Season 3 Episode 12

Sal Perri

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2005 on FX
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A plane crashes just after take off in Miami. Julia's mother might be one of the passengers. Christian, Sean, Julia and Liz are all trying to save the lives of the people that survived the plane crash.

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  • This episode made me sick to my stomach.

    It's reaching just past 12 in the morning for me and I feel shaked up. I never write internet reviews. I didn't even revive my account until a minute ago. I'm total gore fanatic but this was too much for me. Actually, it wasn't neccecarily the gore of it but I guess the fact it was somewhat of a real life scenario. I'm not even worried about the character development and such because I'm so taken back by the situation the show depicted. I may or may not go to sleep within the next 12 hours. I will, however, projectile vomit within the oncoming hour.moreless
  • My mother dying

    Gracias por ser tan originales, tan shockeantes, por tirar todo por la borda y simplemente imponer los sentimientos más profundos. Julia desea que su madre muera y esto sucede (o al menos parece) cuando el avión en el que ella viaja se estrella cerca de la ciudad. Jules y Sean ayudan a los moribundos con el aire lleno de miedo, pesadillas, sangre y no querer dejarse llevar por la muerte. Al final la madre aparece viva y bueno... todo vuelve a la realidad como de costumbre pero ese al fin soy libre de Julia es memorable. Se necesitaba un capítulo basado en ella y totalmente unexpected.moreless
  • Very riveting, true to life episode.

    As a emergency personnel employee, the concept of triage was the most realistic that I have ever seen, even above E.R. The pasedness and drama within an actual mass casualty incident was almost exactly what it is really like. The character development was all there, especially Julia and Erica's relationship. By far, one of the best episodes that I have seen. Fast paced episode with all the right lines and drama. Predictable ending after the plane crash. Also the most controversial scenes within any of the previous nip/tuck episodes. Very well thought out and very gripping and true to life.moreless
  • Smother's Day

    Julia is one hell of a screwed-up lady. While her mother is a b*tch, there's no excuse for coldly murdering her -- or at least a woman who is supposedly her. Especially since the evidence that the woman on the gurney was Erica was a little lightweight. As much as I thought murder was a completely over-the-top reaction, I did appreciate the confidence brought out in her throughout the episode. It's unfortunate that she quit medical school, since she reacts quickly in crisis situations, and manages to be better at both surgery and patient interaction than Sean.

    The final scene was hilarious. The sudden jump of the camera and the huge bang on the music score as Julia found her mother sat on her couch was ridiculous, but also completely awesome.

    The plane crash story itself was excellently directed. It looked a lot like a real disaster situation, and probably cost a lot to produce, especially with all the extras and make-up required. The mother/daughter story that Julia was involved with was tragic, and while some elements were a little clichéd, I admit I did get a little weepy when the mother died.

    I loved that they continued the story of Christian being haunted by Kimber. Their scene together in this episode was pretty disturbing, with Kimber begging for Christian to let her die. I also loved the parallels between death and sex in their scene, which is pretty much what this whole season has been about, especially with The Carver at the center of most storylines.

    Sal Perri is an episode that gets better with repeated viewings. While it's undeniably different from regular Nip/Tuck episodes, it still succeeds in being a dramatic hour.

    Director: David Nutter

    Writers: Lyn Greene, Richard Levine

    Rating: A-moreless
  • One of the most touching episodes in the series.

    When I first watched this episode, I teared up at least half a dozen times, the raw emotion, and the scene of the triage and the emergency crew working in impossible conditions truly shows how amazing people can be. The episode itself did not bring much to the series, other than for Julia to fire Quentin, but it was one of the most heart-wrenching episodes I have seen in any TV show. The way that it contrasted the plastic surgery Sean does with the work of the rescue workers, and how he couldn\'t deal with losing patients. When Julia was talking to the mother, and she said \"For the rest of my life\" I damn near cried. The show masterfully displayed how a family bond cannot be broken, and there is always love, no matter how badly relationships get. I would have had Julia faint at the end, because of the shock of seeing her mother still alive, and the fact that she MIGHT wonder who she smothered at the gym, if not her mother. I did like the fact that they had Julia perform some medical procedure, it was interesting to show how she looks as a doctor.moreless
Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter

Nurse #2

Guest Star

Rick Fitts

Rick Fitts

Airline Representative

Guest Star

Olivia Fox

Olivia Fox

Burned Woman

Guest Star

Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa Redgrave

Dr. Erica Noughton

Recurring Role

Linda Klein

Linda Klein

Nurse Linda

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    • Natalie Holden: Ma's O-negative. The best part about being a universal donor was that she could never be so broke that she couldn't give something to the needy.

