Season 3 Episode 4

Rhea Reynolds

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2005 on FX

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  • possibly one of three best episodes of the series;musically especially.

    Woaaa! Everything about this one was great.The scenes were great,the script was great. music was absolutely the best.
    Classic 70s track \"those were the days\"perfectly summed up the desire of the old woman to be like she used to be so her husband can remember him.The episode hits our emotional state with revealing the new lover of the guy;telling us that nothing stays the same even if you can pay surgents thausands of dolars to make your face so,so we have to do what is right and live...

    And the awake-surgery scene!the track was \"a cry for love\" from black heart procession.perfect choice!PERFECT!lyrics, even the name of the track totally totally defines what is going on on that table,emotionally,physically.and that tear drop coming from her eyes!!aaaargh the hardest scene on nip tuck ever.

    the first surgery with the song from that juliet chick,i dont know the name.And closing with sia\'s \"numb\" everything on this episode was very special.The ending was expected but still shocking.

    Really,one of the greatest nip tuck episodes has so much to think on.Too much...