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  • Nip/Tuck is a series that I began watching because of my husband. Overall it's interestig and down-right addictive but it's starting to have it's moments.

    First, I want to address Julia McNamara. From what I've seen, the implication is that Julia is someone who has gotten by on looks. She had both Sean and Christian pining for her and even her significantly younger schoolmate found himself enthralled by her. Now, she has a lesbian lover who thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread.

    As a viewer, I must say that if the producers were going to work that "beautiful but insecure" angle, they could have gone with a better actress. Personally, Joely Richardson reminds me of Guy Smiley from Sesame Street. If they were looking for blond, thin, and "beautiful" at an affordable price, I think they would have done better casting Portia Di Rossi in Julia's character and Joely Richardson in either Ava or Portia Di Rossi's character. Additionally, Julia is just becoming annoying. It was bad enough that her lesbian lover's over-sexed yet under-educated daughter poisoned her with Mercury causing the make-up artists to make her look worse. Then, her lack of common sense gets her shot in the head. I think that she should get her memory back long enough to indict the evil daughter, then her character should just disappear. PTSD, perhaps?

    On to Kimber Henry. It's time for her to go. She's slept with every significant male character on the show. Now, the mother-crack whore-pornstar thing is getting outlandish. She should either overdose or move away.

    The move to California was refreshing for Sean and Christian. Why everybody else had to show up there, I don't know. I would have prefered there be concurrent conflicts, (Julia and daughter, Matthew and Kimber) from both Florida and California. Interaction between the Floridian characters and Sean and Christian could be handled with phone calls.

    Now that Sean has been stabbed multiple times in the back, I feel that there are only two ways for this thing to go.

    A) Sean dies after 3 episodes on life support, Christian struggles to hold the practice together alone while trying to convince Matt to stop having sex with his own sister. Roma Maffia gets pregnant again through a sperm donor and decides that working at the practice is no longer as beneficial to her in her condition. The pressure becomes too much for Christian and the series ends with Christian selling the practice.

    B) Sean miraculously recovers and Chrisitian does surgery on the knife marks on his back. Julia's memory comes back and the evil daughter is arrested. Julia's relationship with Portia Di Rossi doesn't withstand the events and they break up. Sean and Julia's daughter ends up despising Julia. Matt and his half-sister produce a winged, inbred child. Roma Maffia starts dating Portia Di Rossi and they decide to have a child together. Kimber gets dumped by her porn king boyfriend and comes crawling back to either Christian or Matt.

    This is one great show. Always very interesting to watch, and you never really know what to expect on it. The two main characters are very good lucking men which helps most definitely to keep your attention. And the fact that they bare all or most has got to be a plus, in a world where mainly women disrobe now a days. But some of the storylines just go way out there which Im sure is what make this the Number 1 show it is. I for one Love it and will definitly keep watching. I'm waiting now for the new season, hope it's soon.
  • I hoped that this season would be better than last with Christian and Sean taking CA by storm. I was glad that they left everyone behind in Miami.

    This season't finale was just plain repetitive. I actually WANT, NEED, HOPE and DESIRE Julia to be gone from the show. Kill off the character already. It would be fitting as she already assasinated (figuratively) everyone else in the show. I could never stand her - she is the main problem with the interaction between Sean and Christian as she plays them both against each other. She and Sean were on the way to divorce and then she found out the baby would be born with a disability. She didn't want to raise it alone - that's the only reason why she made up with Sean.

    Eden is another sorry sack of pookie. In the real world, "little Eden" wouldn't have that much time on her hands and she definitely wouldn't have the unlimited opportunity to interfere with her mother's relationship. Get rid of her!

    The highlight, for me anyway, was Christian's overwhelming jealousy of Sean's popularity to the point where he posed nude and wound up getting the wrong groupies. The constant stream of gay men wanting him was truly hilarious.

    The Rosie O'Donnell/Oliver Platt story line was really funny - a total flip flop of real life positions. That's what you call acting!

