Season 2 Episode 9

Rose & Raven Rosenberg

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2004 on FX

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  • Both

    "Both of us. Until the end of times. No matter what. It really doesn´t matter if we want it or not. It´s not a matter of willing, it´s just fate. And, it is worth saying it with open arms, face it!, we love each other so much. Despite of all the pain, despite of all the fights, all the unconscious damage we´ve caused to each other."

    Decisivo tercer capítulo de la trilogía imperdible. Analogía: dos gemelos siameses deben ser separados por dos doctores que desean separarse. Luego termina muriendo una de las chicas y Sean y Christian haciendo un trío con una prostituta simil Julia. Delirante.