Season 3 Episode 4

Rhea Reynolds

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2005 on FX

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  • Christian: (to Liz) "Is this open surgery or open mike night at the lesbian coffee shop?"

    This episode was an excellent exploration of the different ways people handle pain.

    Rhea Reynolds, tired of being invisible and not being noticed, cuts her own face to simulate a Carver attack. I thought straight off the bat that Rhea was way too cheerful when she was discussing her attack, and the minute she referred to her attack as a "miracle" I knew something was up.

    Throwing in a little life lesson about “crying wolf”, Rhea, in a cruel karmic way, learns what real pain feels like when the anesthesia doesn't kick in during her operation and she is able to feel the doctor’s every slice, nip and tuck (pun intended). Rhea’s unfortunate surgery was efficiently appalling, and also provided a nice parallel to Christian’s powerless feeling during his Carver attack (the single tear sliding down her cheek was also a nice callback to his attack).

    I found Matt putting a restraining order against Sean ridiculous, and I couldn't believe when Julia said she wasn't surprised that Matt did it (although she did later redeem herself when she defended Sean to "Frik and Frak".) At least Matt finally rescinded the order in the end, but it still must have been very hard for Sean to hear Matt say that he only did it for Julia, and that he and Sean "are through". Matt is hurting Sean a lot, even pushing him to the point of self mutilation, and Matt doesn't seem to care (Matt: "You're very sad"). I understand Matt's pain, but that doesn't take away from how much I dislike him this season.

    K. Callan as Ellie gave a wonderful, sympathetic and touching performance as a woman loosing her husband to Alzheimer. As someone who has had a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer, it was particularly emotional for me watching Ellie go through it also. It's a nice treat when the doctor's actually get a patient who’s face lift is motivated by more then just self image problems.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - As if Rhea hadn’t already paid enough for her lie, the episode ended with the Carver, deciding to teach Rhea a lesson of his own, attacking her.

    - I have to wonder, why would Julia tell Matt about when Sean choked her?

    - The Child Protective Services agents infuriated me. They didn't even try and listen to Sean; it was as if they wanted to find something wrong.

    - Outstanding Performance of the Week: The whole cast was excellent this week (like always), but I have to hand it to Dylan Walsh.

    - The Carver: (to Rhea) “I’m going to give you what you’ve been wanting all along. Real pain.”

    Final Rating: Excellent. 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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