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  • Outstanding... can't keep my mind off it!

    Somebody stop me... I can't stop thinking about this show. I can only hope something better comes out soon so I can think of something different. Something FINALLY beats Sex & the City... & I don't even like series. Please, keep up the good work. I live for each episode.

    Kudos to FX; keep up the good programming.
  • What can one say to sum up this show other then great, but odd.

    Odd, yes, but that's the beauty as well as diversity of this show. An in depth look into the world of plastic surgery and the stereotypes that brings as well as a lot that you didn't know about it. It seems at first that "Plastic Surgery" could be looked on as a superficial venture in most instances, but Nip/Tuck introduces us to another side of plastic surgery as well the necessity of it. The show presents interesting cases that are incredible to watch play out, good job. On the other hand good medicine in no way helps salvage the personal lives of the main cast. If it's personal life in crisis your looking for look no further. A look into the lives of the two main character's Julian McMahon .... as Dr. Christian Troy, and Dylan Walsh .... as Dr. Sean McNamara both doctor's are partners in a thriving, successful practice. Dr. Troy provides us and in depth look into all the excesses enjoyed by a bachelor, and financially successful Dr. that is well known as well as very sought after. Even though Dr. Troy's life seemingly is one a lot would love too have the show allows us to see that change in him that allows him to begin thinking, and seeking as well a different life so that he could settle down fall in love and have a more normal life. All the while we get to see Dr. McNamara's very settled normal life of long marriage, and children fall apart, and the journey that takes him on. Though the main stories of the show focus on these two characters, the show has a wonderful ensemble cast that allows for many other sub plots to play out that perfectly compliments the main characters storylines. Other characters are as follows; Joely Richardson Julia McNamara (wife of Dr. McNamara), John Hensley .... as Matt McNamara (son of Dr. McNamara), Roma Maffia .... as Dr. Liz Cruz, Kelly Carlson .... as Kimber Henry, Jessalyn Gilsig .... as Gina Russo, Valerie Cruz .... as Grace Santiago, Bruno Campos .... as Dr. Quentin Costa. The show has a fantastic mix of chemistry that makes the show great, and absolutely cutting edge that makes it worth the watch. The show is captivating and makes you come back for more.
  • Oh mamma!

    The fact that the show can be funny, annoying, suspensful, enraging, and most of all sexy as ... well ... all I can say is I don't miss an episode. Of course my favorite is Christian ... then again I've been watching Julian Mcmahon since he was on Charmed so I think I'd watch just about anything with him on it ... even though he does seem to be loosing his mind right now. I love him anyway. Who do you guys think is the Carver though??? I know I have my favorite for the psycho.
  • Two plastic surgeons and all the drama that goes with it.

    I have just finished watching season 1, moving on to season 2, and watching season 3 on FX this has become a new favorite of mine. My poor tivo has never worked so hard! I have had to rewind and rewatch parts of it to make sure I caught what I thought I heard or saw. Dr. Troy, who I loved as Cole on Charmed, is spectacular in this. He's funny, smarta**, and cute as a button. Dr. Sean is trying to do the right thing but seems to take the path less traveled every time. Every week I look forward to a new show, a new group of characters and a new drama that develops within the office. Love, Love, Love this one.
  • My sister-in-law got me into this and boy am I hooked!! I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait for the next season after this one is over!

    This show has to be one of the very best I've ever been hooked on! The characters are well fleshed out, the plot thickens each and every week and trust me, I watch VERY little TV at all these past 8 years or so because I just cannot stomach commercials - but I NEVER miss an episode of this!

    I want to know the identity of the carver just like everyone else!!!
  • All the drama and action with Sean, Christian, Julia, Matt, Quinton, and Julia's mother is fabulous. They shoke me and keep me wondering.

    I love all of the episodes. I only missed one and was very mad. I love this show along with, e.r., strong medicine etc. I think this is a great show. It has excitment and keeps you thinking. Only thing I wondered about is what happened to the hispanic boy who tried to get out of his gang and got beat up? I think it would be very interesting if Matt gets a girl pregnant but not the one he\'s currently seeing!
  • Nip/Tuck...slashes the competion

    a disturbingly intresting drama with hot chicks and a face cutting cazy on the only gets better with time. most on the second season was absolutly perfect and really made for some good TV watching.The 3rd Season so far seems to be taking a slower pace than the other season but all in good time...i guess?
  • Very good! This show almost always provides the audience with excellent material and does not leave me wanting or criticizing. A few episodes are not as good as usual, but most are A+ in quality.

