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  • Started Out Promising

    I agree with most people in saying that I was sceptical about the show given that I only knew 1 or 2 of the actors that would be starring in the drama series and at least one of them wasn't a big time actress (Referring to the actress who played Julia- Ne'e Naughton). I don't know why in Hell they had her play the character of Julia who is meant to be the ultimate dream girl to both Christian and Sean. Quite ridiculous to think of her as even remotely attractive. In fact I wouldn't deem her rootable in Christians eyes at all. In saying that, they could have picked a better character who didn't resemble Michael Jackson (turned white) as Matt- the son of Sean. I guess they were doing someone a favour?

    Christian who played his character fantastically would have to be THE worst friend anyone could have. Just when you start to see a kind heart in him from season 3 onwards, he will do something completely unforgiveable in any sane persons mind, that ultimately reminds you of all the reasons why he should be hated. I was rooting for Kimber to be with Sean although it got stupid with the idea of them passing her back and forth. I at one point wanted Christian to be with Kimber after she was attacked by the Carver. In fact I was saying in my mind to Kimber to stay with Christian, that he was a changed man. How stupid was I after the way he then treated her in the next season?!

    After the death of Kimber which could have been truly a sad scene (had they made a few adjustments) I don't get how a main character that started out in season 1 commits suicide in season 6 and is abruptly forgotten about! What happened to any of the characters truly mourning?! Seeing Christian in tears after finding out had me choked up- but then he was back to his old sleazy self the next day.

    I could really go on and on about the stupid parts of the show and how ridiculous the storylines were but ill end it with this: watch it all. Maybe even just to have a laugh because once it ends, you cant help but miss the team that were Sean, Liz and Christian.
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