Season 5 Episode 15

Ronnie Chase

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2009 on FX

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  • Backstabbers Written by Ryan Murphy Directed by Brad Falchuk

    Christian (re Wilbur): "I know what it's like to bounce from parent to parent. He's pretty much lost one every year of his life. He loves you, trusts you. I think he deserves a good mother".
    Liz: "Okay".

    It's amazing that for eleven months, my withdrawals for this show weren't as big as I'd thought they would be. I think a part of that stemmed from my frustration with the way this season went from one bad plot to another and while this episode isn't the best, they've ever done, it's possible that the fifth season could at least get back on track.

    Things more or less pick up with Colleen brutally stabbing. In fact the episode actually begins with the build up to this. Given that Colleen has been forbidden from entering the building, you've got to hand to her in a weird way for how she overcomes that little problem.

    Disguising herself in bandages only proved how determined she was to get to Sean but if she loved him so much, why the hell stab him? In fact, despite the fact that this show pulls crazy stuff off as naturally as breathing I'm still impressed that Sean actually managed to survive being stabbed multiple times by the deranged bear lady.

    Of course, even the psychos on Nip/Tuck have to get their comeuppance and to be fair; Colleen's story really was coming to a natural end so having Sean stab her to death was fine with me. As far as I can see, it was self-defence – Colleen stabbed him, endangered Annie and was going to kill Christian as well. You can't blame Sean for trying to protect the people he loved.

    However there was another consequence to Colleen's knife attack and that entailed Sean being in a wheelchair. This was something that spoiled in the trailers during the Christmas period anyway but because of Sean's paralysis, it also meant problems for McNamara/Troy.

    Given what Colleen did to him, I can see why Sean would be hesitant in wanting to perform any surgeries but I can also understand Christian's frustration with this too. Liz wanting both her friends to operate on her was a weirdly touching gesture but needless to say, Sean did his best to get out of it.

    Even more worrying is that Sean then became very lax when doing the physiotherapy. I can't imagine what it's like having to go through that but even if you don't want to do the full hour; you should just to improve yourself. Matt was better at handling Sean's resistance in completing it than Christian was.

    Of course when it came to Christian, he has his own problems to deal with but at least this episode did us good with scenes between him and Sean. At a bar Sean told him about his flash forward from "Connor McNamara 2026" but Christian's scepticism got the better of him during that scene.

    However if there was one thing that both men did share, it was the fact that they pulled. For Sean, this was a confidence booster as he enjoyed his steamy session with a hot barmaid. The barmaid in question even found herself addicted to having sex with a wheelchair guy to boot.

    As for Christian, his sex session ended up becoming an exam when he started checking his date's breasts for lumps. Naturally, she was less enthused and told Christian off before leaving. Then again, there are some people who don't appreciate being examined during sex, this girl notably.

    So, of all the things that could've happened to Christian, is Stage 2 breast cancer ironic, given his general treatment of women? I'm not sure but regardless of his behaviour, I do sympathise with him. Plot-wise, this will also give Julian McMahon something to really sink his teeth into.

    The episode did at first go about making it look like it was Liz who might've been the one diagnosed with breast cancer. It was Christian who spotted a lump on her when examining her and it was him that encouraged to her get a mammogram. When she turned out to be fine and he mentioned that he had a lump himself, I just knew he wouldn't be so lucky.

    Christian being himself however naturally assumed that he would be fine and if it were me, I probably would've acted the same way. When he did find out that he had Stage 2, he vented at different people – Rajesh for being annoying, Liz for trying to be sympathetic, Matt because of Emme and Sean because he wasn't recovering.

    I liked that Christian did tell Sean and I did enjoy Sean trying to encourage him to think positive. The last thing you'd want is to think negative, even if it's the only way your mind reacts so to speak. If this episode had a big strength, it was certainly the emphasis on Sean and Christian's friendship.

    The other strength of course was the emphasis on Christian and Liz's friendship. For all their childish sniping at each other, they do respect each other and I found it sweet that Christian would want Liz to look after Wilbur. I also respected Liz for being both a friend and a doctor to Christian and judging from his response, he did too.

