Season 2 Episode 9

Rose & Raven Rosenberg

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2004 on FX
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Sean and Christian face the challenge of separating conjoined twins. The challenge is more complicated when Sean has difficulties working with Christian after learning the truth about Matt. Their constant bickering has been causing them to lose clients.

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  • Both

    "Both of us. Until the end of times. No matter what. It really doesn´t matter if we want it or not. It´s not a matter of willing, it´s just fate. And, it is worth saying it with open arms, face it!, we love each other so much. Despite of all the pain, despite of all the fights, all the unconscious damage we´ve caused to each other."

    Decisivo tercer capítulo de la trilogía imperdible. Analogía: dos gemelos siameses deben ser separados por dos doctores que desean separarse. Luego termina muriendo una de las chicas y Sean y Christian haciendo un trío con una prostituta simil Julia. Delirante.moreless
  • Can We Still Be Friends? One of the best episode's ever!

    Hello all! I've been wanting to review this episode for a long time. To begin with, this is one of my favorite episodes of the series so far. After watching five seasons in two years time, this episode is still one of the show's richest and finest installments third to Joan Rivers and Adelle Coffin.

    I really loved the surgery aspect of the episode since it ties so true to Sean & Christian. The fighting duo travel to New York City to perform an operation on conjoined twins Rose & Raven who wish to be separated. Meanwhile, at the same time Sean & Christian are getting a "divorce" and splitting their practice because of Julia. Julia? Puh-leaze. Well I liked Julia in Season 2 so I guess its OK. But what Julia evolves into in Season 5 is pretty awful.

    Everybody in this episode is looking for somewhere to belong. There's a wonderful scene in the cafeteria of the university where they are residing where Sean looks over at two young students studying when a blonde girl walks over. This is definitely intended to be a symbolism of who Sean and Christian once were. Christian leached off of Sean and Sean is the reason for his true success while Christian drank and boinked every girl in sight.

    I won't spoil what happens during the twins' surgery but its pretty profound and poignant. They both wanted to experience this together but if one died, the other did not wish to live. Its like they want to be separate but need each other at the same time. Despite their flaws, Sean and Christian were made for each other as both friends and partners. The best moment of the episode was when Sean and Christian had a threesome with a hooker while smoking pot and shagging the crap out of her. They pretend she's Julia, share her and then reconcile. All this at the same time that Todd Rundgren's song "Can We Still Be Friends" plays in the background. What an awesome and wise music choice. I seriously love the music coordinator on this show. Between this, Don't Fear the Reaper and The Flower Duet playing during the surgery, I feel like Ryan Murphy and myself share the same iPod.

    Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this episode. It was truly a groundbreaking surgery, great conclusion from last week's thrilling installment and was overall a step in the right direction. I love this show, still do but this is really a fine example of why I and many watch the show.moreless
  • Stuck Together, Torn Apart

    It's a transparent metaphor, but undoubtedly a powerful one. Like Rose and Raven Rosenberg, Sean and Christian can be split apart, but they'll never be as strong as individuals. The two together is where the talent happens.

    The most interesting aspect of the episode, at least from my perspective, was the honesty of Sean and Christian's sex lives. While flying to New York, Sean asked Christian some deeply personal questions over his sexual obsession with Julia and the night they spent together. Christian surprisingly answers all questions honestly, realizing he owes him that. The threesome was also interesting, with both Sean and Christian stuck in a world where they both have Julia.

    I loved that they cast real-life conjoined twins for the roles of Rose and Raven. It made the episode a lot more realistic, and I liked that the question-and-answer session between the doctors and the Rosenberg's seemed really improvised, like the Schappell's were actually being asked those questions there and then. The prosthetics used for the separated twins were also really impressive. I imagine they were extremely difficult to build, so congrats to the effects team for making them look so realistic.

    A sad but ultimately hopeful episode which features several moving storylines. They could never keep Sean and Christian apart for a long while, and their reunion was expected, but I liked that they paralleled the twins' operation with the surgeon's own separation.

    Director: Elodie Keene

    Writers: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk

    Rating: Amoreless
  • Conjoined twins need to be seperated because one has cancer and they both cannot survive the treatment. The twins become a mirror/metaphor for showing Sean and Christian how their relationship works and they, too, cannot be separated.moreless

    This episode was a great example of Ryan's gift of writing. Taking the tangible: the Rosenburg twins and their struggle for life and love of one another and mirroring the intagible - Sean and Christian's love for each and their relationship. No matter how imperfect a relatioship is, it survives for a reason. Each party invovled must accept that or it will fall apart and each will die. One cannot live without the other. Excellent episode.moreless
  • Sean: (to Christian) "There's no statue of limitations on being a backstabbing assh*le. After what you did, how could I ever trust you again?"

