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  • Two handsom plastic surgeons and their lives. Christian is single and quite the bachelor. He gets any woman he wants. The other surgeon was the family man until there were some turn of events. We are still waiting for him to get back with his wife.

    Nip Tuck is great. It makes you think. Christain is the surgeon with a seductive character. I find myself to be a lot like him. He is very sexual. The show is interesting and no two episodes are alike. I recommend it to all my friends and family. It's fun.
  • A show that excels in every aspect.

    This show shines all around. Amazing cast. Amazing writing. Intriguing plots. Amazing effects. Amazing premise. And to top it off, it's highly addictive. Granted sometimes the plots are a little like a soap opera, but still this is a show that even at its worst is still better than most. Incredibly dramatic at times and completely hilarious at others, the show is unafraid to take risks and push the envelope. This show does what a good show should do: be innovative while still being entertaining. I am immensely looking forward to the next season and where this show goes. Truly a great piece of television.
  • Oh my God, at last a real good show!!!!

    The first I watched the pilot of Nip/tuck I've been completely disturbing saying myself : Why did it take so long time for the american television to get a real excellent show.

    I adore everything about it : the characters, the actors, the stories, the development of the relationship between the characters. In a word a real PLEASURE for the eyes.
  • Best Show on TV Period!

    Best show on TV Period!
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    Best show on TV Period!
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    Best show on TV Period!
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    Best show on TV Period!
  • well 4 me at least its a really good show probably one of the best shows i have seen 4 a while.....damn!

    well i really love julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh they seem 2 have so much more then the show. i really love the whole plot line and its weird becuz i wasnt really interested in niptuck at first but then my bro was like hey watch it so i started watching it and then i couldnt miss it from there on. i mean there was a lot of suspense and Dr.Troy is such a pimp and Dr.M is such a umm yeah, i cant really say the word but hey u guys probably know what i am talking about. so well when i found out that ava was a man i was like what and when wilbur was supposedly his another piece of suspense he ends up being BLACK! that was more like a faint heart attack for the people who watched it!! and when the carver busts out going 2 troys house instead of seans i was like no what a suprise ending! i cant wait till the new season comes out i am so RECORDING IT!!
  • Where has this show been all my life?

    funny, slick, cool and heartbreaking this series (just purchased on DVD) is addictive to say the least after watching the entire DVD in one sitting I'm still left wanting more with its quick witted one liners and double entendres! What happens to christian? will Shawn ever see sense and will Matt break down on a case of him sleeping with a transgender?? these characters are so realistic they become real people and i believe people can be declared missing to the police after 24 hours! This to me is a fantastic show with amazing cast, soundtrack and scriptwriter well worth watching and re watching a million times! jo 21 stalybridge
  • I'm DYING for the season premiere!

    I first got hooked by the ironic plot twists in the first few shows of the first season. The intellectual nuances aren't seen as often anymore but I'm addicted. When I saw that the season premiere has been put off from June to September, I flipped out. I need my Nip/Tuck fix!
  • A disturbingly perfect drama indeed! The show that (besides for commercials) plays like an HBO show- and for what it lacks in realism (although the surgeries look real) it makes up for with over the top sexy fun & charismatic performances.

    A disturbingly perfect drama indeed! The show that (besides for commercials) plays like an HBO show- and for what it lacks in realism (although the surgeries themselves look damn real) it more than makes up for with over the top sexy fun and charismatic performances. Any person, sane or insane- will be hooked. Just go buy the boxset- or wait intil August 30th and buy both... "Tell me what you don't like about yourself..."
  • The tagline FX is using to promote nip/tuck is – a disturbingly perfect new drama. Perhaps that should read a perfectly disturbing drama.

    If you haven't already, you'll soon hear some controversy around nip/tuck. Sure The Sopranos are violent and use lots of language but that's on HBO. FX is the network that gave us The Shield, which pushed basic cable to new limits with language and violence. As the song goes, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Whatever you hear about nip/tuck being gory and using language that would make a sailor blush is probably true.

    While all that may get nip/tuck some press it won't get people to keep watching. For that we need a compelling story and some interesting characters. In case you haven't already seen the press, nip/tuck is set in a Miami plastic surgery practice - a setting ripe with dramatic possiblities. And then there are the characters – three great ones – Sean McNamara, his partner Christian Troy and his wife Julia McNamara.

    Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) is a good guy. His marriage has slipped away from him a bit but he works hard, tries to do the right thing and generally thinks he's providing a good life for his wife and kids. Of course his world is about to crumble. His old friend and partner is about to involve him in a huge mess.

    Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) is not a good guy. He picks up beautiful women and after he sleeps with them, he tells them all the surgery they need. It's good for business after all and that's pretty much all he's interested in. He's willing to do anything, to anyone, if the price is right. Or is he? One-dimensional characters get boring quickly, but Christian shows that even he has limits and he has a soft spot - for Julia – who just happens to be his partner's wife.

    Julia McNamara (Joely Richardson) seems to be mostly characterized by the things she doesn't have. Namely passion in her life. She's tasked with caring for a house and kids and realizes she gave up her own dreams long ago. But don't ever forget that underneath it all is a strong, intelligent and highly capable woman.

    All the actors are great in their roles, by the way, but Richardson really shines. Remember last year The Shield got a surprise Emmy for Michael Chiklis? It's way to early to speculate but ... I digress.

    Wrap these great characters in a plot that moves and shakes and generally gives you the feeling that you're watching a surgeon's version of a car chase. Except it's a car chase that also appeals to your intellect. Writer/director/creator Ryan Murphy shows a master's touch here. There's philosophy and ethics and growing up and underworld characters and money and drugs and family and divided loyalties and yes, pretty much the perfect drama. The real skill here is that it all comes out in a story that keeps you interested and entertained.

    Ultimately, nip/tuck isn't for everyone. The images – both the surgery and the violence – and the language will disturb plenty of people. For the most part, however, they're not gratuitous and the story is written and performed with skill that isn't often seen on television much less on basic cable. Don't let the kids watch, but if you can handle the disturbing parts and value excellent drama you owe it to yourself to watch nip/tuck. You'll find a show that's disturbing not only for the violence and bloody surgery but because of the ideas and questions it raises.

    Nip/tuck premiers on FX on July 22 at 10pm.
  • Disturbing, but so captivating

    I watch it with my boyfriend, we discovered it 6 months ago on a french channel. It's very late at night, but we're very fond of this show. In fact, what "amuses" us so much, is how disturbed can be the writers' minds to come up with such stories.
    Each time, there are surgery scenes, as well as sexual content, a very smart mix between both subjects, and every time we look forward to watching it again every week!!!
  • Nip/Tuck seeks, like the main characters in it, to achieve absolute perfection. I can tell you this - it certainly doesn't fail.

    Nip/Tuck is a show that came when I needed it most, when I really was running out of things to watch on TV. It gave me hope of a new generation of great programmes.

    The characters are very real - something you don't often get in today's television, and their thoughts and actions shock and satisfy you to every degree. The directions the writers choose to take are very "cutting edge" and even slightly taboo. They still manage to pull it off smoothly.

    Set in Miami (one of my favourite cities), Nip/Tuck tells the story of two plastic surgeons who are best friends and run their firm together; one is a loyal married man with 2 kids, the other a serial womaniser. But all is not as it seems, because while the show unravels, dark buried secrets are revealed that shake our favourite characters to the very core and cause a sudden change when you least expect it.

    Just a word of warning - the graphic scenes are pretty explicit, so be prepared to see a lot of blood and other general post-watershed stuff.

    If you haven't tuned into this yet, I highly recommend you do. It is part of the excellent 'new age' of television shows - for me, this, Desperate Housewives and CSI were the highlights of my week earlier this year at the height of the TV season.
  • I\'ve been watching this show since day one. I love it Julian McMahon is frggin hot.

    Two super hot doctors practicing in Florida and not only in the operating room. Why does this have to be 50 words long i dont have that much to say , I just tried to trick it my adding a bunch of spaces and it found out, lol Smart word counter.
  • Oppisites do attract the playboy and the family man, the hot chick and the family man, the playboy and the family women, the young man with two women, this is a very awesome show one of the best i was there from the beginnning and cant wait for season thr

    NO show has ever been able to catch my eye like nip/tuck has. It's an awesome show i love it because of the drama and their stories are so unigue and original thats what makes the show so great. There isnt any other show out there willing to have surgery performed on siasmise twins and a threesome in the same episode. Ryan Murphy masterfully created on of the best shows for tv and the cast helps as well dylan, julian, joely are all brilliant together and i cant wait for season three its going to be a wild ride .
  • Compelling, racy, disturbing, and wickedly funny. It's soap opera you can't miss.

