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  • Season Finale Disappointment

    The season finale was completely predictable, and very disappointing! In fact, it totally ruined the whole show for me and my husband and I don't think we are interested in watching it anymore. I certainly hope Season 4 kicks off in a "killer" way or I'm afraid I will be finding something else to occupy my time on Tuesdays.
  • The 4 first seasons where very good and quite intersting but the last seasons have been extremely disapointing. It's like what happend in prison break, the writers went out of ideas and streched the sow because it sold, but the result is horrible!!!

    The 4 first seasons where very good and quite intersting but the last seasons have been extremely disapointing. It's like what happend in prison break, the writers went out of ideas and streched the sow because it sold, but the result is horrible!!! i was a nip tuck fan but i can't watch it anymore. With all these things that happend i find it pretty apawling and i will not watch it again. Every kinky-twited-pervert-weerdo character you might think this sow has them!!! Also everyone have slept with everyone. It's such a shame what started to be a great show that is now painfully to watch
  • Pointless.

    Disgusting and pointless, Nip/Tuck, must be made for moronic urbanites with the classic 'cattle' mentality. It completely lacks an interesting plot, compelling characters, and promotes total immorality. As a witch from the 'bible belt' this is really saying something as my views on 'morality' are both quite modern and pre-christian at the same time. Overall, this show glamorizes some of the worst parts of our current society's views on life, our bodies, and our inherent obsessive behaviors. Give me a break and put something I can watch with my family on. If it has to be alternative stuff to bring in viewers, so much the better, because we like that. This show is even worse than reality tv.
  • Season Finale was the worst.

    This was one of the worst season finales I have ever seen..the entire season was aweful..the show had no direction and concentrated too much on personal stopped focusing on the plastic surgeons and took a turn who knows where. I am a big fan I own season 1-3 on DVD) will for sure not purchase this one..and may sop watching if they return for another season.
  • Do not let you kids or teenagers watch this.

    I think I am the only one on this message board that says this, but I speak for those people when I say that Nip/Tuck is not a good family show. That is saying a lot.

    The Parents Television Council says this too! And, they are right, too! I like what the PTC does for the world. Don't you dare flame because 1) I don't like it when people bash my morals and 2) The PTC may go after you. Who were the guys who created this, secular progressives? I know you all have your own opinions and all, but, this show, it's about a bunch of horny loser Satan-worshipers. I am outraged by today's immoral society.

    Also, the show uses harsh words I can't repeat. The show has too much sexual content, the medical surgeries are too graphic, and is overall too explicit for anyone.

    Therefore, I hope the show get kicked to the curb one day and the vulgar society of todays matures a bit more. It is not appropriate for the whole family to enjoy. It's sick how many of these people "enjoy" these shows.
  • Complete and total crap

    One of the worst shows ever!!! The commercials make me want to avoid it at all costs, not intruigue me into watching it.

    I caught 10 minutes one day when there was nothing else on, so I thought I would see what it was all about, and it was disgusting! This blond slut had hired 3 guys to have sex with her, one right after the other, to get pregnant?

    Im amazed it made it past half way through season 1. I would rather watch something a little more intelligent and less self-important, self involved hacks.

    I don't care if people disagree with my review, I just dont like these fluff shows full of sluts and sex.
  • I really don't see the point of this.

    Um what is this? What is it about? Why does it stink like cow poo? Answers are: a piece of crap; absolutely nothing; because it's LAME!! Ironic that people actually enjoy this show. If you love this show, that's fine with me, but don't try to convince me to like it, because i won't.
  • the last 30 seconds ALMOST bailed out the first 59 minutes

    "Granville Trapp" was possibly the worst episode EVER. they must have brought in a team of new writers for this debacle. the idea of christian as the carver was totally implausable. the scenario where they reconstructed how it could have been him just made no sense. it was pure \"filler\". the scene where they brought his mother into the police station was embarassingly bad and poorly acted by his added absolutley nothing to the show, except that it consumed a few precious minutes of tv time. even near the end of the show when christian returned to the office and sean approached him to apologize for doubting him, seemed contrived and silly. nothing could shake their mutual love and respect for one another...certainly not some far fetched accusation about christian being the carver. (dr. costa is the carver).

    in any case, the last scene was so wonderfully done that it compensated for the many shortcomings of the rest of the show.
  • Worst ever & waste of time!!!

