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  • i know it seems gross seeing plastic surgery and all, but i love this show.

    i cant wait for season 5!!! theyre in hollywood baby! they can do anything there. all four seasons have proven worthy of more. this show has a great cast, great storyline, good looking people and its fun to watch. you know sometimes you want to close your eyes but then you end up leaving them open. its guilty yes but at least its informative. i cant help but love this show. ive watched it from the begining and ill watch it till the end. if you want to see something real but different and new, then please watch this show youll love it. my fav was when they had that evil spanish cartel guy. man was he awesome. keep bringing the element of suprise and shock to this show. its the best.
  • Nip/tuck is about two surgeons that have alot of drama in there life.

    Great show its alittle shocking at times but other than that i love the drama and suspence . I am still wondering whoes the masked man . I think the reason i like it so much is because its sp shocking like kinber and Matt getting together what a shocker . Or like when the masked me started killing or no slicing up people includind most of the staff at the surgeons office and even Christian himself . Weird show but i love every min. of it . And wow is Christian freaky , can they make him anymore freaky ?!!
  • "Oh I know, Let's make a show which show's people being re-made, loads of sex, some cheating and love and then add some hot doctors!"

    Who thought of this? That is my question! It is seriously so original. It's a weird blend that one would just think what on earth at but really seems to work.

    The thought of a drama being set in a work environment where plastic surgery is norm seems so far out but the drama from the home life or the sex life of both doctor's brings it to a whole new dimension.

    This show is my personal favourite but I think that this last season seem's a little bit dragging. I would love to see a great new story line come in. One that is very serious and would span for a length of time like Julia and the baby.

    I heard a rumour about Christian being gay which I think would make the show loose some viewers and gain other viewers from different backgrounds. It could do great for the show.
  • I really enjoy this show. I think this past season was lacking a little. It seemed like the show was helped through the season, by the special guest appearences. It got to be a little much, and I like the move to a new location, i just hope it does well.

    Overall, i just like it better when they use lesser known actors, it makes the stories, and the season go by faster and better. The way the season ended on a good note, seemed like the were cleaning house and try to start a new season on a better note, and hopefully better story line. The cutter followed up by the overnight surgery organ trade wasn't much of a stretch i think. as long as every stays strong and doesn't get too korny, i really think this show can make a good run. Unlike the sopranos coming out once every 3 years, and have every episode feel like a they are just there to collect a pay check.
  • I miss it already

    I miss to watch nip/tuck. And I don't read anything about season 5, and that's make me more curious.
    There is too much open things that I can't give any answers. That's bring to my mind something like an end. A really show end. But they don't do it right, without a statement? I reaaaalllyyyy need to know that, will be there a season 5?
  • It is without a doubt one of the most underappreciated shows on TV!

    If you are looking for something different then look no further – this show is for you – but be warned - the stories are not for the weak at heart. Lot’s of sex, drugs, and well - plastic surgery – and boy can it graphic!

    This show never ceases to amaze me – every episode pushes the boundaries and I love it! It is sexy, funny, interesting and highly entertaining. There is not another show like it on TV – it’s one of a kind. I have all the seasons on DVD and I am quickly getting all my friends hooked on it. All it takes is watching one episode and you won’t wanna miss anymore!
  • Does anyone know when Season 4 finally will be re-aired????

    Does anyone know when Season 4 finally will be re-aired????........i forgot to watch it and need to watch it!!!.....Nip/tuck is the best show out there....since my other ones have been canceled or ended already....I miss Over+There, Jack&Bobby and please tell me when the season 4 finally will re-air!!!!!........Does anyone know when Season 4 finally will be re-aired????........i forgot to watch it and need to watch it!!!.....Nip/tuck is the best show out there....since my other ones have been canceled or ended already....I miss Over+There, Jack&Bobby and please tell me when the season 4 finally will re-air!!!!!........Does anyone know when Season 4 finally will be re-aired????........i forgot to watch it and need to watch it!!!.....Nip/tuck is the best show out there....since my other ones have been canceled or ended already....I miss Over+There, Jack&Bobby and please tell me when the season 4 finally will re-air!!!!!........
  • Primetime porn is strangely funny.

