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  • Pulpy and Addictive

    As pulpy and addictive as any primetime TV melodrama, Nip/Tuck exists almost uncannily as the lovechild of 'ER' and 'Days of Our Lives.' Sure, every hour-long TV drama tips its hat to the cliffhanger ethos of the soap opera. Love them or hate them, the 'All My Childrens' and 'Young and the Restlesses' of the world know how to stick their hooks into their devotees. But Nip/Tuck accomplishes with its narrative what other medical shows like ER and Grey's Anatomy skirt around; they can push it to the max.

    The show follows two plastic surgeons (played by Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon) as they go about their snip-snip business and try to keep a reasonable hold on the ever-growing cast of skeletons that live in both their individual and collective closets. There are detectives in the ward trying to solve crimes. There are zany, seriously whack-job patients who have the strangest reasons in the world to undergo plastic surgery. Add to this premise a slate of aging phone-sex operators, a handful of slutty nurses, some strippers, and a show-wide penchant for ewww-inducing onscreen surgery, and you've got a fair grasp of Nip/Tuck's narrative pulse.
  • A little out there

    When I first heard about this show, I really had my doubts as to whether or not it would be successful. I mean a drama series about a couple of decadent plastic surgeons? Come on, it did not sound like a great premise. But the FX network had just made a hit out of the Shield, and Nip Tuck came along and was ever bit as gripping if not more.

    Julian McMahon is a wonderful actor, and he does his character a great justice. You add to that the crazy storylines along with everything else, and this show works great.

    Can not wait for next season.
  • Amazingly..."sick"!!!

    I 've been watching that show from its beginning and i have to say that i am a huge fan!!!Every time i watch a new episode i'm looking forward to seeing which "sick" secret will be revieled and by whom!!Its plot is so dynamic that you really need some time in order to understand and realize what is going on!!But that's why we love that show ,and especially Dr.Christian Troy!!!I really want to know with how many girls will he sleep until the end of this show!!:DLet's hope that Nip/Tuck want lose its authenticity and that it will go on with the same interesting "recipe"!!!
  • Great show but needs a face lift!

    The first 3 seasons of Nip/Tuck was excellent but the 4 season let me a little down. Season 4 was just too boring and a little awarkward. The episode with Matt in the future was just plain wierd. Also they did not know what to do with the blonde bomb shell Kimber so they married her off to Matt! Also I did not feel like there was any new plot, just the fact that the series has moved to LA. Season 3 was the best and the carver made things great. Hopefully with a new location the cast and crew in season 5 can bring Nip/Tuck to what it should be, a perfect 10!
  • Season 4 sucked, but I am eagerly looking forward to Season 5.

    I am ready for the new Nip/Tuck season. Season 4 went a little too far to me. It wasn't that interesting, the story lines were boring. Like Matts marriage to Kimber, the 2026 Connor episode, and the Michelle character was so bogus. I am a faithful Nip/Tuck fan so I didn't miss an episode, but that season sucked. Each season before kept you on the edge and guessing they were on the up and up, but Season 4 went down. Season 3 was the best, the Carver was on point he needs to come back this season. Overall I love the show and I will watch it if it sucks or not.
  • This is a well written medical/drama/suspense/comedy series.

    With NIP/TUCK being a cable show the viewer gets to see more graphic details on surgery. This show is well written and by focusing on the 2 main characters lives it adds comedy and at many times suspense. The viewer finds theirselves anxiously awaiting the next episode. Being in the health profession I find myself intentally listening to the medical language and seeing how precise the script is. And I must say they are pretty accurate. As oppessed to the series House where many of the situations are unrealistic and impossible. Both of the main characters are easy on the eyes and the setting is gorgeous. Even if you do not have HD tv the colors are so sharp and vivid it makes viewng pleasurable. I hope this show has many more seasons and storylines to come.
  • Didn't like last season. Big deception!!

    I hated Michelle's character. Story lines of previous season were a huge empty.
    I think that the previous season to this, that is S3, was absolutely fabulous. The stories, the plots, the new characters were great. Whereas this last season... it was the huge decline of the empire. The characters were not interesting. Christian lost the little humanity he gained on previous season. He becomes more artificial than ever. Sean's family is completely apart. Finally, Kimber becomes a monster below her external beauty. The characters are all degradating. Contrary to previous seasons where they were at least trying to be better. Their characters were developing positively.
    Sorry, but I look forward to seeing something more similar to previous NIP/TUCK seasons.
  • Complete addiction!

