Season 5 Episode 17

Roxy St. James

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 2009 on FX
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Sean tries to deal with his feelings for Julia, while Liz and Christian analyze their relationship and Christian meets someone who understands what he is experiencing with his breast cancer.

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  • Yikes Written by Jennifer Salt Directed by Lyn Greene

    Christian: "Christ, are you in love with me?"

    Liz: "What? No! This is larger than your ego, Christian. I have spent twenty years dreaming of finding the woman who would share my life with me."

    Christian: "And now?"

    Liz: "Now I don't know if a woman could satisfy me. No-one ever has. Not like that."

    Har she blows and watch with annoyance as a certain shark takes her leap. I know this show loves wreaking havoc with sexuality but as a gay viewer, this is definitely one of those episodes I actually wished I had missed.

    First off all, there's Liz and Christian. Last week they had sex and now Liz can't get the latter off her mind. Heck, even Christian's generally repellent attitude towards women isn't enough to stop her in her tracks.

    To be fair, if we can have a forty something heterosexual woman like Julia explore a lesbian relationship with Olivia, shouldn't Liz be able to do the same with Christian? Perhaps but let's honest, Christian doesn't exactly bring out the best in the people he sleeps with, Kimber being a very good case in point.

    Christian also had the ego to think that Liz is suddenly in love with him and when she dismisses it, he casually tells her that her confusion will pass. Christian is exactly the kind of person who many a person wouldn't want to have their first coming out speech to.

    Of course Liz does try to combat her attraction towards men by accepting a date from another anaesthesiologist named Steven. The plan was to prove that Christian wasn't the only man she could sexually be into and it's one that failed as well. Steven was cute but certainly dull and Christian could tell that Liz was overcompensating.

    Now my feelings on him and Liz as a couple are clear – I hate the plot and now all Christian has to do is shag Linda and he'll have had sexual contact with every female regular/recurring on this show with the exception of Olivia.

    The last scene of this episode had a nice confessional from Liz. Having her just admit that it's Christian and not men altogether that she's into is a good move. A better one would be for her and Christian to establish some boundaries, especially where Wilbur is concerned.

    Christian used Wilbur's growing reliance on Liz in a bid to get her to stay and that doesn't make Christian a very good friend. Liz's confusion is almost understandable but what are Christian's motives for hooking himself into Liz? If it's just sex, he's never had problems in that department but if its companionship; can't he just do that without sleeping with Liz?

    Then there's the breast cancer plot to contend with. Sean did a good thing by encouraging Christian to go to a support group. Of course it would take Christian of all people to insult the women there by accusing them wanting to be victims because some of them refused reconstructive surgery. And just when you think Christian's lack of filter can't get any worse.

    The only thing that benefited him at that meeting was meeting up with Roxy. A good casting choice in Dina Meyer but unfortunately, Roxy follows another succession of lunatics that Christian seems to attract. On the plus side, at least Roxy's sympathetic but at the same time, she's still crazy.

    Due to both her mother and sister dying of breast cancer, Roxy thinks that having a double mastectomy is the best way to avoid the disease. The thing is, there's no evidence that Roxy has it and when Christian is talked out of operating on Roxy, there's hell to pay.

    In arguably one of the most disgusting scenes ever on this series, Roxy tries to cut off one of her breasts and nearly dies as a result. It might be a motivator for Christian to actually agree to operate on her but it was definitely one of those times in which the writers should've exercised some self-restraint. I wanted to bleach my eyes out after that scene.

    Keeping up with the bad stuff, Olivia comes back for the last time and she's not the woman I liked earlier on in the season. Nope the one here wants a facelift so Julia will love her and even though Julia has the sense to try and dissuade her, Sean would have to encourage.

    In fact Sean's pretty loathsome when he finds out that Julia and Olivia are moving back to New York and becomes possessive over the former. It also bears badly during surgery when Sean's fantasies of getting rid of Olivia become a reality and she dies during surgery.

    I know Portia De Rossi's got another show (which to be honest looks very likely to be cancelled) and was leaving the series but would it have killed the writers to have just left the door open for the character to return at a later date? I actually cheered when Julia vowed to hate Sean for all of eternity but it turned out that Sean isn't at fault.

