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  • The Show was Amazing, and Even though Quentin was the carver, and it was obvious they made us think in the last episode it could be someone else.

    This is an absolute favorite of mine, from the very first episode i saw (about 5 episodes from the end) I thought that Quentin was the carver, yet It seemed way to obvious to me, however, I am impressed with the writers way of making us think in the season Finale that it was going to be someone else. The season Finale in my opinion was absoltely wonderful, and has me on the edge of my seat for next season. I hadn't seen any of season 1 (except for the first episode) and now have purchased it to find out more about the show. I can't wait for season 4!
  • An excellent show!

    I think this show is excellent. The characters are well developed and it really shows how life is like and their personality\\\'s very well! My only concern is with the carver storyline, what will happen afterwards. Their is hype on finding out who the carver is that when he is gone it will be increasingly diffucult to top it and the show may suffer, and as long time viewer i dearly o not wish for this to happen! What i think will be a problem is that now it is dark, which is good but if they find a character more ddark than the carver i feel the audience won\\\'t be able to see!
  • Nip/Tuck is absolutely addictive watching. It pushes all the boundaries of television and is brutually honest. The intensity of the relationships in this show makes you get lost in the lives of the these characters. Its the best drama for the millenium

    I love this show and it is my favourite. I live in Australia and can\\\\\\\'t wait to watch the third season.

    What I love most about the show is the intensity of the relationship between the best friends, Christian and Sean and Julia.

    The show confronts subjects that are not discussed in every day life. Though the show is centred around plastic surgery which is educational for us all, I feel it just the back drop because the relationships are explored in depth.

    It\\\\\\\'s so much fun to wait and see what trouble Christian causes for himself next and Sean reaction and how he handles helping yet again.
  • This show is just really hot!!!

    OMG I hate myself for waiting until the third seasonto to start watching it. I bought the first season on DVD & when I watched the first episode I was hooked. I had to finish the first season in 2 days because it was that good. Then after that I bought season 2. I love their charcters & oh man I'm a huge fan of Christian... dam he's hot. The twists & turns in this show ae riveting. Oh & the patients' scenerios are just out of control. I look foward to every Tuesday night to see Christian just be hot!!
  • The last episode was the worst thought out one ever! Very disappointing.

    There were so many things that were poorly thought out. I spent all week anticipating this show and was disappointed. Even though I had guessed the carver right. For instance, Quinton gets shot by a cop, but no one checks a pulse to see if he is actually dead. Then, when christian and sean find out that Kit is his sister and not dead, they go home and have dinner. What?!!! Try going to the police to tell them and see if quinton is still in the morgue! Julia finds out something bad about her baby, and decides she now wants to live with sean but not tell him the news. Matt has a horrible ordeal and kills a man and goes home to have dinner with his family like he is this great son now who has done nothing wrong. Try calling the police or telling your family what happpened. I just think It was a very poorly planned episode and disappointing. This is one of my favorite shows and the ending was so unrealistic. Better luck next time.

    I knew from the begining that Quentin was the CARVER!!!!...But NEVER Expected KIT to have been part of it...This is the best show ever...IT had my husband and me on the edge of Oour sofa!!!!! THANKS for the show...and GREAT cast!!!!I recommended this show to everyone!!!Keep up the good work.
  • i LOVE the show. i can't miss it if i do i am recording it and nothing is done until i watch it. i knew who the carver was when he came on the show. he knew that he could not have those he wanted.

    NIP/TUCK has become my FAVORITE show to watch. i can't miss it. i even got my husabnd into watching it. i have the carver added on my buddy list on myspace. i am all up into this show. i knew who the carver was when he came on the show and the only reason he done what he done was because he knew that he could not have those he wanted without rapping and killing them. again i LOVE the show and i hope next season is even better. i can't wait for next season to see what they have in store for us to keep us on our toes and wanting more...
  • What a ridiculous, preposterously overwrought piece of flab! But it sure is capitivating.

    First of all, let me begin by praising the inventive grammar of whoever wrote the summar for Nip/Tuck on this site. This person seems to have an issue with pronouns and verb agreement. Just take that under advisement, dear writer, if you ever read this. (Guilty as charged--at 31, with plenty of education, a professional songwriter, I still make huge mistakes with commas.)

    On to the show. "My god!" I thought. "What happened to that chick?" The Carver had just struck and the silly, over-the-top detective lady was questioning a slash-faced cutie. The image was arresting, unnerving and at the same time, titillating. So I stopped and watched for a while. Okay, it got incredibly sordid in a hurry. Holy $hit! What do people get out of this stuff?! Best I could figure, there was this person raping girls with a strap-on and slashing their faces. On top of it all, it seems this incident had happened at a sorority party?! (Sorry I can't stop using exclamations, but for chrissakes! This crap is so ridiculously megalo, it's jaw-dropping.)