    I truly love this show! Even if the last two season weren't as good as the first two,but that's forgivable (the last episode from season four reminded me why I love this serial) .It's a very interesting,original,unexpected,funny and let's say,outrageous show,with some nudity here and there (it has the complete package).Don't even get me started with the soundtrack,which it's really good,some of the songs are in my personal top favorites. Anyway, I can't wait for season five to come,I'm very curious and anxious about what's happening next,hopefully will make the show shine even more,and make me stay obediently in front of the tv with my eyes wideeee open,as always.
  • The technical part of Nip Tuck is important for the originality of the show.

    Why is Nip/Tuck a freat tv show? That question is actually very easy to answer. Not only the human issues they talked about on each episode, the actors know how charachters are, and the most important thing. The music and the places. The technical part of each episode is the mos exquisite thing to analyze. Like Kubrick, Murphy work on all his films, music and ambients are the most important factors to make an original and incredible show. Like David Lynch´s dark humour in Twin Peaks, Nip Tuck makes it more evident and funnier. The eyes of each actor are important. The gestures more than the words. The relationship of the McNamaras and Troy is very peculiar, and very intersting, and the technical part is incredibly important to make you enjoy each episode.
  • Simply awesome!!!!

    I sat down to watch this show when it first previewed but the late hour that it was on and the fact that I fell asleep too early...well needless to say I didn't get very far with this. Then, one day while flipping channels I ran across the last episode with the carver. The music that was playing drew me in and I couldn't turn the channel. The next day I was out there in the stores looking for Seasons 1 & 2. I'm a totally LOYAL fan now. Dylan Walsh looks a lot like my hubby!
  • Set around a pair of plastic surgeon best friends. This show chronicles their odd lives, which seem to always be in a downward spiral.

    I have been a fan of this show from the beginning. This show has always been a trendsetter and I believe it broke a lot of barriers not only for FX but for many other cable channels. This show makes you feel incredibly misanthropic however you can never take your eyes of the screen. Its pretty much like a car crash, no one wants to look however everyone does. The show if filled with incredibly beautiful people and the writing is not shabby either. I am however ecstatic that they are moving the show to California. I just can't wait to see what new horrors comes into the lives of Troy and Macnamera. I hope the show continues to succeed.
  • Nip/Tuck

    I waited for the DVD’s to come out. This way I could skip the commercials. I thought the show was great. I even went to T.V. Tomb to see what season they were on. That’s of course how I got hooked on to I can’t wait for season two on DVD.

  • One of t.v. most provocative television series. Do we all get pleasure off of seeing peoples curupted and unstable lives? YES!

    This show is never brings you any tranquility. Just when something seems to be going right for one person it all just falls apart maybe even in the same episode. Of course this is what brings drama and you wanting more, but everything just seems over the edge. When Sean and Julia had a baby he comes out with a defect. Or Just when you think all is right with Sean and Julia, they become indignant with one another because they find out secretes about one another. Nothing really ever gets resolved and there's no sense of peace, but what FX show isn't like that. It is a somewhat ingenious show though, I have to admit, it keeps you wanting to know what happens next each time you watch it.
  • Worth the watch!

    I cannot get enough of this show to save my life.I mean,seriously people.This is one heck of a show.I love it oh so much.It's so wonderfully wonderful that it makes me wonder how could I love it so much?Guess I'll never know.All I know is that this show is tight and out of sight,not to mention dynomite.this show is so cool.
  • Hot , cool show love it

    I truly can't wait for this show to come back 0n it is sooo good I love this show because it's intersting and sexy , As human were all crazy over our body this show breaks it down a has great story lines to it I can't wait to see what gonna happen in hollywood and How many stars Chistian will be with now that he's single again and I like that the show had a happy ending and did'nt leave you hanging till next season so I will be watching as soon as it comes back .....
  • I wish it had a longer season but this show it just brilliant!

    Ok I have never done a review before so I am just going to wing it! This show is fabulous. It has the most vibrant and colorful characters ranging from the extremely strange and twisted to the sweet and innocent. Most of the time when I watch it I am shocked and disgisted by what people want done with their bodies but it is so intriguing to actually watch it done. The Dr.s on the show sure no how to make it seem real, makes me wonder if they actually end up learning anything about plastic surgery while on set!
  • the best!!=P i can't see th first episode but now i see it this program is so gud it's my favourite program on tv i want to see all the episodes. the actors are georgeus, i like how they act specialy julian mcmahon.

    the best!!=P
    i can't see the first episode but now i see it, this program is so gud it's my favourite showtv
    i want to see all the episodes. the actors are georgeu, i love how the act specialy julian mcmahon.
    i think that he is the best actor xD! in my country this show is on the first season i think that this show should be win a golden globe again. all my friends see nip tuck well i like too dylan wash he's a best actor and where is his doughter?? i like this show. i want to buy it now!
  • Julian McMahon is such an amazing actor. I loved him in charmed and in the film: Fantastic Four.

