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  • A Bizarre Mosaic with an abundance of sex, modern issues, brotherhood, scandal, and violence

    Nip/Tuck isn't for everyone let me start by saying that I watched them all before Season 5 aired and I grew to think of it as my show but even though it certainly had its ups and downs in the end especially and may have devolved from the guilty pleasure/disturbing drama that seeped through the seemingly perfect practice of McNamara/Troy and the brotherhood of Sean and Christian and yet my reason for a high rating is a throwback to its glory days when Nip/Tuck was serious hot s*&t and everyone was talking about it. Perhaps it ran for too long but it certainly had it's moments and served an example of how far a cable network that isn't called HBO and Showtime can go. It certainly had an interesting dynamic and quite a few intriguing surgeries and sexy encounters Nip/Tuck will hopefully be a trademark of shallow troubled surgeons the likes of which Television will never see again.