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  • Really pushed envelope from beggining. Was the carver storyline just a way to cleverly write off lead character if they couldn't come to financial agreement? I think long lay off has hurt season 3 hope everyone rents or buys

    Really pushed envelope from beggining.
    I think long lay off has hurt season 3 hope everyone rents or buys season 1 before judges show.

    2nd season, really out there, dark and lots of bare butts. wasn't sure i really wanted to watch 3rd season.

    3rd season did not start off as well past season's premiere's. Maybe the Carver storyline wasn't best idea, perhaps only there because they feared would have to write off a lead character.
  • Nip/tuck a "cutting" edge drama about the life and many many escapades about two very different plastic surgeons that run a plastic surgery shop, between the sex, lies, and secrets, you never know what these two will get into next. If you want to watch re

    Nip/tuck is by far one of the greatest shows on tv, and in tv history. this show is willing to push the envelope, and do so much more than that. every other show can use this one's formula, it would make tv a little less predictable. Take a controversial issue, throw in some good looking actors, who can act, some harsh-yet true- language, with a dash of sex, and what a show you have. I don't know if I can even capture how good Nip/Tuck is. Trust me if you watch the show, any one of the episodes, you'll be instantly hooked. So do yourself a favor and watch some good tv for a change.
  • This was a terrific show-best of the year so far!

    The main theme-threesomes that do not work has been alluded to in another review. BTW, did anyone catch the three students names? Derek, Alex & Gary! The writer is clearly a yanks fan (or maybe not!)Derek (jeter), Alex (rodriguez), & Gary (sheffield) are 3 players who all want to be the star of their team. Perhaps the writer was also trying to make mention that this yanks team will be undone by their \"threesome\"? Notice how the frat kids wind up? I suggest the yanks will wind up the same way!
    I also suggest the 3 doctors will clearly not be a good threesome/team, and also suggest Costa as the Carver! Who else?
  • I love this show and cant wait for every episode to come on week after week!

    Show always keeps you on your toes and keeps you wanting more. just cant get enough of it! i have the complete 1st and 2nd season on dvd!!! this show will become one of the best out if it isnt already! i wonder what will happen next? keeps getting more interesting every show!!!
  • Stable Decline in entertainment

    I love the show. I have seen it at its peak and its valleys. All I have to say is more justified sex and less bull from the UGLY son that looks like Michael Jackson. Its still shocking and entertaining but I would really like to have the excitement of the first 3 episodes back.
  • Nip/Tuck, regardless of whatever weird situation, keeps a strangely engaging greatness.

    You have to appreciate a certain strange quality that Nip/Tuck offers. It doesn't provide safety for it's characters, which so many other shows do, the unflinching fact that "Oh, everything will work out in the end", and that quality alone makes the show great. Every show offers depth into their characters lives, but they don't even begin to touch that of Nip/Tuck. Each episode reveals a secret about someone that is definitely unsettling. It is one of FX's frontline shows, along with The Shield and Rescue Me, that offers an HBO level of entertainment for a cable entertainment price. So if you haven't checked out Nip/Tuck yet, I strongly suggest you do.
  • If my friend didnt keep talking about it I wouldnt have bothered.

    I'm not sure what I was thinking by actually watching the second show. The premiere was not what I expected but it was a little sentimental with the lady on the couch. I guess they were going for that effect. The threesome wasnt the worst thing, I think when shows have a lot of so called mature activities they have to keep going to more distressing subjects. The second show last night to me was distressing. I am so tired of people harping on the idea that we have a choice to be male or female. In 99percent of the population you are born one or another. You do not choose. Our society is full of people pushing that agenda and I don't need to see it in my so called entertainment hours. Enough said.
  • Hi everybody, my name is Veronica and i am completely addicted to this fantastic show Nip/Tuck. So for anyone who loves Nip/Tuck as much as myself, feel free to read my review below.

    Ok let's start the review shall we. As you all know, I'm Veronica and i am Nip/Tucks Number 1. fan. I began watching the show two years ago when it aired on channel 9 and i tuned in for Julian McMahon. I instantly fell in love with the shows brilliance, boldness, and characters. I became a fanatic and watched every week. Some months ago i purchased the Season 1 DVDs and Season 2 DVDs and i watch them daily. In short the characters are so relatable, the show is addictive and leaves your heart stopping and wanting more every episode.
  • A stunning series!

