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  • I really don't see the point of this.

    Um what is this? What is it about? Why does it stink like cow poo? Answers are: a piece of crap; absolutely nothing; because it's LAME!! Ironic that people actually enjoy this show. If you love this show, that's fine with me, but don't try to convince me to like it, because i won't.
  • This is one of the best Drama shows I have seen Extraordinary Love the work keep it up

    I just can't believe the story line and plots of each episode of NipTuck.. It is by far one of my most all time favorites ever in a TV series.. Can't wait until next season.. Am sure it will be just a riviting as the others.... Will be very hard to replace
  • The Carver Mystery restored my faith in scripted television.

    Like many people, I can't get enough Nip/Tuck drama. And I don't really know why! It's compelling and very well acted, and has the added bonus of some desensitisation to violence if you watch enough of it.

    At the beginning of Season 3 I took a guess at the Carver's identity, based on the script writing devices I know. And it turned out to be correct! I don't believe this makes the show predictable, since I was completely convinced that I would NOT be correct just before the unmasking.

    Whatever it is that makes this show so good, I hope they don't stop doing it!
  • Why did no one inform me of this show earlier?!

    Now, I understand that since Nip/Tuck has just finished it's third season, that I should have somehow tuned into it during some point in my life, and realized what a marvelous thing it was....Well I didn't, and instead was offered the box set to watch. And only then did I kick myself in the ass for having never bother with Nip/Tuck pior to this. IT IS FANATASTIC!!!!
  • I love this show!! Go Julian ~

    I love this show so much! Julian McMahon is the best and soooo hot, I cant get enough of that man! Dylan rocks too but so does everyone on the show. I think this show has really interesting story lines to keep watchers hooked. Heres to manyu more seasons. Go Julian~!
  • brilliant who is the carver we nedd a 4th series soon!

    really good, 9 and half out of ten, better and better cutting edge, yes, but also absolutely fab, i we nedd a whole bunch of new series definitely. yes yes yes, woo nip tuck best drama on tv for sure, cant beat it 10pm on sunday sky one, i live in england!
  • Used to be good!

    I fell in love with this show during its first season, and it blew me away, until the second season rolled in, then the third, and the show started going down the drain, big time.

    This show used to be good, but somehow as the show was growing in popularity and being re-knewed each season, it was losing its focus.

    That whole storyline with the carver really turned me away from the show as it was prolonged too long and it just made me feel that the writers had no idea what to do, which is why the story was stretched as thin as it was.

    Overall, another show that I love, has lost it's way.
  • It's taboo yet we all can't stop watching!

    I love this show from the drama and story lines witch are 100%. I hope there is a fourth fifth and sixth season and I hope it goes beyond that Maybe even 8 seasons. It is completely original and put togeather with a fine cast i can't imagine any other actor playing the charachters. Nip/Tuck is gold no wait it isn't it's PLATNUM.
  • its about two plastic surgens and about their lives. Sean and his son, family and marrage. Sean's problems with his marrage. Christian and his girlfriends and his life.

    this show is soo good. its orginal and interesting. I'm addicted to this show. I love it. It is one of the best shows on television. Sean and Christian are intesting and they are both totally different. Sean is a family man and Christian is a one night man. this is a must watch show.
  • the pregnant woman at Christmas plotline is so old it needs a walker what complete and utter drivel they could do any better than this.what a waste of a perfectly good 90 minutes

    Someone should remind the Nip/Tuck writers that the pregnant woman at Christmastime hasn't been original since Mary had \'the immaculate conception\' and even SHE would gag at the lame,stupid,cheesy,pathetic storyline.Or at least correct them on it since that\'s not even when Jesus was born and even if it was that plotline has been done to death and come back so much it could be a zombie.Plus we\'re supposed to believe that because Mr. no \'whang\' didn\'t get her pregnant that her bitter ex-husband would get the \'warm fuzzies\' and they would magically fall in love again.What?!!These two people shouldn\'t have been together in the FIRST place let alone hook-up because of an ill-conceived[and pointless]pregnancy.They really have been dropping the ball of late and yeah 'flabbyabby' actually looked FATTER after her supposed liposuction what's up with that.
  • This soap opera revolving round two plastic surgeons has kept my eyes glued to the tv for the past three seasons.

