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  • Unlike any kind of medical themed show I’ve ever seen before.

    I never bothered to watch Nip/Tuck during it’s regular run. Then F/X started showing a couple of episodes back to back every Saturday night from the beginning, and I got hooked. Can’t wait until the new season begins.

    I've seen a whole lot of medical dramas in my time, but this show is a little more than that. A very adult soap opera.
  • A look into the lives of 2 plastic surgeons whose lives are linked in every way possible. Sometimes unbelievable but addictive at the same time. Not a show for the faint hearted.

    Ok now, this is something never seen before on TV. Its compelling, racy, gutsy and increasingly graphic, whilst maintaining its sexiness. The show\'s actors play their characters so well, that it amazes me when I see them in different roles. The story lines, whilst sometimes predictable, never disappoint. This show is not for the sensitive, it crosses boundaries you\'ve never really seen on a TV show before, dealing with issues no one would normally have to deal with. But thats whats so great about it, you see the characters being pushed to deal with situations they\'re completely unprepared for. All in all, I vote this one of the best shows on at the moment. Additionally, missing an episode is NOT AN OPTION, too much happens!!!!!
  • Cutting edge - literally.

    Nip/Tuck is extremely addictive and as stated in the tagline - a suprising perfect drama - it really is that - perfect. Great acting, directing and editting makes this show compelling viewing. When I first heard about this show I really did not think plastic surgery in Miami would make good TV. What did I know? The writers extend the story lines beyond the operating table into Sean and Christian's personal lives. The stories of Matt's true father's identity, Wilbur and the Carver are brilliant. But the best I would have to say would be Ava - I had no clue she was a man although I did think there was something strange about her - I thought it might just have been Adrian.
  • How can people stand straight in life with all the weight of the life? It is damn hard to solve the big problems of our lives. "Nip/Tuck" is the show that while you are watching, you proudly say that i am so glad that i am not him/her.

    How can people stand straight in life with all the weight of the life? It is damn hard to solve the big problems of our lives. "Nip/Tuck" is the show that while you are watching, you proudly say that i am so glad that i am not him/her. However some people face these ranges of problems in life and they couldn't know what to do.

    I literally respect this series because it gives us these characters' lives at whole with all the drama thay have been living, all the joy they have been having.. and so many other real life situations which so many of us can't handle.

    This series is a combination of life in general with all of it:teen problems, transexual, gay, sex parties, cheating, love, pregnancy, drugs, child molestation, parent-child problems, death...

    It is all bare in one show and with such good actors this series must win such prizes because it is reailly worth it.
  • a really good show and probably the best script for a show for each episode that i have ever seen.

    a really good show and probably the best script for a show for each episode that i have ever seen. It has very good chracters and it is just an exciting show. I would not put it above a show like the o.c but if your over 20 you may perfer this.
  • Two men who are opposites but you respect their differences because there are so many things at both ends of the spectrum to explore. This is a great show.There has been love, exploitation, disapointment, laughter, thrills and chills, but most of all ther

    This raw world seen through the eyes of two plastic surgeons is heart-stopping and at moments there have been tears bought to the eyes of the viewer. I love this show and look forward to the everyday lives of these two men. Its breathtaking and second to only one 24.
  • The darker side to Miami unfolds in this show, focusing on two plastic surgery giants Sean and Christian. Watch as they change even the ugliest of people into super models and as there home lives unfold with some startling discoveries.

    One of the things that first attracted to me was the style (again) and just how glossy and perfect everything looked. Even the characters were ultra hot super models. But I guess that just sums up Nip?Tuck doesn't it, discovering all the dirt and grime behind the super slick Miami surface, and finding that beauty really doesn't find happiness. The show is full of realism (with graphic drug scenes, sex scenes and most importantly surgery scenes) it is one for the adult viewers but if you don't mind all of that you will find a great juicy heart at the centre just waiting to be discovered. The first season was really establishing things and was more focused on each of the patients that walked through the Mcnamara/Troy doors, but now in season two it is much more balanced with crippling blows to the families of the main characters. Full of sharp wit, dirty sex and of course, Julian Mcnamaron this is one to keep an eye on, get it?
  • "cutting edge" get it? A show about two doctors whose lives mix with their practice.

    a provocitive series that has many twists and turns, and truely captures the essence of two stressed out doctors that have to control their lives, as well as the lives of the people around them. It is a truely great show that as the seasons go on you keep on wanting more.
  • Two plastic surgeons in Miami deal with relationships, family, and clients, always ready to ask the ironic question, “What don’t you like about yourself.”