    A stunning series! You would have to be a robot not to get engrossed in this series. Characterization is so strong you feel you know each one. Surgery scenes are so realistic! You escape into their world with each episode. Excellent acting. Christian Troy exudes sex appeal. The disparity in his and Sean's personality are the balance beam of the series.
    New season premiere not too believable.

    Helen Harrison, Moraga
  • Christian Troy.

    I watch this show for Julian McMahon. I'm a Charmed fan, and I think I sought out the show because he's a good actor. *wink*

    SO I almost flipped while watching the first episode of Series 3 in the first few minutes. I was like, "oh my Gosh No!, This cannot be!"

    But besides Christian, the show has some really interesting plots and features.

    Liz is great for comedy effect, yet serious when need be.
    Sean we share your burdens.
    That whole Ava thing was very complexed.
    And they're really graphic with the operating scenes aren't they?
    I think Julia's mom is a great addition to the cast/ guest appearance.
    Christian blah blah Christian, Blah! Christian seems to carry the entire 'sex part' of the show, very well I might add.

    What else is there? If I think of anything I'll add it later..
    Christian Troy..
  • I have tried to watch this show a few times, but the minute I start actually liking it, it turns into a sexual joke. Nothing hot about the sex, just plain laughable.

    I liked most of the premier, but when it got to the detective pulling up her skirt to reveal her stockings, I started laughing and did not stop after Kimmy hopped into bed with them! I have no problem with people being sexual, but this had to be written by a 15 year old boy hooked on Penhouse Forum. Come on! I guess it is every man's dream to have two beautiful women in designer undies going at it and then including him, but how stupid can it get? Consulting to see if it okay with both ladies? Nope. Ripping clothes off and two chicks mashing? Yep, written by a male who wants blow-up dolls and not real women.

    Have fight with partner? Hire hooker and have menage toi. Like one girl who likes another girl? Have menage toi. Find out you don't have Aids? Have menage toi. Trying to recover from being sexually assaulted? Have menage toi.

    Not a prude, but this show is one that I will be passing on unless it can actually tell a story without having to revert to it's old stand-by, the menage toi. They have actually been able to make it an overused devise that is a yawn, if not downright funny. I know it is supposed to have some humor to the show, but I think I am laughing when they are expecting me to be breathing heavily. Gee, thinking about it has started me giggling again...........
  • Really good show.

    I just started watching this tvshow because my mom watches it and I am starting to like it. I havent seen the season 3 premiere yet but I know I will be on Friday September 23. I think that this show is really good and I like it alot. Niptuck.
  • The one soap opera a man can watch without feeling girly.

    Off-beat and quirky, slight dark comedy elements (a la Six Feet Deep) Nip/Tuck retains many of the elements of a traditional soap opera, but it's actually Good. It's got some of the stuff that men like, and a main character most men want to BE. The same is true for women so it's perfect to watch with the young ladies.

    The acting is top notch, and the chemistry between the leading protagonists is great as well (although nobody can seriously believe Matt is meant to be 16.) Some of the plots are ridiculous but they do keep you guessing! The opener for the third series did not disappoint although I'd suggest a new viewer start from the beginning. It's addictive viewing, and I make sure I catch it every week.
  • AWSOME!!!

    Just when you thought you have seen it all... Christian's nose job (2nd season) freaked the hell out of me.... but i think my favorite episode was first season last episode when they changed the drug dealers face change to another who was wanted by the FBI.... you have got to watch Nip/Tuck
  • A world where everything is up and down, people are together and people are not. All the way up to trying new things and expeirencing live in the eyes of two complete opposite men who make it though thier lives in the same trade and make it work.

    This show catches me by surprise every time I watch it. From ladies who want it all and have nothing to the ones who have it all and want more. It brings every gender together in ways that I could never have imagined. The life of Sean who is a good man who only wants what is right and feels that he has to do great things no matter what the cost is. Then there is Christian who does everything that it is just as great because his confidence in himself with a bit of a boy who just wants to be held. Everytime I watch the show it puts me through all the emotions that I feel like I know these fictional charecters so well. I feel what they are feeling. At the end of the night I have to remond myself that they are just fictional charecters and that they are nothing like this in real life. A show that can make you want nothing more to see what will happen next and keep you hanging on a thread till the next show and the amazing actors only shows that this show will be on for quite sometime.
  • Wonderful Show! Can't wait for the next season to start tommorrow!