    Season 6 will be the last. I hope my beloved show goes out with a blast instead of an anti-climatic or mediocre ending.
  • Nip/Tuck is absolutely, positively, no doubt in my mind amazing.

    I just started watching the show yesterday and I'm already hooked. I'm on like the fifth episode (buying them off iTunes) and I must say that there is no show quite like this show. Who could have though that a show about two plastic surgeons could be interesting? I sure didn't. Well, I have been officially proved wrong. I can't wait to get to the second season, which I've heard is much better than first because of the whole Carver thing going on. Anyway, I can't wait to watch more. This show is absolutely addicting with stories that are unlike any I have ever seen before. You rule Nip/Tuck!
  • I loved season 1 and 2! Love the crazy characters.

    I just started watching Nip/Tuck. Season 1 and 2 were amazing, the other seasons they could have done better on, but because of the fact that season 1 and 2 were so good it kept me hooked. I cant get enough of the characters. The crazy ones are my favorite, it always makes me laugh. And Im hoping they well do another amazing season. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
  • risque and edgy

    So if you like sex, drugs, blood, and even more drama this show is great for you---talk about insanity!!! some of the events that have occured are simply jaw-dropping. This show is genius I mean seriously some of the murders on here are ridiculous!! Some people may think it is just a guy show because of the violence and the sex---but it is for everyone!! The suspense is great---it keeps you wondering what is going to happen next!! Ironically enough--you become very supportive of these characters through everything they go through. Nip/tuck is a scary, crazy world--but a world that will keep you mystified an in awe!!
  • Seasons One and Two were PHENOMENAL. Then, the downhill turn began.

    What is there to say about this show that hasn't been said by numerous reviewers both here on this web site and other reviewers outside here? My personal opinion is that the first 2 Seasons of this show were so unbelievably good, and I was addicted to this show like no other. Season Three's premiere episode was good, and the rest of season three followed suit. Then Season Four began, and the show suffered greatly. Just a bad overall Season. And everyone knew it - so, the writers and creators decided to switch the shows location from Miami to Los Angeles and give us the worst season to date in Season Five.
  • The show is so scattered!!

    It seems that the writer's don't have direction. One week they feature Sean with a girlfriend and then all of a sudden she's gone until a few episodes later. It's not explained very well. When I first started watching it was great and now I just don't look forward to watching. Julia's character is boring. The show keeps going off in many directions without a solid base. And now they have Julia with amnesia? Does that mean she'll meander along, not remembering anything and again, be boring? I thought they were going to kill her off because it seems she wants off the show.
  • Nip/Tuck Newest Episode. airing on 2/12/2008

    Best episode yet. Sean confronts the critic and agrees to a surgery to fix his face. Christian loses Julia who finds out she has been poisoned with mercury by Eden. Matt learns Rachel is leaving for Isreal, but meets Emmy, and southern girl with an birthmark. After sleeping with her he finds out she is his sister, yet it seems Matt, in desperation, wants to stay with her. Oh, by the way, Eden shoots Julia, or so it seems.

    Next week, we will see how things turn out with Julia, and Colleen returns after he attempt at suicide. It looks interesting. I wish Tuesday was here already!
  • All in all a pretty solid episode. Definately a step up from last weeks pitiful one.

    Nip/Tuck: Gina and her A.I.D.S. are dead.
    1) I liked the mini story in this week's show. Guy gets hosed after marrying a woman for her money. Sounds fair.

    2) Sean's hot tub pooping ex-girlfriend makes a return. Hopefully, it's short lived.

    3) Eden's such a whore. I missed her.

    4) If Gina's the new secretary and Julia moved to Hollywood on a whim. What ever happened to their old company? (they actually explained this later in this episode)

    5) Fake Doc and Eden are such great additions to this show. I really hope Fake Doc doesn't disappear now that he is kicked off the show.

    6) They keep coming up with new sex scenes. Kissing an H.I.V. positive woman while **** another one. Geez, you'd think they would have run out of ideas by now. 7) Hmmm. I have no idea what's wrong with Julia. My only guess is that she is pregnant because of all the vomiting. If I'm right, I promise I had no idea, I had avoided all Nip/Tuck information since the episode aired.

