progressed from season 1 into 2, more criminal drama appeared, as well as some bizarre subplots. Some add more to the plot than others, but the show as a whole has many interesting angles.

    If you can avoid screaming "pornography" at the first sign of fake tits and will just give the show a chance, it will entertain you.
  • Ok who would have imagined that a show that praised the world of plastic surgery would be so addictive?

    Plastic surgery is a real part of our society. We see dozens of shows documenting people before and after. We see children begging their parents to let them have plastic surgery because they are unhappy with their noses or chins or breasts. They have not even become the people they will be as adults and are already trying to alter their appearances.

    Nip/Tuck is a very scary show. People from all walks of life allow the negative images that pervade the media to govern their self image and lifestyles. Where does McNamara Troy draw the line? When will their moral compasses give them some real direction?

    Yet I find myself up late every Tuesday night watching the second showing of the latest episode. [The first runs the same time as Law & Order: SVU!] It is a family affair. I am drawn to the characters. What new turn will the relationship Sean and Christian take? How bizarre will love triangles be this week? As soon as I think Christian is questioning his moral fabric, he surprises me by being that same old SOB we both love and hate.

    The Carver twist is brilliant! I cannot wait to see who the Carver really is! I think it is Quentin but he seems like the obvious choice. Most clues seem to lead to him. [He is bi-sexual (Christian was raped by the Carver). He is starting to have real problems with the other partners as of the face transplant. He is a drug abuser. He is now after Julia who is the trophy for this trio of surgeons.] But most of those same clues make Matt a suspect.

    I never know what to expect from Nip/Tuck. It is the lack of expectations that keep my family coming back for more each week. No matter what my personal feelings are about plastic surgery this show is intriguing and gripping.
  • A disturbingly perfect drama.

    Take two doctors, one, a family fan with marriage problems, the other, a sex-aholic who strives for perfection. Put them in Miami Florida, a place of drug lord head honchos, serial rapists, rival doctors and the occasional celebrity. Throw in some additional supporting characters, a pornstar, a downtrodden housewife, a detective or two and you've just about got Nip/Tuck.

    A disturbingly perfect drama, the show continues to shock and please simultaneously, outrageous, off the wall and oh so satisfying, such words and phrases come to mind when trying to discuss Nip/Tuck. Sex scenes, knife attacks, regular violence, drug use and then some, Nip/Tuck clearly brings out the worst in TV and every week shows you scenarios you'd never think of seeing on TV.

    Not all out to shock though, Nip/Tuck also handles certain subjects a little more delicately. Cancer death, abortions, parenting and family issues, this is a programme that has it all and shows all, a multi-talented show that almost seems like it can do no wrong, a show that forever gets bigger and better.

    Nip/Tuck is impressive, easily one of my all-time favourite programes, and undoubtedly, the show that comes to mind when using the word drama.
  • Does anyone know what version of the song "Tremble" by Marc Et Claude was in Tuesday's episode??? Help!! Just post.

    If you know the version please let me know!! This is a great song!!! I have been looking and looking for this version. Nothings been released from the Nip/Tuck website, so if you know, let me know. Sorry trying to fill in 50 words. Tuesday's episode 11/15/05. Season three!! thanks If you know the version please let me know!! This is a great song!!! I have been looking and looking for this version. Nothings been released from the Nip/Tuck website, so if you know, let me know. Sorry trying to fill in 50 words. Tuesday's episode 11/15/05. Season three!! thanks b
  • Sick...Why the hell do they cut other peoples faces off.

    This is one weird show i mean it. All it is about is: These guys who cut peoples faces off then stick some other shit on them for money, and then these guys need to have sex with everything. it is one mest up show.
    And who thessasas qasas
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  • Nip\Tuck can be a very disturbing drama. The show focuses on two plastic surgeons who run the business. It is way ahead of its time because of the amount of material that is shown. No other show or network would show it.

