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  • The video from the show "Yo Stank" sums up this episode quite appropriately...basically, it stunk.

    I haven't missed an episode of Nip Tuck in years, but this week's offering was enough to make me question that dedication. Right off the bat, the opening scenes with "Coco" was so bad that I almost turned it off. Jennifer is a great comedic actress and she did a good job, but whoever wrote that dialogue should be canned. Funny is one thing, but ridiculous? I can do without that.

    The relationship between Christian and Liz is intriguing, but again, his script left me wondering if the real writers had taken a week off. I know that he has an enormous ego and he loves to show it off, but it seems that this week was nothing more than one jab after another about his sexual prowess. Enough already. And his attitude during the cancer survivor's meeting was nothing but deplorable. Yeah...we get it...he's a jerk, but I doubt that even Dr. Troy would have been so cold hearted and unsympathetic in such a situation.

    Then there's Roxy...Come on! Going into the lobby of the office and cutting your own breast off with an electronic carving knife? How disgusting was that scene? Again...I know and understand that she was desperate and wanted to get Christian's attention, but was the gore of it all necessary? Couldn't the result have been manifest without showing the actual act? It was shocking just for the sake of being shocking...IMHO, just an attempt to have people say that the show is staying on the "cutting edge" (no pun intended) by doing things that haven't been done before. It's one thing to be an adult show because of the language and at times a gratuitous butt or boob shot, but to result to blood and gore is taking it to another low level. And lastly, the return of Eden. Again, the writing for this part was horrible! Her lines were pathetic! It's no wonder the actress' delivery was so bad...her lines were crap! I've seen better acting on daytime latino soaps!

    Next week, the show has 5-10 minutes max to prove to me that this week was a fluke. Otherwsie, the channel will be changed promptly. Sad...this show was fun to watch not too long ago. It had just a little dose of reality but didn't go over the top like this episode did.