    Of course, the reality of this is still hitting Christian. He has gotten operated on during the end of the episode but we could still see how traumatised he was when staring at his wounds towards the end. It's a really harrowing ending for the episode but the shocker actually lies with Sean.

    For all the pain and trauma that Sean's been through in this episode, I have to admit to being deeply disappointed when it was revealed that he could walk. I hope the writers can find a good way of explaining why Sean would foolishly fake being paralysed because when he gets exposed, he is going to alienate a lot more people than Julia. Lying to Julia about being still married to him inevitably backfired and he can't blame her for not wanting to talk to him again. It was an incredibly stupid move on Sean's part but I think his fixation on Julia's isn't going to wane entirely this season either. Plus extra points for this episode for keeping Julia, Olivia, Eden and Kimber away from proceeding, though all four are likely to dominate the next few episodes, judging by the preview we've gotten.

    Also in "Ronnie Chase"

    Aside from Ronnie's ear problems and Liz's consult, we didn't get any other patients in this episode.

    Colleen (to Sean): "Sorry about the mess I made in the room but what else is new?"

    Even when she's nearly on the verge of death, Annie still gets painfully sidelined. I feel sorry for that kid.

    Christian: "Need a lift?"
    Sean: "Oh, you can't stand that my biceps are getting bigger than yours, can you?"
    Christian: "You're right and if we could teach your dick to drive this thing".

    Liz: "My boobs will be the first thing you get to put your hands on".
    Sean: "That's very sweet of you, Liz".
    Christian: "Don't you worry, buddy. You won't be scaling those mountains alone. That's a two man job if ever I've seen one".

    Liz has an uncle called Pepe. Judging from the trailers this season, I'm not sure I like the idea of her and Christian getting closer.

    Sean (to Rajesh): "You were wrong today but your attitude was right. We have to be arrogant SOB's to do what we do".

    Liz (to Christian): "Okay, this is weird. Okay, I'm a 36D but I know you can tell by looking. I was thinking of a small C so I'd have the size but not the weight".

    Rajesh Paresh – a 17 year old prodigy, who's supposed to be recurring for the rest of the season. Christian called him Hadji and Doogie Houser.

    Christian: "Shaft aside, I'm no **** and it's not gonna be what takes me out".
    Liz: "No, I agree. Odds are, it's gonna be a jealous husband with a gun".

    Rajesh: "Who taught you your skills, Dr Troy?"
    Christian: "University of Miami".
    Rajesh: "Well, we all can't learn from the best".

    Given that snappish comments from Rajesh, shouldn't Christian have not slagged off Matt attending Santa Monica to study medicine?

    Matt (to Sean): "I know I've given you many reasons not to be proud of me. Seeing you in that chair made me wanna change that".

    Sean: "What has breast cancer have to do with anything?"
    Christian: "I have it".

    That woman Sean had sex with looked a lot like Julia. He also did that back in "Rose And Raven Rosenberg" with Christian.

    Sean (re flash forward): "You had silvery hair and a wife on each arm".
    Christian: "Two wives? I like the sound of that. What about Julia?"
    Sean: "Oh, happily married. Just not to either one of us".

    Girl: "You're giving me an exam while we're having sex?"
    Christian: "I felt something".

    I had actually forgotten that Christian and Wilbur's dog was called Lipo, which means I got a laugh when I heard it.

    Liz (to Christian): "As your friend, I think you're gonna be around for the next fifty years pissing me off. As a doctor, I think it's a good idea that you get your affairs in order. I just want to be as honest with you as you would with me. You deserve that".

    Jo: "You didn't have to come after what she did to you".
    Sean (re Colleen): "I wanted to make sure she's dead".

    Standout music: "Back Stabbers" by The O'Jays, "Stop Me" by Mark Ronson and "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" by Beck.

    Colleen (to Sean): "They're all gonna remember you exactly as you are right now. Young and at the height of your vitality and power. You have the comfort of never ending blackness now and the joy of infinite freedom. Enjoy your rest".

    Chronology: Four months after the events of "Candy Richards".

    As the start of the second part of the show's fifth season, "Ronnie Chase" mostly did well. Better interactions between certain characters, some truly shocking and touching moments and I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of Rajesh, even if his pedantry will grate during certain moments.
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