    Nip/Tuck is definitely not a family show, but it presents itself as good adult TV show. The two surgeons are Sean McNamara and Christian Troy who live two totally different lives. Sean is a family man yet having problems at home with a great career while Christian is a shady type guy who craves for sex and love of money; yet, they are good friends working together in a very competitive market of plastic surgery in south Florida. Sean is almost the model citizen whereas Christian is the bad ass guy. The show has good plots and even subplots with plenty of twists involved. At times, it can be predictable in certain circumstances, but overall, it is a good show in its disturbing affect.
  • I think this show is awesome and I recommend it to everyone to watch! It is entertaing and exciting to watch! I love the fact that Cole from Chramed is Christian on this tv series that is Julian McMahon. I sure wouldn\'t mind having him as my Doctor any d

    I think this show is a very exciting tv show that just gets better and betetr each new season adn it dosen\'t hurt having former Cole from Charmed Julian McMahon who plays Christian Troy he such a hot very handsome good looking man! He adds apice to the show. I love watching this show I haven\'t missed an episode it has me at the edge of my seat wondering what might happen next. WHo is the Carver? That I would really like to find out! This is defenently a cutting edge movie that is so intriguing to watch! Awesome Show!
  • This season of nip tuck is going to be wild. I still can't believe that they actually thought christian could be the carver. And now he is with that new doctor and no sean. I think that they new doctor is the carver he just doesnt seem right to me.

    This season of nip tuck is going to be wild. I still can't believe that they actually thought christian could be the carver. And now he is with that new doctor and no sean. It's just so crazy. I think that the carver is that new doctor. This season is just so crazy i would have never thought of christian proposing to kimber. Best show ever.
  • How HOT & SEXY is THIS show, huh?!?!??!?!

    How HOT & SEXY is THIS show, huh?!?!??!?! I'm not a huge fan of cosmetic surgery, but am fascinated about the procedures themselves. I happened to click by and stop, with no intention of even getting hooked, but it happened. I LOVE this show. LOVE IT. It is well-scripted, the cast is superb, the storylines and plots just suck you in and... I can't get enough. I became a fan at the end of the last season, then got to watch them all before this season started, so... I'm all caught up and ready for more, More, MORE!
  • This has become an addiction.

    This show has so many twists each week....It has become a major addiction for me. It has brought me to the edge of my couch many times. I love the way the cast is put together and how the show just pushes the limits of network television. It touches on some very strong taboo issues that make for great story lines. I just think this show is fabulous......
  • I couldn't believe that last season the cliffhanger was going to be Christians life....and then it seemed forever for the season to finally get here to find out what was going to be

    I am truly a devout Nip/Tuck fan. When I first started watching the show, I was truly intrigued with their graphic showings & their behavior. Though the longer I watched, the more I loved the show. Who couldn't love Christian? He's the man that every woman wants to hate, but can't help but fall in love with his aggrogant, charming ways. I do feel that this season, has went way out with the questioning of Christian being the slayer, Shaun leaving McNamara, & not knowing whats the next step of Julia and the gals at DelMara.Regardless though, I am sure unless some something so terrible to happen, I will be watching till the season end.
  • Change the channel sometimes.

    I do have to change the channel when they start cutting into the patients but a good show none the less.
    This show does not get as much appreciations as other shows..i guess because it is on fx. I don't know what happened to Matt tho...because i missed a couple of episodes.
  • Very detailed show about plastic surgery, sex and gorgeous men & women

    This is one of the best shows on tv right now. Well, at least in my opinion. It has all the guilty pleasures anyone who ask for on tv! Gorgeous men, beautiful women, sex scenes that leave nothing to the imagination!!!!!!! And for anyone who ever wanted plastic surgery this show gives a great idea of what to expect. I would recommend this show to anyone.
  • the last 30 seconds ALMOST bailed out the first 59 minutes

    "Granville Trapp" was possibly the worst episode EVER. they must have brought in a team of new writers for this debacle. the idea of christian as the carver was totally implausable. the scenario where they reconstructed how it could have been him just made no sense. it was pure \"filler\". the scene where they brought his mother into the police station was embarassingly bad and poorly acted by his added absolutley nothing to the show, except that it consumed a few precious minutes of tv time. even near the end of the show when christian returned to the office and sean approached him to apologize for doubting him, seemed contrived and silly. nothing could shake their mutual love and respect for one another...certainly not some far fetched accusation about christian being the carver. (dr. costa is the carver).

    in any case, the last scene was so wonderfully done that it compensated for the many shortcomings of the rest of the show.
  • This show follows a 2 plastic surgeons through out their lives and careers.

    Nip/Tuck is a facinating show. It has tons of drama and suspence. A lot of sex, and I mean a lot. The characters have very intriguing relationships with each other, and they all have their secrets. Although the operation scenes can be kind of gruesome, it doesn't bother me at all. And the whole "Carver" mystery is keeping us all on the edge of our seats.
  • Shocking in the very best way.