    Then the police enter the abode of another victim--a guy tied up in bed, slashed, with "I can't stop" scrawled on the wall in blood!!! I wish you could hear me laughing. This $hit is just hilarious. And then it turns out he has no penis! Can this get more overblown? The guy goes through an ordeal of convincing these chilly, shady cosmetic surgeons to work on him, and just when they start the operation, the freakin' SWAT team or the Marines or something bust in, with unbelievably hot caricature detective lady leading the charge. Oh my god!! Hilarious. And they're there to arrest the nurse who's just administered anaesthetic!! Okay--so how's this gonna work out? Did they bring in someone to fill in for her for the rest of the operation? And then it turns out she's the one with the strap-on!Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh, jeez--this is too much. I've never done one of these forums before, and I guess I'm a "Spoiler". Wooo...hoooo hoooooo... Oh, man. God, that was rich. I have too much time on my hands.

    Okay, the only thing that could make this show even more fun to watch would be:
    A) Aliens
    B) special guest appearances by Peter Falk
    C) special guest appearances by Jack Klugman (Quincy)
    D) An episode featuring characters from "Days of Our Lives"
    Make a choice. It's a new survey.

    Wow! This was a truly commendable piece of overwrought, fabulistically-written, imaginative and ultimately stupid tripe. I'll come back for more sometime. Yeah--it's that bad.
  • Found out who the Carver was, something might be happening with Julia's baby, and matt befriends cherry.

    I loved last nights episode, it kept me up until 1:00 I watched it twice just to make sure i caught everything, I thought it was amazing, and it kept me guessing until the very end. I love how fast paced it is. I cant wait until the new season starts.
  • Truely one of the best shows on television today!

    I've been watching Nip/Tuck since it began and it only gets better every year!

    I am so pleased with how this show pushes the limits of Television. I\'m happy that it is on later at night so younger children are less likely to see it. The cast of characters on this show are truely amazing! They all have their own unique story to tell and every story told on this show, keeps you interested. I haven\'t seen or watched a show that does that very often.

    I just watched the season finale and I have to say \"Bravo\" once again!!!!! You\'ve gotten me so hooked that I can\'t wait for the next season to start. The possibilities for this show are endless!!!!

    My little guilty pleasure!!!!!
  • I don't mind the violence or the sex. Its too much where it consumes the entire show then it bugs me. Half-Baked Stories with 2-D Characters but with stelor acting on all fronts.

    Nip/Tuck is popular, I mean very popular. People here and there telling me how amazing and great the show is. I have seen bits and pieces of the show only to see that F/X was up to there old tricks as in "Lets stuff this thing with the most contrevesary things!" and so I decided hey, maybe I should watch a full episode so I very much did..and I wasn't surprised.

    I mean hell I was bored,confused,disturbed and on the verge of just plain laughing. The show is supposed to be about two plastic surgeons Christian and Shawn doing what plastic surgeons do best..fix things that are "wrong" with them, ok concept. Its when they force in the gays,transexuals and crazy situtation only seen in pornos where I start to question this shows worth.

    Now don't get me wrong. I'm not one promote censor in fact its quite the opposite. It's just when you have the chance to do and say anything that dosn't make a show any better. In fact it makes it worse, the show wraps around itself on this concept of sex and violence that it makes it so bluntly ovious to the viewer. There is more then sex and violence isn't there and yes there is...

    The Story! The story of nip/tuck(what I've seen) is exactly what you think it is x100 with cases that deal with one way or another sex. Even St.Nick had to get a little female prostitute action. Yet the show has a major story going through-out the season, that is the mysterious carver. Who for those who don't know, he cuts and rapes the doctor's customers. Fun! The two doctors are searching for some leads and to find this guy.

    The characters in nip/tuck are very in-human and strangely uninteresting to watch. The actors do a great job, there personalities really may only dweel in the actors themselves. All of the characters arn't explored enough to who they are and why. They are given this holy in-human likeness where they either or thinking about sex or supposively thinking of other things..but its probably still sex. Even the women,with there electric dildos because her man can't please her anymore cause he turned himself into a woman.

    All in all thats all its about sex. The characters and stories are half-baked and throwing in a few lesbians and some talks of screwing a few girls over won't make me watch.
  • While the third season finale left something to be desired, Nip/Tuck continues its strong run with plenty of story lines for season 4.

