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  • This show is very interesting and sometimes very wrong

    This show has always been so weird & so good at the same time.
    Even from the first episode you knew it was gonna b good.I think it really went off the rails in season 3.
    With christian being accused with being the 'carver' and it actually bein that Quentin guy & that he was doin his sister who was actually the cop who was supposed to catch 'the carver' its been so strange and yet i cant seem to stop watching it.
    I cant wait till i get season 4 on dvd,i think ill wait till i get it on dvd to watch it cos then i can pause it & give myself time to get over wat i have just watched. Cos i just know its gonna b even more wrong!
  • Nip/tuck is probably one of the best and probably one of the most realistic shows that you could watch today. I fully recommend this show to anybody that is mature enough and doesnt mind a little blood.

    Nip/tuck is one of my personal favorites. It has the hot surgeon, the sensible, married surgeon, and the wife who could be a surgeon if she wanted. But they are all three successful and have been best friends since college. Along with many twists and turns, nip/tuck has everything from murders to celebrities that are well known for their plastic surgeries (Joan Rivers). Although there is a lot of profanity and some nude shots, that is what makes it so realistic, because who in the u.s. doesnt swear or watch movies or tv shows with nude women in them?? I mean, its every where anymore. But the make up and the realism has nip/tuck up for emmys and academy awards. Thats what makes it great. so anybody that is over the age of 16 or 17 and can stand a little blood and profanity.. i TOTALLY recommend this show to you. you will be intrigued and amazed by the realism and beautiful directing.. with a little comedy on the side. This drama was everything it was meant to be.
  • Edgy and entertaining.

    This is a pretty good show, it's an entertaining show that's shocking at the same time. This is one of the new wave of shows that are hitting the small screen during the first years of the 21st century. It's an edgy drama series with an unconventional look on an affluent society. In Los Angeles, where people are successful and living a good life. We get a glimpse of the dark side of all the glamorous ads we see in magazines. Life isn't as perfect as we perceive they are. The show expresses that imperfection through the lives of 2 plastic surgeons profiting from society's insecurities, the obsessions of looking perfect, whatever that is. This show does that in an entertaining way.
  • A disturbingly AWESOME show! Nip/Tuck is the solution to boring TV.

    "Tell us what you don't you like about yourself?"

    I hadn't discovered Nip/Tuck until stumbling through the channels late at night. I must say that this show is completely addictive. Ryan Murphy has created such interesting and complex characters with spellbinding revelations, great plotlines and gorey yet fascinating plastic surgery procedures.

    Like any other show, Nip/Tuck has had it's cringe factors and episodes that not everyone will be appealed to. However even in its most mundane episode, an episode of Nip/Tuck is so much better than an episode of some crappy show on another network.

    The show revolves around Miami plastic surgeon team Sean and Christian who run the McNamara/Troy clinic. Each week, a prospective client comes in to describe to the team what they "don't like" about themselves. In addition to the clientele and surgeries, the show focuses on Sean and Christian's sometime rocky relationship and family life with Sean and his wife Julia and two children Annie and Matt. A great deal of heartache and relationship woes have plagued both Sean and Christian throughout the first three seasons.

    The show has also had its share of "evil" villains which include Ava Moore played by the lucious Famke Jassen, Escobar Gallardo played by Robert LaSardo and of course, the Carver. I enjoy the villain aspect since it creates more suspense and some unpredictable stories which are always welcome.

    I've only watched only a handful of episodes from both Season 1 and 2 but I can obviously see that this show is a gem (hint-hint episodes "Adelle Coffin", "Julia McNamara" and "Joan Rivers") and an excellent adult program for those who tire of seeing yet another predictable family program. Parents and adults need their alone time too! To me the show is endlessly satisfying and engrossing. I definitely plan on purchasing all of the DVD sets and tuning in for new, (hopefully more good) episodes on FX.
  • The most risky show on tv.