    The first episode I caught of this show involved a talking disembodied head and a poignant suicide set to Elton John's "Rocketman". I was hooked! As soon as the DVD set of season one came out, I bought it and watched it within a couple of days. This show is completely immoral, shockingly disturbing, undeniably fascinating. It is like a bad car accident... you know you shouldn't look, but you just can't help. By far it is the best show on TV now. The stories are entertaining, twisted, and smart. The acting is what makes this series great. Dylan Walsh, Julian McMahon, and Joely Richardson give some top-notch, powerful, and gripping performances on this show!
  • Is it me or is this show losing my interest?

    I remember the first time I saw Nip/Tuck and I thought I was watching some sort of movie. It was just that good. The characters were cool, the plot twists were interesting, and it had a little bit to do with medical stuff, which tends to draw my attention. However, it seems that the more recent episodes are not as interesting as others have been in the past. I'm not sue if it's just me or if the show is actually getting worse on it's own. Regardless, the past episodes were awesome and I guess the best we can hope for is that they cut their losses and stop making "empty" episodes (episodes lacking a good plot or just lacking plot in general).
  • It was original, but went down.

    I have watched Nip Tuck since day one, the last 2 episodes have me somewhat confused and disappointed! The last scenes on 10/12/05 was Christian being put under anesthesia and Sean cutting himself, as usual, great cliff hangers for viewers to tune in next week. However, when next week came, we never saw the outcome of either!! I felt like they forgot a episode!! The episode on 10/19 was mind boggleing to say the least!!! I waited for 60 minutes to see Christian wake up and it was all a dream!!! The last scene on this one was Kit sitting in front of Christian ...showing us she had been the last victim of the Carver! NOw, this week, again...NOthing about last weeks episode!!! Where is Kit? Where is Kimber? Where is Matt? And when and how did Gina get back in the picture? Is it me?? I love this show, I live for this show....but suddenly I am getting worried there are new writers and could possibly hurt the shows ratings .
  • Hot, sexy, great writing , best acting, never know where they are going to go with this. This show makes the networks look like fools. With amazing story plots that take twists and turns one would never expect!

    I love this show. It is the next best thing to what The Sopranos were in the early first 4 seasons. this is top notch acting, writing, directing, casting, music.....this is one hell of a award winning show in my book.
    I am so hooked I bought all the seasons and I got my husband hooked as well! I can hardly wait for the new season!
  • Nip/Tuck Is About The Lives Of Two Plastic Surgeon's, Sean McNamara & Christian Troy. Thier job is to make people look as perfect as possible, off the clock, their lives is far from perfect.

    Each season this show gets better. (third season swayed a bit from the central characters. but watching it again. it wasn't that bad at all) Now that the doctors are moving to L.A. California, It gives the show a fresh start in a way, like a chance to put behind all criticism. This show is my second religion. I'll stay loyal to the end. Which why the way i hope is very very far away. My opinion on a scale from 1 to 10

    Season 1- 9.5 (started it all)
    Season 2- 9.8 (Excellent - Best Season Finale On Television)
    Season 3- 8.0 (No character development, foccused On The Carver)
    Season 4- 9.6 (Nip Tuck Is Back! Not completely better than the second season, but better than the first and third. just setting up for a phoenominal 5th Season)
  • The forth season episode 15, that was the intersting one. I like because it shows us that cahnge is about to happen to Shaun when he decide to go to LA for a change of enviroment.

    The episode was well planed. This shows us that anyone who do not show any remorse on thier actions will get what they deserve!!Galado blackmails and trafficing of human Kidneys!! What Mrs Galado did to her Husband was really funny!! I really liked that part were She kills him and tells the guards to decides to work for her or a dead body? What michille handle the situation when protecting Christian from getting involve with Galato. I like what linda tried to do to Galado. Normally she is a strong woman who does not easily cry out. But, after what she is been through she finally cry's her hard out.
  • I happened across this show some time ago and was riveted by the boldness of the show. Very exciting and untraditional. Many twists and interesting plots. I love it!!!