    While I am not normally one to watch shows that revolve around personal lives, this show has managed to captivate me. The characters and situations are compelling and it always leaves you wanting more. Unlike the typical "soap opera" it is not simply a matter of wondering what happens next, but it manages to allow us to view the lives of these characters without spelling out to us how we are supposed to feel. The show is compelling and intelligent, I would recommend it to everyone. I only penalized it half a point, because a handful of episodes do not maintain the general standard.
  • Very nice show. Any show that seems like its only 30 mins. long and it\'s an hour is a hit. Always leaves you wanting more.

    It has to rate a 10 in my book. Like I stated before any show thats 60 mins. long and seems like you only got 30 mins leaving you for more is a hit. I think they should dump Matt. He\'s the low part of the show for me taking up space. I\'ve seen enough punks in real life. DUMP MATT! THX. GS
  • This show is great! Thanks you for reading me review. Gabby.

    This show is so wild and sometimes boring to watch but I still like it. I did not start to watch it until the middle of this season and it has hooked me sence then. I have to record it because it is on the same time Law and Order: SVU is on. I love Nip/Tuck too. I love all the sex and gore that it has on it and it is not afrad to push the line. I like the whole thing with the carver and everything in between. I like the two main doctors and Julia. WATCH NIP/TUCK.
  • Restoration of the carvers voice!

    Hi guys!
    Bit of a spoiler to say the least - unfortunately I am the impatient type and needed to know who the carver was... I used an advanced pitch shift software (by waves) on the carvers voice recordings and indentified whose voice it is! If you transpose it up 4 semitones, retaining formants then you can hear without any shadow of a doubt it is John Hensley - the carver is Matt!!!
    It still sounds digital but its there as clear as day.

    Disappointing as i really hoped it was Julia... and kinda suspected it was Liz. If i could upload sound here i would upload the mp3 of the restored carver vocal, but im sure most of you can do it yourself...
  • Why I am addicted to this show...

    Pure brilliance in television viewing! This show has is all! Sex, controversy, suspense, love, hate, relationships, fear, violence, drama, blood, gore, heartfelt, compassion, selfishness.

    Always pushing the envelop and keeping you guessing -- take nothing you see at face value, every turn is a major twist -- er, twisted (yes at times).

    Creator Ryan Murphy is an exquisitely gifted story teller!

  • Cutting edge literally! The Carver for instance, who is he? Where do all the relationships go from here?

    I give this show two thumbs way up! Adding The Carver makes it that much more interesting. I loved it before but now it's even more rivetting. People want to know who he or she is. I never miss a show! Children should not watch it. However, adults are bathing in it's suspense and drama. It also inspires me to go back to college to be a doctor. (Just a personal note) I love it. I hope it stays around for a long while!
  • My Husband and I are huge fans of Nip Tuck and I can never wait till the next show. We think we know who the Carver is! We'll see! Love it!

    Yep, we're hooked! This show is on fire and we feel the heat! We've never missed a show! It get's better and better! We like how unpredictable this show is! In most cases You don't really know what's going to happend next! Love the crazy wacky Drama. Love how XX and R rated this show is. We think the writers are awesome and super creative and anyone who makes this show happen are the best!
  • The first two seasons were amazing, but the third season has gone completely off pase.

    The writing in the first two seasons was really amazing, but now in this season it has turned into more of a soap opera about twisted and worthless story lines. Honestly though, I have noticed that Hollywood generally does this a lot now, start a show off great, then after some time, give it to writers of, well, horrible talent. To its credit though even now it still has really good moments, but make no mistake it has turned into something worse than it was originally. It was about these two doctors that had a business, it turned into a story about them and many others and has almost left the idea of "nip/tuck", which is sad, I really enjoy a great story and character development, but it's not really doing that, it's just trying to create cheap drama with Hollywood regurgitated soap-opera storylines. I still give it a good score because even though it has gone down hill, the writers still have some really good moments, though few and less than the first two seasons; Nip/Tuck is still a good show.
  • This is the ONLY show I set my clock a matter of fact...Nip/Tuck is the ONLY show!!!