    Forget this episode. Such a waste of time. Complety off topic and such a low point for this. If this was the first episode you ever watched it will be the last ever. How can somebody line-up such a mess with the others. I just hope and I really hope that the next episode will be much better to repair the damage this episode did to nip/tuck. Forget this episode. Such a waste of time. Complety off topic and such a low point for this. If this was the first episode you ever watched it will be the last ever. How can somebody line-up such a mess with the others. I just hope and I really hope that the next episode will be much better to repair the damage this episode did to nip/tuck.
  • ewww

    ewww what a trashy show this is i can\\\'t Believe People watch it this is an example of how trashy the media is these days it should go away right now! this show is total CRAP! and i mean crappy crap! okay so just spare yourself from the mediocrity this show poses.
  • They are all losers, i would never like to live like this.

    ok, first of all, i know my english is no good, but try to look past that.

    Second of all, in the beginning of the show, i actually thought the show was ok. but now its just pathetic. I dont like the characters at all, especially \"Sean\", and when Julia says \"Sean\", i dont know what to do, it sounds disgusting. Its just getting worse, Matt is/are? according to me such a loser, and the rest to btb. I cant stand looking at \"Sean\" anymore,he´s probably the biggest loser of all.

    Now, u may wonder way i countinued watching this stupid show for so long. I have no good answer to that, because there is non, but to my defense i can say i love watching shows with doctors, medicin and pretty faces in them, allthough i have a hard time finding one in nip/tuck except the obvious one.

    Well, to sum up; Nip/tuck sucks, the characters are losers and im done watching it. Over and out./I

    ps. Ok, my expressed opinion may of upset some people, but only because i dont like the show doesnt mean i dont know that everything is not perfect in this world. And no, i will not go back to 7th heaven,.. why should i? That show is pretty pathetic to.
  • What in God's name happened to the third season of what used to be my favorite show?

    I've been a faithful viewer of this show since the pilot and even encouraged all of my friends to watch it because it was very smart, funny, and cutting-edge. But the third season was the slowest and most poorly written to date. I was completely surprised that the writers went with Quentin as being the Carver. He was the most obvious choice so I was completely thrown that a show that used to be one of the best written on TV would take the easy way out. The finale made absolutely no sense at all. If this season is any indication of what's to come later...I won't be watching anymore!
  • what the hell

    I saw an episode of this show...just screaming, shouting, and swearing. Someone got slapped and they were talking about some really gross stuff..
    I wasn't very impressed at all, it seemed to be really low stuff. Maybe i've just missed the point, but another b-grade drama is what i saw.
  • Interesting yet quite a "sick" show

    Now, if you want to be sickened every time you watch this series, be my guest.You never know what the two main characters will be up to, let alone how the story will go but one thing is for sure.It will probably be as low grade as their characters are. By that I mean that the depiction of these two self-effacing "doctors' or "butchers" who have no proclivity nor morals to sustain them are in a constant and complex involvement with their seemingly demented profession.
    The women on this show are no better than the main characters since they seem to lack anything that makes them above what the men seem to be.They are weak and self-deprecating, confused and artificial.
  • Season premiere. Sean and Christian move to California from Miami.They are running out of money and have no patients. They hit the hollywood scene to try and drum up business.

    I was looking forward to the season premiere,what a disappointment! The show was actually annoying. Especially that woman with the lips. I just wanted her to stop whining.The show had no flow to it and it was like the writers were desperate for a storyline. If that's what you could have called it.If the show was supposed to be funny,I failed to see any humor in it. I hope next week is at least tolerable or I just might go back to watching a great show like Boston Legal! What has happened to the great show that it used to be?????
  • Sex and plastic surgery.

    I gave Nip/Tuck a chance because I have been hearin so much press that it is "groundbreaking" and "amazing." I found it to be a little ridiculous. Trash is a little too nice of a word for this show. I don't understand the great appeal of a show based upon sex and surgery. Maybe I am just too squeamish. Or, maybe my standards are too high. Who knows?

    The only appealing part of the show, in my opinion, was the different people who wanted the surgery. Their backstories were remotely interesting, but not interesting enough to keep this lady watching. Nip/ thanks.
  • What is wrong with this show? It is absurd, ridiculous, boring, unoriginal, lame...just disappointing. They should just stop producing it. Really. It has nothing of what it used to be in Seasons 1 to 3. A complete embarrassment.