    8) Julia sucks. Let her die already. When she's sick, she uses Sean, the nice guy. When she wants the dick, she uses Christian. She does not deserve to get the best of both worlds.

    9) That grandma that loves to **** is really creeping me out. And now she may have ****ed her younger husband to death, that's outrageous.

    10) Sean's agent is suspect. There's something not right there, outside of the fact that she wants Sean's dick.

    11) Sweet. I couldn't have been more dead on with my last line. Now, when Sean dropped her off at home she walked away from the front steps, which means maybe she isn't an agent at all or at the least unsuccessful.

    12) Gina being her conniving whore self. At least she's **** with Julia instead of Christian this time. Woah, and then Gina told Julia he's cheating on her with herself (Gina). Which would of course scare Julia because she would then think that she has A.I.D.S. Bring out the cat claws. 13) Sean assuming the movie star role by **** the hot extras. I love it.

    14) Gina just said there is no difference between love and sex. I'm pretty sure she's in the minority on that one. And you wonder why she has A.I.D.S.

    15) Wow. Christian ****ed Gina, even though she has A.I.D.S. That is the dumbest **** thing ever. I don't care if he's wearing a condom it's A.I.D.S., it's not curable. HOLY **** and then Gina fell off the top of the building. That's got to be real. It makes sense she's got another role in Friday Night Lights and they needed to just ended her character.

    Previews - Yep, Gina's dead. Standing pat in my thinking, that it's a good thing for the show as long as Christian never serves jail time. But, he shouldn't try to reconstruct her face to cover it up, isntead just say it was an accident, who cares what Julia thinks. Hell, maybe Julia will have a heart attack, that would be awesome. And I'm glad Sean's looking for a new agent, I hate the current one.
  • What has happened to Nip/Tuck?

    What once was a great show about two doctors with the oddest of clientele is now bogged down with too many characters to focus on... family is fine, but Julia becoming a lesbian, I think not... and on that subject does Olivia really not realize what a conniving girl her daughter Eden is? Am I supposed to buy that? Am I supposed to think Dawn Budge is an endearing character? Frankly Oliver Platt's Freddy Prune is the only character I feel is real anymore.

    I miss the old days of just Christian and Sean having moral issues...
    I miss Escobar and Mrs. Grubman and Kimber as total Meanie (although that seems to be coming back?)

    There is so much external noise that I can't hear one of my favorite shows anymore =(
  • Great.

    Ok so I havent seen this show for years back when season one was on so I'm reviewing it only on the first season which was brilliant I loved it, the show was really different and I watched it every week, but here in the United Kingdom it switched channels and I was no longer able to watch the series after season one which was very dissapointing because I loved this show, eveery now and then I cathc the odd epsode of Nip/tuck but its just not the same, all in all the first series was brilliant and I guess that the others are just as good.
  • NIP/TUCK meets "THE X-FILES" DR.Joshua Lee- Actor George Coe-Lou LaSalle/MOONLIGHTING. The Charles Lane of his time, unlike Charles Lane Coe has a vast collection of characters + oscar nominee WORTH WATCHING

    I am a late arrival- FAN OF NIP/TUCK. I just got hooked this season but I guess Lauren Hutton + GGGGGREAT story lines help. Very witty , I have already said to a coworker " Whenever I wonder WHY You're still single you have ways of letting me know." Of course I claimed it as my own quip. We have a young Eden( A Diane Cannon type offering her almost jailbait apples to Dr. Sean at a "DANTE" themed party which she attends with a Mona Lisa Clone. NIP/TUCK meets THE X-FILES, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED. A+++++++++++ it-will-leave-you-in STITCHES!!!
  • This a perfect one.