    When I stumbled across this show, it took me an episode or so to realize they are actually putting these controversial issues and situations on tv!! It was great... Different, but somewhat real situations. Very intriguing... Christian is unbelievable. I watched him in a few episodes of Charmed and was taken by his charisma. He has sex appeal written all over him. Where has he been hiding???? Good to see him in some different roles and movies...
  • what great show it is so edgy and new

    this is a great show it is so diffrent from any thing else on tv It is also great if you like the watch real medical shows forthe gore facter and then there are the hot men christian is so fine I just love to watch him I think I have a thing for the bad boys but hey who would not fall for him he is great
    this show will keep you watching from the minute that you staret watching this show I can not Help myself I am so in love with this show it is great it is a must see
  • A show that is about sex, plastic surgery and has extreme storylines. Briliant to watch

    When I watched this show i thought it was the most fascinating TV show i have seen in a while. The show is about tow plastic surgeons living in Miami. Sean is married and has two kids and Christian enjoys having sex with loads of different women. The show has very interesting storylines whcih include Matt (Seans son) having sex with a transexual, Christian swapping his girlfriend for a lambo and Sean having sex with a doll, which sounds bizarre I know!!. The show has had four great seasons and I hear there are two more to come at least.
  • Before you start watching make sure you don't get addicted easily. Because this will keep you watching and you will soon be regretting you ever tuned in on this.

    I have been watching this show from the very beginning. I loved everything about it. The characters intrigued me, the surgeries shocked me, the personal stuff touched me. Basically one could say, that I fell in Love with the series. And one would be right.

    But then the second season came. There was some sexual insecurity and then there was some sexual surgery and then there was some sex. period. This whole series turned and I can't tell when that was.
    Perhaps it changed when Max fell in Love. Or when he found out, that he had been with someone not above molesting their child. Or perhaps when he found out, taht he had been sleeping with a man.
    Perhaps it was when the carver started to rape every beautiful person in town, or when rape suddenly became a sexual thing not about violence and dominance. Or perhaps it was in season 3 when the investigating officer visits a crime scene and talks about the maid being anal in the room. Or perhaps it was when Christian had a girlfriend who had a girlfriend.

    Either way this series has deteriorated. It became sort of a softporno with little to no storyline. The little storyline it has left is only used to make spectacularly complicated and fascinatingly useless turns so that the writers can put even more sex in the package.

    But somehow I just can't stop watching. I will tune in in the fourth season. And I will probably shake my head the entire time in disbelief. How can it get any worse? Is this rock bottom? No they get even more superficial. I get it, it's a show about plastic surgeons. Naturally there are only pretty girls and handsome men in the show. Naturally they all have a lot of sex. But is this all they have? Do we really live in a society where your girlfriend has a girlfriend or you never had good sex (as Christian implies)? Do we have to see all that sex to get the picture, that a plastic surgeon has a lot of that? Or is this just an excuse to send softporn earlier in the evening?

    So no people. Don't start watching unless you definetely know you will be able to stop when things get worse by the minute.
  • Shaun and Troy are the perfect combination and nothing changed about that this season. I like where the show is headed. New local maybe?

    Season's 1 and 2 of nip/tuck were really very good but season 3 was my favorite season of American television that I can remember. The carver storyline kept me enthraled through the entire season and left me really craving the beginning of number 4. Much to my delight the humor has stayed since the very beginning and that is what seperates this show from other great medical dramas, oh yeah, the twisted character's don't hurt either.
  • One of best shows on tv today!

    This show is by far one of the best shows that I've seen in ages. When I first heard about the show, I couldn't wait to see it, but being in the US Navy, that was almost impossible. June 06 was the first time that I got to see the first episode, I've been hooked every since. I even had to play hookie at work just to catch the first and second seasons of the show. The women are beautiful, the setting is brilliant, and the story line is great. As I said before, one of the best shows on tv today!
  • i know it seems gross seeing plastic surgery and all, but i love this show.

    i cant wait for season 5!!! theyre in hollywood baby! they can do anything there. all four seasons have proven worthy of more. this show has a great cast, great storyline, good looking people and its fun to watch. you know sometimes you want to close your eyes but then you end up leaving them open. its guilty yes but at least its informative. i cant help but love this show. ive watched it from the begining and ill watch it till the end. if you want to see something real but different and new, then please watch this show youll love it. my fav was when they had that evil spanish cartel guy. man was he awesome. keep bringing the element of suprise and shock to this show. its the best.
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