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  • Nip/Tuck is a series that I began watching because of my husband. Overall it's interestig and down-right addictive but it's starting to have it's moments.

    First, I want to address Julia McNamara. From what I've seen, the implication is that Julia is someone who has gotten by on looks. She had both Sean and Christian pining for her and even her significantly younger schoolmate found himself enthralled by her. Now, she has a lesbian lover who thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread.

    As a viewer, I must say that if the producers were going to work that "beautiful but insecure" angle, they could have gone with a better actress. Personally, Joely Richardson reminds me of Guy Smiley from Sesame Street. If they were looking for blond, thin, and "beautiful" at an affordable price, I think they would have done better casting Portia Di Rossi in Julia's character and Joely Richardson in either Ava or Portia Di Rossi's character. Additionally, Julia is just becoming annoying. It was bad enough that her lesbian lover's over-sexed yet under-educated daughter poisoned her with Mercury causing the make-up artists to make her look worse. Then, her lack of common sense gets her shot in the head. I think that she should get her memory back long enough to indict the evil daughter, then her character should just disappear. PTSD, perhaps?

    On to Kimber Henry. It's time for her to go. She's slept with every significant male character on the show. Now, the mother-crack whore-pornstar thing is getting outlandish. She should either overdose or move away.

    The move to California was refreshing for Sean and Christian. Why everybody else had to show up there, I don't know. I would have prefered there be concurrent conflicts, (Julia and daughter, Matthew and Kimber) from both Florida and California. Interaction between the Floridian characters and Sean and Christian could be handled with phone calls.

    Now that Sean has been stabbed multiple times in the back, I feel that there are only two ways for this thing to go.

    A) Sean dies after 3 episodes on life support, Christian struggles to hold the practice together alone while trying to convince Matt to stop having sex with his own sister. Roma Maffia gets pregnant again through a sperm donor and decides that working at the practice is no longer as beneficial to her in her condition. The pressure becomes too much for Christian and the series ends with Christian selling the practice.

    B) Sean miraculously recovers and Chrisitian does surgery on the knife marks on his back. Julia's memory comes back and the evil daughter is arrested. Julia's relationship with Portia Di Rossi doesn't withstand the events and they break up. Sean and Julia's daughter ends up despising Julia. Matt and his half-sister produce a winged, inbred child. Roma Maffia starts dating Portia Di Rossi and they decide to have a child together. Kimber gets dumped by her porn king boyfriend and comes crawling back to either Christian or Matt.
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