    My friens..this is a really perfect episode, dont´t bother me if you dislike this one, this is the heart of the serie Nip Tuck (a litlle joke, to final music from Bonnie Tyler). This a drama, not a comedy or anything else.. is make to think, about our life, our family and the decisions make about it. Its a great series. Another time, think better if you will send to us a another score, send to a 10, a perfect one. Ok my friends is not the time to said good by for Nip Tuck, alredy have more 4 episodes. By i see you fellows in the another episode.
  • What was a once humorous and ironic take on plastic surgery, despite and understanding and self-deprecating tone, has gone from being an interesting drama into a a daytime soap. Nip/Tuck is now just another excuse to watch thinly veiled porn.

    Continuing in the vein of ER, Grey's Anatomy, and countless other medical shows, Nip/Tuck began with a focus on the medicine, but has steadily spiraled outwards into a tawdry, sex-obsessed, fantasy driven soap opera. Though seasons two and three produced strong and intriguing plots, difficult characterization, and flowing dialogue, further seasons have steadily decreased in quality. Watching Nip/Tuck is much like the lives of Christian Troy and Sean McNamara: always attempting to reach backward in time to recapture a lost glory. Perhaps the target audience is of an age slightly past their prime, who can more firmly relate to the trials of our two (anti) heroes. For many, however, it seems instead a tawdry romp among the largest possible permutation between characters.
  • Ooooh-lah-lah!!!

    Talk about a HOT SHOW... WOW!! This show keeps you guessing and watching with its sick and twisted stories. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It is definatly a guilty pleasure for any adult. The stoylines this year have been a huge surprise and keeps me tuned in week to week. The cast is hot and sexy and everyone seems to get hotter and hotter each week. This show is a love-hate example that takes things to the extremes. Definatly for the mature audience but a great one for anyone who is old enough to really take the stories without turning it into porn.
  • This show is extremely entertaining.

    This intense, drama filled series is unbelievable. It brings up racy issues that no other tv show offers today. I love how unpredictable each episode is and recommend this show to any s that enjoy a little refreshing acting.

    I just started watching this show this season and am already hooked. Its intense and interesting. I love the show. I don't think anyone could turn it on and it not keep their interest. Its very y and definately a new favorite of mine. Don't know if I could watch this show all day, but I definately look forward to seeing it once a week!
  • Nip/Tuck is well written and highly entertaining!

    Nip/Tuck a disturbingly PERFECT drama. This Golden-Globe winning cable drama centers on best friends Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), partners in a Los Angeles-based plastic surgery practice. It's one of the best shows out there, probably even the BEST. Creator Ryan Murphy was once an entertainment journalist, including a stint at Entertainment Weekly, and therefore knows how to hook an audience with catchphrases (no matter who writes the episode, it is mandatory every week for either Sean or Christian to say to a prospective patient, ''Tell me what you don't like about yourself.'' I LOVE this show!
  • It is raw, unnerving, drama with a wry sense of humor. The storylines tend to play to the erotic fantacies of both men and women. And the medical stories tend to fascinate my hunger for something new and graphic. Plus the acting is really good.

    There tends to be alot of sex in the show but i think theres always something behind it. Like in the 2nd season with the 3 way. They did it because the "hooker" reminded them of Julia. So yes, there is alot of sex but I say just try to look through it. In my opinion I love Nip/Tuck and it's one of best shows out there. Sean and Christian keep the show together. I liked Sean and Julia together but it's nice to know that he can actually move on without her. But if Sean and Christian left each other that would kill the show. I'm glad Chiristian moved to L.A. with Sean and I loved the season premiere. NIP/TUCK IS AWESOME !!!!!
  • I think you would agree with me after watching one episode that this show is off the wall.

    I never expected Nip/Tuck to be so racy and different from other medical shows that I have watched but to an extent it is. It's kinda like x-rated stuff free on cable and all eyes can see, because every episode I see Christen's butt and he is always doing something with someone. I just got into this show and I can't take all that surgery stuff, all that medical stuff they do, this show lets you see it all and that would be the only issue I have with watching the show but besides that if you want to see a whole lot of stuff that you wouldn't see on ER then I think you will be able to watch this show.
  • This intense, drama filled series is unbelievable. It brings up racy issues that no other tv show offers today. I love how unpredictable each episode is and recommend this show to any adults that enjoy a little refreshing acting.