    I have watched Nip/Tuck since the very beginning, and I must say, this is the greatest show on TV!!! Two plastic surgeons in Miami and such the sordid web that is weaved! May this show reign in the land of FX for a long long time to come! NEVER DISAPPOINTING!
  • My favorite show

    I love Nip/Tuck since the first episode. The writers of this show are brilliant. The show is funny, gritty, and dark. Although I think the episodes in the middle of this season weren't as good as all the others they got better. I absolutely love Dr. Chrisitan Troy's character he is so rude and mean and it is so funny. And the son Matt he is such a weirdo, I can't believe his parents let him talk like that to them. I hope this show only continues to get better
  • Nip/Tuck: Chic, Stylish, Cutting Edge!

    Nip/Tuck is the most stylish drama on TV today, maybe in all of television history. It's chicness surpasses every show I've ever watched. Christian's cool demeanor towards women, Julia's pretentiousnes, Matt's smartass remarks to his parents, & Sean's vulnerability are just some of the reasons why it will always be number one in my book. I'd recommend this show for anyone from age seventeen to fifty-five. It's awesome, I've never missed and episode and I hope there are many, many more to come.
  • This is the best drama on television. There is nothing out there like it. The combination of the life changing surgeries with the drama of living as a plastic surgeon in Miami is so original.

    Nip/Tuck is the best show on television. It'snot afraid to go where other shows won't. So many people I know are addicted to this show and I have not been able to say that in a long time. Nip/Tuck keeps us constantly guessing and just when you think you know what is going to happen, the plot twists and thickens. This is by far the best show of its time and genre.
  • One of the best shows on television.

    When I discovered Nip/Tuck I almost couldn't believe it was on television. It is far more interesting than any thing I have ever seen on television. They really push the envelope. Every episode seems to be even more interesting than the last. When it comes to smart, funny and down right shocking this is the one. I have to say hats off to the writers. They seem to come up with an hour script every week that keeps you watching every second of it. The evolvement of the characters is what I really love. The relationship between the partners seems to be stronger than any male, female relationship.
    But that all being said I think they have one of the best looking casts around. I did love the role Rhona Mitra played. I would love to see her on occasionally. She is so beautiful.
    Alec Baldwin played a pretty good role also.
    I am completely addicted and wish it was on more than once a week. I can’t seem to get enough. Thank god for smart writers and the chance to be really entertained.
  • Nip/Tuck is the best show other than ER. I set my tv to automatically tune in to this show every week no matter what I'm watching.

    I love Nip/Tuck. I watch this show every week. I make sure that I don't miss a beat. I will autotune my tv to tune in no matter what. I watch this show with no interruptions from anybody. My husband knows not to bother me when this show is on. It keeps me on the edge on my seat. This show is awesome. Does anybody have a clue who "The Carver" is? I think it may be Quinten or the son. I want to find out so bad. Wanting to know makes me not miss a show. Does anybody know?
  • Dark, gritty, and ironic...all in one show. Yes, folks...this one's not for the kiddies and I love it! It's one sophisticated adult soap opera.

    Who wouldn't want to do Christian and then go home to Sean? And the new doctor is hot too...even if he is psycho. Watch Julia become the richest of all..if she doesn't get sidetracked with said doctor. Gina needs to step up and claim her share of the spotlight as she is Christian's female counterpart. This show is far, far away from being politically correct and that is a huge reason why I love it!
  • Who is the Carver???

    I think this show is really good. But they can use some work. I'm getting tired of the guys going through their mid life crisis and crap. get over it dammit lol. So how do you guys think the carver is? I mean anyone that they know or some random guy? What do you guys think. Hit me up if ya'll got some idea's.
  • In summary, I feel that Nip/Tuck is a one-of-a kind drama that is in a category all its own. I hope there are at least 25 seasons. I will be sad when I can\'t watch it anymore.