    • Erica: Ericsson defines love as "that which promotes another's growth"
      Julia: Oh! You want to see me grow mother? Get the hell out of my life!

    • (Julia goes back to her apartment and finds Erica sitting on the sofa, waiting for her)
      Erica: Oh, sweetheart. I've been waiting for you all night. I couldn't leave the way things are between us. Did you hear the news? That earlier flight you wanted me on crashed.

    • Quentin: About yesterday... sometimes people misinterpret me until they get to know me.
      Julia: I know you. I know you're someone who can only be big by making others feel small. I know I don't need people like you in my life anymore. And I know you're fired.

    • Sean: You're a remarkable person, Jules. Every time I look at you in there, so capable, strong, not afraid of any of it. You'd have made a much better doctor than I am. I always thought I was the one who could handle anything. Who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty, could deal with all the shit that's just part of life. I never wanted to know about Matt cos I couldn't live with the truth. I never asked about you and Christian. I couldn't deal with all the questions I'd have to ask about us.
      Julia: You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
      Sean: There's a reason I'm a plastic surgeon. If something's ugly, I fix it. What's imperfect, I make perfect, wipe away the mess, make it all nice. I couldn't do what these guys do. Life and death. Losing more than you save and moving on to the next, just one after the other. You could. All these years, all through our marriage, I left you to deal with it all. The mess of raising two kids. An unfaithful husband. You could hold it all, the good and the bad, all the greys in between. I'm not the man I thought I was.

    • Julia: (talking to the body identified as Erica) Mother, it's Julia. What I said at the spa, it was only the anger talking. You know that, right? Do you remember... how old was I? About five or six... and you and Daddy had had this big fight and you took me by the hand and you said 'let's go Julia, we're leaving' and we went outside and we just walked for a long time in silence, holding hands. We went to the park... you showed me how to put a blade of grass in between my thumbs and blow on it to make a noise. I laughed and you took my face in your hands and you said 'I love you, little girl' And I squeezed you so tight and I said 'I love you too, Mommy.' And we both knew it was true. Do you remember? Then one day it wasn't true anymore. But I forgive you for not loving me. It's OK. I didn't love you either. I just craved... your approval like it was somehow possible to get. I saved a life tonight, Mother. Well, two lives actually. A stranger's and my own. So it's OK. You can leave now. I don't need you to tell me who I am any more.

    • Kimber: (as Christian operates on a patient at the triage, he imagines her as the patient) Don't be afraid, baby. Death is just the ultimate orgasm of life.

    • Helen Holden: Tell Natalie, if I don't get to see her, that I want to be cremated...
      Julia: Hey, is that any way for a Sox fan to talk?
      Helen Holden: You tell her I had a great life and that she was the best part of it. Tell her not to forget that she is something rare and precious, OK? And that no mother ever loved her daughter more. Can you remember that?
      Julia: For the rest of my life.

    • Natalie Holden: (about her mother) She stood by me when no-one else would. I'd look into her eyes and see myself as she saw me. Smart, successful, beautiful. If someone does that long enough, you begin to believe them.

    • Julia: Your mom's a baseball fan?
      Natalie Holden: Nah. She's just an ex-Catholic who believes God speaks to us through the Red Sox.
      Julia: What's God trying to say?
      Natalie Holden: Miracles happen. Believe in someone enough and they'll surprise you.

    • Quentin: Honey, unless you have an MD after your name, stick to your facials and fluffing pillows and leave the medical procedures to me.
      Julia: Don't call me honey, Quentin. I happen to be your boss.

    • Erica: (to her masseuse) Alana, dear, out of over six hundred muscles in the human body, so far you've only done one.
      Julia: You're excused. (the masseuse leaves)
      Erica: She may be the best in Miami, in New York, she'd be lucky to work at the Y.

    • Erica: Darling, be proud of your spa. Stop looking to me for approval. You shouldn't need it anymore.
      Julia: I don't need it. It's just it would be nice to know what it feels like before either of us dies!

    • Liz: (to Quentin) Wow - and I thought that this (points at patient's posterior) was the largest ass that I'd ever seen.

    • Julia: (to her mother) GET OUT. Get your cold judgemental ass out of my spa, now!

    • Dr. Marcus: (in regards to Julia removing skin from a dead patient) Good job, med school.
      Julia: .....I dropped out.
      Dr. Marcus: That's a damn shame.

    • Sean: I'm not the man I thought I was.

    • Christian: I'm not giving up on you yet, Kimber.

    • Quentin: (to Julia after being fired) You're a bitch.
      Julia: Maybe...but at least I'm not yours.

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