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  • What is wrong with this show? It is absurd, ridiculous, boring, unoriginal, lame...just disappointing. They should just stop producing it. Really. It has nothing of what it used to be in Seasons 1 to 3. A complete embarrassment.

    I am a big Nip/Tuck fan but unfortunately this show is going downhill fast. It is boring, unimaginative, supremely absurd, ridiculously lame. The characters have been reduced to nothing but two dimensional caricatures and their struggles are as meaningful as the story lines. The show has gone from smart and original to plain stupid and tedious. The story has practically zero coherency and there is next to no continuity or self awareness in the characters, except for some vague, skeletal connection they all have to their past (i.e. same name etc). If the characters hadnt kept their names and werent being played by the same actors, I wouldnt know that this is the same show I watched years ago. It's just pathetic. Christian's character has not grown as the writers would like us believe, he has merely turned into a pathetic, whiny little sap without any plausible explanation in the plot as to why. It seems like the writers just ran out of things to do with Christian, and so decided to have him be a complete embarrassment. He doesn't have an ounce of the zest and eagerness he had before and we don't even know why. Sean is not even remotely the same person he used to be. And it's not that he grew or changed, it is as if they had just made up a new character. Julia has completely disappeared after having turned lesbian (out of the blue). The writers are so pathetic and have ran out of stories so they have Christian have sex with Liz (a stern lesbian who would NEVER have sold out to Christian's advances). And what's up with the biker chick who is supposed to be daring? She is not only miscasted but her character, just like any character, is just not very believable. This show used to be daring, spellbinding, intriguing, intelligent and edgy. Now it is just an embarrassment and I really hope they stop producing it.