    Nip Tuck is one the most must see shows to watch on televsion. Unlike some shows such as Sopranos, which I to am on the overated bandwagon, nip/tuck's every episode is its own and does not just build up for future episodes. The constant abilty to have original topics and risky plots makes it a must see. With the new 21st century craze of plastic surgery Nip/Tuck paints a picture on what its like behind the scenes and how plastic surgeons not only make people more attractive but change people lives. Every season has gotten better and there is no reason next years shouldn't be the same.
  • fantastic show love to see it

    this show is amazing it darma and comedy at the same time the two platic surgens i love them ther so cool their job the way they work everything. the story line is good and it is well ploted with psycic butcher with mask resulting to be quentin it's great. i liked much the first episodes of the series when they were "carless" and season 2 was well to. what can i say more hope this show will continue to air for a long time cause it's good and i getting a bit adicted to it to, and if they cut it of they will ruin everthing and will drive me crazy great great great great great show
  • Complete and total crap

    One of the worst shows ever!!! The commercials make me want to avoid it at all costs, not intruigue me into watching it.

    I caught 10 minutes one day when there was nothing else on, so I thought I would see what it was all about, and it was disgusting! This blond slut had hired 3 guys to have sex with her, one right after the other, to get pregnant?

    Im amazed it made it past half way through season 1. I would rather watch something a little more intelligent and less self-important, self involved hacks.

    I don't care if people disagree with my review, I just dont like these fluff shows full of sluts and sex.
  • Totally awesomely great! I dunno why I classified it as cutting edge.

    So basically Nip/Tuck is one of the greatest shows ever made in life and if you have yet to watch it you need to get on the ball, it comes on Sat. nights on FX at like 10 at night or something, the fact is that it comes on so you should just watch FX all day until it comes on. Or you can just buy season one and two on DVD so you own them and can watch them whenever you wanna watch it or tivo it, which ever works is fine. All you need to know is that it's an awesome show and everyone should watch it, a lot of people think it's weird but who cares if it is, that's what makes it sooo good. Watch Nip/Tuck it's good for the soul.:)
  • A disturbingly PERFECT drama.

    Two plastic surgeons:

    Sean McNamara - a family man who works to support his family, a wife named Julia, a son named Matt, and a daughter named Annie. The more responsible of the two best friends, he tries to be ethical, and doesn't like to settle for imperfections. Acts like an adult and works hard.

    Christian Troy - pretty much...a sexaholic. He enjoys sex more than just about anything else outside his job, which he also uses to find women. Never deciding to settle down, Christian looks hott for his age and knows it, developing what we call a little bit of an ego. He was never responisble and was more of the party, "have a good time and don't worry about the consequences" type of guy. Acts like a horny teenager; works hard AND plays hard.

    These two best friend and collegues, and complete opposites, start a practice called McNamara/Troy after years of dreaming of it. However, no dream can be perfect when drug dealers, child molesters, hit-and-runs, marital issues, vandilizers, murders, paternity tests, psychological blocks, and greed populate your life.

    This show is amazing...two thumbs up for a disturbingly perfect and extremely addictive drama.
  • There is nothing wrong with losing yourself in a television show.

    Nip/Tuck never delivers a dull episode. Most people will never have lives even remotely close to those of the Nip/Tuck gang. So I am greatful that I can make believe for a brief moment that I am part of such an intense lifestyle. I swear I can physically feel the emotion present in every scene of this show. Beware, Nip/Tuck is not intended for the drama light weight. While I'll admit that the first season was better than the second for me, redemption was complete after the third season. I can think of no show worth watching more.

    P.S. You'll probably want to marry Christian Troy and comfort Sean McNamara. Just keep telling yourself, "it's only a show, it's only a show".
  • Nip/Tuck is wonderful in every single way.