    One of my favorite shows of all time. The story line is catching and the actors are good enough to make you believe even the most unbelievable . It is a sinful show, but it's hard not to get caught up in, plus everyone needs a little sin in their lives! Me and my husband enjoy it so much I have to tape every episode while he is away.
  • Nip/Tuck is just as smarmy, narcissistic, elitist and pompous as Christian Troy himself...and one the television's top guilty pleasures. Disturbing, sexy, graphic, fabulously entertaining and sometimes completely insane, Nip/Tuck made us stand up and take

    ...uh, I mean take notice of a formerly obscure little network called FX. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) are two plastic surgeouns and longtime friends running a partnership in Miami. Sean is a weak-willed married man who plunges himself into his work to avoid his dysfunctional family life, which includes his spiteful wife Julia and rebellious teenage son Matt. Christian is the exact opposite - slick, charming, unethical, promiscuous and quite possibly pure evil. After a lab accident in outer space, Christian is hideously disfigured. Sean offers to perform plastic surgery on him, but Christian refuses, instead transforming himself into the malevolent Dr. Victor Von Doom...

  • This is the story of two cosmetic surgons who have high ambitions of making a living off of people's vanity. For Sean & Christian it seemed like a simple job, but the people the business draws turns their lives into daily drama, mystery, and adventure.

    This shows just oozes drama and intrigue. There has not been a shocking and eye riveting show this good in a long while. This show goes into detail showing everything, the good, the bad, the ugly, all of our human frailities. The true drama, who needs reality tv?, I sure don't. This show takes even the sex issues we have and blows sex in the city out of the water, H Bomb style. The show captures great detail coinsided with great acting, writing, ambience, beautiful women, drama, action, and of course all on the Florida coast. All I have to say is Sweet!Keep of the good work FX channel!
  • i love christian on the show he is soooo great!!!!!

    hi nip/tuck!!! i love this programme, it is the best programme ive been watching!! me and my mum always watch it and we dont miss one episode! i so totally love christian in it, he is sooooo gorgeous he is the best!!i cant wait untill the series comes back out, the carver episodes were the best, but now im worried because the last episode it looked like the caver killed christian, he better not of done!!The carver well scared me, but all them episodes are sooooooooooo.... entertaining, i love nip/tuck. please julian mcmahon send me an eamil me and my mum are your best fans ever i promise we love u!well cyas later cant wait till the series of nip/tuck cum back!xxxxxxxxx
  • A series that has something for everyone.

    It is always surprising to me how Nip/Tuck doesn't get the recognition it deserves. It is a high quality show in all aspects from writing, performance, costume and sets and post-production.

    It is a series that can't quite be shoved into one category or genre. It isn't just a medical show or just a drama. It isn't just for young or for older audiences either as it caters for both groups and across both genders. This is seen in the show's focus not just on the two male leads but also on Julia and the other women in their lives and the younger characters such as Matt and Annie.

    It has all the pace, realism and graphic medical scenes as 'ER' but does it get the same amount of recognition? When there is no surgery it takes a more human focus. From the issues of those wanting to change the aspects 'that they don't like about themselves' to Sean and Julia's marital problems or Christian's sex life. However the issues don't stop there, it looks at male friendships and relationships between father and son/male and female, morality and vanity. It has also dealt with issues such as HIV, female circumcision, breast cancer, homosexuality and domestic violence.

    Lacing together all of these aspects are consistently great performances from all of the cast, witty and intelligent dialogue, pacy editing with beaty and appropriate soundtracks. How fitting was it that Johnny Cash's song 'A man called Sue' played over the surgery of a man receiving breast implants?

    Its also a highly entertaining and exciting series. The Carver storyline was unexpected and suspenseful. The episode where he appeared while Sean was in the shower was something Wes Craven would be proud of. The Carver plays on our knowledge of 'Scream' and 'Halloween' and uses it to make us jump out of our skins at the cold and calculating slasher that deforms beautiful people. And that season finale cliffhanger left me desperately wanting to know what happened and eager for more.