    I am a big Nip/Tuck fan but unfortunately this show is going downhill fast. It is boring, unimaginative, supremely absurd, ridiculously lame. The characters have been reduced to nothing but two dimensional caricatures and their struggles are as meaningful as the story lines. The show has gone from smart and original to plain stupid and tedious. The story has practically zero coherency and there is next to no continuity or self awareness in the characters, except for some vague, skeletal connection they all have to their past (i.e. same name etc). If the characters hadnt kept their names and werent being played by the same actors, I wouldnt know that this is the same show I watched years ago. It's just pathetic. Christian's character has not grown as the writers would like us believe, he has merely turned into a pathetic, whiny little sap without any plausible explanation in the plot as to why. It seems like the writers just ran out of things to do with Christian, and so decided to have him be a complete embarrassment. He doesn't have an ounce of the zest and eagerness he had before and we don't even know why. Sean is not even remotely the same person he used to be. And it's not that he grew or changed, it is as if they had just made up a new character. Julia has completely disappeared after having turned lesbian (out of the blue). The writers are so pathetic and have ran out of stories so they have Christian have sex with Liz (a stern lesbian who would NEVER have sold out to Christian's advances). And what's up with the biker chick who is supposed to be daring? She is not only miscasted but her character, just like any character, is just not very believable. This show used to be daring, spellbinding, intriguing, intelligent and edgy. Now it is just an embarrassment and I really hope they stop producing it.
  • I have watched every episode of Nip Tuck since its birth and I have eagerly awaited/loved each new episode. I locked the new premiere on my Tivo weeks ago. Now, I'm shaking my head in disbelief, the lame comedy aspect didn't work and the show was dull.

    Last year's Nip Tuck was awesome and I eagerly awaited (and loved) each and every new shocking/exciting episode. So naturally I just assumed that the season premiere would be equally as clutching. BOY WAS I WRONG! The premiere was dull, dry and the attempts at comedy were embarrassing to say the least. Did the show get new writers or something? I don't know what happened but I enjoy the drama of the original Nip Tuck much more. I kept looking at the clock throughout the whole premiere calculating how many more minutes were left hoping that there was some surprise embedded in the story line that would possibly rescue a very disappointing performance. Come on guys...I know you can do better!!
  • the pregnant woman at Christmas plotline is so old it needs a walker what complete and utter drivel they could do any better than this.what a waste of a perfectly good 90 minutes

    Someone should remind the Nip/Tuck writers that the pregnant woman at Christmastime hasn't been original since Mary had \'the immaculate conception\' and even SHE would gag at the lame,stupid,cheesy,pathetic storyline.Or at least correct them on it since that\'s not even when Jesus was born and even if it was that plotline has been done to death and come back so much it could be a zombie.Plus we\'re supposed to believe that because Mr. no \'whang\' didn\'t get her pregnant that her bitter ex-husband would get the \'warm fuzzies\' and they would magically fall in love again.What?!!These two people shouldn\'t have been together in the FIRST place let alone hook-up because of an ill-conceived[and pointless]pregnancy.They really have been dropping the ball of late and yeah 'flabbyabby' actually looked FATTER after her supposed liposuction what's up with that.
  • What a ridiculous, preposterously overwrought piece of flab! But it sure is capitivating.

    First of all, let me begin by praising the inventive grammar of whoever wrote the summar for Nip/Tuck on this site. This person seems to have an issue with pronouns and verb agreement. Just take that under advisement, dear writer, if you ever read this. (Guilty as charged--at 31, with plenty of education, a professional songwriter, I still make huge mistakes with commas.)

    On to the show. "My god!" I thought. "What happened to that chick?" The Carver had just struck and the silly, over-the-top detective lady was questioning a slash-faced cutie. The image was arresting, unnerving and at the same time, titillating. So I stopped and watched for a while. Okay, it got incredibly sordid in a hurry. Holy $hit! What do people get out of this stuff?! Best I could figure, there was this person raping girls with a strap-on and slashing their faces. On top of it all, it seems this incident had happened at a sorority party?! (Sorry I can't stop using exclamations, but for chrissakes! This crap is so ridiculously megalo, it's jaw-dropping.)

    Then the police enter the abode of another victim--a guy tied up in bed, slashed, with "I can't stop" scrawled on the wall in blood!!! I wish you could hear me laughing. This $hit is just hilarious. And then it turns out he has no penis! Can this get more overblown? The guy goes through an ordeal of convincing these chilly, shady cosmetic surgeons to work on him, and just when they start the operation, the freakin' SWAT team or the Marines or something bust in, with unbelievably hot caricature detective lady leading the charge. Oh my god!! Hilarious. And they're there to arrest the nurse who's just administered anaesthetic!! Okay--so how's this gonna work out? Did they bring in someone to fill in for her for the rest of the operation? And then it turns out she's the one with the strap-on!Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh, jeez--this is too much. I've never done one of these forums before, and I guess I'm a "Spoiler". Wooo...hoooo hoooooo... Oh, man. God, that was rich. I have too much time on my hands.