    A show that goes where no show has gone before....or something like that. Nip/Tuck pulls no punches, and allows us to visit the bare naked truth about its charactures and story lines. It touches on subject matter not commonly delt with on television, and attacks it unabashedly. It's a refreshing and stimulating show which never disappoints in its ability to keep you returning week after week to see what could possibly be coming next.
  • Very sexy show if you ask me, to much sex escapades. I watch some of the episodes, Christian should take an std test if he have an std, because he have sex with alot of girls in this show. I don't really like this show,b/c to much drama in mind.

    I dislike this show, because it tells on how sex can be a great way to tell the dramma in the act. To many secrets in this show, Julia and Sean should have told matt about the real father. There is to many hatred, and Christian should stop his sex escapades. It's just like Csi, but csi don't have sex in it, just its archives. It should be on haiades.
  • You will get hooked on this show, trust me.

    I have been watching this show since its pilot. I have never been so addicted to a drama. You will fall in love with this show no matter who you are. It is about two 40 year old plastic surgeons in Miami who bring in about 750 grand a year. One has a lovley wife and kids and has been married for 17 years. The other is single and sleeps with hundereds of young beautiful women including his own patients. May sound like its the life but it is really filled with anger, lies, and sadness making this show the perfect drama. The more you watch the show the more you get hooked, trust me I didnt even think was going to be that big of a deal but after the first 2 episodes I was hooked. This show has more plot twists than a daytime soap. They also have very revealing surgery which I enjoy. I also would recommend to any fan buying the season 1 and 2 box sets, they have tons of deleted scenes. Season 2 is personally my favorite because of being a Famke Janssen fanatic. Season 3 is currently showing but I recommend you either rent or purhase the first 2 seasons to catch up on it. Anyway just watch this show unless you have a weak stomach.
  • Nip/Tuck followes the relationship and lives of Sean McNamara and Christian Troy.

    Nip/Tuck is one best show out there, followed by Rescue Me. If movies were as good as Nip/Tuck I would most likely go out to the movies more often. The show goes to places where no one else in television goes to. Its a dark and good show that everyone should watch, but might not go well with there stomach.
  • Dotors working in plastic surgery. Plus some sex and violence.

    Definitely for mature audiences, but if you think you can hadle it, go ahead. ;) The biggest guilty pleasure in Nip/Tuck is the sex, for sure, and with characters like Kimber Henry and Julia, it's no wonder why. Sometimes I watch just because of the sex, but sometimes, I actually can enjoy it otherwise, but very rarely.
  • FX has the best shows. Nip/Tuck, The Sheild, Over There, Rescue Me.

    Hello my name is derricott_3030 and I just want to say that I love the show. I am always on the edge of my seat, and cannot wait for next Tuesday. To the writers and producers of the show you guys do a wonderful job with the story line. I hope that you all continue to keep up the good work I love watching Nip/tuck. I love the actors in the show I can’t wait to find out who is the Carver. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've only watched a few episodes...

    BUt I love it! The actors are so great! It is a neat story line...Although I am not necessarily a fan of people getting cut open. It kind of freaks me out...I dont think I could ever be a surgeon, ever! I think it has a neat idea and plot and it is very easy to get addicted to!
  • Nip Tuck touches on a different type of relationship, the field of plastic of plastic surgery, a realistic look at beauty not being skin deep.

    This show is a classic with a uniqueness to it that touches on fashion without clothing,repairs with pain, and the perfection of perfection. The mixed up kid with a solid home upbringing and too many parents. The mother who wished she could go back in time and change a few things. The handsome playboy who is indeed lonesome and looking for something he cannot find but is being destructive in the process. And last but not least the laid back family man who is always one step to late whether it be his happines or someone else's. Top of the line plots a classic because like the scene on Dallas when someone died but they were only dreaming. Remember?
  • Wow..what a show

    Since we're living in the 21st century, I guess anything goes on television these days. The reruns over and over again caught me up to speed with this show and now I try not to miss it. Very funny, very sexy, very messy show. I love it so so much.
  • Nip/Tuck - Plastic Surgery Tales

    Nip/Tuck is sexy and edgy. The content is adult. Which really means it shows a lot of skin. The cast is hot. Which makes it a treat to see Julian McMahon's butt. The plastic surgery business must have got a boost from this show for sure. It's like a soap opera.
  • This is a show about two friends in the plastic surgery business. Add in scandal, sex, and drugs and you've got one of the most 'interesting' shows on tv.

    I've stopped watching Nip/Tuck because it has just gotten a little out of hand to me. I watched the first and the second season and appreciated that this show wants to go beyond what any show has gone before, but I just don't realate to it any more. All of this being said, I still think that Nip/Tuck was good when it began.
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