    I have been watching Nip/Tuck since season one and it continues to get more, and more interesting and in depth. The script is so completely original and mimicks no other sohw on television at all. I love all the writing of each episode. The juicy epsiodes keep my eyes glued thoughout the entire show. The sexuality and adult content adds to the interesting script. I truly, truly love Nip/Tuck and I am addicted! Everyone should get hooked!I don't recommend this show to anybody under the age of 18 however it is a great show for adults to watch. My husband and I watch it together every week.
  • In watching the last episode Julie says her mother is watching the kids and Sean also asks how her mother is doing. This is strange b/c I thought Julie's mother died as a result of a plane crash last season.

    I do not think this show is as good as in the past. Last season I was really getting tired of the "weirdness" and lo and behold you come on this season and Julie has a female lover. Come on, last year midgets this year females. I am not so sure I will continue to watch this show. Now I can even write a review unless it is 100 words long. The networks need to start realizing that their fans need more than trying to make sure all groups are represented on the shows. What happened to being real????? Again as stated in my summary did Julie's mother die last season or not????
  • Christian Troy and Sean McNamara move to L.A. to begin another practice. Loyal Liz joins them. Julia visits to reveal that she has turned lesbian. Sean is offered a role in a television Drama about plastic surgery. Christian is jealous.

    This show is going downhill fast. If the next few episodes do not improve, I will find myself watching something else at 10pm on a Tuesday night. I was turned onto the show by a friend who lent me the DVD's so I could catch up for this season. Season one grabbed the viewer's attention. There was no way any person watching could not tune in the following weeks. It was raunchy, detailed, explicit and intriguing. When I told my friend I was going to have to order HBO to watch season five, she clued me in that it was FX. I argued how could it possibly be on FX when they show private parts during sex scenes and operations, and use such vulgar language. The directors and writers were so clever that it lead me to see and hear things that weren't there. Brilliant!
    The final episode left me craving for the next season to begin. The next two seasons were delightfully more of the same. And although season four was more demented, it still had me antisipating season five. Season five is utter disappointment.
    I found it ironic that Sean's purpose for being on the show was to make it more believable. It was exactly what the actual Nip/Tuck show needed. The acting was poor, the storyline predictable. In a nutshell, so far I am left thinking they should have bowed out gracefully at season four.
  • The new season never comes soon enough. I set my DVR all summer anticipating their return!

    I remember the first episode like it was yesterday. I immediately fell in love with Shawn McNamara and Christian Troy. They are both so intriging and sexy in their own individual ways. Every season gets better and better. I'm glad Shawn and Julia finally split up, they will be much better characters seperate. I love the provocative episodes we really need more of Christians butt, actually this year I wouldn't mind seeing more of Shawn's. I like his new dominant role. I absolutely adore NIP/TUCK!!! I can't imagine a Tuesday night with out my boys. Thank you FX it truly is a "perfect life" with NIP/TUCK.
  • Season premiere. Sean and Christian move to California from Miami.They are running out of money and have no patients. They hit the hollywood scene to try and drum up business.

    I was looking forward to the season premiere,what a disappointment! The show was actually annoying. Especially that woman with the lips. I just wanted her to stop whining.The show had no flow to it and it was like the writers were desperate for a storyline. If that's what you could have called it.If the show was supposed to be funny,I failed to see any humor in it. I hope next week is at least tolerable or I just might go back to watching a great show like Boston Legal! What has happened to the great show that it used to be?????
  • Talk about a show that was great,but now...?