    Okay, the only thing that could make this show even more fun to watch would be:
    A) Aliens
    B) special guest appearances by Peter Falk
    C) special guest appearances by Jack Klugman (Quincy)
    D) An episode featuring characters from "Days of Our Lives"
    Make a choice. It's a new survey.

    Wow! This was a truly commendable piece of overwrought, fabulistically-written, imaginative and ultimately stupid tripe. I'll come back for more sometime. Yeah--it's that bad.
  • What happened to this show?

    There was a time when I was interested in this show, but they left the carver story for a number of episodes until the finale. In between the carver hiatus and his return, there were a bunch of TERRIBLE episodes. It was almost like they wanted season one to be about the carver, ran out of ideas for new episodes, and decided to make a bunch of filler until they revealed the carver.
  • If my friend didnt keep talking about it I wouldnt have bothered.

    I'm not sure what I was thinking by actually watching the second show. The premiere was not what I expected but it was a little sentimental with the lady on the couch. I guess they were going for that effect. The threesome wasnt the worst thing, I think when shows have a lot of so called mature activities they have to keep going to more distressing subjects. The second show last night to me was distressing. I am so tired of people harping on the idea that we have a choice to be male or female. In 99percent of the population you are born one or another. You do not choose. Our society is full of people pushing that agenda and I don't need to see it in my so called entertainment hours. Enough said.
  • I have tried to watch this show a few times, but the minute I start actually liking it, it turns into a sexual joke. Nothing hot about the sex, just plain laughable.

    I liked most of the premier, but when it got to the detective pulling up her skirt to reveal her stockings, I started laughing and did not stop after Kimmy hopped into bed with them! I have no problem with people being sexual, but this had to be written by a 15 year old boy hooked on Penhouse Forum. Come on! I guess it is every man's dream to have two beautiful women in designer undies going at it and then including him, but how stupid can it get? Consulting to see if it okay with both ladies? Nope. Ripping clothes off and two chicks mashing? Yep, written by a male who wants blow-up dolls and not real women.

    Have fight with partner? Hire hooker and have menage toi. Like one girl who likes another girl? Have menage toi. Find out you don't have Aids? Have menage toi. Trying to recover from being sexually assaulted? Have menage toi.

    Not a prude, but this show is one that I will be passing on unless it can actually tell a story without having to revert to it's old stand-by, the menage toi. They have actually been able to make it an overused devise that is a yawn, if not downright funny. I know it is supposed to have some humor to the show, but I think I am laughing when they are expecting me to be breathing heavily. Gee, thinking about it has started me giggling again...........
  • It was original, but went down.

    I have watched Nip Tuck since day one, the last 2 episodes have me somewhat confused and disappointed! The last scenes on 10/12/05 was Christian being put under anesthesia and Sean cutting himself, as usual, great cliff hangers for viewers to tune in next week. However, when next week came, we never saw the outcome of either!! I felt like they forgot a episode!! The episode on 10/19 was mind boggleing to say the least!!! I waited for 60 minutes to see Christian wake up and it was all a dream!!! The last scene on this one was Kit sitting in front of Christian ...showing us she had been the last victim of the Carver! NOw, this week, again...NOthing about last weeks episode!!! Where is Kit? Where is Kimber? Where is Matt? And when and how did Gina get back in the picture? Is it me?? I love this show, I live for this show....but suddenly I am getting worried there are new writers and could possibly hurt the shows ratings .
  • The video from the show "Yo Stank" sums up this episode quite appropriately...basically, it stunk.

    I haven't missed an episode of Nip Tuck in years, but this week's offering was enough to make me question that dedication. Right off the bat, the opening scenes with "Coco" was so bad that I almost turned it off. Jennifer is a great comedic actress and she did a good job, but whoever wrote that dialogue should be canned. Funny is one thing, but ridiculous? I can do without that.

    The relationship between Christian and Liz is intriguing, but again, his script left me wondering if the real writers had taken a week off. I know that he has an enormous ego and he loves to show it off, but it seems that this week was nothing more than one jab after another about his sexual prowess. Enough already. And his attitude during the cancer survivor's meeting was nothing but deplorable. Yeah...we get it...he's a jerk, but I doubt that even Dr. Troy would have been so cold hearted and unsympathetic in such a situation.

    Then there's Roxy...Come on! Going into the lobby of the office and cutting your own breast off with an electronic carving knife? How disgusting was that scene? Again...I know and understand that she was desperate and wanted to get Christian's attention, but was the gore of it all necessary? Couldn't the result have been manifest without showing the actual act? It was shocking just for the sake of being shocking...IMHO, just an attempt to have people say that the show is staying on the "cutting edge" (no pun intended) by doing things that haven't been done before. It's one thing to be an adult show because of the language and at times a gratuitous butt or boob shot, but to result to blood and gore is taking it to another low level. And lastly, the return of Eden. Again, the writing for this part was horrible! Her lines were pathetic! It's no wonder the actress' delivery was so bad...her lines were crap! I've seen better acting on daytime latino soaps!

