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  • Season 1-3 are worthwhile, but what happened with Season 4? Was their a writer strike???

    My review of this show would have been a lot higher if I stopped watching after Season 3's finale. But unfortunately...I'm one of those 'loyal' TV viewers who feels like once he starts something, he's going to see it through to the end. In this case...the cold, dark, absurd bitter end! But after the show pulled a Fonzi and 'jumped the shark' several times in Season 4 (and I'm not even done watching it!)...I'm ready to bail out. Thanks to this website, and what appears to be similar reviews (though one person said Season 4 was good???), unless the last few episodes of Season 4 are simply amazing...I think I'll save myself the embarrassment of sitting through another 41 hours of mindless dribble.

    I finally got burned with investing my time on a 'new' show (though it is so easy with Netflix streaming) before doing my due diligence and at least reading reviews to see how it played out through all seasons. To sum up...if you're curious and have nothing else to watch in the old Netflix instant queue, then have fun with Season 1-3...but beyond that, you have been warned!