Season 2 Episode 15

Sean McNamara

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on FX

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  • Still Loving You

    Time, it needs time
    To win back your love again
    I will be there, I will be there
    Love, only love
    Can bring back your love someday
    I will be there, I will be there

    I'll fight, babe, I'll fight
    To win back your love again
    I will be there, I will be there
    Love, only love
    Can break down the wall someday
    I will be there, I will be there

    If we'd go again
    All the way from the start
    I would try to change
    The things that killed our love
    Your pride has built a wall, so strong
    That I can't get through
    Is there really no chance
    To start once again
    I'm loving you

    Try, baby try
    To trust in my love again
    I will be there, I will be there
    Love, our love
    Just shouldn't be thrown away
    I will be there, I will be there

    If we'd go again
    All the way from the start
    I would try to change
    The things that killed our love
    Yes, I've hurt your pride, and I know
    What you've been through
    You should give me a chance
    This can't be the end
    I'm still loving you
    I'm still loving you, I need your love
    I'm still loving you Scorpions, Still Loving You
  • Emergency AIDs

    The sight of Gina slowly rotting away in a hospital bed was so sad. She's a terrible woman, but nobody deserves to go through the suffering of HIV, even when she took so many risks with her crazy sex life. Avoiding any preachy dialogue, the writers instead concentrate on the effect it has on Christian, and specifically how he'd feel if Wilber was revealed to be infected. Something like HIV could affect so many people, and just the scene of Christian repeatedly telling his past conquests to "stop crying" makes you want to rush out to your nearest pharmacy.

    Watching season two for the second time, I'm surprised at how much I disliked The Carver storyline in this episode. First time round, I was obsessed with it, but watching it back again on DVD made me realize how out-of-place some of it was on this show. While the shot of The Carver suddenly appearing behind Sean in the shower and any appearance of that terrifying mask is still effective, as a whole the story seems so different for this show, which rarely goes into such a dark, violent place.

    Elsewhere, Kimber seems to have moved up in the world and is now directing porno movies. I loved that one of the nurses was called Kimberly. And you can totally see Sean and Julia are close to reconciling. Maybe The Carver's attack made him realize what a tool he had been...

    Outside of the Gina storyline, the rest of Sean McNamara wasn't that great. The Carver was an awesome bad guy first time round but, in retrospect, just didn't suit this show.

    Director: Michael M Robin
    Writer: Brad Falchuk
    Rating: B+
  • he Carver: "Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are."

    he Carver, who was introduced in "Naomi Gaines”, is back again and causing mayhem. Furious at Sean and Christian for fixing his "art", he warns Sean to stop in one of the creepiest scenes on television. Wow, if you thought the doctors were mixed up with some bad business last season with Escobar, you will have no idea what hit you with the Carver. Escobar now seems like easy business compared to this faceless sinister monster. I thought it was very noble of Sean to keep working on the Carver's victims despite the Carver’s warning; it shows a good amount of character growth. Two years ago I don't think he would have had the guts to do it, but after Escobar and everything else he's been through Sean's gotten braver. Sean isn't going to let the Carver scare him from doing, what he feels, is his moral obligation to fix his victims. Gina returned this week and delivered an emotional scare, as it was revealed she contracted HIV around a year ago. I was really glad Gina hadn't passed down the HIV to Wilbur, and even relieved Christian didn't have it (although it probably would have positively helped change his views about sex). Gina was much more sympathetic this week then usual. I really felt bad for her as she lay on her death bed, crying that she didn't want to die alone. It says a lot about Gina that Christian's the only friend she has, and as much as Gina puts on a cold hard exterior she's really vulnerable and lonely on the inside. Gina’s situation was also a mirror in to what Christian could be like in the future. Their lifestyles really are so similar and all the bridges Gina has destroyed are the bridges Christian jeopardizes every day with his practice and with his friends. I was glad Christian came through for her in the end, the final scene between the two of them was touching, and I hope Christian has learned a valuable lesson from Gina about the value of his relationships with Sean and Julia. It looks like Sean and Julia's split has helped develop a better relationship between the two. They are communicating better now then ever before. Sean told Julia how much he respects her and Julia revealed to Sean that she no longer is embarrassed by his profession; she's extremely proud of what he's doing. I could really see the chemistry between the two of them in this episode, and I now more then ever want Julia to dump the zennis coach so she can rekindle a relationship with Sean. Final Notes and Quotes - It looks like the Carver is beginning to become a major plotline. Who is the Carver? Is it someone we already know? The police officer said he broke in through Matt's window, so could it be Matt? - We were introduced to Dr. Quentin Costa today, who helped operate on Sean during his surgery. - I just noticed that all three of our main characters have had an episode named after them this season. - Update on Naomi Gaines: Her physical scars have healed, and she just booked a cover on SELF. - Wasn't that Andrea Hall as the reporter interviewing Sean? I like her. It'd be nice if she became a recurring character. - James: "You shun your responsibility for one night, and you're caught in the wake forever." - Wilbur certainly has grown a lot since we last saw him. Christian dealt better with seeing him then I thought he would (he didn't become too attached). - I'm not even going to go into how Liz was absent again during a big surgery. - Whoever designed that Carver mask did a good job; just looking at it creeps me out. - Outstanding Performance of the Week: Jessalyn Gilsig (Gina) did an excellent job this week. - Sean: (to Julia) "No matter how much you hurt me, or how disconnected we are, I still crave your respect. I did when I was in school, just starting the business. Now, it’s still what lifts me up." Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars. - Tim Bronx
  • omg!!!! the carver got sean!!!