    Olivia had been taking anti-depressants on the side and that's a bit of a no-no for someone who's about to have a facelift. Worse still is that vile tramp Eden returns and manages to make Sean and Julia feel worse than they do before dousing them in Olivia's ashes, when she's not calling the latter a bony parasite. Equally as irritating is that Julia now believes that Olivia shot her rather than Eden.

    On a lighter note, while this episode did lack Rajesh, we did get the return of Candy Richards. It's always great that Jennifer Coolidge is so game for a laugh because when you see her revamped as Coco and her awful music video for "Yo Stank **** you just know that she must have some balls of steel to do this. The video itself is just horrifying beyond belief.

    Also in "Roxy St. James"

    Seventeen episodes in and Christian still doesn't know who the heck Candy Richards is. Candy: "Is it because I'm too beautiful, is it because I'm too smart?"

    Christian: "How about not talented?"

    Candy: "I thought that too but now it makes sense."

    Candy's album was called "The Gospel According To Coco". She also cited a liking of Billy Ocean, Chicken and Waffles and believed that OJ was innocent.

    Christian: "You know what we need to do. We need to have sex again."

    Liz: "Oh I would rather die."

    Christian: "Me too but we need to know if this is a one time thing."

    Sean: "You two seem very happy together."

    Olivia (re Julia): "Yeah, in a weird way, it's like everything that's happened has brought us closer."

    While I don't agree with Sean totally criticising Olivia's parenting, she really should've had the brat locked up for shooting Julia.

    Roxy: "So what do you think is it, your destiny that is?"

    Christian: "To bang as many beautiful women as I can."

    Olivia: "You know what I did Sean and she came back to me. Can't you just accept that Julia and I are together for good now and wish us well?"

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Dina Meyer play the tanning salon girl in Season One's "Mandi/Randi"?

    Roxy (to Christian): "Fine? I have been condemned to death and there aren't gonna be any pardons."

    Olivia: "Poor Sean. You really think she'll come back to you? That you've got some deep bond that time and space can't separate. When are you gonna get it? She doesn't want you."

    Christian's use of the term 'buddy boy' to Wilbur and Sean was strange. Maybe he's been watching reruns of Six Feet Under.

    Sean: "Shut the hell up!"

    Olivia: "Kill me why don't you? You'd like to, wouldn't you? Your life would be so much easier if I wasn't in the way."

    Sean: "Don't tempt me, Olivia."

    Christian (re Steven): "Did he make you come?"

    Liz: "Yeah. He's got mystical powers too."

    The gasmasks and J-Lo looks were the highlight of Candy/Coco's strange little video. It's also Number 8 on YouTube. Quelle surprise.

    Sean (re Olivia): "Are you blaming me? I can't believe you just said that."

    Julia: "You lied about the wheelchair. You lied about Monica, you lied about Megan. You're a liar and a cheat."

    Sean: "I feel like I'm in some Greek play. Try to control your fate but the Gods have other plans. Maybe I wasn't supposed to have her. Maybe I'm supposed to be alone."

    Christian: "I think that's my fortune cookie you're reading there, buddy boy, not yours."

    Standout music: Probably Duran Duran's "Save A Prayer" and The Move's "Piece Of My Heart", despite the latter playing during the worst scene of this episode.

    Julia (re Olivia): "She didn't have to do that. If it was an accident, I might have forgiven her."

    Eden: "Well it's a little late for that, isn't it?"

    Liz: "You want real, okay? I lied about Steven. I didn't have a fabulous orgasm. It was more like being bitten by an oversized mosquito. It was hell. Christian, I don't like men, I like you."

    Chronology: None is really specified since the events of "Gene Shelly".

    "Roxy St. James" will certainly go down as one of the most talked about episodes of the series (hell, it's even got the Parents Television Council spitting feathers) but it's unlikely to be in a positive way. Easily one of the more misguided episodes of the series.moreless

    I love the crazy stupid drama! Liz and Christian.... wtf??? So are they...... huh..... what are they...? hmmm. Olivia is retarded to get surgery after see herself dead in the mirror.... that's usually my que so skip a procedure! Don't get me started on the crazy chick that sliced her boob of..... um.... ouch? And I can't freakin stand that psychotic little porn star. And can some one PLEASE tell me where are all the FREAKIN children??? Who watches all these kids and why do we NEVER see Conner or Annie. Did they ever finish her surgery? What about Conners hand? Yo Stank! I can't wait til next week!moreless
  • Yo STANK!