    Is it weird for a 13 year old to like this? So, this plastic surgery show is just a little innocent fun. It has two main stars, Sean, a good guy who sometimes gets too angry and Christian, a womanizer who sometimes feels worse then he acts. Of course every show with two characters this bizzare has to have a voice of reason. And that comes in the form of lesbian anesthesiologist, Liz Cruz. Sean\'s ex-wife, Julia has left Miami with his two youngest children, Conor and Annie. But his eldest son (who isn\'t actually his son, but Christian\'s), Matt, stayed. He is pretty messed up, trying different things that gets him in trouble with his parents. His latest thing is Scientology, influenced by Kimber, his current girlfriend and Christian (his biological fathers) ex-girlfriend. She is an ex-porn star, and she also has had a lot of plastic surgeries. Dealing with drug lords, a serial rapist who has a problem with beauty, an angry transvestite, a b****y madame and a lot of other weird villains, no wonder Christian and Sean left Miami for L.A. in the last episode.
  • Way to intresting to miss

    Just watched season 3, 5th episode I just believe that it gets better and better. Even my mother who has not watched season 2 cause she though it was going a little of the railings said that this episode was defenetly worth the watch. I do know who the carver is but im still going to watch it, and having an Ozzi in the show defenetly makes it worth the watch. Ozzi Ozzi Ozzi Oy Oy Oy.
  • nip/tuck is an incredible show complete with amazing characters and gripping plotlines. Give this show a view, you will not be disappointed.

    At first I expected nip/tuck to be like the typical medical show just with a little more drug use, however I was more than pleasantly surprised by what I was watching. The characters are incredible; even the minor characters are so well cast and developed that you are always waiting/hoping for them to reappear in a later episode. Also, the show is about much more than just plastic surgery. Each season seems to have a greater and more powerful plot that begins as an underlying plotline, but by the finale it is all you care about. Even the surgeries themselves seem to take a backseat to the reasoning behind the surgery. I find myself unable to stop at watching just one episode, so it's a good thing I own the DVDs. Give it a shot, but I suggest you do it with the DVDs and not on TV your first time, because after you see that first episode, you will definitely want to see another, and then probably another.
  • All I have to say is UMMMMM sexy sexy Dr's. <br /> Really good show with 2 hunks who can ask for more?

    Which woman doesn't like to watch Nip Tuck, There hot there sexy and there men. Always found the show to be edgy and good. They have great story lines, but I have to say i'm glad the carver story is over, was becoming a bit boring. I like to see them like they were. I'm also glad it won't play on a Saturday, I prefer the weekdays, weekends I use to miss or forget to tape it. Yaa for weekdays. I think of of the 2 dr's and say yaaa baby finally 2 well dress men, one with morals one with none. great show!
    God Christian is drop dead sexy!!!!!
  • Season Finale was the worst.

    This was one of the worst season finales I have ever seen..the entire season was aweful..the show had no direction and concentrated too much on personal stopped focusing on the plastic surgeons and took a turn who knows where. I am a big fan I own season 1-3 on DVD) will for sure not purchase this one..and may sop watching if they return for another season.
  • intreasting,humarous,and ahead of its time.disapointed with seeing julia with sean,rather see that forbidden love between julia and christian alive . a show head of its time yet have unspoken restraints between christian and julia.

    intresting show,very daring and challange the thinking of the keeps its intreague with suspence and a little humor .
    but the third season played it safe with julia going back to kind of felt like intrapment on seans the show gives an impression it will be ahead of its time but sean and julia ending together is very disapointing.i think the attraction between christian and julia is what keeps this show intreasting as we keep wanting them to be together finally.the rating i would give this show is 9. the show explores the libral as well as the conservitive side .and makes very libral ideas not that scary while has a tendency for keeping love, a forbidden least i want to see christian and julia ending up together.
  • nip tuck is not about changing appearances only..its also about changing your attitude in life!

    Nip/Tuck - A disturbingly perfect drama. Be aware that the show description below, synopses of episodes, and the forum are likely to contain spoilers. This drama is set in a south Florida plastic surgery center, McNamara-Troy, centering around the two doctors who own it. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) is having problems at home, trying to keep his family together, trying to patch up the rocky road him and his wife Julia (Joely Richardson) are experiencing.
  • A little too strong, but is great!

    Nip/Tuck is one of the most original series ever! From its beginnings it has attract a lot of viewers into the strange plotlines of this show, and that is because this show is just fantastic! Every season, almost, there is a certain plot that moves all the characters toward a major conflict, that are usually resolve or cause because of a surgery perform by doctors Sean McNamara and Christian Troy which have their unique way of being but are best friends and usually perform any type of surgery to anyone that pays them, to whatever they want. I think that why this show has attracted so much viewers and fans is because of its provocative way of touching certain themes that are often forbidden on most shows (like transexuals, lesbians, and that kind of things) Nip/Tuck is a disturbingly, perfect drama, and someday it will become a television's classic, I am sure of it!
  • Amazing characters, Smart storylines, Sexy, Fun, Sad, and above all else Real.

