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  • Sex and plastic surgery.

    I gave Nip/Tuck a chance because I have been hearin so much press that it is "groundbreaking" and "amazing." I found it to be a little ridiculous. Trash is a little too nice of a word for this show. I don't understand the great appeal of a show based upon sex and surgery. Maybe I am just too squeamish. Or, maybe my standards are too high. Who knows?

    The only appealing part of the show, in my opinion, was the different people who wanted the surgery. Their backstories were remotely interesting, but not interesting enough to keep this lady watching. Nip/ thanks.
  • A show like nothing else on tv....I admit, this season started off slow, but it has picked up the slack in recent episodes.

    Another great FX show! Add this in with the shield and FX is probably the biggest risk-taking network on basic cable. Nip/Tuck is edgy, creative, and fun. It really makes you wonder what they will do next. It\\\'s probably the only show that I can watch with my girlfriend and we are both equally interested. Christian and Sean are great main characters, and the supporting cast is equally compelling. Matt is probably the strangest character, and Kimber is just plain hot. Throw in some side stories with Liz, Burt, etc, and its easy to see why this show works so well.
  • Really a great show there is, it will be more fun if Quentin costa is back, or something special murderer

    Great show and absolutely Great show
    it' s a pity no more the carver =[
    there' s no more "Beauty is a Curse on the World"

    but still can't wait to see the next episode sweetheart
    all staff have done a great job of course. . . special scene, special story line in this season
    that's why I keep watching nip/tuck
  • In this episode... rosie gets ear-jacked, kimber bags another troy/mcnamara, we discover how BIG Christian actually is (10"!), our office beauty, liz, needs a kidney, the old dude nearly croaks, and we meet a mouse named vincent.

    ROSIE O'DONNELL: WOW. i'm a fan. not sure if i ever was before, was never really into 'roseanne', but this kooky, white-trash biotch is fun. rosie's character is a little reminiscent of 'Cherry Cherry', fabulously played by Delta Burke, on the late 'Popular' series, which makes me wonder- what happened between delta and ryan murphy? why didn't he bring her back? is the character spin-off series rumor true? perhaps ryan likes a variety of jolly women, like baskin robbins

    QUOTES: "I should have known if anything was gonna bring this place to its knees, it would be your d*ck"

    ~Sean to Christian upon discovering that they may be
    getting fired (christian brings all the b*tches to their knees- oh yeah)

    "Every time I take a dump now, I feel artistic"

    ~Rosie, regarding her bathroom-clad Van Gogh original "I used to raise ferrets in the back of my trailer- I can handle it (caring for vinnie)" ha ha ha... i really don't want to know what else she did in the back of her trailer :) MATT & KIMBER: i'm glad our sexy little kimber got some decent airtime in last night's episode. but, what's the deal with all of her holier-than-now bull? if you are getting a back massage by a hottie that's making you moan, scratch that- if someone is touching your back, you f*ck 'em! i'm surprised matt didn't pull the reach-around-the-front-stick-it-in-the-back simultaneously move. that would have been the way to go. CHRISTIAN & KIMBER: how mean is christian?! this guy's really got no soul. that repressed slore let that drunk 10-incher into her apartment and now he screwed her up all over again. so mean. i'd take kimber over that rich office drip any day. at least kimber's got spunk. but MAYBE this will send her off the deep end again, which is always fun. bondage w/ knives anyone?? KIMBER & JULIA: ??????????????? EAR-JACKING: so rosie gets ear-jacked by some thugs on a motorcycle in boca raton. i'm in boca every single day, so let me fill you in on the way that situation would have REALLY gone down: rosie picks up a bag of natural diapers at the local whole foods store. next thing you know- BANG! some nasty old man mows her down in his old person scooter while screaming, "margie, make sure you pick up the KOSHER pickles!"

    R.I.P. Vinnie the mouse:( NEXT WEEK: the lobster baby's back!! i love that little creep! he should be clawing up some fun with that little midget for sure next tuesday!
  • This show is so bizarre and I love it.

