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  • Deep Analisis By Dra. K

    Om Nip/Tuck its an awsome Tv show now lets analize season per season ok?
    Season 01: The first, the beginning i have to say that, beyond every patient story, this season was "standart" like good stories but nothing personal so its a 9.5
    Season 02: Here we have two amazing NEW things that gave the show more power
    -Ava (One of the best antagonist ever!)
    -The Carver (The story begins...)
    This season gets a 10 because, beyong simple patients stories, here we explore the lives of McNamara and Troy in a new way with lies, secrets and betrayals a perfect 10!
    Season 03: Ok this season its good but, for me, we have a pro and a con
    Pro: The Carver story is develop better
    Cons: The nazi-girlfriend thing i dont like it much but ok
    The Carver reaches to make Sean and Christian suffer, we see divorce and a lot of new stuffs that start forming every character future good season... but not good as the first two 8.5
    Season 04: Without Ava and The Carver now the plot is change by an organ harvaster ring that, personally, i like but not too much so, without a strong antagonist the show is still good but its loosing its sense of darkness... good but again not a the level of the first two seasons 8.5
    Season 05-Part 1: Here i think the creators like ruin the show, still good, but they change the dark theme for lights, camera, action... not bad but like the show looses its dark thing (The Carver iven the harvester ring thing... or Ava's incenst get the point?) still good... 8
    Season 05-Part II: This i think is the worst, still good, season why? SImple Chirstian fighting cancer? Liz getting straight? I knew all the way that Christian cancer will not kill him so i knew what is going to happend you know why? Season 04 mistake Know why? In the episode "Connor McNamara, 2026" creators can say what they want that it was just a dream Sean imagine but they cant fool me think in that "dream" Matt change and reachs to be a plastic surgery and, if you check well, on Season 05 Matt start med school and... as Christian is alive in that "dream" (old Christian) it was obvious that he will surpases the cancer so that episode really ruin the MAGIC of the Tv show (in my opinion)

    So, bottom line, the show is still good im gonna see the Sixth, and final, Season but really its not the show it was before Season 01 and 02 the bests all the way

    By the way the song of the intro "A Perfect Lie" (i say it right?) is the best its addictive i cant stop hearing it jaja