    Nip/Tuck is a drama that goes deeper than most. In one episode you can quickly feel what one of the characters is feeling. Then, things change, and you may despise that person. Then you love them again. Each one has his or her own battles and faults and makes plenty of mistakes. But each one is special and has a good excuse for what they do. The show is unpredictable, funny, creepy and heart-touching all at the same time. The creator does a good job of making you forget about something for a couple of weeks and then bringing it all up again. It's like a box of delicious gooey, sweet, sinfully satisfying chocolates-you never know what you're gonna get!
  • Probably the best, adult, show out there today. It's exciting, scary, fun at some times and it can be ogrish too.

    I started watching this show when it came to Sweden for the first time. It took me only one episode to decide it to be the best entertaining show. I've since then followed the show, waiting for a new episode every week, longing for it.
    The story itself is really spectacular, showing us the lives of two successfull plastic surgents, how they manage to live with the big problems they have around them, from family to police business.
    The characters are really well played and the twists are amazing. The twists are that great actually that you can't stop thinking about the last episode but at the same time can't wait for the new one to air! It's like watching Pokemon for the first time, everytime!

    If you can stand the blood in this show, if you have the heart to watch quite disgusting images, than this is the show. Hey, don't forget all the women in there too, the affairs and ofcourse the sex.
    Amazing, it is!
  • WHO IS THE CARVER?? Nip/Tuck has to be one of the best adult tv shows on. Sexy doesn't hold back.

    Who is the carver? If you haven't figured it out by now then....Kimber kidnapped from her wedding and caged, while Christian is screwing a woman with a bag on her head. Gay sex, and little Matt who resembles Michael Jackson with a crew cut is once again in with the wrong crowd. And poor Shawn, bet he wished he had a Kimber doll now, so all alone. So, is the carver the 'ex-partner'? We all know what he likes and we all know what the carver did to Christian. Watch for Matt to find himself in a real big mess, he will wish he was beaten by the trannys. I personally wished something really bad would happen to him, he needs to go under the knife and have his eyebrows thinned out. Or he should get a sex change operation. As you can tell he is the only reason I did not give this a 10, he looks too much like MJ.
  • Does anyone else think Matt should get written out??

    Ya know, I absolutely love this show. I haven't missed an episode since it started airing. But I can not stand Matt's character!! He needed to get beat up worse than he did. Everytime he makes an appearance on the show I want someone to knock the crap outta him! I don't I the only one who feels this way? Don't get me wrong...I'm not knockin' the show, just Matt. :)
  • Never losing it's touch!

    Every season I think to myself, ("They cannot top this!)" And every season they prove me wrong!
    For a while I hadn't been shocked with the show like I was during season One and two (I mean Ava was a man!) But then last night seeing Costa playing cather to the army mans pitcher was a whole new level of WOW! for this fantabulous show. i watch it every Tuesday without failure. And, like I said before, they continue to shock me. Even Christian's old antic of being a real SOB have gotten more extreme. I mean forcing her to wear a bag over her head! WOW! That was cold! But her coming back for more! I mean...I Just...I'm Speechless. Well, here's to even more debauchery and self-serving sado-masicistic tendencies!
  • I'm absolutely addicted!

    Personally, I think it's a wonderful show. I'm glued to the set every Tuesday, and often find myself yelling at it. *Chuckle*

    Although it's definitely NOT for children, I find it a great escape from my own life. The story lines are fresh and brilliant. The actors are fantastic. It's definitely a show that keeps people on their toes, and makes them think.

    It's definitely on the money when it comes to things that happen in day-to-day lives nowadays... generally speaking. The characters are believable and highly entertaining, especially "Christian".

    If you like mundane television shows, go watch "Walker: Texas Ranger" or some other equally mind-numbing show. If you want a thought-provoking and imaginative show, keep your eyes peeled on "Nip/Tuck."
  • I only have two words for the cast and anyone who had anything to do with the making of this show...LOVE IT!!! :)

    I love that its an on the edge tv series that is made for an older demographic...I love watching it every week and i own both seasons on DVD...I think the characters are gorgeous and complex and I think that's what makes this show such a hit...I love it :)
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