    This show has its bizarre moments. Like the past episode with Melissa Gilbert and insinuating she was sleeping with the dog. That was pretty weird how her husband brought the dead dog in his duffle bag and just plopped its lifeless body on the bed. Actually that was a pretty unbelievable scene but still I love the show. Sometimes it is completely confusing but I love it. I have watched it from the beginning and have been hooked since season one. I can't miss a single episode. I love the various guest stars (in the new season) like Rosie O'Donnell, Melissa Gilbert, & Brooke Shields. This show is on MUST SEE list.
  • Episode summary - bizarre!!!!

    OK, enough already. Is Christian heading towards the gay life. I hope we don\\\'t go there, it would be pretty distasteful is all I can say. And why did Sean lie to Julia! What\\\'s up with that. I think he could have disclosed what occured, that should be a big bomb for the future.
  • They are all losers, i would never like to live like this.

    ok, first of all, i know my english is no good, but try to look past that.

    Second of all, in the beginning of the show, i actually thought the show was ok. but now its just pathetic. I dont like the characters at all, especially \"Sean\", and when Julia says \"Sean\", i dont know what to do, it sounds disgusting. Its just getting worse, Matt is/are? according to me such a loser, and the rest to btb. I cant stand looking at \"Sean\" anymore,he´s probably the biggest loser of all.

    Now, u may wonder way i countinued watching this stupid show for so long. I have no good answer to that, because there is non, but to my defense i can say i love watching shows with doctors, medicin and pretty faces in them, allthough i have a hard time finding one in nip/tuck except the obvious one.

    Well, to sum up; Nip/tuck sucks, the characters are losers and im done watching it. Over and out./I

    ps. Ok, my expressed opinion may of upset some people, but only because i dont like the show doesnt mean i dont know that everything is not perfect in this world. And no, i will not go back to 7th heaven,.. why should i? That show is pretty pathetic to.
  • One of the best shows out there on tv

    This is one of my personal favorite shows and i think it is one of the best shows on tv right now. I make sure i tune in every week to watch. I have watched this show since it first started every week. I think the plots are really good and most of the time my jaw drops as i see what happens on this show. It has really good stories. Alot of times you dont even see it coming and i really like that about a show i dont really like watching shows when they are too predictable. I love watching to see what happens in Christains life it is always a suprise.
  • Explores our self-hatred

    Whoever does not like this show, obviously does not get it. As the other poster said, watch 7th Heaven and other crappy lovey-dovey shows out there,cause they depict real life(YEAH RIGHT). Nip/Tuck is the best show, it explores our self-hatred, NOBODY is perfect, especially the characters on the show, we all have flaws, just like the characters. Yet, like all of us, the characters we try and get by in life, and somehow try to do what is right, even if it fails. And by the way, in case nobody knew this: the surgeries are BASED on real events. So, ignore the TWO horrible ratings and watch Nip/Tuck it might be hard getting used to it, but it's worth it.
  • For all you haters out there (and you know who you are)...

    If you don't like the show, don't watch. If you think it is too offensive or over the top, get over yourself; go watch 7th Heaven or Extreme Makeover Home Edition. This is a great show with great characters, and it doesn't take itself too seriously - and neither should its viewers.
  • If your into crazy drama, you will absolutely LOVE this show. I know I do.

    This show's awesome. I love watching Christian Troy's crazy antics every week. The only bad thing about this show is that Dr. McNamara's life is wayyyy to boring and they need to get rid of the freaky barbie doll named Kimber. But other than that, this is one of the best. I only started watching it in season 3 and i wish i couldve cought the first 2, but i'm gonna rent the DVDS the first chance i get. If you don't have a probelem with sometimes gory surgery scenes and always over the top pesonal lives of the fabulous characters, then tune into this great show.
  • Tell me what you don't like about yourself...

    So begins each consultation at McNamara/Troy, the plastic surgery at the heart of Nip/Tuck. Plastic surgeons Dr Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Dr Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) have been colleagues and friends for many years, doing facelifts and radical surgeries on the population of Miami. Whilst also dealing with the work side of things, the show also explores these characters' private lives too: Sean is married to Julia (Joely Richardson) and has two kids (John Hensley, Kelsey Lynn Batelaan), but all is not well behind the facade of normal everyday American life. Meanwhile, Christian is young, free and single and happily beds most ladies. His off-on relationship with porn starlet Kimber Henry (Kelly Carlson) is one of many controversial strands the show has addressed in its run.