    this was one of the craziest episodes!!! you get to hear a bit more from the carver when hes talking to sean who i cant believe got off so easily. just one cut. any ways, the carver. hella scary. i dont know what seans gonna do, hes being threatened with his life if he doesnt stop fixing the carver vicims but i think sean will step it up and do it anyways. i think hes going to fight back and show the carver whats coming to him. i cant wait to watch the next episodes, i love this show. its the best show ever put on tv.
  • Cursed Written by Brad Falchuk Directed by Michael M. Robin

    The Carver (to Sean): “Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are”.

    Gee, thanks asshole. Talk about a frickin’ introduction or what? After the first mention of this pest in “Naomi Gaines”, The Carver plot had taken a backseat for nearly half the season but the procrastination is more than rewarded when the feared serial slasher has victim lining up to be repaired by Sean (who is generating press of his own because he’s repairing the victims scars. It was great to get Andrea Hall back in though).

    Even more unexpected is The Carver’s attack on Sean. There was a large aspect to Sean being watched in the shower prior to his attack but this guy is already proving to be a powerful threat. The effects of the drug used on Sean even looked effective, I had to turn away at one point (before turning back to see the slice). It was great to get a scene with him, Christian and Julia together and I loved how both Christian and Julia got to show their love and concern for Sean. Neither of them wanted him to operate on the next victim of The Carver, though they both knew he was going to anyway.

    Christian was particularly delightful – showing all brotherly concern and attention to Sean’s plight. He even told Quentin to treat Sean’s operation with the most care. Quentin was quite an intriguing guest character this week. He openly admired both Sean and Christian, yet threw in a desire to work with them. Getting back on track though, it’s nice to see Sean and Christian’s brotherly on the repair. If ever there was a time Sean needed Christian, it was now but if I were Sean, I’d be extra careful of this knife happy new foe.

    If Sean’s bonding with Christian was great, then his civility with Julia is superb. Since the previous episode it’s been neatly documented that Sean wants Julia back and following his attack, we got the kind of scenes between them that would make you root for a reunion. Never have I seen these two so honest and kind with one another. Julia admitting some previous shame she had with Sean’s profession was interesting; although I’m glad she sees the benefits of being a plastic surgeon now. Sean took this well but he still hurt like hell when she refused to move back in with him and told him she wasn’t alone and a part of him looked a little miffed when she mistook Quentin’s handiwork for Christian’s. I’m not really sure what to make of Julia’s new boyfriend though. He seems okay but that’s really it. Maybe he could be The Carver. No that would be stretching it a bit.

    Getting away from The Carver plot, the B-plot of the week is equally gripping as Gina returns and after her usual “hey asshole” greeting we soon learn she’s HIV positive. Christian’s horrified by her latest bombshell and although he didn’t mind being a sounding booth for Sean, he wasn’t keen to open up himself until pushed. Gina has caused Christian so much grief from the start but no one deserves to be HIV positive. The primary concern (more important than Christian’s harem of conquests) were Wilbur and James, who luckily enough tested negative (so did Kimber in an earlier scene, a really good one too between her and Christian). As always, it’s great to see these two and it’s further heightened when James encourages Christian to forgive Gina. Christian visits her in the hospital and because ever now and then, hell freezes over, him and Gina have one of the heartfelt interactions ever on this show. It was that good, I nearly cried. No, seriously, it was that good.

    Also in “Sean McNamara”

    Carver victims/Patients: Mr Rourke, a male model, an unidentified woman and after Sean’s attack, a prom queen. Outside of The Carver, backside melanoma patient Gwen Camden who Christian also had sex with.

    Christian: “You’re poison, Gina. Everything you touch gets infected with your special brand of misery”
    Gina: “The way I see it asshole we are a match made in hell. The only difference between you and me is I take responsibility for my mistakes”.

    Christian (re HIV): “The media have just decided the stories of the living are better than the ones of the dying. They don’t talk about the side effects of the cocktail”.

    I noticed a couple of the women in Christian’s diary are ones we haven’t seen – Betsy, Ralyn and Kelly Appleton. Erica also acted rather erratic over the phone with Christian when told to get tested.