    It was hot,cutting edge and sexy as hell.
    Now its more grotesque and harsh then interesting.
    It used to have a smidgen of social commentary and then some hot adult fun.
    Why did they go so serious?
    Both actors ar fun and sexy in their own ways.
    The woman are amazing. It has something for everyone,so why spoil that with reality grittiness?
    The idea of a show about cosmetic surgions is topical and hot.
    Most people I know watched it for the excessive lives of the powerful beautiful people it showcased.
    I truly look forward to it's new show location. I think it will lighten up and add new twists and fun opertunities for the cast.
  • Down and Up in L.A. Sean, Christian and family get on the Hollywood rollercoaster

    (Cutting and pasting my post from niptuckforum)
    The whole power/addiction/self-disgust theme is going to be so interesting to watch unfold over the season. Love how Mistress Dark Pain gave Sean her card: she knows a future client when she sees one. And I also loved how Sean took some cues from her in handling Aidan. I do like how Sean's becoming a bit of a celebrity. He wears confidence well. I mean really well. The man is an adonis. And so cute. The way he was looking after Wilber and fussing over Christian....Unfortunately, no one's immune to the corruption that comes with power, so things are probably going to get a bit ugly.

    - Loved Freddy Prune. The look he gave Jennifer Coolidge when she asked him if she should gurgle before the surgery scene I'd also like to see Freddy give Aidan a kick in the ass. (Ryan, do we need to send you ass stomping boots?)

    - Part of me feels bad for Christian, but another part doesn't. I think he's firmly on the road to realizing that he's more than just a handsome face/nice body. Right now, his ego is getting in the way of that. He obviously loves Wilber, but isn't quite 'seeing' him at the moment. He had a bit of contentment for awhile at the end of last season being surrounded by Michelle, Wilber, Sean, et al, but it looks like being in L.A. is magnifying some of his insecurities. I hated what he did with Carly. I think he partly realized though, that in selling her out he was doing the same thing to himself. -So much stuff to process. Liz and Nurse Linda looked great. Looking forward to seeing Julia, and the rest. Also have to admit I do miss Michelle. You've got things off to a great start Ryan and gang. Be proud and thank you
  • I have watched every episode of Nip Tuck since its birth and I have eagerly awaited/loved each new episode. I locked the new premiere on my Tivo weeks ago. Now, I'm shaking my head in disbelief, the lame comedy aspect didn't work and the show was dull.

    Last year's Nip Tuck was awesome and I eagerly awaited (and loved) each and every new shocking/exciting episode. So naturally I just assumed that the season premiere would be equally as clutching. BOY WAS I WRONG! The premiere was dull, dry and the attempts at comedy were embarrassing to say the least. Did the show get new writers or something? I don't know what happened but I enjoy the drama of the original Nip Tuck much more. I kept looking at the clock throughout the whole premiere calculating how many more minutes were left hoping that there was some surprise embedded in the story line that would possibly rescue a very disappointing performance. Come on guys...I know you can do better!!
  • Nip Tuck series are all about modern behaviour of two middle-aged plastic surgeons who struggle through the crises of their ages. One of them(Christian) is obssesed by the looks, the kind of metrosexual guy and the other one is a convinced familist. Enjoy

    Wow - that's all I can really say after seeing the season finale of Nip/Tuck tonight. This show has more plot twists than a pretzel - or something. I haven't been able to miss a single episode yet and this season was definitely a huge emotional and psychological roller-coaster! But how can they end the season on such a note?! It's going to kill me waiting for next season!! On that note, I had figured that they would wrap up the major conflict with the Carver (although it was a good twist the way they did it...) and I'm a bit disappointed they didn't. However, there is definitely a good reason that this show is in the top ten every week. My Tivo will be replaying it until season 3 starts for sure!! Anyone who doesn't like this show is clearly too uptight for their own good.
  • It is the best TV show I been seen in years. Just love it. I loved all the actors and their characters. They just put the exact amount of drama, action and mystery in every episode. I just cant stop seeing it is like some kind of addiction.

    It is the best TV show I been seen in years. Just love it. I loved all the actors and their characters. They just put the exact amount of drama, action and mystery in every episode. I just cant stop seeing it is like some kind of addiction. I really hope that they continue doing more seasons because I don't want to stop seeing Sean and Christian. I have to said that if there's some one that I truly heat is Gina she is so rude and such a slot I dont know how could Chistian end up with someone like her
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