    Since the show began, it has touched on various hard-hitting themes: drug trafficking, homosexuality, paedophilia, transsexuality, incest, a serial rapist and the occasional death are just some of the things dealt with. The language is occasionally strong. The sex is often graphic. There is violence from time to time. This is not a show for the under 18s, the faint-hearted or the easily-offended. This is apart from the surgeries shown in full gory detail; the show never failing to portray the inherent ugliness of making someone 'beautiful'.

    The show has attracted a vast number of high-profile guest stars over its time on air. Vanessa Redgrave, Alec Baldwin, Famke Janssen, Joan Rivers and Anne Heche have all starred previously and, as the show goes into its fourth season, stars such as Kathleen Turner, Brooke Shields, Jacqueline Bisset, Richard Chamberlain and Alanis Morissette are due to star. This quality of cast, combined with an excellent team of writers (crafting scripts that are by turns blackly comic, scathing, poignant, tender and sometimes downright bizarre) and directors help to make the show what it is. Not one that everyone will enjoy or appreciate but a great one nonetheless.
  • Do not let you kids or teenagers watch this.

    I think I am the only one on this message board that says this, but I speak for those people when I say that Nip/Tuck is not a good family show. That is saying a lot.

    The Parents Television Council says this too! And, they are right, too! I like what the PTC does for the world. Don't you dare flame because 1) I don't like it when people bash my morals and 2) The PTC may go after you. Who were the guys who created this, secular progressives? I know you all have your own opinions and all, but, this show, it's about a bunch of horny loser Satan-worshipers. I am outraged by today's immoral society.

    Also, the show uses harsh words I can't repeat. The show has too much sexual content, the medical surgeries are too graphic, and is overall too explicit for anyone.

    Therefore, I hope the show get kicked to the curb one day and the vulgar society of todays matures a bit more. It is not appropriate for the whole family to enjoy. It's sick how many of these people "enjoy" these shows.
  • I love every episode and I look forward to each week. Last night's show with Rosie just about killed me! She was great in that poor white trash turned rich girl role. But in the end she realized that even money can't buy her what she really wanted, love.

    I didn\'t start watching Nip/Tuck until last season. My best friend watched it and I could never understand why. I was bored one night and decided to see what was so special about this show. I haven\'t stopped watching it since! Now I clear my schedule for Monday nights just to watch Nip/Tuck! I am addicted! I love all the characters and the guest stars are great! I want to hate Christian but I can\'t! I think Sean is whimpy at times but I know he means well. I just can\'t say enough about this show! I LOVE IT!
  • Controversy, controversy, controversy.

    Sex plays a big part in this show but controversy is the real star. Every episode is laced with it.

    Underneath however is a very good show. The actors commit to the scenes and stories, that I can imagine take quite a deal of focus. From the younger members of the cast to the adults they all hold roles in the controversy and the show.

    Paternity tests, adultery, masked muderers, incest, sex changes, child molestation, and other R rated issues are present in this show and it is not for a younger audience. But all is instrumental the show and stories and relevant. All is handled with taste as well, though it is graphic.
  • Suspenseful, drama filled show that I just can't miss.

    Ok, first off, I absolutely love this show! Nip/Tuck is a suspenseful, drama filled show that I just can't miss. And is has been since the first season. There is rarely a show where each season the show gets better, but Nip/Tuck is breaking that mold. Each new season just gets better and better. The show is always pushing the envelop on what happens in peoples lives and what happens in the world on cosmetic surgery. Each season starts off on fire, and its the fire that lights the fuse that builds up to the bang that comes at the end. This is a great show to watch.
  • Although recently they\'ve been showing more guys butts on tv, the rest of this show is absolutely amazing. It\'s a show about two plastic surgeons that live extraordinary lives in where else but the capital of plastic surgery, Miami, FL.

    I think this show is well ahead of its time, but you can see that because they push the limit every season. Although it is under-rated and not appreciated it has the capabilities of being a Sopranos, or quite possibly the best thing on tv. The only lacking aspect of this show is that it is on FX. FX has lately produced a couple great shows, however since its on FX it will never get the ratings that FOX, CBS, or NBC show get. When it comes down to it though, it\'s worth spending your time to watch the first 3 seasons back to back.
  • Two plastic surgeons in Miami lead extremely "unique" lives!