    Nip/Tuck has been on for quite sometime now. I like many people fell in love with the characters at once. Most of all Dylan Walsh and Julian MacMahon as Dr. Sean MacNamara and Dr Christian Troy, both men giving excellent performances. I had not heard a lot about either actor before the show began but I instantly recognized their talents and could never imagine anyone else in the rolls. The relationship between these two characters is amazingly well written and the fact that every other character whether it be Matt, Julia, Kimber, Meryl or just a guest star brings out something new in everyone just proves that this series deserves to be on air. The writing is magnificent and the charisma between the actors is noticeably better than many shows on Prime Time Network TV. This show deserves so much more notice than it receives and I know many people will agree with me when I say; Nip/Tuck is one of the best shows not only because of its stories but because of the people and the problems they face. While some storylines may be a little far fetched and melodramatic the emotions that they bring out of each character are true to life. Bravo Nip/Tuck and I hope for many more seasons.
  • This is a great show, I'm sure you know this. Keep up the good work.

    I wish I could meet the cast of Nip Tuck, they all seem so nice and kind. I hope your show stays on for years to come. I wish the show could be on everyday of the week instead of just once a week. All I can say is just keep on doing your great acting. I put this show at the top of my list to make sure and watch every week day, if I do miss it I'll just watch a day it has a repeat show. Thanks for your show. Have a good day!!! From Michigan. Bye
  • Worst ever & waste of time!!!

    Forget this episode. Such a waste of time. Complety off topic and such a low point for this. If this was the first episode you ever watched it will be the last ever. How can somebody line-up such a mess with the others. I just hope and I really hope that the next episode will be much better to repair the damage this episode did to nip/tuck. Forget this episode. Such a waste of time. Complety off topic and such a low point for this. If this was the first episode you ever watched it will be the last ever. How can somebody line-up such a mess with the others. I just hope and I really hope that the next episode will be much better to repair the damage this episode did to nip/tuck.
  • i thought this episode was very good did you see the state of them in years to come anyway think julians well fit

    cant wait till next weeks episode will shaun get back with julia will christian marry michelle what will happen to there clinic.whats brooke shields in it for she cannot act
    what sex will be matts baby (dont think its his) is it true that joely leaving so will this be her last season
  • Remains original and outrageous, but is lacking something this season.

    I don't know if I just loved last season so much and the intrigue and mystery was so high that I'm not very interested in this season or if it's really just boring.

    Actually - nobody can ever say that the storylines are boring because they are usually so unbelievable it's hard to imagine somebody actually thought it up.

    I just find that last year was so much more interesting. This year is just seems to be story after story with no flow or direction.

    Maybe it's just an off season and they focused so much on it last year that they kind of lost steam. I do love the show, so hopefully it picks up a little bit.
  • Julia and her new romance intrest...Please.

    I have got to see how far this new romance is going to go. Who actually knows since we are talking about NIP TUCK. Nothing to sacred or shocking to permit, (which is one of the reasons I like it so well, Not to mention that I think that Christian is wonderful eye candy,hot and sexy. I Think Christian is in Love with himself and his personal pleasures, (that is because he cannot have Julia).
    But oh yea, back to the subject with Julia and Sean and their new baby Connor with hands now healing after surgery, how are they going to tie a new affair into this? And why would they pick a (no offense to anyone) midget. I know you cant help who you fall in love with so I guess thats the theory behind it. I will be watching to see.
  • Escobar Gallardo

    Last season I caught 1 or 2 episodes of Nip Tuck- I am now
    a faithful Nip Tuck watcher. I am addicted. I can't wait for Tuesday night to watch. I have seen Escobar Gallardo in
    other shows. I am in love with his character. I am a conservative woman in the Finance Industry and I am not ashamed to say-Escobar (Robert LaSorda)is the sexiest man I have ever seen. I would like to find out more about him. Nip Tuck is awesome!!!!
  • So extravagant and explicit, i often have to pause and rewind to make sure they actually showed a woman\'s eyes being removed on television.

    The Sex, The Surgery, The Sh**s, and The Shiny, Shiny dollar are what make up this unusually and absurdly addictive show. The 300 pound woman fused to her couch? The transvestite life coach sleeping with her patients son by her husbands best friend? The threesomes and the sex dolls, porn and pu$$y lips (on the face!). The addictions (coke, surgery, religion, sex), the surgery (a facial transplant), the secrets (Beauty is a curse on the world) and the shame (\"You already have a son\"). The sheer shock at the things shown is enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. The token dream sequences, moving backwards, forwards or sideways, the baby drama and the psychotic serial rapist all add up to an hour a week you won\'t forget. As the show moves into it\'s fourth season, it has matured, but the characters are still scared children, Christian changing his apartment to feel more manly, Sean calling a phone sex operator to avoid awkwardness with his wife. The style is more cutting edge than the surgeries, and if you aren\'t left drooling, thats because you are weighing up your account balance to see if you can afford it. All in all Nip/Tuck comes up as one of the top shows on television today, a must see, and an unforgettable experience.
  • comestic surgery madness