    For the first two seasons, Nip/Tuck was a show that I found to be superior to anything currently or past on television. The stories were intriging if not sometimes out of this world and the characters were so flawed you wanted to hate them but found yourself sympathizing with them. In the third season the big storyline was "who is the carver?" and I feel that this may have hurt the show over all. I was so interested in who the carver was that everything else was just filler. Looking back there were some great episodes but at the same time episodes that were only ment to put off the identity of the carver util the finale. As for the result, it was the obvious choice, which was dissapointing, but the explanation made up for it as well as the twist. I feel that this mystery was set up with such high expectations that some people are likely going to be mad, but looking back in a week or two they will see the reasons for the decision.
  • Excellent. Without a doubt, one the best shows on TV right now.

    This show is amazing. If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT. It covers some really good issues our society is dealing with today, and does it with style. This show defenatly pushes the limits of whats allowed on TV, and frankly, that makes it that much better. Every episode surpries me with its content (thats not a bad thing). If you are looking for something new and original, watch this show, you will not regret it.
  • my rewiew will be about my opnion on the hit show nip/tuck.And who the viewers i think think should be because of the explicit things thta are on this t.v show and many parents may not approve of their young children watching such graphical show,because o

    i think that this show is by far one of the best shows that has ever hit the t.v because it shows so much things and it is so intresting just by watching one episode i garentee that you will get hooked on it... Me as a teenager think that the show may be a little too explicit for young viewers.......
  • Fabulous show!

    This show is great every week! I originally missed the first 2 seasons watched the first show of season 3 and became hooked. I went back and watched seasons 1 and 2. I would suggest anyone who has never seen it to watch one episode and you will be hooked.
  • The best show on television in many years.

    I never watched Nip/Tuck, never really thought it would be a good show. Then one night I was flipping through the channels and seen Sean punch Christian. I started watching and found out that Matt wasn't Sean's child, it was his best friends. That twist lead me into watching more and more of the show. I'm completly in love with this tv show. I have enver been unsatisfied after watching this show. It's a cutting edge, jaw dropping drama. This is one of the best shows on television. It's underapppreciated, and scorned by too many for it's explicit scenes. The parents council should just shut up and stop being so stupid. The show airs at 9PM. Kids should be in bed by that time, if they aren't the parents should have enough control not to let them watch. Their boycotting of Nip/Tuck is pointless. Adults are allowed to watch whatever they want. Nip/Tuck is the greatest show around.
  • Well then

    I would have liked to have seen more butts and sex in season 2. I know people have said this season lost its edge but It simply set the path the characters are taking as well as defining them. I look forward to season 3 and the finally of season 2.

    Finally a show that is pushing the boundaries and I am loving it. This series has been a long time coming. I am looking forward to seeing far this show will go in quest to be the best. So far they are doing a fantastic job. Bravo to the actors and writers. Your simply the best.
  • Beyond anything you would imagine.

    I love this show because it is so ridiculous. The premise, the drama these characters bring into their lives and into the operating room, their sexual proclivities being such alarge part of their mindset. It's all too -- too. I love it.
    Damn, 12 years ago you could lose advertisers for saying 'asshole' on 'NYPD Blue', this show sstretches language and sexual content barriers and epitomizes how far things have come since then.
  • What an incredible show, yet what a weird season, no? why i think so...

    I have to say that i am not a huge tv person, but nip/tuck is my favorite show of all time. i have watched both seasons 1 and 2 twice on dvd and i love the whole thing. it is an incredible show with such meaning and depth it is incredible. but i have to say this season, as good as it has been, has also been very weird. the one episode where sean and christian have to dissassemble the body that a psychotic man sewed together really did not follow the plot. and i dont mind the creative mind of ryan murphy and i know it was deep and meaningful, i just mean that when i changed the channel at 11 o clock i was like what the hell just happened. but then the show caught back on track and leads us to this big finale.

    i honestly cannot say who the carver is and i dont want to hazard an honest guess either. but i know a couple cast members say that people will have no idea. i have heard the usual suspects of the main characters, as well as a couple background people, but i really dont know. i honestly do not think it is sean since he was attacked by the carver himself. we know its not christian, since he was attacked and was proven innocent when that detective was attacked while he was put away. some people theorize that it might be not one person, but two or more. now if it would be, it wouldnt be sean or christian because why would they attack each other and why would they fix their own work?

    so this leaves us with still a plethora of suspects. and we have seen julia and liz show such compassion for the repair jobs sean and christian have done that i dont think it is them either. namely because i think that it would have set them off the deep edge and they would have had plenty of chances to off the two surgeons. they could have alternate personalities and be good liers, but i jsut dont think it is them.

    now, we know its not bobollit because he killed himself while he was high in season two. and it can't be adrian, ava's son, because he too was dead. and kimber was offed by the carver, i assume.

    so my top three suspects are:

    but we will see for sure in a couple nights
  • I love this show!