    There's a nice subtle awkwardness between the members of the McNamara family now. The breakfast between Matt and Sean most accurately displayed that, as Sean tried to frankly discuss with Matt how he feels about finding out that Christian's his father to no positive results. While Matt did tell Sean that he was his real father, not Christian, it felt cold and rehearsed and not like Matt really meant it. The one thing Matt has inherited from Sean is his habit to isolate his emotions from others, and as a result half the time I have no idea what’s going on in his head.

    Matt did show that he has lost respect for both of his parents as he yelled at both of them today. I don't think Matt even knows what he's truly feeling, as first he criticizes Sean for kicking out Julia then he shouts at Julia for ruining the family. He just has a lot of anger pilled up inside of him, and his sense of betrayal added to his feelings of fury are what's causing him to isolate himself from his family with Ava; which can’t lead to anything good.

    Our main patients of the week were Rose and Raven Rosenberg, two conjoined twins who wanted to be seperated. The two twins were symbolic for the state of Sean's relationship with Christian, and Sean's want to dismantle their practice. Sean comes to the conclusion at the end of the episode though, like Mrs. Rosenberg did about her daughters, that he and Christian are stronger together than apart.

    We got a good examination of Christian and Sean's friendship, present and past today, and as much as I hated seeing them bickering and apart for the episode I was glad we didn't get a nice wrapped up solution for their problem. Sean has told Christian, as he rightfully should, that he will never be able to forgive him for what he did, but that he's willing to continue the practice with him. While I know in time their shattered friendship will heal, will things ever be completely the same?

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Character Tidbits: Sean and Christian each earn about 1.4 million dollars a year.

    - I thought Sean and Christian’s Q&A on the plane was well done. The only way their friendship will ever recover is if all their secrets are out in the open.

    - Sean: "Isn't this what you've always wanted Christian? Isn't this your dream? Being part of Julia and I here, not being the outsider looking in?"

    - The song Can We Still Be Friends was a perfect choice for Sean and Christian’s Ménage a trios with the Julia look-alike hooker. "We can't play this game anymore, but still can we be friends?"

    - Liz: "You're not just dismantling a business. You're dismantling a family."

    - I’m starting an Outstanding Performance of the Week award, and this week it goes to Dylan Walsh for his portrayal of Sean struggling to examine and repair his rocky friendship with Christian.

    - Matt: "I'm going to Ava's."

    Julia: “You’re seeing her again?"

    Matt: "At least I can trust her. She's the only real adult in my life."

    When the only person you can trust is a manipulative pedophile, you know you’re going through rough times.

    Final Rating: Another great episode. 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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Mia Korf

Mia Korf


Guest Star

Ajay Mehta

Ajay Mehta

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Jon Molerio


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Linda Klein

Linda Klein

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Featured Music:

      "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult (Coming from college dorm room next to Sean & Christian's while studying for R&R's surgery)
      "Flower Duet" from 'Lakme' opera by Leo Delibes (Rose & Raven's separation surgery)
      "Deacon Blue" by Steely Dan (Sean & Renee - prostitute and Julia look-a-like - at bar)
      "Can We Still Be Friends" by Todd Rundgren (Christian/Sean/Renee 3-way at dorm room)
      "Flower Duet" from 'Lakme' opera (Reprise) by Leo Delibes (Sean & Christian put Rose & Raven together again post-death)

    • Real Life Comparison: Rose and Raven are conjoined twins. There have been many cases of surgeries separating twins. However, this episode has similarities to the 1991 separation of Gracie and Rosie Attard. The surgery resulted in the death of Rosie.

    • Ryan Murphy's signature is on one of the documents in Christian and Sean's file when they see the advisor about splitting up their business.

    • The clock in the surgery stays at 3:42, Raven's time of death, at the end of the episode. Whether this is intentional or a goof is unknown.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Christian: We're not having a three way.
      Sean: Why not, everything else has been... I'll pay Julia.
      Renée: Uh, my name's Renée.
      Sean: Not tonight, tonight it's Julia (Christian blows out smoke while shaking head) ..isn't this what you've always wanted Christian? ...isn't this your dream? be with Julia and I here in this moment?
      Christian: You're crazy.
      Sean: And you haven't got the balls!
      Renée: Maybe I should come back?
      Christian: No....Stay Julia.

    • Matt: Look, what's happened between the three of you is painful. But we can fix this.

      Sean: Your mother slept with my best friend, and you were the result, and I didn't know for 17 years, so stop defending them!

      Matt: Yeah, and my mother is sleeping in a hotel because you kicked her out, and I can hear you crying thorough the walls at night, so don't you dare scream at me!

    • Sean: (about Julia) When you masturbate, do you ever think about her?
      Christian: Yes.
      Sean: Did you ask her not to marry me?
      Christian: No.
      Sean: Did you want to?
      Christian: Yes.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Lori and Reba really are Siamese twins joined at the head. They have been featured on multiple documentaries and news programs.