    I watched this show after I heard how great it was, and WOW, is it great!

    This is definately the best show on FX (which is really saying a lot) and it never fails to entertain. Every episode is extremely well written, and the show is shot beautifully.

    This show is not for the faint of heart. The language pushes the boundaries, the sexual content is nearly soft core porn, and the surgery scenes are sometimes hard to watch. However, at its core, you have a very clever television program about the true nature of plastic surgery. I can't wait for Season 3.
  • A very addictive show.

    I don't know what to expect for the next season. But I'm sure it will be great. I started watching the show only because Julian McMahon was on it. But now I really like the show and every episode is always a good one. I see the actors are better and better as the time passes and I can't wait for the next season.
    Here in Brazil we're still wainting for the second season to begin, but a friend of mine, who lives in California taped it for me and I was able to watch all the second season already. I also bought the first one on DVD and can't wait for the second.
  • This fairly obscure show's name may be it's own worst enemy.....but after watching one or two episodes early in the show's second season, there was no turning back for me

    This fairly obscure show's name may be it's own worst enemy. I too resisted watching it at first, thinking it was plastic surgery reality TV. But after watching one or two episodes early in the show's second season, there was no turning back for me-- I spent the entire next year relentlessly renting the DVDs, tivo'ing episodes, and re-watching them when the well went dry.

    While each episode does in fact have a few minutes of gruesome surgery (with hip apropos music playing in the background), the show is based around the bizarre tales of two plastic surgeons, who are best friends, business partners, and each other's alter-egos. As the plot unfolds we learn just how intertwined their lives and families really are. Plot-lines frequently involve their patients, and probe morale issues spanning surface-level vanity to the substance of the inner soul.

    The casting is phenomenal, and the multi-dimensional characters are fantastic-- especially Christian Troy, the cheesy and egotistical dirtball whose nobility and depth make your head to spin just when you thought you had him pegged.

    Sophisticated and clever writing drive the show's allure. It's edgy, surreal, and often shocking-- if you like Six Feet Under, you'll love Nip/Tuck. With its dark underbelly, this show is not for the timid! Themes are cleverly woven throughout each hour-long episode which makes each one intriguing and deep as you try to guess and follow the intended message or questions posed.

    If you haven't gotten on board yet, you will be encouraged to hear that you can jump in mid-stream in either of the 2 given seasons and catch up pretty quickly, like I did. But you might as well make it easy on yourself and start from the beginning! September and Season 3 are just around the corner!

  • The title surely does deserve the word trendsetter, considering America's fixation with plastic surgery. But it's Famke Janssen who gets the praise here.

    The title surely does deserve the word trendsetter, considering America's fixation with plastic surgery.

    You read the magazines and watch chat shows with people talking about what plastic surgery they've had done to them. So it was just a matter of time before someone made a television show about plastic surgeons.

    Season One was a great season. We were introduced to the show, and got aqquainted with our new favourite characters - Drs. McNamara and Troy, Julia, Matt and of course, Liz. We might have got to known Valerie Cruz if she was a guest star.

    But in Season 2, the show was downright wonderful. Some could say that this was because of Vanessa Redgrave, some may say Sean doing it with a life-size Kimber dolly. But for me, it's Famke Janssen as life coach Ava Moore.

    We first met Ava when she attended a consult with a cancer patient. Sean was entranced by her, and requested her to meet with wife Julia. Ava and Julia had a kiss, and then Ava moved onto Matt.

    For Christian, Ava will always be like a moth going to a flame. It may look attractive, but it will kill you. He has no other interest after she spilled the secret of Matt's parentage and she had sex with Matt. I'm glad because he doesn't need to be in another dysfunctional relationship, even though Christian is sort of dysfunctional himself. I don't count blind noxema Jawbreaker girl as a potential girlfriend. It was just a phase. He needs someone who can see his sexiness and appreciate it like we do!

    For Matt, I think Ava will be a coming-of-age style thing. It was nice to see the doctors' concern over Matt and Ava's "relationship" and also good to see Matt's interactions with Ava's slightly weirdo son, Adrian.

    And then we discovered that Amazing Ava wasn't an amazing woman. She was an amazing shemale, who was sleeping with her son.

    Famke Janssen has played some fantastic roles in the past but her next role (Jean Grey on X-Men 3) will have a lot to live up to, as I see Ava as the best character she's ever played.
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