    Nip/Tuck is, by far, the best dramatic show on television and has been since season one, episode one. The great mix of acting and sharp shocking writing, which never seems to soap opera but will make your jaw drop, unlike Desperate Housewives.

    However, the great thing about Nip/Tuck is its actors. Each one does better than the last and the meticulous casting makes the best of even the smallest characters, such as Liz, nurse to Dr. Troy and Dr. McNamara. The best of the cast is easily Joely Richardson (Julia McNamara), who seems always to have something brimming underneath of her eyes. There is a deep-seated pain within her and when she brings it to the surface it is a beautiful thing to watch. Second best would have to be Dylan Walsh (Sean McNamara), who plays his character straight even under the most stringent of situations. Lastly, but in this company its okay to be last, is Julian McMahon (Christian Troy), who plays his gallivanting doctor with ease and makes him loveable and detestable at the same time. These three actors have such a grasp on there characters, that by the end of the first episode they seem no longer to be acting-there just being….

    The back up cast is just as good. John Hensley (Matt) is great as angst filled. Famke Jenson is utterly hateful as Ava and she never looks back, which gives the performance something truthful. The other supporting cast is good, but not worth mentioning.

    Nip/Tuck is a good show with solid actors and great scripts. I am awaiting the third season happily.
  • I will never be dissatisfied with my nose again.

    Nip/Tuck is daft. The most ridiculous show on tv. Over the top, preposterous, with absurd story lines. It is also riveting. I wouldn’t miss an episode for anything. If you aren’t watching, then what on earth have you been doing?

    How the writer's can look at their mothers I don't know. One week Sean is shagging a blow up doll, the next his teenage son, Matt, is shagging a transsexual paedophile and nobody seems to think it’s a problem. More fake breasts than you can shake a stick at, naked people running around with gay (in the traditional sense of the word) abandon and plot twists a rollercoaster couldn’t possibly replicate. I think perhaps the writers forget what has happened because storylines get dropped unceremoniously with no resolution or explanation. But never mind, there is sex to be had.

    I would like to be annoyed at Nip/Tuck for the constant parade of naked women, except it’s male stars get their kit off even more often so fair’s fair. I would guess that Julian McMahon has taken his clothes off more times in one series than Ewan McGregor has his entire career. (That’s saying quite a lot btw– he can’t seem to keep his clothes on for love nor money.)

    I like the graphic surgeries, although I would say that patients recover a little too quickly. I saw a real life show about a woman who had butt implants and it was a year before she could walk properly. And I think it has a real point to make about our culture’s obsession with so-called beauty. It doesn’t matter how perfect your features are, real beauty comes from within.
  • Sean and Christian are two plastic surgeons. Sean a family man and Christian a ladies man.

    One of the best shows on television. I would rate it 11 if I could. Interesting and compelling stories that are not to be missed. I find that they create believable characters in a fake world with stories so unbelieavble they seem so real to you. Don't miss this show!
  • From the moment I came upon this show while channel surfing, I was completley hooked. Where do the writers come up with these storylines? Each one is more bizarre than the previous, and the characters are so diverse and intense. All time personal favor

    "What don't you like about yourself?" The fact that regardless if I have every episode to date tivo'd, I cannot turn this show off once it starts! Christian Troy is beautiful .... although his personal life is in crisis. And Sean, ditch that Kimber doll, JULIA wants you back.
  • What don’t you like about yourself!!??..

    A Rare production that I seized from first glimps, based on the foundations off two plastic surgeons, There is nothing you would want to change about this!!..

    The Show!!??.. The Characters!!??.. Compelling, provocative, racy, disturbing, wickedly funny.. Edgy, surreal, shocking, twisted and freaky!!..

