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  • Two plastic surgeons deal with their loved ones, dysfunctional patients, and overly dramatic lives in Miami and later in .

    Family man Sean is the talent in the agency, but life and work stress him out until he explodes. Sexist Christian loves his hedonistic lifestyle and perks that come with being a doctor. Sean's wife Julia is unhappy after years of putting her amibtions off for raising her kids Matt and Annie. Every situation Matt gets himself into he makes worse. Liz, the anesthesiologist, loves working with the guys but she and Christian are always verbally sparring. And Kimber's love life leads her back and forth between any man who she thinks can take care of her. Other cast members include Grace (season 1), a psychiatrist hired to screen patients; Quentin (season 3), another plastic surgeon hired to bring in more clients; and Gina, whose affectionate nickname of "@$$#ole" for Christian doesn't keep him from loving and seeking custody of her son Wilbur.

    The surgeries depicted are gross, but realistic. The plots of the show are usually very over the top and a lot of them are very entertaining. Recurring villain and criminal kingpin Escobar is psychotic but charismatic. Ava relishes in causing controversy and rationalizing it. Mrs. Grubman and Dawn become more than just recurring patients but friends. Julia's mom Erica, a world renowned child psychiatrist, uses her own medical training to belittle all of Julia and Sean's life choices. Eden is a complete sociopath. And a serial killer nicknamed 'the Carver' targets McNamara/Troy when they are the only plastic surgeons brave enough to cross him.

    But the great things about the show eventually become the worst parts. The potential love triangle of Sean-Julia-Christian is initially intriguing, especially when revelations from the past come up. But as the show continues the pairings become more and more toxic to where they can interact but they always dredge up past mistakes. Julia just becomes more of a plot device than a character, and when she disappears from the later half of the show she isn't missed. Christian's narcissism and arrogance cause constant problems but he is oblivious to consequences since he always, eventually, gets away with everything. Kimber's entire arc over the show is about bouncing from man to man to see who will take care of her the best.

    The most frustrating character out of all of them is Matt. He is a completely worthless and useless person whose sole purpose is to cause problems. He thinks only of himself and how to keep himself out of trouble. If his parents aren't enabling him in his (bad) decisions, then he lashes out at them and acts as if they are intentionally trying to hold him back and belittle him. While this could be considered typical teenage behavior he continues it well into adulthood. Any life choice he is given, he ALWAYS chooses the wrong one. Literally, every time except one. He finally takes advantage of that one adult responsibility in season 6, but when an easier opportunity comes along he immediately takes it. And then he always expects his parents to bail him out, one will refuse, he lashes out and the dysfunctional circle continues. He ranks right up there with King Joffrey (Game of Thrones) and Delores Umbridge (Harry Potter) as characters who are very easy to hate.

    The show is a fun and sexy soap and an easy guilty pleasure. But after the Carver arc the show starts to decline and by the time they move to LA they are just rediculous caricatures who do outrageous things just because. At least by the end, everyone receives a satisfactory bit of closure and end up content with their place in the world.