    Julia (re Sean): “He looks good”
    Kevin: “Makeup and a little Vaseline on the lens and hell, my dog looks like Demi”.

    Kimber (to Fantasia): “This blow job is not to get him off; it’s to get him to love you. Oh and take your tits out sooner”.

    No Matt, Ava, Adrian or Liz this week. I actually didn’t miss them too much for once.

    The Carver (to Sean): “You’re the monster carving what’s beautiful and real out of life”.

    Christian: “Having someone else working on Sean’s face is like having another man sleep with my wife”
    Quentin: “I promise I’ll be gentle”.

    Few questions: How old is Wilbur now? Is Julia working now she and Sean are separated and is Christian going to pay for Gina’s health insurance? It certainly looks like it. Also what was up with the excessive seguing tonight?

    Gina (to Christian): “It’s not that I burn bridges I just never build them. I don’t want to die alone”.

    Standout music: “Lucky With Disease” by Elbow and “Take Me Home” by Aqualung.

    Talk about a truly electrifying set piece! “Sean McNamara” is a character led, shock fest that delivers from start to finish. The Carver plot is further ingrained into viewers’ consciousness; it’s hard not to be gripped. I’m hoping the finale is as half as good.

  • Beauty is a curse on the world

    Gina is marvellous and no-one deserves to be HIV positive, not even her. Although she can have her evil moments, she is still a great character to watch and Jessalyn Gilsig portrays the character well.

    Christian really shone in this episode (although the beginning sequence wasn't the best). His conversations with Gina, both in the office and in her hospital room, were a pleasure to watch and the phone call sequence was cleverly done. I liked seeing some faces from the past on the list of people he had to phone, such as Manya Mabika, Natasha and Grace. If only it hadn't been interrupted by the Carver (but we'll get to him later.)

    Kimber, as usual, was hilarious on the porn set. What was hilarious, I can't say because there are little kids wandering around this site and I wouldn't want them to hear about porn sets, but she was great. Her scene with Christian was great, and the fact that Kimber still loves Christian gives hope to this monogomy-hating couple.

    James and Wilbur's (I'm sorry ... Gabriel) return could have been done better, but maybe that's just because I hate James and his scrawny wife who doesn't want Gina and Christian's kid.

    Where the hell is Liz?

    Now, if any of you read my blog, you will know how hard it has been for me to write this review and that reason is because of Sean in the shower. I have no problem with Dylan Walsh showering, but the fact that the Carver's face appeared right behind him made me scream (therefore, waking up my parents). So it did take me until Monday night to actually fully watch the episode.

    Boy, does that Carver have a creepy face or what? It is just so white. I was surprised to see Andrea Hall back, but I found it to be a nice bit of continuity on the writers' part. Dylan Walsh was excellent in this episode, as was Julian McMahon. The bathroom scene was scary, partly because of the music, and the whole mystery of the Carver is really heating up.

    So, leading into next week's season finale, an excellent episode builds up to what should be a fantastic climax.
  • Christan might H.I.V, luckly he is clean.

    This episode was quite good, Christian might be H.I.V, that was a good story-line luckly he wasn't but i hope this scare might change him a bit and take some responiablity and the good thing is that he can contiue being a plastic Surgurion. It was great seeing Wilbert again. i like begaining to this episode with chrsitan examined a female butt.

    The Craver strikes again but surely Sean should of realised that a tv broadcast wouuld of made him a target, how great was julia at taken care of him but their relationship has a long way to go and julia seem happy with the tennis person.

    The only thing surprised was Kimber, for once she almost acted like a normal person and have some compassion for Christian, still i can't believe she said she love him. That just made me feel uneasy but hey that's her choice.

    i liked how at the end of the episode he went to see women who told him, i can't remember her name but it showed he has showing some compassion towards her. For once i actually did feel sorry for her which is a surprised, she been a bad person not even she deserves to have H.I.V. i was hoping we would seen end of her but writers keep bringing her back.

    next week the final, havn't decided whether i should watch it since sky has bought exclusive rights to the show.
  • The Carver scared the heck out of me!

    I saw the previews so I knew it was coming but I never expected to be as freaked out as I was. Sean is showering and lurking in his bathroom is the madman known as the Carver. The Carver attacks Sean and injects him with something to paralyze him and cuts his face. Sean helplessly listens to the Carver's threat to come back and kill Sean if he doesn't stop fixing his
    'masterpieces'. Just when you think he's left the bathroom the Carver returns one last time looming over Sean. It gave me a couple of nightmares.

    While Sean is dealing with his attack Christian finds out Gina is HIV positive and has to get himself checked. Along with that he must call every woman he's been in contact with to inform them of the situation. It was definitely character growth for Christian. He had to take resposibility for all the unprotected sex he took part in and he found compassion for Gina a woman he had treated like dirt for two seasons.

    It was definitely an intense episode wonderfully written and brilliantly acted.
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