    This soap opera revolving round two plastic surgeons has kept my eyes glued to the tv for the past three seasons. Great writing, a solid cast, and story topics that definitely cross the line at points keep this show interesting at every turn and twist. I cant wait for season 4

    I look forward to my Saturday nights just so that I can see Nip/Tuck and then can't wait to get to work to talk to my girlfriends about the show.. Ah the finale....awsome i was watching the show and was totally shocked. Please don't ever take my show away....EVER.

  • Season Finale Disappointment

    The season finale was completely predictable, and very disappointing! In fact, it totally ruined the whole show for me and my husband and I don't think we are interested in watching it anymore. I certainly hope Season 4 kicks off in a "killer" way or I'm afraid I will be finding something else to occupy my time on Tuesdays.
  • I love this show! What more can I say? Beside to read my review. Its cutting edge.

    Now for the last two weeks the show has been a little weak. Dont get me wrong I'm not anywhere as a viewer. I need to know whos the carver! This show is just so hot and sexy. I do know that after watching season 1 when the carver appeared after that season was over I had a real hard time falling asleep that night. I was so scared and taking a shower I made sure I locked the door after going in. Who ever came up with the craver that was a great job!
  • This is what shows on network television should look like.

    This show is a "hole in one" for cable programming. Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh make an awesome duo, the Batman and Robin of the FX network. All the sex, drama, blood and guts go a long way, when it comes to viewer's attention. This is one of those shows that should only be viewed late at night (for all the racy sexual things they show). My favorite episodes were the ones that dealt with Ava (Famke Jenssen). That crazy woman/man, you just couldn't help wondering how weird it was that a beauty like that used to be a man. A show with great writers and even better acting, this is what shows on network television should look like.
  • A vivid, dark story based on two plastic surgeons whose lives are always on the line for their jobs and families.

    Nip/Tuck is very interesting. At first, I thought it was just another dramatic show that wasn't going to do any good until they brought The Carver in. Speaking of which, I thought that making Quentin Costa the carver was brilliant, which made Nip/Tuck one of my new favorite shows on tv.
  • Ooh, just a great show

    Nobody knows that i ever watched this show, and that i only watched one episode, but that doesnt mean it still isnt a great show. Anything that has Julian McMahon in it, is always good to watch. His acting and charismatic style of acting is excellent. It just sends your mind into a blur when you think about it.
  • Nip Tuck is my favorite show, it is the absolute best show ever.

    Nip Tuck is very thrilling and extremely awesome!!I love it. it captures my attention and my imagination as if I were apart of them I feel in depth with each character, And especially Christian he is just georgeous and sexy. I truly hope this show stays on for a very long time..
  • The men are the cat's meow but.......

    Most of the men on the show are easy on the eyes, but Sean's wife Julia has got to be one of the most butt ugly women!!!! The only thing she has going for her are her bright blue eyes.
    Aside from that, this has got to be one of the best shows on t.v.!!! It's dramatic and intense! I love all of the twists and turns the show takes!
  • I absolutely love this show..I can't wait for the next season! I am an addict!

    Ohmigoodness! I loved the season finale! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! I figured it was Quentin but I wasn\'t was nuts that Kit was his sister and they were in on it together! I can\'t wait for the next season! Keep up the GREAT work!!
  • I started watching Nip Tuck half way through season one. After the first episode, I could not stop watching it. The show makes you want to come back for more. The writers of this show could not be any better.

    I love the cast and the crew. You could probally say I am Nip Tucks biggest fan. I have never missed an episode and I also watch every rerun. Who would have thought such a disturbing show could be so fantastic. I think it is brilliant. I can't wait to see what season four has in store. I even threw a Nip/Tuck finale party. I am so excited for seoson four to come out and I hope to see many more seasons after that. It gets better by the episode. I never know what is going to happen on the show and that is why I continue to watch it. Most television series are so predictable. But not this one. I love it and want everyone else to feel the same.
  • i love love nip tick, cant wait untilit caome back!!!