    Casting is phenomenal, Acting is astonishing!!.. I love the performances!!..

  • Nip/Tuck is the best show on tv right now.

    Nip/Tuck is the best show on tv right now. I can't wait until the 3rd season. I saw a preview for it, it showed Christian still paralyzed on his bed crying. I think it starts September 30. Nip/Tuck is smart, deep, thoughtful, and amazingly brilliant.
    I dont know how Ryan Murphy comes up with all these concepts. Although the surgeries make me a little uncomfortable, in that room is where all the thinking occurs, where they come up with ideas to solve their problems.
  • This show is mad! Me thinks it rules like awesomeness should !

    Well Well Well, Nip Tuck is a great program on Channel 4, along with Channel 4's other masterpieces's. I think that this show proves that entertainment is best when disturbing! Also there are some hot chicks in this program!! I never buy TV series on DVD but I am awfully temtped to buy Nip Tuck because it is that goddamn good, and I'm sure everyone agrees!!!! I cant really think of the bad points about this program, I mean what is bad about it? It rules! I think that everyone who likes a bit of disturbing entertainment will love this, and as someone else has already quoted 'Disturbingly Perfect'

  • 'Disturbingly Perfect' just about sums it up.

    This brilliant show never fails to amaze me, even shock me. Twisting and turning like all shows do, and a beautiful theme song. Everything from the acting, to the music, to the plot, to the graphics, are absolutly perfect.

    Also surprisingly refreshing from the usual crap we get.

    I reccomend everyone [over 16] try this show out, at least once.

  • Ryan Murphy is INSANE!

    This show is seriously sick, I\'ve been watching it since it started (how could i resist, its from the creator of Popular) and i absolutley love it, I convnced my friend to watch it and she had a look of disgust on her face the whole way through it, while i smiled and laughed, the episode i showed her happened to be the one where you find out about the relasionship between Ava and her son. LOL! and the chinese woman who cuts up the corpse! This show is a total classic, Its hilarious, Ryan Murphy is completley insane.
  • Omg could this show get any better

    I cant believe i missed most of the first season of this. Every episode is brilliant the big stories between the main characters and the small ones of the patients always manage to draw in the viewer(or at least me) and the sound track makes these scenes even better like (rocketman) used when megan was comitting suicide. I hope the show continues on for at least another 2 seasons.
  • This show is unusually morbid and blunt, but extremelly captivated. From the first episode I was hooked. It's a real look into the plastic surgary business and how desperate some people get. Definately a must see.

    I must say that the only reason I even stopped at Nip/Tuck when channel surfing was Julian McMahon. But I soon noticed that it was very captivating. The show being unusually morbid and blunt, it also touches the reality of marriage and the plastic surgary business. From the first episode I saw I was hooked, and think it's a great show. And hope it'll be around for a while.
  • Visually Stunning

    I love everything about Nip/Tuck. I almost didn't start watching it. The first season promos didn't catch my eye, but at the end I caught the marathon and I was hooked. It's such a visual endeavor, which plays upon the fact that Miami is so obsessed with looking beautiful and perfect.
  • Not Sure

    Okay so it has two quite handsome men in it, but is that really it all has going for it? Nope.

    The surgery scenes are excellent, truly cutting edge, excuse the pun, but they are, I can't say I have every seen a show with such graphic details and that includes the Trauma shows which are filmed in hospitals.

    The show has some great story lines, sometimes maybe a little far fetched, but you can forgive that.

    I can hardly wait until the next season hits my screen.
  • this is a great show . i maen i watched it for the first time and this is cool.

    i saw this show and it just took my breath away.
    it's amazing how someone just thought of this show and made it brilliant. i'm now watching it @ 12:00 every night. and the actors are cool.espacalliy that man named christian he's cool and hot.also the other guy he's hot to. well now i can say am gonna watch it till the last season.

    This is the BEST show ever. I have watched every single episode since day one. The characters are twisted and sexy. Not only that, but every character also has their own experience with sex, fantasies, guilt and bizarre stories. The content of the show is absolutely genius for this time era.
  • ilove this show

    This show has all the good bad and ugly about plastic surgery. It aslo can be watched by both sexes. The guys are gorgeous and the ladies are good looking as well. The show has great insight with charcter inter personal relationhships. The show is awesome and i don't dare miss an episode.
  • Simply put this is the coolest show on TV.