    Nip/Tuck is about two plastic surgen's living in Miami. Dr. McNamara is a father of two and married to Julia. Dr. Troy is a sex addict. These two have been friends since college and own a medical practice together. The acting is right on par and the writting just shot a birdie. The show is more about the doctors relationships than running a practice. The doctors get themselves into some pretty wild situations ranging from having sex with clients to being stalked my a sieral rappist known as the carver. This show is groundbreaking and full of twist and turns.
  • great entertainment!

    i think that this show is very good on a couple of levels.i think that it shows about plastic suragery and the benifites and the drawbacks. it also teachs kids that plastic surgery is a very serius thing to think about. This show also has a few things that kids should not watch such as the sex sceanse which are very unappriate to see as a child. But this show also has some lessons to be learned on how to run a buiseness and how to stab someone in the back and other things that are good to learn and some things that aren't as good.
  • Wickedly Entertaining..

    Very provocative for prime-time television. The darkest form of entertainment in years. Cast members of Nip/Tuck continue to keep viewers coming back for more. Very seldom is it possible for a television show to continue to get better each season, but Nip/Tuck pulls no stops. Incredible enough is the fact that this no-holds-bar television show has not been yanked from prime-time television due to it\'s dark subject matter. Nip/Tuck is the kind of show that good or bad, you just can\'t get seem to get enough of. Nip/Tuck is truly cutting edge television. Definately addictive and definately ahead of it\'s time..
  • this a story about cosmetic surgions troy and mac namiare

    THis show is about the sex stories drama stories emotional stories heart breaking stories ejust about everything you could think of recently the carver was umnmasked not as one but two people the head detective investigating the carver and her brother the new parter of the two surgeons this was a kplot twist not espected but fun and interesting the new season will only bring more drama and more plot twist NipTuck is on FX tuesdays at 10 o clock pm but the new time and day has not been revealed for the new season.

  • How could did they get an idea for this show?

    I loved this show. I loved Christian Troy and Sean McNamara in this show, they are just so cute and handsome, but Julian McMahon, much more than them, I can't believe that they get to the idea of a series like this, it looks like in ten years from now they won't have any ideas and all what is going to be left will be remakes of great series like this one, I can't believe it. Thanks very much to the creators of this series for all this great ideas, and most of all thanks to the writers and actors.
  • heh heh heh

    I always feel so guilty for loving this show. . . . but it is soooo good to be bad isn't it?

    Julian . . . he is the reason I watch . . he is so bad and at the same time he has a huge heart and wants so much to be loved (of course he does). So at the same time you can't stand how much of a degenerate this guy is, you really can't help but feel for him. HE makes the show wildly interesting on a level that just keeps me coming back for more and more.

    ok . . and just a little bit more.

    This focuses on the life of two operators Christian and Sean who get constantly in great trouble just by doing complicated surgeries with anyone they encountered, and they get in more and more trouble as they get attack by murderers, they get in fight with love and hatred, and all sort of things. Also this has many great stars, among them Julian McMahon who is great artist and Dylan Walsh. This is one of the best drama-comedy shows I have ever seen.
  • "Guilty pleasure," is all I must say.

    A very disturbing drama indeed, one of which lies the undermining factor of hatred towards such medical fields... Though, one of the first episode parts will forever remain a classic since, "I'm a doctor," enabled our doctor to immediately engage in stimulating activities, which then take a turn into tumbling into their own tumultuous chain of events, thus creating the series into what it is. A disturbing drama. There lies the factor in which it turns an average joe schmo kind of show, into the guilty pleasure that it is amongst viewers... Just don't show it to the kids, well, it might spike their interest in the medical field, but it's not the proper message that parents should communicate to their children.
  • Best Show Ever

    It is perfect. It blends elements of a medical drama with that of a thriller, a satire, a soap, a film-noir, etc. This show has you guessing what will happen next every week and during every episode. However, you're almost never right. The writing, directing and acting are excellent. This show is highly recommended.
  • I challenge anyone male or female not to like this, or Dr Troy, plastic surgery non glorified, sickening, charming series I love it

    I started to watch this series expecting not to like it and turn off halfway through the first episode, but I found myself deeply drawn into it, each episode. The cast is brilliant the writing excellent and the plastic surgery sickening, covering subjects from obesity to Necrophilia. The characters all have layers that peel away, giving an insight to the good the bad and the ugly in all of us, proving that beauty is only skin deep.
  • I can't summarize Season 3 because we haven't watched because we were in Iraq, but Season 1 and Season 2 were great and entertaining.