    This was one of the most shocking and hilarious episodes I have ever seen and that is saying alot with this show. I loved the title character Roxy, she really made me feel how desperate she was to not become another breast cancer statistic. The way she dealt with it when Christian wouldn't go through with her surgery was definitely one of the most shocking and chilling moments I have seen on Nip/Tuck. I also loved seeing Candy/Coco (Cuckoo) again. Her video was so hilarious that I had to hunt it down on YouTube so I could see it again. Jennifer Coolidge is one of the funniest ladies I have ever seen and I hope we see her again soon. Olivia is dead. Hmm. Don't know how to react to that one. Julia reacted with her predictable "Sean this is all your fault" line. Julia has grated on my nerves for some time now and I am HOPING she does move to NY. It was good to see Eden again for a moment and see the latest spin she put on Julias shooting. I guess she had to get her last digs in before Annie Lynne McCord exits the show (hope she pops back up and gets what is coming to her!) I loved seeing her throw the ashes at Julia and Sean. So now she is off to Hungary again to be a big porn star I guess. Fitting. As for Christian and is definitely an unconventional relationship! I don't see it lasting very long. Everything about Christian that intrigues Liz is also what will make her ultimately hate him when it comes to a loving relationship. The clock is ticking.moreless
  • Liz and Christian???

    I just don't get it I think that those two have to be the most unlikely couple ever. They were always super close but I never thought that the writer would write it that way. The girl sawing off her boob in the waiting room way hard to watch I think that had to be one of the most graffic sense on the show yet. The show is getting crazy in the late season. I can't believe that they killed of juila's girlfriend I liked her, and I wonder what's going to go on with the new shoting information that they have now.moreless
  • Yo Stank!

    While a lot more happened in this episode than both first two Nip/Tuck hours this season combined, Roxy St. James was still a dangerous mix of high-camp insanity and great drama. Though I pretty much loved it.

    Dina Meyer was genius casting as Roxy. She looked the part of an unbalanced femme fatale, and had the hot-as-hell-villainous-cigarette-smokin'-bad-girl look down pat. Her intro (the clink of her lighter and the glaring of the cancer sufferers before finally cutting to a shot of her face) was genius, and the Duran Duran song playing during her flirting with Christian was great use of music. I was surprisingly moved by her story, and while the previews gave away how it would end I was still blown away by that closer. Yeesh, I am not gonna look at my mom carving up a chicken in the same way again...

    I really didn't like Olivia's death. Maybe it was just bad writing or Joely Richardson's performance, but that hospital scene was ridiculous. If your lover died, you would be completely overcome with emotion. Julia went from mild shock to accusing Sean of murder to running off with flailing arms in the space of about three seconds. Not the send-off Portia de Rossi deserved. Eden's comeback was again hampered by abysmal acting ("you bony little parasite"), even if the "throwing mother's ashes in someone's face" was complete soap opera awesomeness.

    Jennifer Coolidge was great, as usual. I loved that she acted her consultation scene with this bizarre sense of Candy, or "Coco", knowing how ridiculous she is sounding. Plus, that music video was freakin' hysterical, and very reminiscent of something that wouldn't have been out of place on Ryan Murphy's first show Popular. The lyric "B*tch your smell makes me wanna puke, what you do? Smuggle garlic in your cooch?" was one of those lines of dialogue you can't believe the show got away with, while the scene was capped off with undoubtedly the most comedic Nip/Tuck moment in years: Nurse Linda quietly singing to herself "You stank, b*tch".

    Still a little unsure about the Liz/Christian arc. While I'm glad that Liz isn't exactly straight, I don't know how to feel about her actually being in love with Christian. But, like I said before, I'm gonna wait and see how it plays out. Even with that, I still loved some of their scenes in this episode, from the b*tching like a married couple scene, to Christian's discovery that Liz's date is pretty much a clean-cut version of himself. Julian and Roma have great chemistry, as always.

    Fun, ridiculous and gory. Was this episode Nip/Tuck at its best? Worst? Or just an average day at the office for them? Who knows? It entertained me, nevertheless.

    Director: Lyn Greene

    Writer: Jennifer Salt

    Rating: Bmoreless
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