    nip tuck is on of the best shows on fx beside over there rescue me and many more! when i first started watchin the show i was like this is like a porno but i would still watch it i use to change the channel but now i really dont care!!
    now im addicted to it i love the ep when eva turn out to be a man!!!! i cant wait to see who is the carver!!!!!
  • nip/tuck is brilliant!

    i'm a firm believer in "if you don't like it change the channel", and am tired of others trying to decide what we watch on tv or listen to on the radio. obviously i wouldn't let young kids watch the show, but i think it's a great way to spend an hour for an intelligent adult. life is hard and we all have problems, i'm tired of watching shows that either sugar coat everything, or by the end of the show everything is hunky dory. it just doesn't work that way. i'm not a fan of reality tv, but i think the show does a good job of showing the struggles of these people in a somewhat realistic manner. even though they're all beautiful people, and they all have money, they still have problems just like everyone else. i say keep up the good work, the show is awesome.
  • I have watched Nip/Tuck since it started. You never know what will happen next with these guys,(who by the way, aren't bad to look at!!) Their everyday life is so up in the air..u never know what will happen next!

    I think Julian did a great job in acting when he had to deal with the "Carver", and now with the Kimber situation. I would like to see Sean and his wife get back together..but, I guess that's part of the guessing that goes on in the show. The son is not so bad looking either!!
  • Nip/Tuck - amazing drama circling around the lives of two very successful plastic surgeons living in Miami.

    I didn't start watching Nip/Tuck until about a year after it premiered on FX. I was instantly hooked on this show which circled around the lives of two very successful plastic surgeons. One was a pretentious, serial womaniser(Julian McMahon) and the other a kind family-man (Dylan Walsh). Both of these actors are extraordinary and the fact that they haven't won a major award yet is very surprising. Nip/Tuck is the most stylish show ever created and is so ahead of it's time. The show explores subjects and ventures into territory no other program would even think about. The entire cast is amazing including Roma Maffia, Joely Richardson, and John Hensley. The cameos are equally terrific with Alec Baldwin as Dr. Barett Moore being my personal favorite. Nip/Tuck is one of the best television shows of all-time and I anticipate the weekly episodes with undeniable enthusiasm. I recommend this show to anyone who is old enough to handle the show's dark and mysterious themes because once they start wathing it they'll never stop.
  • This Show is the "ULTIMATE" ! Excellence! I LOVE IT !!!


    I always love this show. I haven't found an episode
    yet that I didn't like.

    Excellent writers, actors and I'm sure directors and producers also. It really keeps my interest and just the previews in themselves sweep me away.

    The actors are so good. And the story lines are very unique.

    Keep up the good work.
  • ewww

    ewww what a trashy show this is i can\\\'t Believe People watch it this is an example of how trashy the media is these days it should go away right now! this show is total CRAP! and i mean crappy crap! okay so just spare yourself from the mediocrity this show poses.
  • What in God's name happened to the third season of what used to be my favorite show?

    I've been a faithful viewer of this show since the pilot and even encouraged all of my friends to watch it because it was very smart, funny, and cutting-edge. But the third season was the slowest and most poorly written to date. I was completely surprised that the writers went with Quentin as being the Carver. He was the most obvious choice so I was completely thrown that a show that used to be one of the best written on TV would take the easy way out. The finale made absolutely no sense at all. If this season is any indication of what's to come later...I won't be watching anymore!
  • Writing Out of the Box

    I love this show! It stretches the mind and soul -- makes one think about families and the relationships within them. This show should be renewed as long as it keeps me guessing and thinking outside the box. It is a grand piece of writing work and acting ability.

    Miss Desmond
  • I think this show is awesome! I absolutely loved it and hope there is a season 4. Cant wait to buy seasons 1 and 2 and 3 when it comes out! Interestin, scandalous, and intriguing! Absolutely fantastic!!!

    I have to admit, i never really watched this show much. Maybe four or five times during each season, but I really got into the third season. I never missed an episode! It was AWESOME!!! The season finallie was sooo totally worth it, and the entire season was off the wall awesome and absolutely worth it. I would definately have to say these actors are great (hot too) and cant wait to buy all the seasons! I am gonna watch the first two (thats how much i loved it!) In all honesty... this is a must watch show... i love it!!!!! :)
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