    I think this show is a keeper. We all watched Season 1 and Season 2 while we were in Iraq last year, but missed Season 3, when does it come out on on dvd? It\'s full of drama and some everyday life issues. Keep it coming year after year. OK
  • Loved the show...until last season!

    I thought the "Carver" story line ran far too long, until it was little more than a "Who Shot JR" episode. Initially, I never missed an episode, but by the middle of last season, I watched it if I had the chance.

    Here's hoping they return to the formula that made this a great show to watch!
  • I love this show! One of the best drama\'s on the air.

    Every episode is addictive, keeps you wanting more. The casting director got it right with the cast members. They work so well together. The guest stars are just as good. I can\'t get enough of this show. This last season was off the chain with the carver. I wasn\'t even close to right with trying to guess who the carver was. I love a show where I can\'t guess who the bad guy is, keeps it interesting.
  • I really shouldn't watch this show...

    I can't help but be intrigued by the sordid little lives of the characters in Nip/Tuck, particularly with Christian. I started watching late in the game but the carver story was very interesting, especially with its numerous twists and turns. This show has a truly dark and sinister side but that is its major appeal.
  • This show is the best I have ever seen. Just Great!!!

    This Show is the best because it is frest, new trendsetting. sd dfd d d d d df dfffd dfdf df dfdf f f f f f f f f f f f f f ff f ff f f f f ff f f f f f f f d
  • ..because it's so bad!

    A guilty pleasure since medically speaking I have to be offended at the gross misrepresentation and inaccuracies. The gaffs are SO OUTRAGEOUS, it was often just painful to watch. But it had a definite Springer-esque appeal to it, and that is what kept me coming back for more. I was Melrose'd, I was 90210'd, I was soaped, tarred and feathered.

    I have to say that the show had me hooked through season 2 and season 3 was just "what???"

    I don't think I'll be watching anymore re-runs and I'm going to be deleting this off my Favorites list.

    Yes, a guilty pleasure that I've arranged to confess to (writing this review is one of the steps I've committed to) and will move on from. By the Grace...

  • I love it!!!!!!!!!! and still finding ways to mke it better.

    Everyone in this show just luvs sayin the wrd shit. christian is so up his own butt, but he is still a gr8 character. sean has an anger management problem but again he's gr8 and i lov matt he is just lyk ova da top teenager kind of thing but he luks unintentionally funny.
    i hope they hav another series lined up.
  • I think this show is great!

    I have seen only the first 10 episodes now, but i am surprised how good it is, every episode has something new in it. The situations the main characters are put in are pretty original, they have to deal with all the pressure from work and then with all their social life problems too. And the problems are not very common...
    I think both surgeons are great actors, they have such diferent roles, but they do it great. Both are like water and fire, the one is the still but deep one but the other is the fun having one.
    I hope the next episodes i watch will keep up the good impression!
  • The best show ever, i hope there a nother season! The actors are so great verry high class.

    The best show ever. The actors are so great, verry high class on them. I just love the acting, with all the characters. They act alot with there eyes, I almost beleve that they are them self in real life, if you know what i menan?
    It never gets boring, christian takes care of the darkspots when hes scr*wing some nice chick. Great script to, its so thougt trow, i mean with all of the things happening so good in order. It never get boring, thers alot of nonexpected turns in the story to, i think thats that is one of the factors that makes it so great. Excuse me for my spelling, im from sweden. I hope you know what i mena, its hard expressing my self in english. But as i said, i hope you feel me.

    Over and out / Teuby
  • this is one show I can't wait to watch.

    The show is very exciting. Great twist the last episode was one that had a very unexpected ending. The first time I saw the show I was not expecting to see the great acting and writing.I can't wait to see
    what happens next. I only hope the show keeps up the
    standards that it has already started.
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