    It was just a matter of time before execs in Hollywood mined the world of plastic surgery for some juicy (pardon the expression) TV drama. This new series from FX centers on the office of Dr. Sean McNamara and Dr. Christian Troy, long-time friends who practice surgery (and life) in two entirely different ways. Christian is the stereotypical self-destructive playboy. Sean is the family man facing a moral crossroads. Y'see, the practice just accepted money from a Colombian drug dealer for surgery -- and, to top if off, his relationship with wife Julia (Joely Richardson) is currently tenuous at best. Sounds grim, but a healthy dose of dark humor keeps things humming and makes this show worth checking out. But be warned -- the depictions of surgery on this series are a tad graphic.

    BRIEF HISTORY:In 2005, the series was the No. 1 basic-cable series among adults 18-49 and received Golden Globe nominations for best drama series and for stars Julian McMahon and Joely Richardson.
    STARS: * Julian McMahon as Dr. Christian Troy * Dylan Walsh as Dr. Sean McNamara * John Hensley as Matt McNamara * Joely Richardson as Julia McNamara * Roma Maffia as Liz Winters * Valerie Cruz as Dr. Grace Santiago
  • Great show but very mysognistic towards women which sometimes upsets me. Women always seem to be being put down quite badly

    One word: very mysognisitc and alienating towards women viewers. None of my female friends have been able to get into this show and this is the reason. I think women need to be given more positive roles. Despite this very serious criticism, I still think this show is great and I'll give a very solid 9.3++, but even I get tired when women are being put down all the time. IMHO not a show for women who care about their self-esteem, or for people who are offended by women's characters being treated like dirt. When this is not happening the show is in top form!
  • Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara are plastic surgeons in Miami who do things on and off the table that are unethical and at times illegal. Sean has marital problems with his wife. Christian is rarely with the same woman twice.

    Christian wants so desperately to be loved that he sleeps with hundreds of women. For a brief moment he feels love--then it is over. Sean is so emotionally distraught that he doesn't know the difference between right and wrong anymore. He does know what it is to love, though. Matt is so lost. He found out a year ago that Christian is his father, not Sean. After trying to do his own thing he gets caught up with the wrong people. The cult he has recently joined in a prime example of this. He did it just to get into Kimber's panties. Now that he's gotten in, maybe he'll leave the cult.
  • On going sex shenanigans of a bunch of insanely wealthy superficial people....always worth watching.

    I love this show. Every week I think I know where it is going and then it ends up going in a completely different direction. I heard before the season premiered that Julia was leaving the show so I keep waiting to see how that is going to go. The plot line with the male nurse is way to contradictory for me to have a great interest in as I see it as the plot device to have Julia leave the show. I like that they are showing a more sensitive side to Christian, but I do not like the ongoing plotline where he questions his sexuality. I think that is way out of character.
    All in all, I think it is one of the best shows on TV and I look forward to it every week and Tivo it so I never miss it.
  • This show is the Cutting of the Edge

    Nip/Tuck is a great show, it has so many uneexplainable parts and it has its very shocking moments in it as well. whether its preverted or whether its not this show is by far the most provative show on cable channels. My favorite chracter has to be the Carver now he isn't there anymore but I still hope that he will come back and get his revenge on them. also it can be grusome at times when there in the operation room but its realistic in almost everty way I surely hope more people watch this show as its gets older.
  • ...and I am not talking about the plot, cast of characters, or the technicolour. The SOUND is not right this season! The voices are garbled & when I try to adjust with fine tuning, it just gets more obvious....

    Please, fix this, Sound Tech, so we can continue to enjoy this fascinating series. I was hooked the very first season of Nip/Tuck - and it continues to supersede all of my expectations, EXCEPT for the sound quality which, I repeat.....because this review must be so many words long, which makes the speeches garbled and, sometimes, incomprehensible. Thanks for listening,
  • THIS IS a sexy, sensual drama that forces you to look behind the mask of the worlds most baeutiful People...

    Nothing is as it seems, Though this saying is mostly reffered to magicians, it should be used for nip/tuck as well. The perfect star studded, life of the rich and famous facade is ripped open and shredded with this eye opening portayal of two families being ripped apart over and over again by lust, greed, envy, and beauty. These plastic surgeons pride themselves on creating the illusion of perfection, when both of their lives are far far away from perfect. Sean cant keep his hands off other women, and his wife julia is not too happy about that, and christian is definetly a playboiy who has some commitment issues
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