    I LOVE this show. It just gets better and better. Nip/Tuck will constantly leave you with your jaw dropped! It's just great tv with all the twist and turns and over the top happenings. Everytime I watch the show I always find myself saying at the end..."did they just do that?" I never miss an episode because I know I'll miss something good. The storylines are wild, the characters are amazing and the acting is superb. If you havn't watched the show then I highly suggest you do. I promise you that you will be very entertained and be begging for more!
  • The Natasha Charles (S2) a very independent and strong blind woman who wants acrylic eyes. Christian is immediately \"smitten\" while Sean take Christian\'s flirting all in stride.

    Natasha Charles (S2) episode was so very touching. Christian seemed almost confused that someone would actually love him and not base that love on his physical beauty. Great episode. During the love scene, his tear really got to me. Too bad he could not handle the "work" that the relationship took to make it work and was very heartless/cold to Natasha when he broke up with her. You really got to see his self-loathing; poor tormented Christian.
  • Off the wall and Ahead of its time!

    I love this show as it is a good show
    And also off the wall and a personal favorite of mine
    With two brothers as plastic surgeons and also we get
    A glimpse of their private life. One straight and narrow and a family man.
    The other a party boy and single who loves to party like it's 1999! LOL!
    Very creative show indeed! Though a wild one!
  • christian gay? come on !! women are mere toys to him and that is how it should stay.

    I am so upset at what they are doing to christian. He is so far from gay.His uninterest in women for any thing other than sex is why I love his character. Also how he treated Kimber was really stupid. Of coarse Sean will fix their new baby. They were all messed up from the carver and now they are all perfect looking again. I saw that coming a mile away. I hope the next episodes are not as predictable. That is why I love this show. kept me guessing and wanting more.
  • A nighttime daytime soap opera.

    "Nip/Tuck" started off okay-- the stories seemed their most cohesive and believable. The proceeding seasons have just gotten worse. I'm tired of all the sex-- all the characters are promiscuous-- I get it. After the first few sex scenes it gets boring and feels like filler for thin plots; I want drama not softcore porn. The relationships in the show have a way of going in circles and it's uninteresting to watch their inability to improve themselves either socially or morally. In fact, I'm baffled at this moment as to why I watch this show... Hmm. Well, the new plastic surgery patient each episode is appealing (but only accounts for a small part of the hour), and Dr. McNamara (part of the dual star show and the closest thing to a moral person in it) is very poignant every time he steps into a sex party and realizes he's out of place, or continually running into family problems (as absurd as they are). Basically, "Nip/Tuck" is a fantastic universe of incredible situations that drip in their obvious sensationalism. If you like crazy plots with complex soap opera threads, you'll like the show. If you don't like immorality, sadism, or stories revolving around a comically dysfuntional family, I'd turn the channel.
  • Grabbed me from the opening episode and never let go.

    I was hooked on this show from the very first "what don't you like about yourself?" I knew very little going in expect that it was a surgical drama which was injected with a healthy dose of tension, wit, and flat out comedy. Little did I know that I would end up craving another episode after I'm done with one. Each main character is fleshed out with such detail, you really connect with them. The breakout star (among many that I, myself, didn't know about) is Joely Richardson (Julie McNamara) as the confused and sometimes eccentric wife of Dylan Walsh (Sean McNamara, 1/2 of the plastic surgery team of McNamara/Troy). The other half is Julian McMahon (Christian Troy, who's truly the heart of the show, and you can possibly characterize Sean as the soul). In fact, all of the stars of the show give great performances throughout, which also include Roma Maffia (Liz Cruz) as their trustworthy, but independent anesthesiologist. Each episode focuses on one patient (and the episode is subsequently named after them), and even with all of the problems the two doctors and their respective partners encounter, the writers of the show still find time to give these patients a relevant and cohesive backstory that helps us to identify with them as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking for a great drama. However, be warned that since this show is about plastic surgery...and it is on F/X which is known to go further with their content than most, their is a great deal of blood and queasy scenes during the actual surgery, but if you have a moderately strong stomach, they should be no problem. And I hope they won't be because there is a fantastic show that awaits you afterwards.
  • Most Jaw Dropping Hour of Television You Will Ever See!

