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  • The time had come to sew the final stitches...

    When I first started watching Nip/Tuck, it was like no other show on television. It was definitely one of the first shows to get as risque on television. Not very many shows are able to show strong language, violent situations, and nudity, but those words at the beginning of every episode didn't attract me. It was the characters.

    Watching Sean McNamara and Christian Troy go through several different transitions over the last few years definitely was enjoyable. It always amazed me how the two stuck together for so many years. Sean with his ethical principals that sometimes had to be broken, and the sex-addict Christian that constantly put Sean down and prevented him from doing what he wanted. I mean, how did these two keep from killing each other? Christian slept with Julia, was Matt's father, Sean slept with Kimber, Christian spread the business around in the wrong ways, da da, da da, da da. I mean, so many things have happened between those two, and yet they were able to stick it out for all these years.

    I felt the show was a great success overall. While it did lag in the last chapter, I still felt it had some closure. I know many were disappointed with the results of the episode, and no major twists or turns. But that's how I wanted it. Many shows that end with a surprise just end really dumb. But the fact that this one ended just simply was alright with me. I think they'll be better off in the future, and we can only imagine what Sean, Christian, Liz, Julia, and Matt will be doing without each other around. It was a great show while it lasted, and I will own all of the seasons on DVD. Nip/Tuck sewed all of its seeds, and it was time to be set free.