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  • Bizarre, Wonderful, Ridiculous

    It must be a good show to have all 3 adjectives describing it. Bizarre: watching plastic surgeon operations as part of the dramatic arc. Wonderful: Exploring body issues, perfection, family, sexuality, identity. Ridiculous: crime procedural that it wasn't, you'd think there would be at least some effort to create a semi-plausible investigation into the Carver incidents. There were other plot lines that were so thin they didn't stitch together: what family would hire a nanny without doing a background check from her previous employers . why didn't Sean and Julia know about Monica's previous affair with her boss?). I actually laughed watching the brother and sister Carver act as they explained what they did and why all the while soaking in the sun in Spain. If you watch the show and are from another planet, you'd think we humans are really into incest or as they say, 'Incest is So it is kind of a kinky show all things considered.