    Next week, the show has 5-10 minutes max to prove to me that this week was a fluke. Otherwsie, the channel will be changed promptly. Sad...this show was fun to watch not too long ago. It had just a little dose of reality but didn't go over the top like this episode did.
  • The last episode was the worst thought out one ever! Very disappointing.

    There were so many things that were poorly thought out. I spent all week anticipating this show and was disappointed. Even though I had guessed the carver right. For instance, Quinton gets shot by a cop, but no one checks a pulse to see if he is actually dead. Then, when christian and sean find out that Kit is his sister and not dead, they go home and have dinner. What?!!! Try going to the police to tell them and see if quinton is still in the morgue! Julia finds out something bad about her baby, and decides she now wants to live with sean but not tell him the news. Matt has a horrible ordeal and kills a man and goes home to have dinner with his family like he is this great son now who has done nothing wrong. Try calling the police or telling your family what happpened. I just think It was a very poorly planned episode and disappointing. This is one of my favorite shows and the ending was so unrealistic. Better luck next time.
  • Christian Troy and Sean McNamara move to L.A. to begin another practice. Loyal Liz joins them. Julia visits to reveal that she has turned lesbian. Sean is offered a role in a television Drama about plastic surgery. Christian is jealous.

    This show is going downhill fast. If the next few episodes do not improve, I will find myself watching something else at 10pm on a Tuesday night. I was turned onto the show by a friend who lent me the DVD's so I could catch up for this season. Season one grabbed the viewer's attention. There was no way any person watching could not tune in the following weeks. It was raunchy, detailed, explicit and intriguing. When I told my friend I was going to have to order HBO to watch season five, she clued me in that it was FX. I argued how could it possibly be on FX when they show private parts during sex scenes and operations, and use such vulgar language. The directors and writers were so clever that it lead me to see and hear things that weren't there. Brilliant!
    The final episode left me craving for the next season to begin. The next two seasons were delightfully more of the same. And although season four was more demented, it still had me antisipating season five. Season five is utter disappointment.
    I found it ironic that Sean's purpose for being on the show was to make it more believable. It was exactly what the actual Nip/Tuck show needed. The acting was poor, the storyline predictable. In a nutshell, so far I am left thinking they should have bowed out gracefully at season four.
  • In watching the last episode Julie says her mother is watching the kids and Sean also asks how her mother is doing. This is strange b/c I thought Julie's mother died as a result of a plane crash last season.

    I do not think this show is as good as in the past. Last season I was really getting tired of the "weirdness" and lo and behold you come on this season and Julie has a female lover. Come on, last year midgets this year females. I am not so sure I will continue to watch this show. Now I can even write a review unless it is 100 words long. The networks need to start realizing that their fans need more than trying to make sure all groups are represented on the shows. What happened to being real????? Again as stated in my summary did Julie's mother die last season or not????
  • The show is so scattered!!

    It seems that the writer's don't have direction. One week they feature Sean with a girlfriend and then all of a sudden she's gone until a few episodes later. It's not explained very well. When I first started watching it was great and now I just don't look forward to watching. Julia's character is boring. The show keeps going off in many directions without a solid base. And now they have Julia with amnesia? Does that mean she'll meander along, not remembering anything and again, be boring? I thought they were going to kill her off because it seems she wants off the show.
  • Season 1-3 are worthwhile, but what happened with Season 4? Was their a writer strike???

    My review of this show would have been a lot higher if I stopped watching after Season 3's finale. But unfortunately...I'm one of those 'loyal' TV viewers who feels like once he starts something, he's going to see it through to the end. In this case...the cold, dark, absurd bitter end! But after the show pulled a Fonzi and 'jumped the shark' several times in Season 4 (and I'm not even done watching it!)...I'm ready to bail out. Thanks to this website, and what appears to be similar reviews (though one person said Season 4 was good???), unless the last few episodes of Season 4 are simply amazing...I think I'll save myself the embarrassment of sitting through another 41 hours of mindless dribble.

    I finally got burned with investing my time on a 'new' show (though it is so easy with Netflix streaming) before doing my due diligence and at least reading reviews to see how it played out through all seasons. To sum up...if you're curious and have nothing else to watch in the old Netflix instant queue, then have fun with Season 1-3...but beyond that, you have been warned!
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