    Quite simply put the coolest show on television. FX continues to push the limits of cable television with razor sharp dialogue backed by acting powerhouse Julian McMahon and drawing high profile guest stars such as Alec Baldwin and Famke Janson. This show always manages to stay on top of current issues blended with the great writing style of Ryan Murphy to produce some of the coolest storylines and one liner's that television has ever seen. Its called a guilty pleasure because it is just that it gives the average Joe or Jane a glimpse into the life that everyone wants whether they want to admit it or not. This is one show that you don't want to miss if you are reading this than your a curious TRUST ME go and buy the DVD's and watch you will not be disappointed.
  • The first plastic surgery series that is truly "cutting" edge.

    Besides filling my need for a medical show, this series combines plastic surgery with soap opera and the combination is wonderful! The characters are not what you would expect from physicians and the cases are interesting. Add to that the continuous private problems that arise and you have a terrific show.
  • Just Excellent!

    The best drama I've seen... It keeps me glued to my seat. I've seen many dramas but not one as interesting as this. The ups and downs of 2 plastic surgeons... Woh! It's a real hit. In my humble opinion, this show deserves a perfect 10 on my list. Just Excellent!
  • what the hell

    I saw an episode of this show...just screaming, shouting, and swearing. Someone got slapped and they were talking about some really gross stuff..
    I wasn't very impressed at all, it seemed to be really low stuff. Maybe i've just missed the point, but another b-grade drama is what i saw.
  • Warped and perceptive at the same time, Nip/Tuck is remarkably atypical, far outside the standard genre shows like cop, lawyer, and doctor shows. Yes, the characters are doctors, but this isn't Marcus Welby or ER by any means.

    This show is so odd it defies description. "Warped" is the closest single word I can think of. It offers many levels of approach, both direct and subtle. It comments on our fascination with our appearances, while revealing the strange uniqueness of each human psyche.

    To that end, each episode is titled after the central person around whom the surgery revolves (although recurring individuals abound, both as patients and as associates or partners).

    It tackles, obliquely, the distinctions between ego (how we perceive ourselves), persona (how we present ourselves) and image (how others perceive us). It also ties in how those essential human qualities deceive, distort, and hurt us all, both in person and in our relationships -- through fears, games, deceptions, betrayals (intentional and unintentional), and manipulations.

    The show regularly presents some very strange people and activities, since the really interesting ones aren't the one-time tummy tucks and the nose jobs but the people who are really, really "out there" on the fringe, such as a blind woman who wants her sightless, milky eyes to appear more normal to people, a pair of seriously conjoined siamese twins, or a man who wants his showdog improved.

    There are also darker elements, as Sean and Troy become embroiled with a murderous drug smuggler who uses breast implants in his mules.

    A warning note, for the faint-hearted among you: The show does, often, have brief flashes of CSI-like realism during the surgeries. They make a point of showing the viewer that this is not just some magic hand-waving thing being done, but that they are cutting, breaking and reshaping human tissue -- bones and flesh -- in their work. Not gorily, but the viewer has no doubt as to what might be involved in the work of a plastic surgeon.

    While there are few scenes which strike me as something never seen on NYPD:Blue, there is a strong sexual element to the show, as well. Troy is a narcissistic, amoral lothario, and Sean a squeaky-clean nebbish. Sean's wife, Julia, is a career-repressed, self-destructive housewife. All three are far more interesting than that sounds, as they are quite complex individuals and the show spends much time examining their characters' development and long history together. At times the show is both misogynistic and misandrist, as it show both men and women at their best and worst.

    All in all, one of the better shows ever put on TV.
  • BRILLIANT!Only a fool wouldn't watch this.So if you dont your a fool!!!!!!!

    if theres ever a show you could call addictive its nip/tuck.the plot is genius and compelling never failing to lose interest.i hope everybody watches this shows peoples personal quest for beauty and teaches real life lessons.its like a soap opera but more realistic and less overdramatic.its a must see
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