    This is the coolest show on television. It is also the only one I hate to miss. Julian Mcmahon's incredible interpretation of Christian Troy would be reason alone to watch it, but the stories are often some of the most compelling I've ever seen on television.

    This show should win an Emmy sometime during its run and so should the majority of its cast. Especially Mcmahon, he is simply brilliant.

    My only negative comment is that sometimes I think there are times when the show runners deliver shock for shock's sake alone, when the storylines would still be just as incredible and suprising without going for the excess.

    Despite this it is still a 10 in my book.
  • A great show! This show truely is one of my guilty pleasures!!

    This show rocks in so many ways. So many twists and turns. You never know what's going to happen next...what kind of mess is Christian going to get everyone into next! He is such a bad, bad boy!! I would like to spank him!! But he sure does make the show interesting! The writers do a wonderful job and the cast is so awesome. I can hardly wait until the new season starts!! To everyone that is involved in the making of this series..keep up the great work!
  • I loved this series since the pilot eppy and i still Love it more with each season.

    I pretty much am i going to say what i said in the Summary, I loved this series since the pilot eppy and i still love it more with each season. The Carver was the best story line ever it kept me on edge and in tuned to NipTuck. I like the actor's Acting espically Julian Mcmahon I liked his acting on Charmed and now on NipTuck. He has a true gift, as do the rest of the actors on Ch..NipTuck.
  • This show is the absolute best show on Television right now!!!

    I don't know about the rest of y'all, but Nip/Tuck is by far the best show. It has drama and comedy, it's not your typical show and it loves to push the the boundaries of modern television. It is a work of genius to get a show like this on the air. I love that it covers everything our society is these days. I mean, plastic surgery has become the hottest thing since sliced bread. It has taken over in Hollywood and to have a show on TV that is all about the pressure to be, well, in the words of Dr. Christian Troy, "A Perfect 10". I love how provactive it episodes are and just how amzing the acting in it is. I mean if I didn't know any better I'd think Julian McMahon was from America instead of Australia. And the same goes for Joely Richardson; I had no idea she was from England until just recently. Nip/Tuck has the best acting in any dramatic series to date. I hope this show last for as long as possible.
  • At first I thought the show was too sexual, but after watching the show on a regular basis, it all fit together. I love the show, it grew on me fast.

    Excellent cast, love Shaun, Kimber, Christian, great actors,
    they are alot better than I expected when I started watching the show.That British detective during the Carver thing annoyed the crap out of me. When she became a Carver victim, God forgive me, but I was like HA HA!!!!!!!
    I also think the Carver might be Merrill, he makes a great looneytoon,4cans short of a 6 pack if you ask me. Christian also fits ALOT better on Nip/Tuck than charmed, don't like charmed. Also Matt needs to relax, you're pissed & betrayed, we get it. Basically, great show, cast, premise, & very original.
  • The great drama to watch on FX! The drama is about two Miami plastic surgeons who have their own firm called McNamara & Troy.

    I really was a fan of the show, since it began. I can't believe that the PTC (Parents Television Council), in 2003, urged parents to petition the series for its "unbelievable" content. In 2004, they continued, and pushed harder when a threeway scene aired. In 2005, another threeway scene and a significant increase in sexual content caused the Parents Television Council to push Nip/Tuck into a national campaign. The PTC gave the series a red light for sex, nudity, language, and violence. One of my favorite quotes of the series is "Tell what you don't like about yourself". The series did to plastics surgeons, what "Six Feet Under" did to undertakers.
  • This really is one of the best tv shows out.

    Man, they get away with so much since they\'re on FX, it\'s amazing. Can\'t wait for season three to come out on DVD in seven days. So excited about that! August 28th can\'t come soon enough. And I\'m really pumped up and excited about watching season four. One of my favorite shows, I just can\'t get enough of it. Best scene ever though is the tranny peeing scene. I mean, come one, beating up someone and then peeing on them! I still can\'t believe that they can get away with it though, cable T.V... ha ha. If you haven\'t seen it, watch it. You won\'t regret it.
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