    It' been a long time since I watched the first episode of a series and became completely enamored with it. This show is blunt, brutal, and character driven. The writing of emotion is top notch. Production quality is excellent also. I am watching my way through the first season on dvd right now, and this show has become one of my all time favorites.

  • I think the show needs to move along. Everyone is waiting to see who the carver is......

    I think that the last show was quite impressive. The baby story was bizarre. Seventeen years later, come on! I'm looking forward to the reveal of the carver. Here is a Carver possibility, has everyone forgotten about the short guy, plastic surgeon, Asian, laundry room, turned to drugs, Christian was trying to help him. Kimber had moved in with him. He hates Kimber and Christian and he has disappeared from the show........
  • I love Nip/Tuck if I miss one episode I will die but I don't miss any this is the best show to come on Tv since the CSI I will never miss my shows because I have a DVR from cable and I can play them as much as possible.

    My review would be this is the best show to come on and on a Tuesday when there really is no good v show on so I don't have to worry about missing another one of my shows.I cannot wait for Tuesdays episode to see who the carver is I said it was Dr. Quetin you see how all of a sudden he just popped up on the show with such little background I am a suspence person i love to figure out thing and only 25% of the time I am wrong but the rest I am right.
  • What happened to this show?

    There was a time when I was interested in this show, but they left the carver story for a number of episodes until the finale. In between the carver hiatus and his return, there were a bunch of TERRIBLE episodes. It was almost like they wanted season one to be about the carver, ran out of ideas for new episodes, and decided to make a bunch of filler until they revealed the carver.
  • I am so hooked on this show! I can't get enough.

    I love watching "Nip/Tuck", I wish I could watch it everyday. I am sad the season is ending already. I feel that just yesterday I was watching the season premier. I hate waiting to see it again, I just get so anxious. The Carver story is what has me so hooked right now. I want to know who is the Carver. It's got me by the seat of my pants. I think everyone who watches the show feels that way. I would recommend it to everyone, well everyone who isn't squeamish. They do show graphic scenes of the plastic surgery. I got my sister and her husband hooked. I got my husband hooked too. It's a family affair every tuesday night at 10:00.
  • I absolutely love this show!


    it touches on real life issue in today\'s world.

    Absolutely a MUST SEE DRAMA!!!

    I manage a plastic surgery office in beverly hills, ca and the stories on the show are so shockingly similar to the real events that happen to us everyday at work.

    I hope it wins an emmy.
  • Niptuck is about two doctors who are best friends and have some hardships.

    I really love this show. It is one of my personal favorites.Niptuck is a show I watch every week and I will continue to do so. Christian is such a good actor and a really hott guy. Some of the things featured on this show are wierd but hey thats why I keep watching it day after day. I will be really sad once this show ends because it has became my best friend.This show rocks and it shows things that could happen in real life so. It gives me some pointers on certain thigs I can do or not do.I would say that this show will be around for a long time because people like it that much. I would so love to marry Julian Mcmahon.
  • My sister got me hooked on this!

    This show is disturbing.. the episode where Julias mother was in a plane crash was amazing.. reminded me of a short story I read in college.. called \"the story of an hour\" by Kate Chopin. I couldnt\' stop thinking about this ending! It is beyond cutting edge... no pun intended
  • Very good show - definitely cutting edge, dealing with separated parents, and the children issues that are not always the truth or revelant to the persons own.

    This was a good show, Christian had to face his demons of self, and professional candor.
    It also allowed a peak into the world of anger management wheather family or other.
    The twist to next week, almost makes you think
    Christian is the slasher. I thought for a moment it might be a woman, instead of a man. But the voice gave it away with his last victim.
  • Hack em, slash em, hump em, dump em,...But with a plot !!!!!!!

    This is more than a show on T.V., It is a highly addictive substance and should be regulated by the FDA. I don't "get" into T.V shows like a lot of people I know but I have been hooked ever since season 1. I personally am responsible for hooking 11 new addicts...And proud of it. My God keep them coming !!!!!
  • When this show first came out, I couldn't believe that someone made a show about plastic surgery. BUT, here lately, I have been watching this show and calling my mother just before it comes on so we can watch it together! AMAZING!

    IT IS GREAT!!! NOW, I love it! When this show first came out, I couldn't believe that someone made a show about plastic surgery. BUT, here lately, I have been watching this show and calling my mother just before it comes on so we can watch it together! AMAZING!
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