    What more could you want from a show? If you answered that try season three and I wouldn't be surprised if they supplied it to you.
  • a show about plastic surgery in which i never found i could not get into good acting though.

    THIS show about plastic surgery I always found hard to get into. It has uncomfterable scenes and I will never get plastic surgery. But the few episodes of this show I watched I found that the acting is pretty good considering it is a very weird subject and or show to get into.
  • no wonder the networks are having such a tough time

    The first time I heard of Nip/Tuck I was hesitant and reluctant to see it. Plus I felt that the show was not going to last and that it stereotypes plastic surgeons. But as I continued watching the show I got addicted to the offbeat humor, the gross surgical procedures, and its characters. Julian McMahon is sexy and gives his character a vulnerability and humanity that is not typical in sex-crazy handsome male characters. He gives his character a reason to like him and yet he will also give audiences a reason to despise him. Dylan Walsh shines as Dr. Sean McNamara. Proving himself worthy as an actor, he shows us a character with everything in the world and yet has inner self-destructive part that is hidden from everyone else.

    Additional performances by Joely Richardson as a woman who may have some skeletons in her closet and is loved by both McMahon and Walsh. Excellent writing and dialogue that leads you to want more
  • Cuting edge to say the least. This show does not pull any punches.

    You have to love the FX network for giving us this gem. This show knows no boundaries. There are no holds barred with this show. It offers way out there story lines that actully ring true to life. As crazy and out there this show is, there is a true reality to it. The topics are not only relevant to plastic surgeons but to all people. They definetly pull no punches. This show has you laughing, crying,loving,and hating. The cast does a fantastic job with the material. The show is smart and cutting edge. Thank you for this great production.
  • Nip/Tuck is simply one of the most entertaining shows I've watched in a long time! I know of no other show that can so successfully combine gruesome depictions of surgery, family life, drug use, various mental illnesses, and big city life.

    I rarely get so attatched to a "soap opera," but Nip/Tuck somehow continues to reel me in. With the third season rapidly approaching, I can't help but recall how excellent this drama has been in the past. Peeking into the lives of these two very talented plastic surgeons allows the viewer to evaluate thier own values and attidutes towards the vast collection of issues that are artfully portrated in this series. These surgeons must face a multitude of topics including obesity, pedophilia, transexualism, self esteem, and relationship dynamics. I honestly hope this series continues to provide quality programming for many more seasons.
  • This show is Outstanding!! Me and my friend William have been taking our lunch breaks by my computer to watch Nip/Tuck. We love it, we are so excited for Season 3\'s Momma Boone... I Can\'t wait!!! I would also rate this show an 11 if I could.

    I am so happy that they finally put together a show that has all angles of interest... lesbians, sex, plastic surgery, and some fucked up characters that have your jaw dropping by the end of the episode. Keep up the good work Nip/Tuck actors and actresses, you\'ve got your #1 fan waiting for your next show.
  • Excellent show!!!!

    I thought it was something new when I watched the show. It's currently not on the air where I live, but as far as I know it's coming back in the fall. I can't wait! I love the characters, especially the two main ones and how different they are from each other.
    I hope it will go on for long!
  • great

    this is the best show ever!!! it has an australian julian mcmachon who is hot for an old guy that is. this show shows us that plastic surgery sometimes goes good and sometimes bad..... every episode is different from the next and it leaves u hanging for more on their season finals every season well 2 for now anyway....

    All I can say is they better not screw this uo and make it some person that we've never met. It would only be good if the Carver is a main character.

    I can't wait though to find out who he or she is. This will definitely be the BEST SEASON YET!!!!!!!!!
  • totally good.

    This is probably the best show i have ever watched in my life time. The drama in it is crazy and the season 2 finale was absolutely great! I can´t wait untill season 3 comes out. I actually spent 8 hours one day watching this show. keep on coming !
  • Unlike any kind of medical themed show I’ve ever seen before.

    I never bothered to watch Nip/Tuck during it’s regular run. Then F/X started showing a couple of episodes back to back every Saturday night from the beginning, and I got hooked. Can’t wait until the new season begins.

    I've seen a whole lot of medical dramas in my time, but this show is a little more than that. A very adult soap opera.
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